fake news that's not funny!

Survey: What’s the least funny Babylon Bee post of the last week or whatever

The Babyloon Bee is an Onion ripoff aimed at conservative Christians. There’s just one little problem: while the Bee writers understand the whole “fake news” aspect of the Onion, they seem to have forgotten to make any of their “satirical” posts even a little bit funny.

Here are a few recent headlines from the site that demonstrate the extreme non-funniness of the Bee. I’ve linked to the original posts so you can make some sense of the more obscure ones. But trust me, these headlines aren’t any funnier with the explanations.

Indeed, if you somehow manage to find one or more of the following even a little bit funny, there is probably something very wrong with you.

NASA Ends Mars Mission After Finding Out Planet Has No Early Voting

Joe Biden Appointed As Head Of TSA

Green New Deal To Replace All Cars With Guy Running Behind You Banging Two Empty Coconut Halves Together

Parents Disguising Kids As Illegal Immigrants So They Can Receive In-Person Teaching

Episcopalians Permanently Switch To Cardboard Parishioners

To be fair, it’s hard to be hilarious about Episcopalians.

Since I can do little surveys, I thought I’d allow you to vote on which of these headlines is the least funny.

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GSS ex-noob
GSS ex-noob
1 year ago

@Full Metal Ox: I don’t remember it if it was, though the title sounds familiar.

Read the Wiki entry, and since I remember the bit quoted there: yes I have read it.

Mom’s cousin was a priest who became an actual monk late in life. Monastery rules did not prohibit the sharing of homemade cookies from Brother M’s cousin, as long as it wasn’t Lent.

Robin Williams summed it up best: “It’s Catholicism Lite! All the ritual, half the guilt!”

Also, you can’t beat Evensong and Lessons & Carols.

@Policy: exactly. It’s always punching down, whereas actual humor is punching up or at least sideways. There’s also very little surprise, which is essential for humor. Satire punches up, which is why righties don’t understand it.

epitome of incomrepehensibility

@Dalillama – the chicken or the Möbius strip? 😛

& thanks, didn’t know the origin of “episcopal” – just that the reason the church in the States didn’t call itself Anglican was because Anglican = Church of England at the time of the American revolution (correct me if I’m wrong).

In Canada, it’s still the Anglican church. Tends to be more liberal and more ceremonial than the Presby one, while United Church skews more liberal and casual.

Okay, an oversimplification, but one of my aunts is what they call a lay preacher in the United Church. (Nothing to do with sex. Or chickens. Just that she doesn’t have an official ministry degree, though she studied theology at one time.)

Moon Custafer
Moon Custafer
1 year ago

@GSS Ex-Noob:

Also: divorce, birth control, and being gay are fine, but you go to Episcopalian Hell for using the wrong fork.

American version of “cake or death?”

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