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She’s a pretty-skinned Hollywood monster designed to destroy our youth: The 12 weirdest MAGA attacks on Miley Cyrus

Miley: Licking a cake, making MAGAs mad

By David Futrelle

There are few things MAGA Redditors love more than demonizing a woman. In The_Donald — Reddit’s main hangout for Trump fanboys, now quarantined for threats and doxxing — the regulars are as obsessed with Hillary as the man in the White House. And they relish mocking and smearing other female politicians they hate — which is most of them — from AOC to Nancy Pelosi.

The MAGAs also enjoy going after female celebrities — or at least that portion of them who’ve said negative things about their orange idol. It probably won’t surprise you that they despise Lena Dunham and Amy Schumer, But you might be a little surprised — I was — by the vehemence of their hatred for … Miley Cyrus.

They hate Miley for an assortment of reasons. She’s an overtly sexual — and openly bisexual — young woman who hates Trump and supports abortion rights. She dresses provocatively, sometimes wearing a strap-on dildo when she performs. She said she would move to another country if Trump was elected, but didn’t.

Not long ago she posed for a photo licking a cake emblazoned with the motto “Abortion is Healthcare.” MAGA Redditors hated the cake thing so much they posted and reposted the original photo and assorted photoshopped variants some two dozen times.

But some of the MAGA, er, “critiques” of Miley are a little stranger. Here are 12 of the weirdest MAGA takes on Miley. (And yes, it appears that most if possibly not all of these were meant seriously.)

She’s probably stinky

tvfilmNY 3 points 6 months ago 
Miley has that look like her ass smells like fish

She’s probably stinky (in a weirdly ethnic way)

tvfilmNY 1 point 2 days ago 
I bet she smells like Indian spices

She’s had, like, hundreds of abortions, maybe

CNN_Can_Dox_My_BallsSUPER ELITE 47 points 1 month ago 
That womb is a holocaust museum at this point.

She doesn’t even need abortions because she’s ruined her uterus with too much sex, or something

greatestamericaneverAMERICA FIRST 24 points 2 days ago 
Guarantee her whole bucket is so polluted, it won't even make babies.

Her ass is too mannish

UNDERCOVERxKITTYx 17 points 2 days ago 
that's a man's butt, and those are man legs, is this legit?

Her boobs, which do not look particularly fake, are “plastic”

MiyegomboBayartsogt 12 points 1 month ago 
Wait. Isn't this the current year pop whore of Babylon? Not sure any child would want to whelp on this wretched wench's plastic bosom.

She’s too old

She hit the wall at 19

She might be a zombie

She’s a created Hollywood monster, wearing pretty skin, designed to destroy our youth. There are hoards of them. The zombie apocalypse is here, they just look pretty instead of hideous. I’d rather be faced with hideous real zombies, since at least they are honest, inside and out.

She drinks the blood of aborted fetuses, making her more a vampire than a zombie

She and her lesbian stepmother Hillary Clinton just came out of the cave after drinking the blood of innocent abortion female babies, so she feels empowered to show off her freshly blood-cleansed skin.

She’s not even the real Miley:

MCGA2019CAN 3 points 7 months ago 
Rumour has it the pedo Hollywood elites killed the real Miley years ago and what you see now is some cloned version of her

She — assuming she is the real Miley Cyrus — is a “product of Disney” and also possibly a lizard person

big_red_balloon_MAGA 2 points 1 month ago 
What a vile creature. Can’t keep her lizard tongue in her mouth. Product of Disney.

There is one Miley-related issue on which MAGAhead Redditors disagree strongly: her pledge to not have children until global warming is fixed. While MAGAs hate even the mention of global warming, many say they’re glad that Miley won’t be “breeding.” But not all MAGAs agree:

myanimal3z 33 points 1 month ago 
The left are committing self Extinction. A true gift to the world.


[–]Alt_Chimp 1 point 1 month ago 
You're celebrating white genocide.

White people are already being outproduced proportionate to others, with white liberals having babies.

TFW your hunger for increased white baby production outweighs your hatred of Miley Cyrus.

That’s the sort of moral and ethical dilemma you might expect to find only on Stormfront or The Daily Stormer. But, nope, it’s on Reddit, in a subreddit with 775,000 subscribers. Because that’s how fucked we are.

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3 years ago

We only have one aim, and that is to win. Any route to that is fine.

…”the ends justifies the means” is not exactly a great look, in my opinion. It tends to not be accompanied by anything good.

Alan Robertshaw
Alan Robertshaw
3 years ago

@ catalpa

Well I was specifically meaning I don’t care what motivates people to animal rights; even if that’s something quite superficial.

But to take your general point; you’re very right that we need to be cautious, and self monitor our actions. However there’s so much at stake; and we’re running short on time. Animals are being abused now; they cannot afford to wait. And this all feeds into the climate catastrophe mitigation. That may soon become irreversible.

It is of course a legitimate consideration as to whether it’s better to lose on your own terms, or win having compromised. Winning with our principles wholly intact would of course be the best solution; but I’m not sure these days that’s a realistic option.

Our opponents have no such scruples, and I, personally, would prefer not to even risk ceding the planet to them.

3 years ago

I gather that the one about Indian spices is supposed to be some kind of racist thing,

It is. My aunt came back from the States repeating the same line. “Indians are all smelly because of the food they eat”

Alan Robertshaw
Alan Robertshaw
3 years ago

Speaking of celebrity endorsements…

But of course, just because she’s a celeb doesn’t mean she isn’t genuinely concerned; and if she can use her influence for good; more power to her elbow.

3 years ago

PETA is probably the worst thing to happen to the animal rights movement. Their bigotry, hypocrisy, and desire for attention over results are unacceptable for any cause. They are the perfect example of the original definition of virtue-signalling with no actual virtue.

We only have one aim, and that is to win. Any route to that is fine.

I seem to recall a lot of villains saying something like that. As well as plenty of the people that this very site brings attention to.

3 years ago

Cat mars
Ugh sounds annoying. Never heard about Greenpeace but they look like they’re annoying too. Sadly this is what happens when people don’t educate themselves and simply don’t care.

Maybe there are members of peta who are good but too many times they have did very harmful things. They have “save the whales” and had a pic of a fat woman, compared restraunts/butcher shops to the holocaust, constantly exploited women and dead/murdered victims, stated some products cause autism, etc.

So yeah they’re defiantly not the best animals rights group in the world ?

3 years ago


Oh, that’s right, Peta is ALSO an anti-autistic organization. Thanks for reminding me of that. I forgot about it under all the other vileness.

Honestly, I rank Peta right up with Autism Speaks as groups that cause harm under the guise of doing good.

3 years ago

I was unaware that PETA was anti-autism, but it doesn’t surprise me. I was, however, aware of their many other problematic stances.
Autism Speaks especially annoys me because due to their name, many neurotypical people seem to think that they represent all autistic people when this couldn’t be further from the truth.

3 years ago

People know peta for their grotesque images of people and animals and hypocrisy but there are plenty who don’t know about their other vile garbage: sexism, ableism, antisemitism, antiziganism, fatophobia, etc.

Here’s one place you can donate to not only help pit bulls but also parolees.

And more

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