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“Just like horses, women are underdeveloped beasts who need to be tamed,” creepy Incel Redditor explains

A horse reacts to being included in stupid incel theories

By David Futrelle

Incels don’t just talk endlessly about how much they hate women and want to shoot them. Sometimes they talk about more pleasant topics, like horses. And why women are “degenerate whores” who, like horses, “need to be tamed.”

Or so runs the argument of an incel calling himself Alpha_Fucks_Beta_Bux, who posted an oh-so-thoughtful message in the Braincels subreddit not too long ago with the title “Hating holes for being whores is as silly as hating a horse for running wild.”

Oh, by the way, “holes” is AFBB’s preferred term for women, presumably because cis women have one more penis-accommodating hole in their nether regions than cis men.

Anyway, AFBB brought with him a message of love, incel-style.

“I understand the hatred for holes,” he explained,

but ultimately I think it’s silly. It is simply in a hole’s nature to be a degenerate Chadmongering whore.

AFBB urged his fellow incels not to hate the he half of humanity that he had just reduced to one body part and then tried to shame as “whores.” Instead, he urged men to treat women with the utmost respect and …

Just kidding. He urged his fellow incels to pity women instead. And then take away their rights.

I know it sounds like a cope, but in all honesty I pity them. Their only contribution to humanity has been to spread their legs and they know it. This is proven by the fact that two incels alone (Tesla/Newton) have contributed more to humanity than holes have since the dawn of our species.

After draping all men in the glory of these two dudes, he compared women to a popular farm animal.

Just like horses, women are underdeveloped beasts who need to be tamed. This is proven by the fact that they have smaller brains than men. Also proven by all the greatest minds throughout history who confirmed the belief that women are nothing more than uncivilised savages giving in to every lust possible.

In case you’re keeping track, in just the first two paragraphs of his post, this dude has compared women to:

  1. Holes
  2. Whores
  3. Horses
  4. Beasts
  5. Savages

And all to promote his message of love triumphing over hate!

So instead of hating women I hate the simps who for whatever fucking reason decided to give in to holes’ demands and give them equal rights.

Once again I find myself utterly baffled as to why incels can’t get a date.

The men who lived before us had these creatures tamed. Instead of continuing to live like we had, they decided to unleash these beasts on society.

It is not a coincidence that less than one century after holes got equal rights, society is already on the brink of collapse.

Well, maybe we are on the brink of civilizational collapse, but I’m pretty sure that women aren’t the ones primarily responsible for the climate catastrophe, the return of Nazism, or Donald Trump.

In the comments, a Redditor called lmaooolmfao took the horse metaphor and galloped away with it.

“[I]f some unknown farmer lets his horses run free,” he began,

and they are everywhere shitting in the street blocking traffic destroying your way of life how do you fix it? you say i hate these damn horses and find other men who think that way too until you have enough men to round them up and put them in a new pen.

AFBB replied:

Ultimately, another farmer(cuck) will release the horses from their pen. First we need to deal with the simps and cucks before we can deal with the holes.

Lmaooolmfao suggested that maybe the real solution is just to ban women from voting.

[A]fter putting them in the pen then we would make new laws because we have just learnt the lesson. what is even dealing with cucks mean? you deal with it by removing the vote of women.

AFBB responded again, this time by railing against … trans women and abortion?

Just like we had laws against degeneracy before they were given rights. All these laws were revoked. Those cucks are allowing men in dresses to enter showers with little girls, they’re enabling infanticide, they’re enabling holes to run wild which is destroying civilisation.

Wait, why are these “men in dresses” getting into the shower anyway? Shouldn’t they take off the dresses first?

AFBB then returned to his anti-simp rant.

Before we address the issue of simps in today’s society, nothing we do will solve the issue. All we’ll be doing is kicking the can down the road. Eventually the simps will feel bold enough to give them rights again if we remove them. I honestly don’t know how we can deal with the cucks, that’s something people who are a lot smarter than you and me need to figure out.

Wait, are the cucks and the simps the same people or are they different groups? I’m so confused. But then again I don’t care enough to try to find out the answer.

Our ancestors built civilisation which has lasted for over 5000 years. If we are replicate their success we need long term solutions.

All I can say is: TEAM CUCK/SIMP all the way.

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2 years ago

Lainy, I wonder if anthropomorphic climate change or this kind of degeneracy will end the human race.

Big Titty Demon
Big Titty Demon
2 years ago

@Moe Szyslak

One hopes not, anyway; I would not put it past the warmongers in my government to be poking the tanks, though.


Never have I seen a more perfect gif.

2 years ago

And people wonder why we need a women’s history month. These guys have reached adulthood ( or at least their teens) thinking women have never invented anything.

Jenora Feuer
Jenora Feuer
2 years ago

I think you mean anthropogenic climate change.

Anthropomorphic climate change would be a picture of Mother Earth using a magnifying glass to burn things while cackling to herself.

Not Edward
Not Edward
2 years ago

@Nick Kiddle
Never knew about Newton and the extra colours. Interesting and strangely pleasing. Thanks.

Virgin Mary
Virgin Mary
2 years ago

I don’t understand why this guy is upset about his ‘men in dresses getting in the shower with little girls’, surely this is a way Incel guys can beat the system? After all, they don’t want to protect little girls who they only see as ho’s in training, and most of them are pro paedophilia anyway? Surely this guy is confused by his double standards? Maybe he’s going to go get himself a dress?

2 years ago


You should read The Killer Angels, the Pulitzer Prize winning novel by Michael Shaara. Ted Turner used it as the basis for Gettysburg, the movie. The movie wasn’t awful. In fact there are parts of it that are very well done. Sam Elliot and Jeff Daniels were both brilliant. But trust me, the Lee worship is absent from the book. Shaara had heroes, Buford (Sam Elliot), Chamberlain (Daniels), and a number of others, on both sides of the fight. Lee was not one of them. I think Shaara had some sympathy for him, but there was no worship.

In fact, I recommend listening to the audiobook, which is very well done.

It was Shaara’s son who wrote God’s and Generals. And then Turner used that for the movie. As much as I loved the original book, I only got about 15 pages into G and G. It was truly awful. I never saw the movie.

Kat, ambassador of the feminist government in exile
Kat, ambassador of the feminist government in exile
2 years ago

@Buttercup Q. S.

[T]his guy’s argument is just the same old tired double standard whereby women’s natural instincts (to choose a mate who isn’t a repellant, nihilistic POS) are degenerate and need to be controlled and reshaped by the full weight of the law, while men’s natural instincts (to rape and murder) are justifiable, perfectly acceptable, and must never be interfered with.

Excellent points. Excellent.


@ kat

Elephants and gorillas are stronger than men, so shouldn’t we be subservient to them?

I am loving your manifesto!

Would that I had manifested this manifesto. Buttercup was its author. I’m loving it too.

Alan Robertshaw
2 years ago

@ kat & buttercup

Would that I had manifested this manifesto. Buttercup was its author

I do apologise! I feel as embarrassed as when I congratulated Trump on his introduction of Obamacare.

2 years ago


I’ve known about The Killer Angels, but I’ve never actually read it. Perhaps the library has a downloadable audiobook of it. *checks* 11 CDs??? Stupid library….

The Lee worship and Lost Cause nonsense of both films I put squarely on Ronald F. Maxwell, the screenwriter and director. There’s a scene in Gettysburg I always skip where it’s several minutes of doughy re-enactors just cheering Martin Sheen’s Lee as he rides by before ordering Pickett’s Charge to Randy Edelman’s swelling score. I’m like “Why is this here? Come on, man!”

Sean Mulligan
Sean Mulligan
2 years ago

Tesla supported Women’s rights. He would have hated the incels.

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