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Weirdo black conspiracy theorist hates Bird Box because “no good-looking brother would want a pregnant, pale, pig-nose beast like Sandra Bullock.” And that’s just the beginning.

Sandra Bullock and Trevante Rhodes in Bird Box

By David Futrelle

It isn’t just the white supremacists who are mad about Bird Box. No, it turns out that at least one black supremacist has some big problems with the Netflix post-apocalyptic horror hit as well. And his issues with the film are even weirder than theirs.

Some white supremacists are taking aim at Bird Box, as I noted in a recent post, because they think the film — whose most heroic figures are a white women and a black man — is some sort of SJW propaganda designed to denigrate the straight white male.

But the black conspiracy theorist behind the virulently anti-white and anti-Semitic Race Rules blog is angry at the film because he doesn’t think the handsome black hero of the film would really be into “preggo over-the-hill skank Sandra Bullock” who “looks like a damn tr***y.”

Mr. Race Rules starts off by noting that he doesn’t like “race-mixing” in movies because there really is no such thing in the real world.  Strap yourself in here, folks, because this is where things start to get really weird. “[T]he so-called races are actually different species,” he writes.

Blacks are the only humans and everyone else are all animal humanoid hybrids or what I call manimals.

And even though Sandra Bullock’s self-sacrificing boyfriend in the film, played by Trevante Rhodes, presumably doesn’t believe that white people are literal “manimals,” Mr. Race Rules still doesn’t believe that “someone as good looking as that brother” would want anything to do with

a pregnant, pale, curveless, pig-nose beast like Sandra Bullock in real life … Black men that are attractive rarely go after skanks unless  they have been hurt by black women, they are drunk or high or just goddamn brainwashed to fuck manimal bitches for some reason like porn.

Love that he manages to blame black women for what he sees as Rhodes’ poor romantic choice. Weird how dudes who rail against the alleged evils of white women — regardless of their own race or political views — almost always seem to hate black women at least as much, if not more.

Mr. Race Rules is also annoyed that Rhodes’ character turns out to be what today’s white supremacists would call a cuck — raising kids fathered by men of a different race. Sorry, species.

To make matters worse the dumb ass nigga was going to be raising two white kids with a white woman as a black man. What the fuck is that? Reverse reparations?!?!? I’ll never take care of some white bastard kid. She didn’t even want them herself just like most white females who always pretend to love their kids. Ain’t buyin’ it. White females are full of shit…..literally and figuratively.

Despite the much-discussed diversity of the Bird Box cast of main characters, there are no black women in roles more prominent than “Woman in Entryway.” Mr. Race Rules thinks he knows why.

“Did anyone notice this one last very important thing?!?!?” he asks.

NO BLACK WOMEN!!!!!!! That was no fucking accident. The elite worship the black woman. It is their doorway to the future through the black womb since pinkazoids are all dying out….much of it from their own compulsive self-extermination.


They never want to disrespect the black womb-man too much on the big screen because they know where we all come from. There’s no problem slaughtering and incarcerating record numbers of black and Latino males but they have to protect the black womb to ensure their genetic future for now. Most black females still don’t get it. Once the manimals get what they need from you….YOU’RE DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!

Just FYI, black “females!”

But Mr. Race Rules’ theories about white manimals and black womb-men aren’t even the weirdest part of his, er, review of Bird Box. No, that honor has to go to his discussion of “falcon Heru the Hero.” Who, you ask? Let’s let him, er, explain:

The movie had a few interpretations as far as I could see with my 3rd eye partially open. One is the blind fold was blinding the pineal gland showing how everyone is really unconscious these days from all the poison and brainwashing. Second the bird box (B+B=2+2=22+Master Builder) showed how the falcon Heru the Hero is actually being held in a box or this Matrix and keeping his 3rd eye (really 1st eye) from awakening by the parasitic elite and their minions using light-bending technology to prevent the light code frequencies from returning through our ancestors.

Okey dokey then.

For a little context: Heru is another name for the falcon-headed Egyptian god Horus, and is apparently a major part of the esoteric conspiracy theories that Mr. Race Rules and a number of other similar theorists espouse. But I haven’t looked into the details of this yet, because my poor brain has already been taxed enough for one day, and I suspect that now yours has been as well.

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3 years ago

. My only confusion is like I would have probably when I was 24 I would have thought of a polyamorous relationship as that’s cool and different and risque but I would not have been mature enough to be in one but maybe I’m putting the cart before the horse. Like she specifically stated she doesn’t understand why I don’t get jealous if my boyfriend sleeps with another girl

…I might be a bit wary of getting involved with this person beyond casual encounters. If she doesn’t understand why you don’t get jealous when your boyfriend has sex with someone else, then I think she is reasonably likely to get jealous when you as her girlfriend are having sex with other people.

I’m not saying to not get involved. Just make sure that everyone involved clearly understands the whole poly arrangement and is happy with it. Happy with it, and not just okay with it. Sometimes people get involved in situations that they are unsatisfied with, in the hopes that they can change the other person if given the chance. Resentment tends to bubble up when the hoped-for changes don’t happen.

Disclaimer– I have never been in a poly relationship, so take my advice with a grain of salt.

(Although I kind of have an adjacent view- I’m ace, and in the previous relationship that I had, I would have been 100% fine with my partner having sex with other people, since I’m certainly not going to be fulfilling that desire. Love and sex are very separate things to me, but I tend to approach them from the view of “yeah you can totally have love without sex” rather than the more standard “yeah you can totally have sex without love” perception. Both statements are true, anyway. I digress.)

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