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We Hunted the Mammoth Pledge Drive: September 2018 Puppers United Edition

The Puppers United Can Never Be Defeated

By David Futrelle

It’s time again for another We Hunted the Mammoth Pledge Drive! Now that I’ve removed the ads from the blog that were such an annoyance for so many readers, I rely entirely on the generosity of readers to keep the whole show going. So if you enjoy or appreciate what this blog offers, please show this appreciate with whatever donation, large or small, you can afford. THANKS!

I’ve been thinking a lot in the last few days about the unique role this blog has played as a kind of early warning system in the national discussion of misogyny.

Why? Well, an old post of mine blew up this week, because the then-largely unknown subject of that post suddenly popped up at the center of a national scandal. When I wrote the post, all I knew  was that Mark Judge was a writer for second-string right-wing rags like Real Clear Religion and Splice Today. Now it’s emerged that he was (allegedly) in the room when SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh, then 17, (allegedly) tried to rape then-15-year-old Christine Blasey Ford — and not just as a witness, but as an enabler. (I wrote another piece on Judge’s almost unbelievable creepiness yesterday.)

Judge isn’t the first terrible person who’s emerged on the national stage after — sometimes years after — I highlighted their awfulness on this blog. When I first wrote about Christopher Cantwell, later infamous as the Crying Nazi of Charlotteswille, he was a Men’s Rights Activist penning screeds for A Voice for Men.  (I’ll be doing a little update on him later today.)

I first wrote about the lovely Roosh V in 2011, four years before he attained international infamy as a proponent of legalizing rape on private property. I first wrote about Milo Yiannopoulos and Mike Cernovich shortly after both of these then-mostly-unknown-assholes (neither of whom was a fan of video games or of the people who played them) realized that this new GamerGate thing might be a path to riches and fame. (I wrote about GamerGate before it was called GamerGate, and wrote about gamer harassment of Zoe Quinn nearly a year before that.)

I wrote about the Candace “RedPillBlack” Owens even before she took that awful red pill (and years before her recent emergence as a right-wing talking head and Kanye-West-approved, er, thinker).

I wrote the first of my many posts on so-called “involuntary celibates” in 2010, four years before men influenced by this toxic movement literally began murdering people in the streets.

I wasn’t the first to notice any of these terrible people by any means, and many other journalists and bloggers and online activists have done stellar work in recent years explaining and exposing the misogynist backlash.

But this is the only blog out there that has covered the Great Internet Lady Hating movement (in its myriad forms) consistently and relentlessly for as long as it has — eight years. And I’d like to think I’ve been able to play a positive role in spreading awareness of this shit, both in the blog and as a resource for others (from journalists to internet activists to hate-fighting organizations like the Southern Poverty Law Center) trying to make sense of it all.

And I literally could not have done it without all of you. Whether you’re a new reader or one who’s been here from the start, your continuing support — financial and otherwise — for this blog has been essential. 

Today, for better or worse, I need to focus on the financial angle, as I depend on your donations to keep the blog and myself going.

If you want this blog to survive and thrive, please give what you can by clicking the “donate” button below!  

Donating, as always. is easy. You don’t need a PayPal account; credit cards are accepted, and there are other options as well. If you’re outside the US, PayPal will automatically convert your non-American money into American bucks.You can also set up recurring payments through PayPal if that’s more convenient to you.

If you would prefer to donate without going through PayPal, email me at and I can let you know how. (I will also be setting up that long-promised Patreon sometime in the near future.)

As I pointed out during the last pledge drive, if you’re interested in supporting alternative media, donations to WHTM will give you a lot of bang for your buck. Because I produce this blog myself on a shoestring budget, sitting on the couch tapping away on my laptop, the money you donate to WHTM will go further than money sent to most other independent media outlets. Also I post more cat gifs.

To reiterate a point I make every time one of these Pledge Drives rolls around, I appreciate donations of all sizes. And if you can’t swing a donation at the moment, for whatever reason, you can support this blog in any number of non financial ways as well, from sending along tips for posts, to publicizing WHTM on social media, to using my Amazon Affiliate link in the sidebar whenever you order from Amazon.(This is the only ad-like thing left on the blog.) All these things help a lot, so big thanks to everyone who contributes in these ways.

Thanks, and thanks, and thanks again to you all!

15 replies on “We Hunted the Mammoth Pledge Drive: September 2018 Puppers United Edition”

Thanks so much for this blog. It is very depressing how it used to be about nasty but irrelevant weirdos though, and now its about mass-murderers and senior politicians – while still being about exactly the same people. I used to read it for fun and a bit of outrage. You are still funny but the collapse of western democracy adds a bit of extra bite.


Greetings from Australia. I have read your articles for many months and at long last have donated to your cause.

As a man with a young daughter, I really believe the work you and others are doing is changing the World for the better for her and her whole generation.

Keep up the fight!

This site isn’t just a resource for journalists and other contemporary people trying to figure out what the hell is going on; it will also be invaluable to future historians, giving them the kind of detailed, high-resolution blow-by-blow of “how it all began” that they can only wish they’d also had for 1930s Germany.

Assuming this site manages to avoid first becoming a casualty of an EMP bomb, of course.

I’ve donated a bit, hope it helps towards the goal! It’s incredible and sad what springs up and comes back to haunt society, and you’ve managed to keep track of stuff that otherwise eludes news organisations so thank you.

WHTM has been a useful resource for me in showing evidence about the messed up stuff out there in a cohesive manner to my family and friends who only heard about the incel community after the tragic incident in Toronto, and I said that I’ve heard about these guys for years, they didn’t come from nowhere.

Hope you can keep going and keep your sanity!

Thanks for your support, and thanks to everyone who’s donated so far! (And of course to everyone who donates monthly and between pledge drives too.)

It’s heartening to hear that this blog is valuable to you. I only wish it didn’t have to exist!

I just want to say thank you. I wish I could give more.

My daughter has recently had a few issues with a boy at her school and WHTM has been a great resource to help her understand that what she’s experiencing really is part of a much wider fight and that she’s not alone. It’s given her a lot of strength – as well as helping her find ways to fight back.

On the theme of how working together is how things get done, have a film from the 1980s made by LGSM – Lesbians and Gays Support the Miners, who along with the Welsh miners were the subject of the 2014 film Pride.

@Victorious Parasol – thank you for the link to that great video, I’d never seen it. (I’m still pissed off that I haven’t seen Pride (yet) … but I’ve seen a few short clips from it, and I guess they based some of the characters very directly on some of the people in this footage 🙂 )


Very much so. In fact, I had a bit of fun identifying the real people from their fictional portrayals.

I’m on disability, so it’s actually “Big Daddy Government” *shudder* who just paid you.
Appropriate, no? 😝 lol

Mrs Widgery’s Lodger, sorry you daughter has had to deal with that shit, but very glad the blog is helping her out!

Thanks again to everyone who has donated!

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