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Women hunger for genetically superior rapist sperm, Return of Kings writer insists

Keep your seed in your pants, mister!

By David Futrelle

The idea that women secretly, or not so secretly, want to be raped isn’t exactly a new idea, and it’s one that remains popular among the sort of men who think that rape laws are just too damn strict.

So it’s hardly surprising to find a post on Return of Kings asserting that “Feminists are hysterical about rape because no man wants to rape them.”  RoK is, after all, a site presided over by the infamous Roosh Valizadeh, a man whose pickup guides seem an awful lot like how-tos for date rape.

What is perhaps a little unexpected is to see how much energy the post’s author, one Len Goddard, puts into concocting an evo psych justification for this nonsense notion.

Goddard starts off by asserting that feminists who talk and worry a lot about rape don’t do so because rape is common — he offers some dubious stats, unsourced of course, as “proof” that it is quite rare. No, the real reason

these types are adamant about manufacturing stories about sexual assault and rape is because they are trying to prove they are desirable. It plays to their ego to think that there might be some testosterone-fuelled barbarian out there who would find her suitable enough for a forced session. These women want to punish men not because of a fear of being attacked, but due to a bitterness of not being approached, considered, acknowledged, and on the more extreme scale … not being a target for forced sex.

So far he has not gotten beyond a popular antifeminist insult, frequently pulled out of a hat by misogynistic men losing arguments online, suggesting that feminists are all “too ugly to get raped.” (Indeed, later in the post Goddard, clearly thinking himself very clever, literally suggests to his readers that they use this rather threadbare insult on any feminists who challenge their misogyny.)

But before he gets to that point Goddard decides to tell a little evo psych “just so” story in an attempt to prove that feminists are indeed too ugly to get raped, and that this fact makes feminists feel very bad.

In fact, as Goddard sees it, getting raped by “some testosterone-fuelled barbarian” alpha male is basically a “biological imperative” for human females.

“Let’s rewind to the days of Vikings, global conquests, and crusades, where raping and pillaging were common,” Goddard writes, taking us back in time to what he seems to imagine was some sort of rapey golden age (and one with a decidedly Northern European feel to it).

When these Vikings or raiders would invade, they would indiscriminately rape the women. Now, as brutal and as terrifying as it was, this helped these women indirectly fulfill their biological imperative—which is to pass on the strongest genes possible to her offspring. These genes were forced upon them by the, proven, bigger, stronger, smarter men who likely just decimated the local men of breeding age.

In other words, the Viking rapists were not only giving these women what they secretly really wanted, at least in Goddard’s mind; they were infusing the cultures they invaded with their superior genetic material, uplifting the entire human race by making better (white) babies.

Some of the Vikings’ rape victims, he writes, were kidnapped and “absorbed into the tribes of the invaders where they likely had long and successful—biologically speaking—breeding lives.” As Goddard sees it, these were the lucky ones; the rest were left behind to fend for themselves.

Contemporary feminists are even less lucky, Goddard argues.

“Fast forward back to today,” he continues.  The “feminists and fat women (undesirables)” in contemporary society are essentially

the equivalent of the low-born and peasant women of yester-year. But those ancient women would have still had exposure to top-tier men—the best genetics–whether it was consensual or not (not).

Forget the emotional and physical trauma of rape; in Goddard’s twisted imagination rape was a good thing for these women and the human race in general, an opportunity for “low-born” women to have “exposure to top-tier men” and their golden sperm. In his scenario, the problem faced by contemporary feminists isn’t that they get raped; it’s that they don’t get raped often enough.

Today’s undesirables don’t have that “option,” if we can call it that. Do you think the likes of Chris Hemsworth or Brad Pitt are lining up to fuck a woman like Lena Dunham? Never in a million years.

It’s always about Brad Pitt for these guys, huh? I think he’s a bit old for Lena Dunham, who I rather suspect has little trouble finding dates.

Top-tier-women of today are the only women who get exposure to the top-tier-men. Fatties and feminists cannot fulfill their biological imperatives directly (seducing a top-tier man) or indirectly (being raped by an aggressive, dominant man).

Today’s sexual marketplace is discriminate against the laziness and repulsiveness of fat women and feminists whereas the sexual marketplace of the invading hordes was indiscriminate, driven only by raging emotions and carnal urges.

Despite the utter awfulness of the views he’s espousing here, it is sort of cute that Goddard and the rest of the losers associated with Return of Kings see themselves as being “top-tier” anything.

Goddard continues by asserting that feminism is little more than a cry of “sour grapes!” from sexually frustrated women who hate “the male-feminist, soy-boy-cucks who orbit them” and long for the sort of macho lady-hating dude who thinks the Vikings were super-cool because they raped so many women.

In order for these unfortunate ladies to escape their misery, Goddard argues, they will need to abandon feminism and “embrace the lives that will lead them to the men they want, and therefore, the lives they want.” Only then will they be able to “command the respect of a good man.”

The writers at Return of Kings wouldn’t know a good man if he punched them in the face.

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4 years ago

Well if they have such super duper highly ranked sperm, why don’t these men just rape each other. Stop leaving your fellow man out of the equation. Give ’em what for! Talk about selfish ..

Laugher at Bigots
4 years ago


Let’s not advocate rape, even of terrible people.

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