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Whaa? Daily Stormer hails Berkeley puncher, demands teen girls be “forcibly married-off”

Turns out that very few teenage girls want to be forcibly married to Nazis

It’s not exactly a shock to discover that Andrew Anglin of the Daily Stormer, the internet Nazi tabloid, thinks it’s just swell that a fellow white supremacist sucker-punched a female antifascist activist in one of the many melees that broke out in and around an alt-right rally in Berkeley yesterday.

“Nathan Damigo went to war Saturday, and he took out one of our top enemies,” Anglin happily declares in a Daily Stormer post today. “She came to fight and she got what she came for!” (Archived post here; mildly NSFW.)

Adding to Anglin’s evident delight: “[T]his girl was really small, which makes it even funnier.”

But if Anglin’s gloating over the punch is par for his particular course, what is a bit surprising is where he goes from there. After posting some old photos of the punchee that the not-so-good folks from /pol/ dug up after the incident yesterday, Anglin declares that “[s]he was a nice, sweet little girl as a teenager.” But now, he notes with a shudder, she’s a SOCIAL JUSTICE WARRIOR with a nose ring and hairy armpits who’s not shy about showing her body in public.

And this, to Anglin, is a sign that we need to institute what he calls “WHITE SHARIA” to make sure no other white girls ruin their beautiful innocence with too much independent thought.

When this bitch was 15, you could genuinely say “Aryan princess.” She was glowingly pretty, I’m sure very sweet, giggly, would blush if you flirted with her – she was fit for a white analog to K-Pop.

But “freedom” and the university system turned her into a hairy porno monster rioting on the street.

Damn that freedom! Sorry, “freedom.”

The degree to which you allow women freedom is the degree to which they will destroy their own lives and the lives of everyone around them and by extension all of civilization itself.

Huh. I always thought that the notion of individual liberty was one of the best things about civilization, not a threat to its very existence.

Anglin has a rather old-fashioned solution for this pesky female freedom:

We have to forcibly marry-off teenage girls to men who will TAKE CARE OF THEM!

We WANT women to be taken care of, as they are the thing that cooks, cleans, gives sexual pleasure and produces and raises children! The white knights don’t care about the protection of women! White knights skirt their MASCULINE responsibility by refusing their biological duty to protect women in REAL terms, which mainly involves protecting them from themselves, rather than some external threat!

Apparently you “protect” girls and women by referring to them as “things,”punching them in the face, and forcing them into a lifetime of sexual slavery as unwilling teenage brides.

Oh, sorry, I’m just being a “cuck.”

People who are opposed to the policy of forced teenage marriage are cucks and feminists, who care not for the wellbeing of women, but simply for their own childlike emotions which have been stimulated by Jewish propaganda in Hollywood films about the independent minds of women.

And people can be like “OH YEAH OKAY BUT WHITE SHARIA IS TOO EXTREME THO” – in fact, the situation is now so extreme that we don’t have any choice anymore.

Nah. We have a choice. On one side, the “cucks” and the feminists and the alleged Jewish propagandists — all of those who share the weird belief that women shouldn’t be shotgun-married into submission. On the other side, Nazi shitheads terrified by women with nose rings and armpit hair and minds of their own.

Hey, I never said it was a particularly difficult choice. Just an important one.

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5 years ago

“[T]his girl was really small, which makes it even funnier.”

Only if you’re a cowardly weaksauce bully who can’t hold his own in a fair fight with a woman in his height/weight class…

The fact that this woman came away with as few injuries as she did makes it look funnier on THEM, though. Even in such an unfair fight, she’s STILL tougher than her attackers. Wimpy snowflakes.


they are the thing that cooks, cleans, gives sexual pleasure and produces and raises children!


'A Marxist-Thought Criminal'
'A Marxist-Thought Criminal'
5 years ago

We ‘the west’ have our own version of I.S.I.S, Taliban movements and etc now it seems. Some Middle Eastern countries themselves were quite prosperous until their own counterparts of the “Alt-Right” and Neo-Reactionaries we have in the west started taking over over there.

All this says is that this could be a kind of historical or social process/pattern which is not exclusive to those countries. So the “Alt-Right’s” response to this issue or trick here is they are essentially saying;

“OMG look at them, look at those countries wrecked by this. If we want to save ourselves from them we must become just like them, but in our own way and by people of our color instead.”

Doesn’t this say that if we let them take over, in a few decades or couple of years. “The west” would become exactly as what they claimed to fear, and hate or maybe even pretended to.

Maybe the true intentions of the Alt-Right is that they think the culture of ‘extremism’ which they so claim is a threat to us, is actually superior to ours. Just as long as its people who are White and Christian at the same time doing that, it is ok. They want the extremism but do not want it to be done by “Arabs” and “Muslims” instead subconsciously in their possibly ‘real intentions’?

5 years ago

That small, dainty woman went to that riot as part of ‘Antifa,’ looking to fight.

[Citation Needed] She didn’t punch first, so “looking to fight” seems a very long stretch indeed.

5 years ago

@Larx Bennett
Would like to see proof of that claim, otherwise this screams of “she was asking for it.”

PeeVee the (Timber-Rattling Booger Slut, But Noice) Sarcastic
PeeVee the (Timber-Rattling Booger Slut, But Noice) Sarcastic
5 years ago

Hey, Nathan Damigo went out of his way to target her, Larx. The fight found her.

The Real Cie
The Real Cie
5 years ago

Andrew Anglin spews: “We WANT women to be taken care of, as they are the thing that cooks, cleans, gives sexual pleasure and produces and raises children!”
I may not be in the same zip code as young and pretty. Hell, I’m not in the same Universe as young and pretty. I am, however, a human being, not a “thing.”
Cooking? Yeah, I do that when it suits me.
Cleaning? Not so good at that, but it happens sometimes. I’d be happy to hire and pay a housekeeper if I had the money to do so.
Why are you bringing my hand into this? You know, the thing that gives sexual pleasure. To me, not to Anglin and his ilk.
Produce and raise children? Yeah, I did that. The production part was a surprise, as I was told I couldn’t do that. However, I did voluntarily decide to have and raise my child. I was 24 years old and married willingly at the time of the surprise. I wasn’t a teenager forced into marriage by creepy men.
In short, Andrew Anglin, see you next Tuesday, and you can go fuck yourself.

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