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“Gina tingles” and the Elders of Zion: Do Alt-Rightists hate women as much as they hate Jews?

Women: Generally not big fans of neo-Nazis either

By David Futrelle

The original Nazis were not exactly what you’d call progressive thinkers on the “female question.” As Adolf Hitler saw it, the “world” of the German woman should be largely confined to “her husband, her family, her children, and her home.”

But, like many traditionalists, Hitler and his fellow Nazis tempered their misogyny — or at least tried to make it seem more palatable — with praise for the supposed purity and womanly honor of Aryan women who fit themselves neatly into their restricted roles.

Today’s neo-Nazis, or at least those who’ve come to Nazism through 4chan and the meme wars of the alt-right, have a much darker view of women, one influenced more by the bitter misogyny of “Red Pill” pickup artists and Men Going Their Own Way than by sentimental fantasies of “Kinder, Küche, Kirche.”

Reading posts and comments about women on The Daily Stormer, probably the most popular online hangout of today’s meme-happy neo-Nazis, it’s hard not to be struck by how thoroughly the discussions are permeated by “Red Pill” lingo. References to “alpha males,” “reproductive strategies” and “gina tingles” abound. (And there isn’t really anyone there to challenge the misogyny: As is the case in many manosphere communities, women are banned from commenting and “manginas” are quickly chased off.)

To see this convergence of the manosphere and the neo-Nazi movement in full effect, one need only to take a look at a recent debate, of sorts, on the Daily Stormer BBS on the question: ‘Are women naturally evil and immoral?” 

A fellow calling himself jonholiver gets the discussion rolling by asking whether it’s “female nature” or “our degenerate culture that [makes] women act the way they do.”

Mr. Oliver, for his part, finds it “hard … to believe that women are actually evil by nature.” As he sees it, the

distinction is important because if we take the premise that women aren’t naturally evil and are neutral or virtuous then the patriarchy serves to guide women into having a family and to create an enviroment where men want to do it as well, while if we go from the premise that women are naturally imoral and sluts than the patriarchy as the purpose of opressing or supressing women’s nature and making them submit to men(i’m not saying opressing women is bad).

Of course you’re not, dude. You’re a freaking Nazi.

The most popular answer amongst Mr. Oliver’s peers? It’s a mixture of both.

“Women are shit by nature,” writes a commenter calling himself lordkekofkeking.

they are only good for making kids, cooking and cleaning. In a traditional society, women understood their place because men put them in their place and they would go against popular culture by doing otherwise.

Now, in this Kali Yuga, women are told they can be whores, they get away with it financially and legally and even worse males in their society have been femenized by constant (((brainwashing))).

As BillyRayJenkns sees it,

Women are led into evil and immorality by a lack of strong authority figures, If we stoned and staked them today, this would all end

SilverDawn makes the same repugnant argument in slightly more polite language:

They are a herd animal. If they see the herd walk one way they will follow it doesn’t matter what it is. The desire to be part of the herd out weighs any logical thinking.

Like all good herds they need fences/boundaries. And good stockmanship.

Cmartel offers an argument I’ve run across again and again on the Men Going Their Own Way subreddit.

Females are not evil but they are part of nature which can often be cruel.

A woman is like a dog, a tiger or a tree, neither good or bad. A tiger might kill you but it’s just what tiger’s do, the tiger is not good or evil.

We’re often fooled by women because they can mimic understanding and regurgitate facts without understanding anything.

They themselves are unaware of this it seems, they think they understand but they only feel whatever they feel according to instinct.

If a man seems confident, has social standing, wealth, they feel secure and are drawn to him for reasons they cannot explain. Doesn’t really matter if the man is objectively good or bad.

Women are only here to reward the winners and punish the losers, just like nature.

Masteracist recites a variation of an old evolutionary psych fairy tale that has proven quite popular amongst the manospherians:

The female reproductive strategy evolved prior to civilization, and it is destructive to civilization.

An individual woman, at the instinctual level is attempting to secure the sperm of the most genetically fit man available, and to maximize the resources available to her. In order to accomplish this she will engage in all manner of socially destructive behavior.

Shit testing, instigating conflict between men and other men and men and the state, stealing men from other women, etc. She’ll vote for and encourage the mass importation of third worlders. These behaviors are a subconscious attempt to maximize the genetics available to her, and to create conflict between men in order to determine which men have superior genetics.

Her desire for resources will cause her to manipulate men sexually and emotionally. These men become demoralized, depressed, jaded and scornful of women. This negatively effects their productive output. She will vote for and encourage the theft of productive (white) men’s resources to be guaranteed to the less productive. Her hindbrain has herself and her (potential) children in mind, but in practice this results in the subsidization of brown babies and baby mammas …

She isn’t evil, she’s just ill equipped to make decisions that effect the health of a civilization, and for that reason she should be oppressed, for her own good and ours.

Only the over-the-top racism distinguishes this comment from the evo-psych-influenced explanations of “female nature” one finds everywhere on manosphere blogs and the MGTOW subreddit. (And of course there are evo-psych obsessed manosphere writers who are every bit as racist as Mr. Masterracist, most notably the grandiloquent racist shitbag Heartiste.)

Tompanz offers a vision of human history that leans heavily on the alleged evils of “kikes.”

Women aren’t evil; they aren’t children; and they aren’t immoral. They are women. They are fundamentally different than men and fill different roles. Kikes used a deep knowledge of human psychology and history to start the time bomb that is feminism. Women are eternal followers, and need strong men to guide them. You cannot build society around the tiny minority (if any exist at all) of women who are capable of leading anything but toddlers. …

“[T]he better things get, the more bored women are. Bored women want to play make believe as men, since times are good and men love women they let them. Then women make things go to shit and men keep then locked up until times are better.” Rinse repeat for 12,500 years.

Remove the overt anti-Semitism and you have an “argument” that will be familiar to any longtime student of the manosphere (and/or reader of this blog).

General_Pinochet offers a somewhat more concise explanation of “female nature,” using a familiar cringey catchphrase popular with Red Pillers and MRAs alike, declaring simply that “[w]omen are controlled by ‘gina tingles.”

Amongst all those commenting in the thread, only one seems to feel much real sympathy for women — albeit “sympathy” of a particularly Hitlarian kind. As agoodgoy88 sees it

Women are the victims of Jews and so are men, but it’s our job as men to protect women and children from monsters like Jews instead of blaming them because we won’t fulfill our guardian role. I’m not saying white men should be blamed, but once we start reasserting our role as patriarchs en masse our women will submit almost instantaneously.

Yeah, I don’t think that’s going to be happening any time soon, buddy. But I do think the convergence of the manosphere and the already heavily male alt-right will continue. Both movements are borne of bitterness and aggrieved entitlement, and today’s neo-Nazis seem to be as angry at empowered women as they are at the mythical elders of Zion who supposedly run the world.

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@ ivory bill

or hit the broad side of a barn with a bullet

The trick is to fire the bullet, then build the barn.

The trick is to fire the bullet, then build the barn.

Thanx for reminding me. They wouldn’t know how to build a barn, either.

I don’t know any such survival skills, either–but then, I recognize that, and so I do not yearn foolishly for the collapse of civilization.

@ ivory bill

They wouldn’t know how to build a barn, either.

I’d go with the Amish; but they never seems to publish their mobile phone numbers or email addresses.

I don’t know any such survival skills, either–but then, I recognize that, and so I do not yearn foolishly for the collapse of civilization.

Yeah, all that seagull eating stuff is so funny. I do know the guys who teach all that sort of thing for the forces. I’ve been on a few of the courses myself. What our Apocalyptophilic friends seem to forget is that even the most specialist training is just to keep you alive for a few days until the rescue helicopter turns up with real food and anti-biotics

Yeah, all that seagull eating stuff is so funny.

If you must eat the seagull to survive then it means you should not eat the seagull because must be you are at sea. Your guts will be filled with meet and you will experienced dehydration and die. Better only to drink water.

Alan said

I’ve always been curious as to what the Nazis expected to happen at the end of the thousand years. I know it was just a nebulous concept and slogan; but why put a limit on it? You’d have thought they’d have gone for something more open ended.

Like Scientology? (trying an embedded link for the first time)

Ivory Bill said

Yes; just like they think if civilization collapses, they will somehow emerge as the New Warlords of the Mad Max hellscape which remains, and all those snotty Stacys who wouldn’t look at them twice in high school will beg to spread their legs for the Mighty Shitlords.

Isn’t it interesting that they frequently come withing a hair’s breadth of saying (or even just outright say) that the collapse of civilization will be the fault of women? You’d think that if it were going to be such a shitlord’s paradise, they’d just sit and rub their hands together while emitting evil cackles instead of doing all that complaining.

Otrame – I had best daddy, too. It’s going on two years since he passed and I miss him every day. Here’s a ‘daddy’s girl’ hug if you want it.

Valentine – Love the new pic! Makes me want to pinch your cheeks and call you Валя! (which I would never do in meatspace, no worries)


Amid uproar, Southern Baptists condemn ‘alt-right’ movement

Kinda-sorta. I’d take it a bit more seriously if they hadn’t initially completely lost their shit about the idea and turned the resolution down flat for being too mean to conservatives generally.The fact that after there was negative commentary on the internet they reintroduced a watered-down version that’s careful to only cover actual Nazis, but not the ordinary American white supremacy that’s the SBC’s bread and butter and always has been.

I’d eat any of those before a seagull.

They’ve actually become more hateful than the original Nazis. That’s hard to do.

The Nazis at least pretended to believe they were paragons of positive values. This generation has rejected the entire notion of goodness as being a virtue. They aspire to be scum.

Alan, there are food shortages in England now? If you catch the seagull when you at sea you not need to eat it anyway, because if you see them you know you are near land. They must sleep on land at night.

Hambeast 😁 thank you! Щit is actually from 2011 when i was19 so not really ‘new’ new…Meatspace is really cool😂 and in meatspace you can pinch my cheek. I will allow this one for you )))

“The Nazis at least pretended to believe they were paragons of positive values. ”

Sorry but fuck?!? Who fucking cares what they pretended or thought? Who cares if they said they as good as jesus? How does that change anything? They killed millions of people in gas chambers and by starving and killed more by world war. They tried to build and empire. And ww2 ended with fucking atom boms being dropped on two cities which people still drying from today. Sorry but this is fucking bullshit.

If i come stab you and then say oh i am good i believe that god guiding me and that i do all good things he telling me – or i say, i am evil and i stab because i want to hurt you. Both is evil actions. What i say means nothing. Truly, more scarey that i believe i right and good to hurt you, than if i believe i evil. If someone know they not good then maybe they can learn value of goodness – if they already believing they greatest and good then there really no hope.

-sorry for all this posts – i missed edit oppotunity


If you catch the seagull when you at sea you not need to eat it anyway, because if you see them you know you are near land. They must sleep on land at night.

Not necessarily land with more to eat than seagull, though. There’s some damn barren spits of rock that are still full of seagulls.


(CYA effort on the part of insurers, or anyone else who stands to lose money, is my guess.)

I shouldn’t think so; the wiki article’s pretty blunt about the fuckups leading up to this shit. Personally, I hold that every single person involved in managing the Grenfell in the last decade should be done for murder.

“Not necessarily land with more to eat than seagull, though. There’s some damn barren spits of rock that are still full of seagulls.”

You right. I cannot call myself a sailor any more! But even if my ship is sink in Pacific ocean and i will not eat the seagull. When there was some sailors who wrecked near Pitcairn they afraid to go west even though they know land is there – because it is not they who would be eating, but them who might get eaten by canibals ))) but then after they eaten eachother anyway.

June 15, 2017 at 6:22 am
Thanks Fujimoto (and ChimericMind, for trying).

You’re welcome! One of those moments were I saw no one had yet answered and I could be useful.

Ivory Bill Woodpecker
June 14, 2017 at 8:19 pm
Including, IIRC, the swastika itself.

If Bollywood hasn’t made a movie from this concept already, it should. ^_^

Nazis didn’t necessarily appropriate the swastika from Hindus; there have been swastikas and swastika-like designs found all over the world, including ancient Europe. It’s just that the Nazis have tainted it to the point where no culture outside of Asia is willing to use it any more, although you can still find old European churches with swastikas incorporated into the architecture. Wikipedia has a whole lot of photos of swastikas worldwide from many different eras.

Also, I think Nazis aren’t viewed particularly negatively in India. Instead it’s Churchill who gets the hate for his role in the Bengal famine, and I don’t blame them one bit.

Валя – I’d never actually pinch anyone’s cheeks because I think it’s kind of demeaning to do to anyone*, but especially an adult. BUT, because I’m old enough to be бабушка now, I understand where the impulse comes from. I am бабушка with excellent impulse control! But a hug would be welcome.

*and I hated when people did it to me as a child, but I’ve had my nose broken 3-4 times since age 8, so anyone’s hands near my face makes me anxious.

ETA – Sorry, don’t want to talk about Nazis today, it’s been a week. (But reading is fine, otherwise I wouldn’t be on this thread.)


I didn’t read the Wikipedia article yesterday, nor any updated version, just noticed it’s existence.

I did read updated news today, I read the new info people put here as well. This is highly disturbing.

This is highly disturbing.

Also utterly predictable. A public housing project was put into the managment of a private for-profit company, which immediately began to cut corners and defer maintenance in order to boost profit margins, and whaddaya know, it ended in catastrophe. Not that the fucking Tories will learn a damn thing.


Honestly i think i probably also would not enjoy to have my cheeks pinched )) and also i said before i dont like to hug but in internet hugs are ok 🤗🤗🤗 that sounds very painful about your nose! I also broke my nose before but only one time – very painful!

Redsilkphoenix: Jetpack Vixen, Agent of the FemiNest Collective; Keeper of a Hell Toupee, and all-around Intergalactic Meaniesays:

Forgot this was there on the first page, waiting for me.


You live in rural Indiana? What area?

South-Central Indiana, roughly in the same general area Pence is from. Which, interestingly enough, has more diversity in it than you’d expect based on some of Pences’ beliefs. (Not tons and tons of it, mind, but still there.)

Yes, we can all agree that nazis are bad, but they didn’t drop the atom bombs, that was the “good guy heros”.

It seems, in most cases, a human impulse twist themselves into logical pretzels to justify their actions because people are uncomfortable with admitting that they are wrong. Christianity was used to justify slavery, but because people felt the need to morally reconcile their actions , biblical rhetoric also was the underlying moral template for the abolitionist movement. Nazis cloaked their propaganda in moral crusaderism and Norman Rockwellesque imagery (as did the US), but the public and most of the Nazi infantry fighting on the front were horrified to discover that they were the monsters. The Inner party knew that they would be rejected if their true agenda was common knowledge. After the war, Germany was shamed and took strides to make amends, and became one of the most progressive countries in Europe.

Now we know full well what the Nazis were up to. The right wing has had time to get comfortable with it, that is the package they sell their ideology in and use to recruit. Since the war the popularity of Ayn Rand’s objectivism has inverted the entire concept of a need for a moral compass in society. There is also something to be said about the digital age impacting capacity for empathy and increasing Machiavellian tendencies. Some of these people proudly identify with the dark triad and think it is to be nurtured. Caring about what is right and wrong even in the case of atrocities is stamped as SJW and dismissed out of hand. They still demonize their adversaries, but the notion that cold pragmatism and hate accomplish more and that morality constrains progress negates any necessity to persuade potential followers with convoluted rationales. Once that is accepted, the means to the end requires no justification. When analyzing the evolution of cult ideology, these traits do make a difference.

The point I’m making is that once the entire notion that society needs a moral compass is discarded and being evil is enthusiastically embraced, how does the pendulum swing back? What sensibilty can be appealed to? That is why I believe this new hybrid alt-right is potentially far more dangerous if they succeed in becoming the predominant ideology.

I also don’t appreciate the gratuitous use of the word fuck directed at me, thanks.

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