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Booger Sluts and She-Tornados: An unsolicited critique of We Hunted the Mammoth

Typical WHTM readers relaxing at home

We get letters. And sometimes they’re too good — and I use a very broad definition of “good” — not to share. So here’s one I got the other day from a fellow who calls himself MGTOWabunga, offering a rather detailed, er, critique of We Hunted the Mammoth and its readers.

I feel fairly certain that Mr. Abunga has not actually read more than about five words of the blog.

How f*cking typical is it, for a slobbering horde of wannabe cop-killing vagina knights and window smashing booger sluts, who sing the praises of terrorists like the Black Panthers, to back down and clutch pearls when the dog shit is on the other foot.

MGTOWabunga does have a way with words!

You animals prize violence and you know it – you invite terrorists into society in the hopes that they will erase white civilization through violence and the instatement of sharia law, you agitate through timber-rattling bedlam for the forceable exchange of resources from the producers of society to the lowly jack-booted masked sickle-and-hammer sporting, unwashed plankton-eaters in black bloc …


… and you riot like disorderly she-tornados and werebonobos whenever some person with more melanin in their skin than the law allows gets shot for fighting with the police.

Or shot in the back while walking away from the police. Or for being a 12-year-old playing with a toy gun.

If self-awareness could be stored in a checking account, you numbskulls would have overdraft fees that even Bill Gates couldn’t cover. I don’t see anything wrong with what Trumpsters are doing;

“Trumpsters?” You mean the guys who show up at demonstrations with sticks and shields and helmets and shin-guards? You know, like “based stickman” here, already the subject of countless adoring alt-right memes?

Love the font

… all I see are people who are tired of being assaulted and harassed by poorly-dressed vandals who idolize Bakunin and think that such corner stones of civilized society like “freedom of speech” are instruments of oppression manufactured by white bourgeois despots to provide cover to “fascists” (read: anyone to the right of Trotsky).

You know, I’m fairly certain this “fascist,” shown here at that recent Berkeley thing, doesn’t really merit the scare quotes.

Nor these guys.

An hey, here’s the guy who gave that speech that got these guys so excited.

And oh, look, it’s hacker-Nazi Weev. Might I draw your attention to that giant fucking swastika tattoo on his chest?

And, hey, it’s Andrew Anglin from the Daily Stormer, in case the name of his website and his harassment of Jews and his frequent paeans to Hitler weren’t enough of a clue.

So, yeah, while it is kind of a political cheap trick to call people fascists when they’re not fascists, the alt-right today is lousy with honest-to-goodness no-scare-quotes actual real no-kidding genuine draft fascists. So I think that’s maybe what we’ll be calling them?

Boy, remember back when Godwin’s Law was a real thing and not just some faint fond memory?

Oh, but MGTOWabunga is still going.

I don’t condone violence and I have no intention of practicing it, but when you start destroying things, punching people, threatening to kill cops and “fascists,” and vandalizing buses driven by people that you don’t like,

Yeah, I’m pretty sure that no one here is destroying things, punching people, threatening to kill cops and “fascists” (or even fascists). Some of us, it’s true, may have laughed a little at a video of one fascist (no scare quotes) getting punched, because, you know, HE’S A FUCKING NAZI. And it’s possible that some of us don’t really feel terrible that a bus on a cross-country transphobic hate tour got spraypainted because, you know, the people driving the bus don’t think trans folks have a right to exist.

… you forfeit any claim that you might have that you are “peaceful protestors,” and that your rights need to be respected …

But when literal neo-Nazis show up to demonstration with helmets and shields, and start literally hitting people with sticks, their rights do need to be respected?

you fucking syphilitic devil-llamas, wild west firecracker window-smashing soap-averse unionized cowboy Jacobins from Hell.


You mean like this guy?

I don’t know if he or she a devil. I just found this picture on the internet. I don’t even know if this particular devil-llama, or any devil-llamas, even read the blog, honestly.

But I think they’d enjoy it

197 replies on “Booger Sluts and She-Tornados: An unsolicited critique of We Hunted the Mammoth”

guest – There’s a reason why I referred to menopause a “reverse puberty”! To get TMI about it (since I don’t have periods anymore and still want to contribute to grossing out the trolls) I got the worst B.O. after I stopped menstruating. It’s either settled down, or I’m accustomed to it, but no one has mentioned* it or edged away from me in a crowd, so far.

dreemr – I’m still waiting for my skin to dry up. I’ve been postmenopausal for about three years and my skin and hair are still oily. I also have two patches of coarse, whiskery hair on either side of my chin now that are a challenge to pluck because of my eyesight getting worse up-close.

*yes, I make Husbeast sniff me when we go out.


So it’s not like Trump “just” said all this bigoted shit

Except that almost every single part of his economic plan is inherently bigoted. As is going to war to take some other nation’s resources. So, he kinda did just say all that bigoted shit

On the melanin thing, I believe he means that the law forbids killing people if they have a certain amount of melanin or more. That’s a common alt-reich talking point, it’s just mangled to the point of being unrecognizable on account of miggy’s understanding of sentences.

Doesn’t matter much, it doesn’t make any more sense in legible form anyway.


Just read those Twitter exchanges you linked and… wow, that’s… that’s just one of the saddest things I’ve seen. But it’s the perfect summation of these guys’ thought processes: “I want someone I have complete control over to get me off. I can’t control real women, so I have to make do with fanservice lolis.”

Man, and they’re still plastering Chanty Binx’s picture everywhere. That happened 5 years ago! 5 freaking years ago and she’s still just a meme to these people! The irony is that I’ve seen dozens of anti-feminist YouTubers since then use her image as the stereotypical “Tumblr feminist” get much angrier and much shoutier than she ever did in that video where she was trying to read a statement and got continually interrupted. Seeing her constantly scapegoated just infuriates me on a number of levels. As a fellow Canadian. As a fellow Torontonian. As a University of Toronto alumnus. Hell, just as a human being.

Seriously, if the she’s the only example you guys have of this stereotype you’ve conjured in your heads, maybe it’s not real.

@History Nerd

1)The current budget slashes he social safety net and privatizes infrastructure. This is the opposite of anything that can meaningfully be called socialism

2)Do I need to explain again why economic conservatism inevitably reinforces social conservatism ? Cos I’m pretty sure you’ve been in threads where it’s come up before.

3)And he also said a whole lot of racist, misogynist, and generally bigoted shit, and his voters lapped it up.

I put “conservative socialism” in quotes for a reason (the Nazis claimed to be “socialists”). I’m talking more about how Trump’s supporters perceived his economic policies during the election rather than the current budget. He was a textbook example of a fascist candidate supported by fascists.

PeeVee: I’m glad you reacted the way you did. At first it seemed heavy handed but to be honest, sometimes you just need to shock people you know with how disgusted you are at their actions. It could be the only way they learn something.

God knows we’ve been handling the right wingers with kid gloves for far too long. Foot should have been put down a long time ago.

Ugh. Does everyone else remember the days when we Mammotheers thought the alt right was just a laughable little online circle jerk that was too pitiful to be a danger to real life? That was only a couple of years ago.

Ooooh, another good one, “Rancid Harlot Water”!!! LMAO thanks, Abunga!

It looks like you didnae want to read too closely, I suspect you kept one eye closed so it wouldn’t assault your delicate senses too violently, but we ol’ crones are talking about how we have unexpectedly become less hirsute in our decrepitude, not increasingly so and gorilla-like. Poor sad Miggsy, I suppose you wouldn’t have any clear idea of how much or how little body hair any women might or might not have.

Tra la laaaa! I hope you can smell my menses from there!!


Thanks. She has gotten a bit more…strident…in her views in the last few years; I don’t know if it’s a sign of the times, or what. I love her dearly, but.

Ohhh, he’s back! Yay! More, more, dance little mgtow-puppet!

He’s like one of those nickname-generators!

Tra la laaaa! I hope you can smell my menses from there!!

Dreemr, I think I love you.

Weirdly enough, my fiance has never let the state of my body hair deter him from sleeping with me. It’s almost as if, in the real world, shit like that doesn’t matter. The mind, it boggles.

As far as I can tell, the alt-right grew out of people who supported Ron Paul’s presidential campaigns (including many people on Reddit and 4chan). They decided they didn’t like certain aspects of right-libertarianism, like the idea that, say, feminists should be allowed to speak and write freely. So they “discovered” fascism.

I love how they don’t understand that Sharia Law is the exact opposite of liberalism and there’s no way that’s ever something that we plankton eaters would ever want.

And it’s not just here that I’ve seen those of the far-right persuasion make that claim. I’ve seen others in stories at Right Wing Watch say the same thing. They have no idea what Sharia Law actually is.

How the hell has Multiple Account Miggs not raged himself into an aneurysm yet? Saved by his lack of a brain, I suppose.


Saved by his lack of a brain, I suppose.

“If you keep doing that, your face will get stuck !” but with meltdowns instead, I guess. Then it got literal.

@ scout

They have no idea what Sharia Law actually is.

99% of sharia law is pretty non controversial. It’s just another legal system like the common law or code Napoleonique. Prior to 1066 people living in the Danelaw in England would have found much of it very familiar. We’ve used a few sharia things in deals. There are certain tax/accounting advantages in the way ‘interest’ on loans is dealt with.

In the UK parties can agree to adopt any legal system and use any tribunals they see fit, including sharia, in civil proceedings. The regular courts therfore don’t have first instance jurisdiction (UK courts can hear appeals from sharia courts). There’s some controversy around family matters, but generally thousands of cases are dealt with every year without anyone batting an eyelid.

It’s actually a pretty interesting topic.

I don’t know much about the X-Men, but isn’t Magneto an Auschwitz survivor?


It sounds like an interesting topic! I am a history junkie, so I’d love to learn more on that! Thanks! 🙂

I’ll have you know that if growing jungles in your pants and having legs like Curious George is your idea of competing with men in this world, you can forget it; no one makes a better man than a man himself.

If men are supposed to have hairy legs and women are supposed to have hairless legs, then how come women grow leg hair? Why do we need to buy shaving products to maintain our supposed natural and correct “nubile” feminine state?


Inb4 he tries to argue with your statement with something like “why do we grow cancer cells if we’re not supposed to get cancer?” Yes, someone has compared leg hair to cancer before.

@ scout

Sharia, like any legal system, is obviously a huge topic. Its well worth reading up on though, especially if you’re a history buff.

It is funny that it’s seen as so ‘alien’. There’s nothing in there that hasn’t cropped up in ‘western’ law over the years. Take for instance the idea that all cases, including criminal, are ‘private’ proceedings, ie brought by individuals rather than the state. That would have been perfectly familiar to any citizen of ancient Rome (and we still have private prosecutions today of course). Victims and their families having a say in the punishment and the ability to avoid punishment by paying compensation is identical to the weregeld concept in Norse law (see also Michael Jackson). Funnily enough there’s a strong argument over here that we should go back to the private law principles in sexual assault cases. Currently victims aren’t a party to proceedings. They’re just another witness in a case between the state and the defendant, with all that entails.

Sharia is also pretty good on business and finance law. Again you can probably see the historical reasons for that with Islam’s strong commercial heritage. As mentioned above, a lot of ‘western’ businesses are adopting sharia principles in deals for that reason.

And don’t forget, sharia didn’t develop in isolation. There’s been cross fertilisation between the world’s legal systems since humans learned to trade things across borders.

Abunga is Among Ya Miggy,
Thank you for showing up to confirm that us post menopausal feeemales still have weapons in our bodily armoury with which to disgust you.
I will now talk about pubic hair, for your delectation.
As we age, the short-and-curlies do become longer and straighter, and also sparser. This is an anecdotal observation, based on my own body, the accounts of other women here, and my personal experience of the genitals of the hordes of men with whom I have ridden the cock carousel. I’ve no reason to believe non-binary people are exempt from the effect, either.
I’m sure there’s a Wikipedia article, and many scholarly medical reviews on the subject. I can look for some, if you like.
But as a 329+ year old yourself, you must be more aware than any of us mayflies that this is so.
Does male pubic hair (including your own) revolt you as much as the female iteration? Gosh, I hope so. There’s a pretty wide age range of Man-Mammotheers here who can now join the anecdote fest if they like.

Is Nick Spencer any relation to Richard?


GOD, you make me laugh.

Was it Jeremy Bentham who was so freaked out by his wife’s pubic hair on their wedding night he never went near her again? Someone like that anyway.

And for the history buffs to tie in our Templar theme, waxing was very common during the crusade era for both men and women.

@Scented Fucking Hard Chairs

Yeah he is, which is kind of why when he sees the general populace discriminating against mutants and seeing people push for a mutant registration act, he gets a bit upset.

Ah, here’s another bit of anecdotal menstrual lore the Fungus Abungus might appreciate!

For the longest time, I thought I was the only one that this happened to, until it happened to come up in the comments section of Jezebel (no doubt a favorite of Mr. Abunga’s), but I often find myself constipated in the days prior to my period.

And then, once it begins, ahhh, sweet relief from the blessed and welcome period shits!

And, Mr. Abunga, as you’ll recall, I am at this very moment experiencing the first heavy-flow day of my cycle, and sure enough it is accompanied by the concurrent relieving of my bowels.

It’s great to be a woman way past the wall!


I’m willing to let this one slide; by allowing yourselves to physically deteriorate, you’re allowing men to see you for what you REALLY are, and can no longer use artifice and ruses to manipulate them into doing your bidding.

You’re kidding, right? Or maybe you’re 12.

I’m way past menopause and can get men to do anything at any time by using artifice or ruses — flipping my bottle-blonde hair or faking a sprained ankle.

Or I can just be my 100 percent natural, organic self. “Dude, carry my groceries. Pay my Mastercard bill. Make me lunch.”

Yep, that’s how powerful, how puissant, all women are.

I’m so glad it’s Friday. I have so much more respect for Nurses now. I’m in pain every day and actually glad I can choose the days I work. I’m physically and socially conditioning to this place. I’m enjoying my days on the behavioral side of the campus. Though I participated in two physical holds today so that’s always a downer day. I do not enjoy restraining people, but I can tolerate it.

If that troll thinks the menstrual talk in here is disgusting I would love to introduce them to my job. Tending to the schedules and persons of elderly people breaking down and injured people who will either go home or a hospice depending on outcome would be far too much reality for the poor dear.

I find it kind funny. I had no idea about the dog thing but it makes sense given dogs being dogs. I have heard that Iguanas have a thing for people on their periods? is that true?

@Collateral Thought

I like fundamental attribution error better. “Special pleading” is more of a placeholder for a more specific reason for the specialness anyway. It’s a tough nut to crack in terms of social media and media in general because the mode of thought is friendly to intensity and rhetoric because of the simplistic thinking. From my perspective it looks like speaking in categories when it comes to individuals. Black and white moralization about groups of people requires determined and strongly contrasting opposition.

Fortunately the complexity of the nature of irrational reasoning has some structure to it. There will likely be a set of things used to keep bigoted social systems afloat so I expect to see more than one useful pattern to start chewing on. Each of the logical fallacies has it’s own form in different community groups. It’s a broad error in perception and memory having to do with other human beings, that shit does not stay in one mental compartment.


So basically, they have to view themselves as a group with members who are all different, but united in a goal and to keep that group together (because they’re all assholes and would turn on each other otherwise), they need us to be the enemy that is so homogeneous that we’re all the same, without any nuances. We’re all violent sluts.

I would say “effectively” due to the gut-instinct level of what I am talking about instead of basically, but my perspective is of a “tactical” variety in how my instincts feel in the social environments where conflicts are occurring. Sometimes “slut” is tied to other situationally convenient intense negative behavior in other examples of social control. I’ve seen far more than violence attached to people whose sexually they want to control.
A big part of this is instinctual need to control what we consider aggressive, dominant language. Some people don’t want some other people being able to affect the behavior of the group. So they create social tools to aid one another in public. In my head “microaggressions” becomes “maintenance dominance behaviors” that maintain social compliance, intent has little to do with the fast-acting unconscious stuff.

The pathetic misogynistic troll in here is a good example. I want to cut his textual gesticulating apart but I am going to a Renaissance festival with my wife tomorrow and I’m feeling beat up.

There is a universal behavior at the core of what they are doing that has both rational and irrational uses. “Dog-whistles” are about transmitting implied information and fast, intense social communication. I think it’s about how our social conflict software works. The misogynistic and racist troll is all feeling and no object to me. I can’t actually follow what they are saying to an actual person. It’s pure characterizations about people and nothing that can be linked to anyone outside of them.

Rumor mongerer. Gossiper. Misogynistic, racist, I’ve wanted to start using “LGBTphobe” but have no idea about the appropriateness, the specific patterns are too important to contract there. See? I’m just like them when it comes to crunching language in a fight. Knowing the irrational version is important. It’s a way of thinking about people that can rely on something like color, or taste in food, or sexual attraction, or musical taste, or language. The quality of the communication of the group is vital to keeping such a sloppy beast of a system for binding feeling to people rational. The same goes for the fast and aggressive language on the order of “fuck”. this misogynistic troll is basically free-styling. It’s kind of fascinating to me but my psychology is on the white-male-aggressive-traditionally-raised-turned-liberal side of things. Then there’s the tourette’s syndrome.

A purpose of in-group political language is efficiency of information transfer. Dog-whistles are the implication and not the literal thing being said. Insults are simple dismissals of a person without content beyond feeling. This is a bigot manifestation of a universal thing and I hope we learn to enjoy tearing it to pieces and figuring out what feeling is used to manipulate what objects. Making interesting ways to muck it up is how we will avoid a physical confrontation.

DAMN YOU! I was doing so well on my diet and I just fell off the wagon and had a huge bowl of plankton.

Bonus points if you know the difference between plankton and nekton.

@ Steven Dutch


I’ve just looked that up. Now something in a TV series I like makes so much more sense.

@ Alan Robertshaw

And don’t forget, sharia didn’t develop in isolation. There’s been cross fertilisation between the world’s legal systems since humans learned to trade things across borders.

Hell, the cross-borders fertilization also technically counts within Sharia. There’s between 5 and 8 major schools of Sharia law, which arose and set up shop in different parts of the world and under different historical contexts and stimuli.

Used to be a favorite thing of mine to read people complaining about impending Sharia law, and ask them which Sharia they were worried about. Hanafi? Maliki? Shi’ite? Sure, it never persuaded them, but I sometimes wound up talking later to semi-lurkers who never realized how expansive the topic was.

‘now I have to endure’

Well you don’t have to, there are lots of other things to read on the Internet.

@dreemr I have the same experience, though in a milder form.


And for the history buffs to tie in our Templar theme, waxing was very common during the crusade era for both men and women.

Huh? Was it really a common thing or more like upper-class thing?

At 34 my cis male hair pattern is still developing. I totally looked forward to being a silverback when I’m old enough to turn grey.

@Artic Ape

It’s still totally possible for you to be a silverback when you reach the point where your hair begins to go grey…of course that hair may not be limited to your head, though ears/nose could be considered in the general vicinity, there’s always back, chest and the nethers that might be awash in a pelt of silver in time. 😛

All this talk of Sharia Law… I’m not against those bits of it that are reasonable, of which there are many. I’m against an alt-right version of it, which would probably include things like, “Muslims aren’t allowed to use OUR Sharia law”, “Muslims can be tortured for information, or as punishment”, and other ridiculousness similar to the strained interpretations of so-called-Islamic Terrorists.

As an aside, I really liked NPR continuing to call it the “So-called Islamic State”, and am happy with people interpreting that as “So-called Islamic”.

Redsilkphoenix: Jetpack Vixen, Agent of the FemiNest Collective; Keeper of a Hell Toupee, and all-around Intergalactic Meaniesays:

Re: Marvel Comics:

I have to marvel (no pun intended) over some of these story reveals and corporate’s reasoning over them. I mean, a year or so ago they retconned the parentage of Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch so that Magneto was no longer their bio dad because they thought it’d be “too confusing and off-putting” for new readers coming in from the movies to square that with their movie origins. But ‘Captain Nazi’ wouldn’t be confusing or off-putting to those same new readers? *shrug*

I haven’t been involved in the comics scene for the last few years (lack of money to buy new mags), but it sounds like Nick Spenser is, in a sense, the new Brian Bendis, in that he’s allowed to do anything he wants in his stories, and to hell with both continuity and what his fellow writers might have planned for their characters, because they aren’t the money-makers like HE is. >:|

Also, way to keep shitting on Chris Claremount as well as Jack Kirby and Stan Lee. I mean, why should anyone in Corporate Marvel care about the guy whose work made the X-Men viable properties to begin with (Claremount) or the guys who all but created Marvel Comics to begin with (Lee and Kirby)? What did they ever do for them lately?



I mean, a year or so ago they retconned the parentage of Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch so that Magneto was no longer their bio dad

Two years ago. It was in Axis just before Secret Wars (2015). I’m really not surprised you don’t remember, it was a thoroughly forgettable crossover. (Best thing about it was seeing some villains morality inverted, which wasn’t going to last. But damn, well meaning Carnage was bloody hilarious.)

new Brian Bendis

That would mean Bendis is gone, but he just graced us with the god awful Civil War II, and writes at least 5 titles (Spider-Man, Jessica Jones, both Ironman, Defenders) /o\

Regarding Marvel’s “Captain Nazi, I mean America” storyline: It may be relevant that Stan L. & Jack K. did once have a storyline in which a brainwashed Cap was sent by Hitler himself to assassinate Churchill…

Regarding the question of whether it’s possible for a Trump supporter to be non-racist: People may want to read John Scalzi’s The Cinemax Theory of Racism.

Hey, now. Some of us boogers are sluts, some are just aspiring. And some are the spirits of boogersluts departed.

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