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VIDEO: Drama King Mike Cernovich cries “I’m being assaulted” after terrifying gentle nudging at Austin rally

Mike Cernovich: Very salty

Correction: I thought this was at the Berkeley rally; it was actually in Austin.

Mike Cernovich has taken his clowning to a whole new level. Watch as “one of America’s leading jouirnalists [sic]” — as he describes himself on his website — is brutally assaulted by a bloodthirsty mob of SJWs at a Tax Day rally in Austin, TX.

Oh wait, he’s not being brutally assaulted. He’s being gently nudged.

But that doesn’t stop him from drama king-ing it up, repeatedly crying “I’m being assaulted” as evil SJWs continue their brutally gentle nudgng.

Amazing that Mike is still standing after that, er, assault!

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weirwoodtreehugger: chief manatee

Oh, wow. An internet badass. I’m scared!

5 years ago

Two days and nothing much from the dick joke, the anticipation is practically suffocating.

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