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Gross old Baronet seeks young, less-gross bride for babies, partying

Sir Benjamin Slade, 70, also enjoys shooting things

Today’s Gross Dude of the Day award goes to British Baronet Benjamin Slade. The Baronet, 70 years old and looking for love or at least a reasonable facsimile of it, recently told the Daily Mail that he’s “interviewing hard” for a “fit” lady at least twenty years his junior.

He’s apparently decided that the best way to find a wife young enough to be his daughter is to say insulting things about women in general and his ex-girlfriends in particular.

“I have had a few proposals,” he assures the Mail,

but sometimes the women are past their sell-by date and have been over the guns a few times.

The “past their sell-by date” bit is a tad ironic coming from a pasty elderly dude who’s basically the human equivalent of curdled milk. At least personality-wise.

By his own account, the Baronet has had some trouble finding the younger and more attractive than him woman of his dreams.

He recently split from a woman he sometimes called his fiancee because, he says, “she is 50, so too old to have children.” Either that or she dumped his ass.

His previous gal pal, he says, “went off with my handyman in 2011, but was already showing signs of madness.”

Another previous girlfriend married a rival Lord, the Earl of Carnavon, and Ben the Baronet is apparently still quite bitter about it.

I rescued her from the back of a car, set her up in business and made her a millionaire in 18 months. … She was very difficult to live with. Good riddance to her.

Before her, he dated a woman who was working as a waitress in a cocktail bar when he met her. He picked her out, shook her up and turned her around, turned her into someone new. Now five years later on, she’s got the world at her feet …

Sorry, those are actually the lyrics to Don’t You Want Me by the Human League. I got a little confused.

Anyway, if you want to be the Baronet’s lover, you’ve got to be something of a party girl. “They have to be fit,”he told the Mail. “I am like a feudal prince when it comes to throwing parties.”

The Baronet, who desperately wants to put his ancient sperm in a fertile lady, assures all potential applicants that he is making heroic efforts to care of himself and his sperm — by hanging upside down like a bat and eating horny goat weed. No, really, he’ll be glad to explain it all to you:

I’ve bought a back stretcher and hang upside down on it for five minutes every morning. It works wonders for the chin and neckline. I also have some “sky boots” with a hook in the top so I can hang upside down. …

I am also on the Genghis Khan diet, which is recommended for young lotharios and involves eating sweet potato, sunflower seeds and horny goat weed.

It was recommended by my French nephew, who is 70 and hasn’t a single grey hair. And Genghis had 2,000 children.

I would wish Baronet Ben Slade the best of luck, but honestly I’d prefer he have no luck at all. And to any woman who finds herself being courted by Sir Slade I would recommend giving a quick listen to this song by a band that shares a name with the Baronet.

Seriously, run, run away, as far away as you can.

H/T — The Virgin Mary, in the comments here

195 replies on “Gross old Baronet seeks young, less-gross bride for babies, partying”

@Tabby Lavalamp

I’m also sure Mr. Be Fair To Both Sides goes to manosphere sites and chides them for only going on about feminists and demands they give equal time and denounce MRAs/MGTOWs/etc too.

Oh, indubitably.

Since our dear troll is a self-proclaimed MGTOW, I’m sure he takes it upon himself to present the opposing view in r/mgtow as often as possible.

It’s what I’d expect of a man of his obviously high moral standards and exemplary character.


@PaganReader – Misandrist Spinster is not a feminist site, i doubt the women in the video is feminist either. The tumblr post was by a single feminist. Just because a single feminist among millions wrote that post doesnt mean that feminists have denounced the words or acts of radfems.

Read the links you posted from this site. The first link was making fun of the alt right talking about beta males and cucks. The second link was a debunking of a few hateful quotes from feminists. I fail to see what that link has to do with what I said. He hasnt debunked any quotes that I have posted and hes wrong about there not being any modern hate quotes.

The Trans Advocate link is the only good link, and that is just one major feminist site that talks about it.

I have googled the phrase “feminists denounce radical feminism” and I could not find any evidence until I got to the 4th page. So around 1 in 50 links talk about this. What is the reason for that?

No ones engaging me in debate? According to who, you?

According to others too, by words and by actions.

Two people asked me to prove my points and claims, that is the exact definition of debate lmao.

No, people asked you to stop rolling in your own shit and actually say something that vaguely resembles a willingness to engage.

Praying that I go away is not going to make me go away.

Oh honey, no one said anything about praying. I don’t really care either way where you are or aren’t. Besides, I’m one of those heathen atheists.

I am not a dancing monkey here to entertain you, Im sorry to say, so I could care less about not being boring.

Pfft. Take a look at the mission statement of this site, honeybunch. That’s exactly what you are!

I do like that MRA trolls always inevitably start frothing about quotes which are literally decades old, asking why there hasn’t been constant, recent denunciations of them.

Uh, here’s a thought: maybe because they’re forty+ years old and have little relevance to the topics at hand.

Such logic, indeed.

Lots of goalpost moving, too.

For a guy who came in swaggering and demanding debate, he sure is lousy at it.

I wonder if BS goes to the offices of cancer charities to ask them why they don’t care about AIDS.

PaganReader said

I find it telling that you only choose to quote RadFems, and use decades old RadFem quotes at that.

It is telling.

What it’s telling me is that someone needs a Debating Feminists badge for his MIGTOW Scout uniform.

I don’t know if he’s a Pell sock, though. Wasn’t Pell more of a sealion with an entire herd of teal deer?

I want to put it out there that “radfem” and “TERF” are not synonyms.

I don’t know whose sock he is, he almost strikes me as a newbie doing an initiation trolling, it’s so rudimentary-level.

Maybe the Miggytoe guys will let him in the club now!!

dreemr – I’m sure of it, since the mere fact that he’s here means he automatically won a (nonexistent) debate.

I’m supposed to be balancing my checkbook right now. ha

He kind of reminds me of Schticky (probably [sic]), with his whinging about ‘Why isn’t Dave writing what I want him to write’ bit there at the beginning.
@Policy of Madness
Point taken.

I’m going to go completely off topic and brag that I finally practiced graphing proportional relationships on Khan Academy.

Awwww. The first troll I’m experiencing somewhat live – and he’s disappointing af.

Try harder, Troll boy.

(also, I’m saving that crywank-gif. That’s amazing!)

@zaunfink – I would call that a “tearjerker” lol

@Hambeast – I’m supposed to be “working” 😉

Dull troll is dull. We shall continue to run a-mock. A-mock, a-mock, a-mock! Or we can run amuck. Or amuch. Or amoosh.

Nah. Running a-mock seems more fitting. Not to mention more punny.

@ Pee Vee

Wow, less than a month ago? Well, I think we know how much of an impression he made on us, given his current reception.

Oh, Brad’s the guy who said that all women are lazy and they don’t HAVE to care for the elderly and kids, but they should be penalized if they do.

Lol, fuck off.

Guess his miggytoe overlords weren’t pleased with his first attempt, then.

It must be horrible to live a life where all your worth comes from putting other people down and validation from others.

Lol, it was MrsObedMarsh’s calling him “BS” that reminded me.

What a choad he is.

@Paradoxical Intention – Mobile

Oh yeah I remember now, he kept ignoring how the one study he had not only changed the data poll from literally every other study of this phenomenon, but also was from a far right think tank. That and peddling the American Dream ™, only to peddle back because he’s a racist ass.

If no one minds I would like to test Bradley.

@Bradley Shore
Those are serious questions Bradley.

Why is it wrong for a older man to date a young woman?

I see an article shaming an older man for how he is seeking a younger women. From one human being to another it is reasonable for me to ask you to quote where David said it was wrong, full stop. The others are quite rationally insulted that you would toss around something like hypocrisy without actually showing where it is. That’s just name calling.

I dont see you women saying anything when Ivana trump(a 68 year old) marries Rossanno Rubicondi a 36 year old man?

Why do we need to do that? Hypocrisy is a thing with a structure. It would only be hypocrisy if you could show that we were doing what what we said the person in the article should not do (and mocked him for doing). So that Ivana thing does not even make sense.

Why are men vilified when they do the same?

That man is being vilified for things worth vilifying. Of course I’ve yet to see the text of this “vilification”…

What a hypocritical article lmao.

Seriously, this is your reputation right here on the screen. Do your math. All you are doing is commenting about things and expecting us to simply take your feelings as fact. Show me the objects connected to those feelings.

@Brony, Social Justice Cenobite

My guess is that Bradley Shore, noble online caller-outer of feminist hypocrisy, will merely screech “PERSONAL ATTACK!!” at you and ignore the rest. He’s woefully inept at actually arguing his points logically and even more inept at defending his own premises.

It would only be hypocrisy if you could show that we were doing what what we said the person in the article should not do (and mocked him for doing).

A slight nitpick, it would only be hypocrisy if we claimed not to do the thing we were pointing out as wrong. A simple example: a smoker saying “Don’t smoke, it’s awful, I know this because I smoke” is not being hypocritical, whereas a smoker saying “Don’t smoke, it’s awful, I would never smoke” is.

Though this actually makes it more difficult for BS to substantiate the claim, since it adds an extra condition to demonstrate.

Now, that doesn’t mean that saying one thing and doing the opposite is good by default – but rather that it’s also not bad by default as people like to imply by calling any perceived inconsistency “hypocrisy.” No easy win here, bud! Even if there is an inconsistency, you also have the burden of showing why that inconsistency is bad.

I can believe it. But then my point is to make them choose between demonstrating their reasoning and rumor mongering. That way I get to seal in whatever reputation they decide on.

Then fun can be had. It’s implicit permission to be mean right back and the best insults are things that unpack into characteristics. That’s why they act like being called a bigot is insulting. I give them an out and assume acting insulted will be present in the irrational ones.

To avoid name-calling about name-calling they will have to show:
1) That the personal criticism or insult (or their meaning for “attack”) was the sole content of the comment (if they only mention it). There can be attacks on person, and beliefs, ways of thinking, actions or communications present.
2) Show how the personal attack affects the logic or reasoning of that content.

Coming here and flinging around insulting characterizations make this possible. It’s also a very common pattern in trolls that I’m seeking to better objectify. It’s another one of those things I’m trying to objectify in useful terms that can be broken down into strategic language and analysis.

And it’s good when it comes to role-modeling. There is the chance that they are trying to be as honest as they know how and going through the motions of assuming that is something of a habit of mine. It’s not a habit I expect of anyone else given how exhausting people like this can get.


In my head language and action are the same thing. I know society acts differently but I argue that language is as much of an action as active thought like mental math. Still, it’s my job to be clear with the language.

Good points on the rest. This is why I named my blog “primate chess”. It’s definitely move-countermove.

Claiming to leave then not actually doing it (not even stepping away from the keyboard) within the first dozen posts is such amateurish trolling. I’m embarrassed for him.

@Bradley Shore

Why is it wrong for a older man to date a young woman? I dont see you women saying anything when Ivana trump(a 68 year old) marries Rossanno Rubicondi a 36 year old man? Why are men villified when they do the same? What a hypocritical article lmao.

How should I showcase my merits? I can only do it through logical debate, impartiality and the lack of personal attacks. Is that what you want?

I haven’t read all the comments, so I don’t know if this point has been brought up:

In April 2008, Ivana, then 59, married Rossano Rubicondi, then 36.

She is now 68 and he is 45.

BS, you have a slap-dash approach to the facts — and to spelling.

He recently split from a woman he sometimes called his fiancee because, he says, “she is 50, so too old to have children.” Either that or she dumped his ass.

His previous gal pal, he says, “went off with my handyman in 2011, but was already showing signs of madness.”

Au contraire, mon vieux — she was showing signs of good judgment. I’m sure the handyman didn’t have the personality of a flyblown heap of doggie doo.

I mean, a guy who’s been dumped this many times by “ungrateful” women must surely have done SOMETHING to drive them away. The common denominator in all this is not the women, it’s YOU.


Here is another article where we hunted the mammoth insinuate that roosh has raped someone even though the women that was allegedly raped did not go to the police, did not go to the courts did not seek any assistance. You guys are playing a dangeous game, you are basically saying that men can be accused of rape and character assassinated even though there is no proof it.

No, you are a lying liar playing a dangerous game called Lying:

An Icelandic woman has come forward to accuse Roosh V of rape, blogger reports

Are Roosh V’s “Bang” books how-to guides for rape?

The most notorious passage in any of Roosh’s Bang books comes from Bang Iceland, in which Roosh describes sex with a drunk woman he ushered to his apartment after she was left behind by her friends at a bar.

While walking to my place, I realized how drunk she was. In America, having sex with her would have been rape, since she couldn’t legally give her consent. It didn’t help matters that I was relatively sober, but I can’t say I cared or even hesitated.

I won’t rationalize my actions, but having sex is what I do.

@BS, rank amateur troll

I want to see a man beaten to a bloody pulp with a high-heel shoved in his mouth, like an apple in the mouth of a pig. Andrea Dworkin

Andrea is a pretty well known feminist.

Any man will follow any feminine looking thing down any dark alley; I’ve always wanted to see a man beaten to a shit bloody pulp with a high-heeled shoe stuffed up his mouth, sort of the pig with the apple; it would be good to put him on a serving plate but you’d need good silver.

Mercy: A Novel (1990)
Sometimes misleadingly quoted out of context without mentioning that it was narrated by a protagonist in a work of fiction.


The proportion of men must be reduced to and maintained at approximately 10% of the human race. Sally Miller Gearhart

Sally is also a pretty well known feminist.

You say that Sally Miller Gearhart is pretty well known. But I live in her neck of the woods and I’m a longtime, high-ranking member of the feminist government in exile — and I’ve never heard of her.

I visited her Wikipedia page, which includes that quote. But I can’t find her essay online. Hmm.

I visited her personal website, and I see no mention of that quote or that essay. Hmm.

For the sake of argument, let’s say that the quote is real and doesn’t come from the mouth of a fictional character.

In that case, not-so-well-known feminist Sally Miller Gearhart is an extremist. Her point of view is noxious. You won’t find anyone on this website espousing it. And if someone were to advocate this worldview, they would get a big argument from the regular commenters.


Nah, of course not.

What’s funny is that the quote of Sally Miller Gearheart in the Wikipedia page points not to the essay but to an article criticizing it on a website called ifeminism.

Ha, ha! I didn’t even notice that.

Sadly, it seems that our rigorously honest, scholarly troll has abandoned us!

Every time I see one of these drive-by trolls, I imagine them rushing back to the Migtoe He-man’s Woman Hater’s Club treehouse. “Guys, guys,” he exclaims excitedly, “I went there and offended them! Can I get my Counting Coup demerit badge?!”

It’s a little embroidered sea lion, with the words WELL ACTUALLY in the border.

@Robert Walker-Smith

It’s a little embroidered sea lion, with the words WELL ACTUALLY in the border.

I… kind of want that badge for real.

Someone with skills need to make that badge. Either for real or in photoshop so we can hand it out to trolls.

I reckon there are some “young, fit” hotties out there willing to marry this cadaverous cretin so they can take his money and run. I hope he ends up finding a lot of them and dies destitute.

Old dudebros never die, they just become even more creepy.

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