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Men Going Their Own Way are treading a well-worn path to alt-right racist extremism

“You’ve got your racism in my misogyny!” “You’ve got your misogyny in my racism!”

Last month, Reddit admins shut down three subreddits catering to the internet Nazi phenomenon known as the alt right. Not because these subreddits were filled with vile bigotry and hate speech — though they were of course filled with that — but because Reddit’s alt-righties had repeatedly violated the site’s rules against doxxing, according to Reddit’s statement announcing the ban.

But don’t worry, folks! The refugees from these banned subreddits haven’t been forced to leave Reddit for more bigoted pastures, for as it turns out Reddit is chock-full of subreddits big and small where their brand of bigotry is welcomed with open arms and perhaps even a few “Roman salutes.”

One of these places is the Men Going Their Own Way subreddit. While Reddit’s MGTOWs have long been known for their ridiculously over-the-top outbursts of misogyny, many of them are now adding vicious racism and anti-Semitism to the mix. Indeed, some discussions in the subreddit now are basically indistinguishable from the discussions you might have found in the now-banned alt-right subreddits.

Here are some of the, er, highlights of a discussion today in the MGTOW subreddit with the title “Feminists & Refugees Turned Sweden Into GHETTO.”

[–]JFK7878 16 points 8 hours ago Feminists are just useful fools, refugges are bio weapon and real mastermind behind this mess are swedish jewish elites who control media and try to impose Kalergi plan on swedish population. permalinkembedsavereportgive goldreply [–]maokei 4 points 6 hours ago I'm thinking of the scumbag George Soros. permalinkembedsaveparentreportgive goldreply [–]dylanboyd 1 point an hour ago Oy vey, turn back the Goyim know!

At this point anyone playing alt-right bingo has probably scored bingoes on all of their cards.

The discussion continues:

knightwhosaysneet 11 points 9 hours ago Oh look! A majority non white area is a ghetto. Who would have guessed? permalinkembedsavereportgive goldreply [–]maokei 8 points 6 hours ago As a Swede myself I can tell you that's what happens when you have little to no clue about who you let into your country you get the absolute trash. In my experience muslims as a group are some of the worst immigrants in Sweden with focus on people from the middle east and north Africa. permalinkembedsaveparentreportgive goldreply [–]T0000009 1 point 47 minutes ago It's like that all over the planet, and yet they will always blame whitey for their failure to amount to anything.

So has the MGTOW subreddit simply been overrun with Redditors from the now-banned alt-right subreddits? That’s probably part of the story. But the more disturbing takeaway is that many of Reddit’s lady-hating MGTOWs are turning to the more comprehensive bigotry of the alt-right.

That’s not just a hypothesis on my part; they’re stating this explicitly.

Coluphid 12 points 8 hours ago But (((who))) controls the feminists and media in Sweden? permalinkembedsavereportgive goldreply [–]dazedandconfusedrp 12 points 8 hours ago When I became MGTOW 3 years ago I never imagined it would take me down the altright route. permalinkembedsaveparentreportgive goldreply [–]mikek44224 7 points 8 hours ago Feminism and the invasion of militant Islam are two means to the same end: the destruction of the West.

Hell, some just can’t shut up about it.

Coluphid 12 points 8 hours ago Me neither buddy. Three years ago I would have been a hardcore Bernie fan. Left leaning. Buddhist. Then the censorship came. And like so many others I sought greener pastures. And there I learned so much. So many of the lies we are taught from birth - women are only the beginning, and a small part of the greater untruths. It sucks. And it was a hard journey. But at least I know it's the truth. Not everyone can cast off their entire worldview and take on another. But for those who can, the reward is to stand tall in the light of truth. Finally able to take reality head on. Knowing the rules. Knowing the history. Armed with their strength as a man and the inborn will to create, to build, to challenge one's self and ones enemies. Three years ago I was just another beta cuck. Today if nothing else I am a free man. My destiny wholly in my hands and my soul armed with the indisputable truth of nature. We can change this world. Make it better. Cure it's sickness. Realize our destiny. It's within each of us as a man. Take it. It's yours. permalinkembedsaveparentreportgive goldreply [–]zandorz 5 points 8 hours ago MGTOW is just the first step to the awakening

But don’t worry, Reddit’s MGTOWs haven’t forgotten their roots. And by “their roots” I mean their absurd misogyny. Like many Men’s Rights Activists, MGTOWs love to demonize Sweden as a hotbed of evil feminism and “gynocentrism.”

And so, naturally, some of Reddit’s MGTOWs hope the whole thing ends with Swedish women suffering for their excessively feminist refugee-welcoming ways.

Returnofthemack3 3 points 2 hours ago It's going to be hilarious when white women are rushing to leave these countries once the reality is unavoidable by all but the very rich. This will happen sooner than you think, because the muslims are outbreeding the native populations. It wont be long until they are the largest base of voters, which will quickly translate to a shift in governance. Think about it, after muslims hit that 30 percent demographic threshold, the tide will turn at the governmental level. It's unavoidable unless the native population starts fucking a lot more, which is NOT going to happen in a post feminist society. They're fucked and they wont know it for a while permalinkembedsavereportgive goldreply [–]johnnyblorf 1 point 27 minutes ago Women lack the agency to move to a new country on their own. They'll move if they're married and the man goes. If they're single, which more and more are, they'll stick around and spread their legs.

Some look forward not only to female suffering but actual death:

ETKDoom 10 points 5 hours ago* According to people online, it's the men that are pussies for not fighting back. My question is, why would they? Why would a man fight to defend a society that hates him? Why would a man fight to defend a corrupt judicial system? Let the women suffer and die in the environment that they created through their voting practices. The only people I feel bad for in this situation are the ones who voted against their death. If I was living in a country in Eurostan I would be trying my best to nope the fuck out of there to the good old United States of America, where I can be armed to the teeth and say whatever the fuck I want.

ETKDoom is the sort of immigrant we need to be “extreme vetting.”

All this would be a good deal more amusing if America’s so-called president weren’t himself echoing the alt-right nonsense about Sweden. We’re definitely in the darkest timeline.

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5 years ago

That’s because many MGTOWs aren’t actually going their own way at all.

After David Rockefeller was no longer a thing they needed a new boogeyman and George Soros fit the bill.

I’m not dissing events like the panama papers. A lot of power is concentrated in the hands of a few very wealthy people, and they’re to blame for a lot of ills. But not even they can control absolutely everything.
Right now, there’s a new conspiracy on the block that hurricanes Harvey and Irma were caused/amplified via HAARP to punish the US for deviating from the Illuminati Elite’s chosen path.

It would actually be great if men truly started going their own ways, forging new paths and questioning BS instead of eating it up but that’s not what’s happening.

Instead, AT BEST, what most of the harmless MGTOWS are doing is basically adopting the “cat lady” lifestyle, only, with Video Games and dogs instead of TV Dramas and cats. Blech.

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