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Return of Kings writer really looking forward to economic collapse under Trump

Burning with optimism’s flames

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It’s fair to say that Donald Trump’s superfans on the far right are feeling pretty chuffed these days. On the proudly reactionary Return of Kings, one alt-righty writer is looking forward to what he predicts will be a utopian future for manly men and womanly women under Trump.

Weirdly, he’s not looking forward to eight or more years of peace and prosperity under the benevolent despotism of The Donald, but to the complete economic collapse he thinks will follow Trump’s swearing-in.

“I predict that we will experience a major crash, far worse than 2008, which will start sometime in mid to late 2017,” regular RoK contributor and self-proclaimed masculinity expert Jon Anthony writes. (Archive here.)

Oh, don’t worry; it won’t be Trump’s fault.

This will … of course, be blamed on Trump’s presidency, but the deplorables will know better: this has been due to the meddling of the central bankers.

Ah yes, the CENTRAL *wink wink* BANKERS *wink wink*.

But even though the collapse will be the fault of these meddling kids bankers, it’s actually going to be pretty great.

[T]ensions will reach an all time high as degenerates don’t receive their welfare checks, and as home owners default on their loans. Expect rioting in a large number of American cities. The suburbs will be relatively protected, but anywhere with a large lower class population will be decimated (think Black Lives Matter, but on a much larger scale).

You may be wondering why all this is supposed to be good. Give him a second; he’s getting to it.

This will likely force Trump to reluctantly call in Marshall Law, which in turn will create even higher tensions.

Ah, good old Marshall Law! I think he used to patrol the streets of  Dodge City with Marshall Dillon.

Expect to see elements of the patriarchy re-emerge on a local level.

Ohhhh, I think I see where this is going.

The men in various neighborhoods and families will bond together to ration out food, water, and protection. The women will be tasked with homely duties, as it will be deemed too dangerous to walk the streets alone.

I think I might have heard this little fantasy before. More than once. More than twice.

Although this may sound terrible, it’s actually a good thing. It will start to bring back the patriarchy on a very fundamental, grass-roots level—in our own neighborhoods. This is the catalyst that we will need to bring about the return of a traditional society, living in accordance with nature’s biological laws.


After this, it’s only a hop, skip and a jump to a return to the gold standard, the “final death” of the mainstream media, and, oh yeah, “a new era for America, similar to the transition between the Roman Republic and the Roman Empire.”

And then, well, it’s pretty much the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.

As the patriarchy has now been brought back on a local level, Trump has eliminated political correctness with the help of others like Breitbart, Milo Yiannopoulos, and ROK, and the MSM has lost all credibility, expect local men to start taking back their school systems as well.

The economic crisis will have made it abundantly clear that we need to teach men survival skills, and this will fall into the hands of local men. Expect home schooling to become more and more common, until eventually, private schools start popping up everywhere taking advantage of this new anti-Leftist sentiment.

The same bonds that men formed with their neighbors and tribal members during the economic crisis will now be used to create communities where children play, learn, and grow together. This will start to form a sort of crude educational system on a very local level, which emphasizes the importance of men being able to protect their families, self-reliance, real world skills, and independent thought.

So what will this exciting new sort of crude educational system have to offer the youth of America? Anthony expects “[m]ale/female segregation for at least part of the school day,” the encouragement of “Femininity … in women, and primal masculinity …  in men.”

And, oh yeah: “More recess, especially for boys.”





And after all this, patriarchy will finally be triumphant ALL ACROSS AMERICA!

As patriarchy becomes more and more popular on a local level, it will begin to foster an entire culture based around the values that made America so successful in the past. …

I believe that a large economic crisis which forces men to band together and form civilized tribes will bring about a severe blow to the establishment. … In other words, the local patriarchy which this severe economic crisis in 2017 will have created, will begin a grass-roots transition into being a full blown cultural shift all throughout America.


That which happens out of natural biological tendencies is always far more powerful than an attempt to control them, due to the natural resistance effect. When you align your cause with what is natural (as the manosphere has), there is an inherent power within it due to its truthfulness, that cannot be stopped.


I guess we all better start stocking up on beans. And testosterone. Beans and testosterone, two great tastes that taste great together.

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Sinkable John : Pansy Ass Pinko, Regicidal Beast-of-Burden
Sinkable John : Pansy Ass Pinko, Regicidal Beast-of-Burden
5 years ago

Meatspace and cyberspace became disentangled

This is now my favorite way to phrase that.

The enjoyment starts tomorrow – holiday family gathering, which is another way to say I’ll be right here sitting on this very chair, smoking a big one with my nephew (who happens to actually be a bit older than me, because hey) and maybe, just maybe, my stepsister, if she does come. Good times.

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