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Just some MGTOWS dreaming of the apocalypse – and how it’ll make ladies less stuck-up

Man going his post-apocalyptic way
Man going his post-apocalyptic way

It’s no big secret that many doomsday preppers yearn for the apocalypse — if for no other reason than the opportunities it will provide them to say “I told you so” to all those who doubted their paranoid fantasies. And to possibly shoot some of these unprepared scoffers when they come begging for food.

Nowhere is this more obvious than amongst those apocalypse-fantasizers who’ve convinced themselves that it will be feminism, rather than volcanic eruptions or nuclear war or Donald Trump, that will bring about the end of the world.

On the Men Going Their Own way subreddit, the regulars are talking apocalypse, as modern misogynists are wont to do. And it is as revealing as these exercises always are.

A fellow called BagOfBrokenBits dreams of a not-very-distant future in which uppity ladies “will do whatever they are told.”

The future as I see it, is that as society collapses around us (5-15 years?) most women outside of a tightly controlled patriarchal group simply will not survive, because nobody will put up with their sh*t long enough to feed them. When resources are scarce they will not be able to defend what they have and most lack the health, strength and abilities to obtain or build what they need. There will be no feminism, there will be patriarchy. Men will work together as they always have, in challenging and horrific conditions. Women will do whatever they are told because conditions will be too harsh to tolerate dissent.

And Mr. Bag will be one of those doing the telling, because of all the toiletries he is hoarding:

I am a Prepper. I currently have stores of food, toiletries etc for five years with tools, seeds etc to extend that.

He’s apparently filling his doomsday bunker with as many canned goods as he can get his hands on:

It has been noted that in past shortages due to wars an afternoon with a woman can be had for a tin of … anything really.

You know what I mean, you know what I mean? Nudge nudge say no more!

The pros and cons of the apocalypse:


  • Death of most of the human race
  • Contamination of water sources with dead bodies
  • No medical care beyond basic first aid
  • Return to stone age civilization


  • Women will have sex with you for a can of beans

AOF_Semiramis suggests moving to New Zealand. And he has some interesting thoughts about Pokemon GO.

Go complete ghost in New Zealand or the likes.Heck even in the US with private as fuck properties.Grow your own food,have stable ways to get water and raise animals a la farm.Fish too if your near a lake.Assuming your far away enough,lake is isolated enough,your too far from idiot humans and any large concentration of them,then nukes won’t land on your spot too since it would be a waste of resources.(Its why the CIA funded Pokemon GO. So the brainless droves would fill the map for them.Obviusly there are still holes.)

Surviving the apocalypse is so easy that even a kid could do it!

Also..a 15 year old discovered an ancient city due to studying the stars in Central America.So you can bet that there are other places in the world where you can live safely.

Make sure to pack popcorn, for all the gloating you’ll be doing.

I know its f*cked up,but nothing you can do to stop it. You can only save yourself at most.So just chill,get some popcorn,and just accept the f*cking up.

timoppenheimer, meanwhile, doesn’t seem to be doing any prepping beyond living as selfishly as he can:

WWIII is coming, and I am horrified too, OP.

My plan is to enjoy my life. They already took my foreskin; fuck society, I’m living my life for me.

Talkytalktalk is evidently a fan of Alex Jones:

This is the great culling of the human population. The eugenics population reduction freaks are going to kill billions and out the rest under the yoke of totalitarianism. It takes a woman to pick the runts and dispose of them.

But which woman? WHICH WOMAN!?

I need to know now so I can mangina my way into her good graces before the culling.

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@alan: yes, that’s the reaction we normally get when we discuss it with patients. Hey, it’s not pleasant, but it works 😜. Take it as an indication of how deadfully painful C diff is that patients let us do it anyhow.

I’m not actually certain where the stool comes from. Personally, I was only peripherally involved with one case where it was needed. All of my patients with C. diff responded to antibiotics and probiotics before we reached that point (thank heaven). I do know that there’s no need to worry about an exact cross match, like there is for bone marrow transplants. Does anyone else know?

@ jokester

responded to antibiotics and probiotics

Do your patients know they owe thanks to a German soldier?

(Wonder how that originally went)

“You want me to do what?!”
“Look mate, it’s either this or back to Stalingrad”
“Hand me that bucket”

Does anyone else know?

I vaguely recall a case from one Australian state where a woman had Crohn’s disease or some other chronic inflammatory illness for decades and she was close to dying. The stool transplant/transfer (which is a pretty crude way to describe what they do and how the material is processed) came from her husband. The idea being that they’d lived together for so long that her system was very likely acclimatised to his specific assortments of bacteria, digestive and otherwise.

Worked like a charm. She got better, started eating without problems and put on some weight rather than losing it for the first time in 20+ years.

@mildlymagnificent: I’ve never heard of stool transplant being used for CD before, but I’m not a gastroenterologist. If I’ve got time today, I may search pubmed for studies on it.

@Alan: no, they didn’t know about the German soldier. Neither did I. As far as I knew, the bacteria in question (acidophilus is the species we used in residency) were cultured in Petri dishes in great big labs. It’s entirely feasible that this bacterias distant ancestors spent time in a German soldiers gut, but when you get right down to it, odds are at least some of the matter making up myself spent some time in a German soldiers gut at some time or other.

TMI: about an hour ago, my wife asked me if I’d be disgusted if she wore the same shirt two days in a row.

My response: ‘honey, I just posted a comment about stool transplants. I think it’s okay’.

@ jokester

After a pleasant bit of time wasting I can report the following:

1. The bacterium in question is called escherichia coli nissle
2. It’s sold under the trade name Mutaflor
3. It actually came from a First World War soldier
4. Its Aryan pedigree was considered so acceptable that Theodor Morell used it to treat Hitler’s flatulence.

@alan: thanks for looking that up. It’s not everyone who has the stomach for this sort of research :). I can say with some certainty that I have never prescribed that particular bacteria, as I’ve always used acidophilus species.

Regarding Hitler and Morell, I recently ran across an intriguing theory, but it could be ableist as heck. I’ll post it under a different handle so Dave can vet it first.

@Dave: The below could easily be seen as ableist. So, if it does come across that way and you can think of a way to post the info without being ableist, please let me know. If there is no way to save it, please feel free to block this comment.

Trigger warning: see above.

So, here’s the interesting thing about Morrow and Hitler. According to a documentary put out by the Smithsonian, I think it was titled ‘Hitler’s Secrets’, Morrow was treating Hitler for ‘episodic depression’. At the time, the only available treatment for depression was amphetamine salts*. This is important because Hitler also showed signs of mania at various time, such as grandiosity, intense energy, sleeplessness, etc, which can be dramatically worsened by amphetamines. While diagnosing historical figures is even more speculative than internet diagnosis, there is a real possibility that Hitler was bipolar, but misdiagnosed as depressive, and that Morrows treatment worsened his manic phases.

Obviously, this does not explain Hitlers hateful ideology, but it may explain some of Hitler’s behavior at the end of the war, and maybe some of his more boneheaded tactical errors.

It’s an interesting thought.

*For any medical people out there, the mnemonic for the symptoms of depression, SIG E CAPS, originates with this practice: Prescribe (‘sig’) Energy CAPsules.

It has been noted that in past shortages due to wars an afternoon with a woman can be had for a tin of … anything really.

The gross rapey implications of this comment aside, BagOfBrokenBits is quite optemistic that forceing ladies to have sex with him in exchange for resources is the only outcome for him in an apocalypse, (and I’d like to know what these “past shortages” are, since I’m pretty sure they either exist only within his wank fantasies or involve imposed militaristic patriarchal control over women forceing them to make that choice, not something that society arrives at naturally or legally at any rate).

If I was ever put in a situation where he was withholding life-saving resources from me until I had sex with him I’d either join up with another more reasonable group and if possible get a possee together to just take the resources from him, or if he really was the last man on earth I’d sneak up on him and kill him with a rock or just shoot him, I doubt in a real apocolypse situation he’d be the only one hoarding weapons.

Heck, his plan is literally only workable if women as a group don’t have any prior access to weapons and all willingly give up their agency so they can be looked after by men such as him. Not only does that conflict with the reality of female survivalists, soldiers, police officers and generally independant skilled women existing, but it also contradicts the MGTOW idea that feminists are evil meglomaniacal man-haters successfully organising against men via a mass dictatorship conspiracy. Wouldn’t some of that supreme matriarchal power over the populous they’re supposed to have, yanno, carry on into the apocalypse? Like the other societal norms and conventions BagOfBrokenBits just assumes is going to continue when doomsday rolls around?

For imagining a grim end of times where “anything goes” he sure doesn’t have much imagination or foresight.

@ Axe, SR (assuming you’re not banned): Regarding my “2/3 majority” comment earlier, that was a botched Monty Python reference…I need to refresh my memory to get it right.

Wow! The German soldier’s poo (not to mention Hitler’s amphetamine salts) is fascinating.

And of course we’re all made up of star stuff. “Good morning, starshine . . .”

@Fallout Troy
Yeah, I had a lot of trouble with that guy’s slimy, hateful wank material too. He’s probably referring specifically to Germany after World War II, when some women in the cities had to trade sex for a chocolate bar. Because, you know, they wanted to stay alive and they wanted their families to stay alive too.

But there’s a huge difference between that (trading sex for food) with one guy (could be an American GI, and he would have a commanding officer and there would be military justice behind that) in the middle of a city versus trading sex for food with a guy from a group of hate-filled guys in the middle of who knows what.

The latter seems like a very dangerous situation, rife with all kinds of horrible potential that I won’t bother spelling out.

If that’s the only scenario around, which is unlikely, lots of women would rather starve.

And, yeah, women would survive too. We’d work something out! Odds are, peaceful people of any gender would be able to join us.

Sorry, not sorry, manospherians — you’d have to change your tune, your ways, your MO.

Going way back to discussion of translation as a useful skill.

I just happened to be reading latelly about radical Zen masters, and in the biography of Bankei in 17th century Japan there is a story that is interesting.

Apparently a couple of Chinese Zen masters fled repression at home and taught in Japan. Bankei became a student of one of them, Dosha Chogen. The problem was that the Dosha did not speak Japanese, and Bankei did not speak Chinese – so they had to conduct their interviews in writing, since both languages used the same characters.

I have a feeling that people who have literature and learning will prove to be very useful in a post apocalyptic world.

@proudfootz, you remind me of something my mother told me about a developmental biology conference she was at once, where a couple of the participants wanted to discuss their work between formal sessions and didn’t have a language in common. (Obviously this probably only worked because they had a very specific specialist subject to talk about so they at least shared the roots of a lot of technical terms, but) apparently they ended up just about able to manage by conversing as much as possible in Latin.

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