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Will the coming apocalypse put bitchy ladies in their place?

Men: We all know how to wrestle bears.

Angry manosphere dudes sure do love them some apocalyptic fantasies! Which totally makes sense, since they all seem to imagine the apocalypse as little more than an opportunity to deliver a big “told you so!” to women and “manginas” and probably their pet goldfish.

Over on, our robogirl-obsessed friend avoidwomen has been reposting assorted comments he’s apparently found on The Spearhead, and which he just loves, loves, loves! Unfortunately, he hasn’t provided links or any other information about them, and Google didn’t much help, so I don’t know who exactly should get the credit for the following bit of postapocalyptic fiction.

It’s sort of long, but I think you’ll pick up the gist of it right away. (It also sounds really, really familiar – have I written about it before, or is it just that MRAs and MGTOWers are so predictably unoriginal?) Are you sitting comfortably? Good. Let’s begin:

An economic collapse will put women in their place. Virtually no women have the skills necessary to survive in the real world. They can survive in this artificial politically correct, multi-cultural, anything goes, “death to the West, death to the white male patriarch” system that we are presently in….

As the economy declines even further the government will be forced to make massive cuts. … The first things on the chopping block will be entitlements, the sort of entitlements that have enabled women to use big government as a substitution for a stable nuclear family, a family they would only be able to have by behaving themselves and conforming to acceptable standards of behavior as determined by their fathers and later their husbands.

And now we come to the payoff:

 In the near future women will be given the choice of starving in the street, finding some way to hunt/fish/garden on their own, or conforming to the standards men set for them and being kept alive by men who actually place value upon their continued existence.

Let’s throw some Ayn Rand into the mix:

This dysgenic society favors the weak and indeed it subsidizes the weak at the expense of the strong and the fit. … We are ruled by thieves who steal from the productive and give to the idiotic masses to keep themselves in office at the expense of the intelligent, the creative, the productive, the true movers and shakers of society.

Can I have some “we hunted the mammoth” to go with that “Atlas Shrugged?”

We build civilizations yet we are penalized at every step of the way in every aspect of our lives. Instead of being allowed to innovate, invent, and create, we are made to subsidize the recklessness of unworthy women, tens of millions of illegal aliens, and any other group that some clique of weak and effeminate politicians decides to cave to.

Hmm. That’s pretty good. But still not quite melodramatic enough. Can we add some big blustery clichés to the mix? Some “we stand on the edge of a precipice” sort of shit?

We stand on the cusp of the precipice, gazing down into the abyss.

Oh, ok. I didn’t expect you to take me quite so literally. But never mind:

After our civilization is pushed over the edge a new one will emerge from the void left by the collapse of the old one. All we have to do is make sure it is to our benefit rather than to our detriment.

And now, back to all those mean bitches who were so mean to us:

 The prospect of starvation, death by exposure to the elements, or being turned into a prostitute by a street gang that openly dominates some X number of city blocks in the absence of big government police, should be amply adequate to put most women in their place.

You can almost hear the writer jazzing in his pants as he writes this.

The question is not one of “will they come crawling back to us” but rather, “how do we respond when they do finally come crawling back.”

Yeah, ladies, maybe we don’t want you after all!

Most of them are bitter, selfish, self-absorbed, idiotic, brain-dead, used up whores, and I have no need for such creatures in my life. They don’t know how to cook, how to clean, how to butcher livestock, how to till a field, how to cultivate crops, how to hunt game, how to fish, how to defend themselves in hand-to-hand combat, how to zero a rifle, in short they have no practical useful skills for existence outside of an artificial globalist “post industrial” financial/retail services economic structure.

Ooh! In your face, ladies who can’t cultivate crops and take down bears in hand-to-hand combat!

Did your feminism prepare you for BEARS? I think not!

In addition they don’t even know how to treat people, especially men, in a right and proper fashion.

Um. What happened to hand-to-hand-combat and all that survival-of-the-fittest stuff? This seems a tad, er, petulant.

I personally have no use for a bunch of used up whores who “had their fun” and now expect men who know what is what and have their act together, to put their lives on the line to keep them safe.

Ah, now we’re rolling again.

Screw you, whores! It’s all fun and games until the economy collapses and the BEARS show up!

Hopefully in the new society, the one on the way, women will be treated as perpetual minors with no contractual capacity and no right to ownership of property. … what we cannot achieve politically will be achieved socially and physically by the nature of the coming collapse/implosion.

Yep, ladies. It’s our way … or the BEARway! (By which I mean, “the highway, except that the highway is covered with BEARS!”)

Never forget, that at some point back in time, EVERYTHING women have they obtained from MEN, either via big government initiated wealth/resource transfers, or because men were foolish enough to dote on them in some hope of obtaining sex/sexual access (or even just the affections/approval) from some creature that was doubtlessly a used up whore.

So there you have it. Our glorious future!

I’m not sure how the robogirls fit in all this exactly. If the economy collapses and we’re fighting the BEARS in the streets, won’t that put a little dent in production of robogirls?

Never mind. That’s a mere detail. The important things to remember are:  Apocalypse soon, women screwed, men happy, BEARS.

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Brian Connors
Brian Connors
12 years ago

Societal Contract:

Calling someone a “cougar”, at least to me, implies a certain amount of “you go get him, girl”. Rand was just a typical cult leader, fleecing the flocks for sex like any number of other cult leaders.

Men's Rights Activist Lieutenant
Men's Rights Activist Lieutenant
12 years ago

DSC, Hugo posted one of my IPs a few months ago when I called him a snivelling mangina and a feminist douchebag, among other things. Joke’s on him, though, because that IP was from a library.

12 years ago

“Doesn’t quite work that way. Gangs (feudal lords, warlords, etc.) of armed men aren’t ‘anti-female’ per se. They just see females as property to fight over.”

“Projection, not just for movie theaters anymore.”

History. Obviously not for liberals anymore.

12 years ago

“From the lack of an ability to collect taxes and redistribute wealth they became a land-based system of militarised gentry (which hadn’t been the case in Rome) and from that came feudalism.”

I can’t be a liberal democrat and collect taxes from white men and give the money to women, blacks, illegal aliens, queers, etc. who won’t work. So I’ll just have to settle for being a petty tyrant that makes local peasants grow food for me and my army under pain of death.
There’s liberal logic for you.

12 years ago

I’m a woman and a queer and yet I haven’t gotten any money from white men. Is my check lost in the mail or something?

Mr. Kobold
Mr. Kobold
12 years ago

“DSC, Hugo posted one of my IPs a few months ago when I called him a snivelling mangina and a feminist douchebag, among other things. Joke’s on him, though, because that IP was from a library.”

MRAL, how about trying to do something that can both better yourself and be fun at the same time, instead of this weird internet obsession with a relatively unimportant blogger.

12 years ago

I’m a woman and a queer and yet I haven’t gotten any money from white men. Is my check lost in the mail or something?

Naah, he’s talking about classical Rome. These things were things it did…Somehow.

12 years ago

As a classics person, I hate to point out that Rome gave panem et circenses to all the lower classes, not just the queer and female ones.

Rutee Katreya
12 years ago

I get the feeling that EWME is actually jealous that the other trolls are better at trolling than him.

8 years ago

Reblogged this on Santas' laboratory and commented:
We men all know how to wrestle bears. 😉

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