Return of Kings writer yearns for an apocalypse that will put ladies in their place

Watch out, gals -- or this could happen to you!
Watch out, gals — or this could happen to you!

The Red Pillers and other extreme misogynists I write about regularly on this blog live in something of a fantasy world. And while their fantasies about the present are tempered — at least somewhat — by reality, their fantasies of the future are not; they can let their fetid imaginations roam.

And so it’s no surprise that the visions of the future that dance in the heads of so many Red Piller resemble bad science fiction. Or that so many of them involve the allegedly stuck-up women of today getting their ultimate comeuppance.

Some dream that sex robots and artificial wombs will make women “obsolete.” Others dream of impending catastrophes that will force uppity women to turn to men, humbly and meekly, begging for protection.

A recent post on Return of Kings with the unsubtle title “4 Reasons Why Collapse Will Be The Best Thing To Happen For Men” offers an elaborate revenge fantasy for deeply insecure would-be alpha males. The improbably named “Corey Savage” makes clear from the start that his apocalyptic predictions fantasies are rooted in his desire to say “told you so” to “feminist harpies’ and “loser male feminists.”

As Savage sees it, our world is close to being overwhelmed by economic disasters, “widespread degeneracy and demographic upheavals … Collapse in the near future appears to be a matter of when, not if.”

But fear not, men — “the destruction of the world as we know it could be the best thing that ever happens” to you. With the bravado of a teenager telling his mom that “you’re not the boss of me,” Savage predicts the ultimate collapse of evil dictatorships and the so-called “nanny state.”

With the Frankenstein centralized governments no longer around to dictate people’s lives and use them as lab rats for their social experiments, you will have all the freedom in the world. No more taxes, no more surveillance, no more PC policing, no more divorce courts, no more forced multiculturalism, and so on. You alone will be responsible for your life with no one to bail you out and no one to blame.

In this libertarian world, Savage imagines,

you’ll be free to create the society you want. Still think Communist utopia is possible? Good luck. Want to start an all-white Aryan state? Be my guest. Want to create a progressive rainbow society without all the racist-sexist-homo-transphobe-Nazi-bigots? Great, get out of my sight.

Just don’t get too uppity, you man-hating ladies!

Think all men are rapists and want to live in a lesbian tribe? Have fun trying to build anything or defending yourselves (assuming you even have something worthwhile to defend.)

Ah, yes, now we come to the heart of the fantasy: women and “wimps” being put in their supposed place.

No more corporate serfdom, no more putrid consumerism, no more technological slavery, and no safe spaces for the cry-babies to hide and cry in. Wimps, complainers, and the weak will not survive. 

No complainers? Weird, because almost all I ever hear from Return of Kings is complaints.

Savage sets forth a vision of a “masculine” restoration that is equal parts Fight Club and The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.

One of the best aspect of the new order would be the return of masculine virtue. [O]nly an organized group of men with strength, courage, mastery, and honor … will prevail in the post-apocalyptic world. Men will be men again.

Who knows what savage energy is begging to be unleashed within that man serving as an office drone? Who knows if that guy flipping burgers for a minimum wage will become the future tribal leader? How many men today are living jaded and unfulfilling lives when they could be fighters and warriors instead?

I don’t know, but the number is certainly a lot smaller than the number of men who think that the endless hours they’ve spent playing Fallout have prepared them for real life postapocalyptic warrioring.

And now we come to the “told you so” section of Savage’s apocalyptic fantasy — which is really the whole point of the thing.

And guess what? There won’t be feminist harpies demanding “equality” when strong men are needed to rebuild civilization and defend against gangs and rival tribes. They’ll be begging for some of that “toxic” masculinity to come and protect them. They’ll kneel in submission to a patriarchal order faster than they would have screamed “rape!” in the previous world.

Keep it in your pants, dude. You’re embarrassing yourself.

Suddenly, with their government boyfriend gone and the internet white knights nowhere to to be found, their whole feminist charade will shatter and the ridiculousness of it all will become apparent. The unstable and fat ones will likely disappear first as they offer no value to anyone.

Yep, his vision of the future is basically an elaboration of the classic misogynist rallying cry: NO FAT CHICKS.

Also in the new world, the SJWs and the rest of the progressive freaks will die faster than a gay snowman in Saudi Arabia. … There won’t be anymore idiotic debates about who is right or wrong: only who survives and who doesn’t.

Evidently Savage is so tired of having his ass handed to him in these “idiotic debates” that he’d rather have the whole world collapse in a heap rather than endure another humiliating loss.

I would love to see how well the loser male-feminists fare against the very men they love to bash without a computer screen to hide behind.

Says a guy who bashes feminists while, well, hiding behind a computer screen, telling readers on the About page of his blog that “[d]etails about myself are not as important as the content that I write here.”

The impatient Savage ends his manifesto by encouraging his readers to, well, help the collapse come a little faster. 

The change you want to see is not going to appear peacefully through some online arguments, petitions, protests, or asinine ‘democratic’ processes. You cannot fix a rotting society; you must tear it all down and start from scratch.

So Savage wants men to use non-peaceful tactics to “tear … down” what he thinks is a decadent and “degenerate” society in order to humble women and bring back the patriarchal rule of men?

That sounds more than a little bit like the “Islamic terror” that the boys at Return of Kings are always railing against.

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Speaking as a veteran, my general understanding is battles in proper modern wars are fought with some sort of firearms. And lots and lots of bombs. Perhaps things have changed in the decade since I served. If you plan to go into battle with nothing but your fists against people using guns, artillery and air cavalry, I don’t think you’ll last very long.


Hell being on the receiving end of a old fashion bayonet charge would be the end of Mark. the guy probably thinks he’s the space marine from ‘Doom’ with a infinitely lasting berserker power up.

as to the apocalypse, i’m a critical care RN with plenty of wilderness/limited resource experience…and i know how to (in theory) synthesize a number of drugs from plant sources (ie i worked at a living history museum and i can build a decent still, and know what to distill) including: aspirin, a decent anti-diabetic agent derived from burdock, methamphetamine-analog (for ADHD), morphine/laudenum, and a few others…I can also sew and weave and spin 🙂

and Dr. Alpine is QUITE good at wilderness survival skills, as well as a competent woodsman. can we come to the commune too?

Holy cow! I turned my back on the thread and it’s grown to almost 400 comments! That can mean only one thing: troll.

It’s going to take me a while to read all the comments. I can tell you that I’m super jazzed about our postapocalypse plans. I’ll bring my boyfriend if that’s okay. He’s really funny and tames feral kittens. He can also open pickle jars. And he’s promised to build fires with which to roast mushrooms (former Boy Scout).

As for the troll:

Ladies – You’ve done more to unite men against misandric women and white knights than any male could’ve ever hoped. You’ve screwed yourselves over. Male disposability was your free pass. Through your man-hating ways, you gave up that pass.

Thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Please keep it up. What you’re doing is working.

Oooh. I’m scared!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

@Alpine, RN

Your accomplishments are impressive, as are Dr. Alpine’s!

Considering that we started with two people — one who could crochet/defend herself against attackers with knitting needles and one who could peel and saute an onion — I’d say we’re doing very well! You, Dr. Alpine, and every other Mammotheer are welcome to join us!

As for the Mammotheers who believe they couldn’t survive, we’ve got a great group here. Join us!

@Kat – we now have the Mammoth Commune of Awesome. In the Russian wilderness, no less 🙂
I must confess to not having many survival skills myself, as a long-time urban-dwelling academic – but I have lots of books and cats, and as Manuel said, “I learn, Mr Fawlty! I learn!”

I want to come too, may I, may I please? I’m pretty useless as far as survival skills go, though 🙁 (I can read 6 languages (and speak 3 of them), but unfortunately apart from English they’re all in the same little family and absolutely none of them are Russian, so that’s of very limited usefulness). My OH is a really good cook, though, and can put together a working computer out of two not-working ones (oh, and we carpent a bit); one of the family works in a biochem lab so maybe xe could assist Alpine RN, and one is a musician and will bring all the instruments that are portable. We have to have music, right? Primordial human need, after air, water, food and shelter.


You and your family would be awesome additions to the Mammoth Rainbow Commune of Awesome.

Latin aka Romance family (but not including Romanian, I’m sorry to say).
English is my first language, and the only one I can read that’s not (very) Latin :-), so the others are quite closely related to one another.

The very first mistake all of you made was responding to this Skid Mark character in the first place.

People like him are nothing, so they get nothing for their obnoxious, misinformed trolling in return.

As demonstrated, and right from the horse’s mouth… he ‘lives’ for it. He said ‘this is life’. Indicative that there is nothing of more value or worth going on in his life than trolling women who are rightfully and righteously making fun of the crazies.

I’ll bet you if you just kept talking and ignoring his attention whore ‘MGTOW’ self, he would have made one hell of a rage-quit post. Maybe even posted a porn gif to get a rise out of you. He WANTS your attention because the world doesn’t give it to him in the doses he sees fit.

Men like this know they are pathetic and are social pariahs. They feel they have been born into a world that hates them and they are alone. They know they are defeated on all accounts and in the end, all they will have is themselves and their own 10-feet of misery.

Let them go with that knowledge.

Hiya, I’m Axe! Have you read the header on this blog? Big, blue letters? “The New Misogyny, Tracked and Mocked.” It’s right up there at the top. Give it a read, thanks. While you’re at it, you might take a gander at the comments policy

the crazies

Yeah, we generally frown on that sorta thing here

attention whore

That one I’m not so sure about, but let’s be on the safe side, eh?

But hey, we appreciate your concern and your identifying our mistakes. We’d be lost without ya!

-Hugs and Love, Axe


We don’t subscribe to the “ignore the bullies trolls, they’ll go away” system here. We like batting around the trolls for sport, then banning them when they get too odious or boring.

@PPPP: As they say: “Sunlight is the best disinfectant”.

More often than not, mocking these guys shows that we don’t actually side with them, especially when the regulars who identify as men also join in the mockery.

Doing nothing only encourages them. Doing nothing but banning only makes them feel emboldened, and encourages them to continue. No one calls them out on it, so they keep doing it because no one’s calling them out on their shitty behavior.

Mocking them is something that a few of them will step up to the plate for, and if, by some miracle, we can actually change their minds and prove them wrong then I’d say we did good.

We have nothing to lose by engaging them except the time we volunteer to them (and sometimes a small headache), but we do have a lot to gain: Laughs, sharpened skills, and, best case scenario, we give the troll something to think about on their way out.

Oh! My SO and I can also build/work on computers, we have three cats to bring with us, and I can play flute. 🙂

WoW!.. thanks… this was the funniest web site I’ve seen in years. It’s amazing how humorous liberals are when they’re losing power.

Kevin Dennis,

WoW!.. thanks… this was the funniest web site I’ve seen in years. It’s amazing how humorous liberals are when they’re losing power.WoW!.. thanks… this was the funniest web site I’ve seen in years. It’s amazing how humorous liberals are when they’re losing power.

Oh grow up. Given what’s happening its likely that conservatives will be the ones out of power soon. Oh and this was written before Trump ran for president. For all we knew Tim Kane was going to be our next president at the David wrote this.

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