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Uh oh! MRAs have discovered that I SECRETLY RUN GOOGLE

Heh heh heh
Heh heh heh

They’re on to me! A post on the Men’s Rights subreddit asks the question: Is Google Manipulating Search Output Again? I can’t believe that certain people are that prominent.

The “certain people” in question? Me. I’m the certain people!

Apparently convinced that I am way too insignificant to show up in Google search results, Redditor Imnotmrabut naturally concludes that SUPER SEEKRIT SJW SKULLDUGGERY is afoot. I mean, it’s not like my blog is, you know, fairly widely read, or that the particular post in the screenshot got more attention than most. IT MUST BE A PLOT. There are probably Jews involved.

To their credit, several of the commenters in the Men’s Rights subreddit thread do in fact raise the possibility that maybe, just maybe, my post was high up in the search results because, you know, people were reading and linking to it. But others aren’t convinced:

cherrycheesecake 5 points 13 hours ago Google's search engine has capabilities to put certain people under "protective action". It's only logical for it to be able to be tweaked to have negative search results show up higher. Their excuse is "a balanced search result", which in reality is basically just: "If your political alignments don't match ours, tough shit for you!". The same thing has happening for the past year with the Hillary/Trump presidential shitshow of a race. Google prefers "positive" news regarding Hillary and "negative" news on Trump. This is one of the few times where Bing and Yahoo outdo themselves by lacking the extensive filtering capabilities that Google has and showing more or less unbiased results of the crap from both sides.

It’s all a plot I tells ya!

Imnotmrabut isn’t the only MRA I’ve seen who thinks that some EVIL SJW CONSPIRACY is trying to keep people from learning about The Red Pill.

In a discussion about the film on IMDb earlier this month, one commenter wondered why they had had some trouble finding the film’s official page on IMDb. Another commenter suggested that IMDb had been SEEKRETLY WARNED not to publicize the film.

“It’s part of a systemic suppression by the mass media to silence dissent against the politically correct regime,” a budding conspiracy theorist called mystikan charged.

What we are seeing across the board these days is an exact reprise of the Bolshevik revolution that gave rise to the Soviet Union. So it wouldn’t surprise me if IMDb had been “quietly spoken to” as regards publicising this movie.

If you Google the name, you’ll find quite a few mainstream media reports on it – every single one poisonously dismissive of it. There are no positive reviews anywhere except in the usual MRA/MGTOW-friendly publications.

The sad thing is, these Stalinist scum will probably destroy Cassie Jaye’s career over this.


In another comment about the film on IMDb, mystikan warned evil feminist Bolsheviks that they can’t suppress the TRUTH forever:

You feminist suckups can scream and cry all you like, your time is up. The truth is out and it’s only going to get louder and harder to bury from here. You wanted a gender war, you’ve bloody well got one.

Needless to say, mystikan also has many opinions about the recent lady-filled Ghostbusters reboot, and the ladies who try to convince their boyfriends to see it.

“If you are hooked up with a chick who wants to drag you along to see this,” he wrote,

that’s your cue to ditch that bitch and run for the hills, before she slaps a false rape/DV accusation on you or turns you into a pussywhipped little cuck. 

You’ve been warned!

tl:dr: I run Google, something something Trump Stalin Ghostbusters cuck

108 replies on “Uh oh! MRAs have discovered that I SECRETLY RUN GOOGLE”

@ violet

Manospherians tend to be like a kid screaming at the triage nurse for taking care of this one girl who has a head injury before they take care of his brother with a broken leg.

You can extend that analogy I think. MRAs have made it quite clear that they have no interest in addressing any “men’s issues” themselves, so when the nurse asks:

“OK, where is your brother?”

the reply is essentially

“I don’t know; it’s not my job to give him a lift to the hospital”


There was a troll (I wrote that almost all stories begin like this)…

who said once that they got all their information about feminism from our “Feminist Friend Katie”. The regulars after the initial “Who the f* is Katie?!” reaction run with the name as “supreme overlady of all feminism” for joke purposes.

The original comment seems to be lost to the redesign which made the comment section disappear on the glossary. :/

Malitia has the story right.

What made it extremely funny at the time, IIRC, is that the troll had assumed that Katie spoke for all feminists everywhere. His feminist friend Katie had said a thing, therefore it must also be all of our opinions.

Naturally, confronted with evidence that Katie has such amazing powers, we did the only thing we could do: laugh, and mock the troll, and elevate Katie to the status of our patron deity. This is why people will occasionally say things like “Oh my Katie” or “Katie help me” or similar.

And I found it (the comment) on the internet archive… but the comments with the link didn’t go through. :/ Probably some filter hates me. 🙁

@Malitia and EJ(TOL)
Thank you for explaing! It sure sounds like an amusing origin story. ^^


Just wait until you get indoctrinated by the High Inquisitors of the Fempire. Hail Katie!

PS: The Fempire is under the paw of Furrinati. Be sure to be super-respectful to all cats you encounter and ready to dispense noms at a moment’s notice.

PS PS: For the humor-impaired MRAs, this is a so-called “inside joke”. You’re welcome.

@Malitia, EJ(TOL), Valkyrine,

Thank you, I also wanted to know about “Katie” but was too awkward too ask. 🙂

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