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MGTOWs are already worrying that sexy lady sexbots will tear off their penises

Be careful, fellas! Those lady robots can turn on you in a second!
Be careful, fellas! Those lady robots can turn on you in a second!

Men Going Their Own Way love fantasizing about what they see as the impending sexual singularity — that is, when sexbots become so sophisticated that they can replace real human ladies in the sexing department, thus rendering real human ladies pretty much obsolete, ha ha sucks to be you, ladies!

On the MGTOW subreddit, though, one fellow is warning his MGTOW colleagues about a potential downside to the future sexbot utopia — the possibility that your sexy sexbot might get mad at you and literally pull your penis off with her powerful robot hands.

Chittybanger 3 points 20 hours ago Oh man, I could imagine a future with sex robots where women are getting pissed off because their pussies are no longer placed on a pedestal. Over time men start to fade away from them and turn to sex robots. In order to get revenge some feminists extremist terrorists hire some blue pill hackers to upload a virus into the sex robot system that makes them attack their male owner. Imagine bob comes home from work and kicks off his boots. He opens his closet where his robots stasis tank is. He turns her on and lays back on the bed as he takes off his shorts. His sex robot kneels down and reaches for his dick but instead of giving him a nice handy J SHE GRABS HIS DICK WITH ALL HER FORCE, TWISTS AND RIPS IT CLEAN OFF! Scary shit lol

Hey, it could happen.

Stay safe, fellas!

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I dunno, I could rather see you in a Horse Guards coat. With tight breeches and a shako, of course

Well then, who am I to disagree? But what’re you wearing, darlin? I’ll need you looking equally snazzy on my arm 😉

Ugh do we have to chant some ancient hymns to banish thee to the shadowrealm? Oh wait, I’ll just go tell David, it’s not been fun. The poetry writing yes but your presence, neaaa nooo

But seriously get some better material and writing skills, dipping from the same pot only gets you the same old thing.


MGTOW simply don’t give women any legal or financial power over their lives

I guess, at least in the sense that y’all are doing a fine job of making sure that no woman on earth will go near you. That said, it’s kind of like cutting your dick off to keep yourself from being led around by your boner. But hey, there are some weird kinks out there – I remember once seeing a video of some guy hammering a nail through his testicle – so if that’s what works for you, far be it from me to judge.


I do wonder how much overlap there is between the “OMG I can’t wait for sexbots!” people and the “if women weren’t good for sex we’d kill them at birth” people.

My guess would be that in the Venn diagram, the latter circle would be almost fully enclosed inside the former.
I say this because there are some perfectly benign reasons for people wanting sexbots that don’t involve hating women, such as having a major disability, a really obscure kink, or living somewhere very isolated; while the latter group are 100% about hating women.

@Aunt Podger and Robert Walker-Smith , I’m another Sinfest fan (I even read the early ones from 2000, though not in real time; I definitely liked it more post 2010). I love it when my fandoms collide.

I’ve also seen a few truck nuts, and this is in the liberal SF bay area of California. I just don’t get them, but I generally find dangly bits of the human body weird: penises, breasts, testicles.

About the OP: I’m surprised by their lack of imagination in their fantasies, though maybe I shouldn’t be. They never consider that women would ever make use of sexbots. Also why do women in his fantasy want to rip off penises more than anything else? (No, you wish women were obsessed with your penis.) If they believe all women care about is money, wouldn’t it make more sense to hack their bank accounts?

Now to continue reading comment pages from page 2 on.

Some people have some really weird kinks

There was a Russian sect called the Skoptsy who removed their own breasts and genitals, believing they were the source of evil. Given the nature of their worship services (frenzied, gyrating, ecstatic), and the fact that there was some overlap with the Khlysty (self-flagellators), it’s likely they weren’t totally renouncing sexuality so much as finding an alternative outlet for it. I wonder how long it will be before someone starts a neo-Skoptsy movement.

To keep yourself from being led around by your boner.

I think I’m getting a clue. Aww…I’ve got such a raging clue right now. Let’s follow it.


Reading this Mika Model now, it’s already amazing and I’m not even halfway through

@Blackrising, @PI

I got those references. Which makes me want to ask, what are the ethics of waifu-ing?

Now that I’m done reading the thread, I thought I’d contribute with Chester5000 XYV, an erotic/pornographic comic about a (male) sexbot that I enjoyed (really not safe for work!):

I posted the link to the very beginning. I forget how I stumbled upon this comic. I’m pretty sure it was mentioned by a commenter, though I’m not sure from where, possibly here.

I’m more than happy to outsource the tedious labour of being pawed by some doofus with no idea how a clitoris works, and no interest in learning, to a robot.

Interesting men who are into mutual pleasure, that’s another matter.

@Jason — edgy, trying to link to Breitbart via Google link.

Men can have vibrators and dildos and sleeves and fleshlights and all kinds of toys! Even sexbots, should those happen! That’s okay.

But what we’re laughing at here is the bizarre fixation manuresphere shows for sexbots and their prediction about how this is going to be such game-changer and yada yada yada.

You know what’s more likely to happen first, though?

Virtual reality with (possibly combined body and) brain stimulation.

VR games are going to drive development of systems onwards extremely fast and brain research is taking huge leaps every year. It is going to take a good while before it reaches that sort of point where you can feel touch, smell, temperature etc, but we already know that

1) smutty games are already out there (including stimulating attachments you can stick to your body),

2) people like to get their groove on in virtual spaces (Second Life, ShangrilaMUX, etc) with other human beings and

3) humanity in general has this curious tendency to go groin first into lots of things (see: the entire history of humankind, from evidence of Stone Age dildos (made out of polished stone, duh) to today).

4) it is possibly easier to control physical safety of VR to human body than it would be for a sexbot; stimulation electrodes do not necessarily need to be embedded to flesh and they can run on small current.

But when it comes to safely mimicking interactive human body, keeping in mind that the customers want the sexbot (of any gender) to engage in tasks like walking, gesturing, appearing natural without uncanny valley phenomenon, we’re getting to trickier grounds.

In 2001-2004 I was working for a company that does custom embedded motherboards and software that runs on it, along with more software that they can use to do thingamagics with it (building monitoring, building health monitoring etc). Checking… NDA should be clear by now, it is fucking 2016, one of our customers was someone who had a really brilliant idea of physical therapy device.

It involved an electric motor, a feedback system, and the motor exerting the right amount of pushback and slack and above all, NOT RIPPING OFF LIMBS OR INJURING THE USER. The entire process of “so how much torque we’re going to need, well that’s quite a lot, and it needs to cover a large range of strength, okay, so how badly things can get fucked up, is this thing sensitive and fast enough to read the feedback and slack/push in time, well how do we make this thing fucking SAFE” was quite… interesting, to say the least.

It certainly taught me how little it takes to fuck up human body. And it is not just software that can glitch out, it’s the electronics and mechanical build as well.

And that was a simple device much like a leg-training device you see in a gym, except with a motor and monitoring stuff (2001-2004 project, remember).

In 2008, I worked in a company that specialized in doing monitoring devices for paper mills and windmills, one of them was for reading vibrations (to see if things are balanced or off-balance, because that’s one way to predict if something’s about to break). Another was immersed in oil, to monitor its quality via visuals (how clear vs how murky). All of us worked in same space, so I got pretty decent idea about difficulties involved in everything, from how to seal a sensor against effects of oil immersion and what is actually accurate reading and what counts as noise.

How is this relatable to sexbots?

Because in order to get that Perfect Sexbot of Your Dreams, you got multiple motors and gears and lots of parts and sensors and you have to find a way to make them work together, in a manner WHICH DOES NOT HURT the user. Merely the fact that this sexbot is likely to weigh more than an actual human being of same size is going to be a problem.

Scenarios to consider:

1) Having sex with the bot may damage internal circuits, structures and mechanics. Ever dropped something sturdy-looking electronic device (like a radio), and have it break internally? Violent users breaking their sexbots and then getting hissypissy about it? We already have ghastly stories from people who repair Realdolls.

2) What about effects of body fluids, if there’s a tear and something seeps inside? I can tell with a serious voice of confidence that cat urine does a number on motherboards. Oh my god, it does. Also, human body doesn’t like electric shocks much (I learned this the hard way with 230 volts); just how much current we’ll need to run a sexbot for, say, 30 minutes of exquisite pleasure?

3) Hardware: what happens when one of the integrated circuits is no longer available, and someone in chain of supply goes “Eh, replace XX with YY, they’re close enough”, except the logic gates are sliiiiiiightly different, nobody realizes this in programming, and tests go okay until a specific scenario occurs? Or, a less convoluted scenario — what happens if half the code uses comma for decimals and the other half uses full stop? Inch/millimeter conversions — a pinch becomes tear user’s flesh out? We already know about programming mistakes in our lives.

Look, I really don’t spend my time thinking about problems involving in complexities of all this, all of this is right off on top of my head, based on my previous jobs’ concerns to safety and functionality and none of those jobs involved sex in any manner.

This is why I’m gonna put my money on “VR sex-shenanigans first” square.

Of course, the simplest dystopian solution is to stuff an electrode set into the area of brain that experiences pleasure and hand us the button to pound whenever we need a fix. And this is achievable today and frankly, miggytoes can go and get it.


Breitbart is a terrible rag that’s tailor-made to feed people bad information. There are much, much better places to get information. I went to your link and looked at the sources cited in the article, and there are two kinds: 1) links to other Breitbart articles, and 2) links outside of Breitbart. Following those second links out, you can see that the articles used as support don’t actually say what the Breitbart article claims. It’s assumption all the way down.

(It’s also apparent that you didn’t actually read the Breitbart article closely. The link you provided is a Google redirect, indicating that you copied it from a google search page instead of from the page itself. You copied the link as “support” before you even opened it.)

As for your premise? Actual AI researcher here. It’s a silly premise.

1) Wimmins ain’t scared of sexbots, the complaint is that sexbots would hurt socialization in general. Sort of like a complaint that smartphones affect socialization, which they do.

2) Wimmins ain’t scare of sexbots, ’cause sexbots ain’t gonna happen. Certainly not in the way your Breitbart article describes, or the BBC article it points to.


A final thing – this article by David wasn’t about feminists being upset about sexbots at all. Go read the headline. It’s all you’ll need to read.

Also, welcome!

What are sex toys?
What are hentai games?
What are these waifus and husbandos of which you speak of?

What do you mean we’re not living in tech singularity like all those rich tech fetishists say we are heading to?

Hi5 right back atcha, @Scildfreja Unnýðnes.

Also, I was just fiddling with my Samsung device(*, and additional scenario popped to mind:

“Sexxxy Sexbot customer service, how can I help you?”
“Uhh, my Sexbot-Sally is getting hot.”
“Sir, that is not…”

* Samsung Galaxy 6 Not-Edge version, not the splodey Note 7, fortunately.

eheehee. The liability waivers on those things would be War and Peace scale, no doubt about it.

Though, I guarantee that emergency room sexy-times-gone-wrong stories from nurses would get way, way more interesting too

@Lea, maybe Jason was jealous and wants us to mock him instead? 😮

Honestly the most realistic analog to Blade Runner tier sexbots that would be feasible currently, would be a really good fleshlight and a really good adult chat bot. But sadly that just ain’t enough for Jason here to get his jollies off.

If women can have Dildos & Vibratory why can’t men have sexbots?

Why can’t women have sexbots?

Women have been having sex with machines for a hundred years. I don’t think the leap to sexbots would be a very big one.

Of course, the simplest dystopian solution is to stuff an electrode set into the area of brain that experiences pleasure and hand us the button to pound whenever we need a fix. And this is achievable today and frankly, miggytoes can go and get it.


P.S.: It’s an excellent book by the way.

For those guys jealous of women being able to get easy orgasms with vibrators, I can personally recommend Fleshlights; they really are as good as they claim. And if you want the male equivalent of those Hitachi Magic Wands that so many women rave about, I especially recommend the very aptly named “Destroya” Fleshlight, which definitely lives up to it’s name – if you can last long than 60 seconds with it, you deserve some kind of medal.
Caveats are that they’re very expensive, considering that they’re basically a just big lump of moulded silicone rubber in a plastic case, and that they’re a PITA to keep clean, which is absolutely mandatory.

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