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Matt Forney hates vigilante justice so much he’s trying to dox a rape victim

Matt Forney: Literally a giant baby
Matt Forney: Literally a giant baby

Hey, remember Matt Forney, the baby-headed white supremacist woman-hater? I wonder what he’s been up to.

Oh, that’s what he’s up to. Trying to dox a rape victim whose assailant was just released from jail after serving half of his ludicrously lenient six-month sentence.

Of course, Forney doesn’t think Brock Turner is a rapist. Oh, he has no doubt that Turner penetrated “Doe” with his fingers while she was passed out behind a dumpster. It’s just that Forney doesn’t think this counts as rape, or sexual assault, or indeed anything more than an act of rudeness.

And even though he doesn’t consider what Turner did to be a crime, he blames leftists for it. Because of the sexual revolution, or something.

It’s a strange argument, to say the least, because most leftists and feminists I’ve ever met would have no trouble condemning Brock Turner and others of his ilk on moral grounds. You don’t have to believe that sex is “sacred,” whatever that means, to recognize that penetrating an unconscious woman (or an unconscious man, for that matter) is a repugnant and immoral act. It’s also, of course, rape.

Forney’s excuse for his attempts to dox the victim? He’s angry that “a gun-toting mob” showed up outside of Turner’s house.

Guess what, Matt? Most leftists and feminists I know aren’t exactly happy about this turn of events either. Because we have a well-founded distrust (to put it mildly) of vigilante mobs as a force for justice. We prefer things like this.

Forney, by calling for Doe’s doxing, has made clear that he’s not opposed to vigilante “justice.” He would simply prefer it directed not at Turner but at his victim.

Despite all of the attention he’s focused on the Brock Turner case, Forney still has time to offer his opinions on other important matters of the day.

Such a charming fellow!

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This stood out to me from the article Vanir linked:

I don’t think our support of Trump is really about policy at the end of the day,” Spencer said. “I think it’s really about Trump’s style, the fact that he doesn’t back down, the fact that he’s willing to confront his enemies…You look at that and you think, this is what a leader looks like.”

he’s willing to confront his enemies

his enemies

his enemies

Mr. Spencer got this exactly right. Too bad he can’t see far enough past his own nose to realize that this entirely correct fact has exactly nothing to do with him, us, or this nation. What he got wrong here is that this is NOT what a leader looks like, this is what an international bully looks like.

Whether the sentence was too lenient isn’t debatable. A six-month sentence might be justified if Brock Turner was a few years younger and he was traumatized by some experience or the behavior was sensation-seeking. But he was predatory. Predators are often not traumatized, they’re overly optimistic about how their lives are going and they’ve often learned by experience that victims don’t report or that the consequences are easy for them to deal with (charges usually get dropped, charges are reduced to misdemeanors, there’s a short jail sentence, etc.).

Longer sentences don’t really work for reducing recidivism if we’re talking about stuff like violence tied to anger and loss of control (not entitlement as in domestic violence) or property crimes like burglary. Predators often need a “tough” prison sentence so they (and potential predators) get the message that the behavior has severe consequences for them. Whenever charges get dropped or the perpetrator gets a slap on the wrist, that’s a signal to him that he can get away with whatever he’s doing and nobody really cares.

@ScildFreya Unnýđnes: Forney, and his idol Trump for that matter, can talk a big game but I bet both of them would soil themselves if confronted by the likes of those that the figures portray.

@ scildfreja

Thanks for that link; I love stuff like that.

My gut feeling is that the statuette is more likely to represent a real person than an idealised Valkyrie. Obviously we only have a small sample size but if it were a Valkyrie I’d be expecting a spear rather than a sword.

@ Violet

You’ll be right about that. In my experience moral cowards (like Forney) are inevitably physical cowards too.

I imagine it’s a real person as well! Maybe it’s a charm made by a worried parent as their daughter goes viking across the sea. That sounds like something that’d be likely

XS-“May his feet fall forever upon a Lego.”


Sinkable John-Keep in mind that it was only one piece of Lego. Stepping on loads of them all the time would hurt.

Oh, for fucks sake…

First, kudos to those who’ve done the obvious–reported to Twitter, etc.

Second, are you people kidding me? Anyone who knows Foley’s whereabouts IRL–no, don’t dox him–stop posting comments on the Interwebs until AFTER you’ve passed on your anonymous tip to his local police precinct and FBI office.

Anyone not aware of his exact location, send a tip here:

Include links to this blog and Foley’s blog:
mattforney. com/matt-forney-show-episode-136/

Foley’s public whois can be found here:

This is 100% certain to be against his hosting provider TOU.

There are pluses and minuses to the above strategies, but I’m not wasting 500+ words explaining why doing something to get information on LE radar is more important than expecting a perfect outcome(besides, as I type, my hamburger is getting cold. That’s because I dropped everything as soon as I heard about this evil c*nt’s actions).

Feel free to hate me..for some of you that’s a been a short trip with very little provocation anyway. But, good god, those of you who have written sanctimonious ADD inspired mini lectures should at least be able to prove your alleged hyper competence in a real life situation.

And if I have radically misjudged these past communications or even the current response… now you know what it feels like. >:(

[Thx to David for bringing this to public attention.]

For some bizarre reason, I doubt the bona fides of someone who thinks “c-nt” is an appropriate insult in any context.

Hol up

Feel free to hate me..for some of you that’s a been a short trip with very little provocation anyway

In my 1st interaction with you, you got snippy at Jack after you used ‘breed’ instead of ‘cline’. A few days later, you body shamed Olympic athletes. Apparently you meant something else, but failing to say what you mean is an issue with you. Then you made some passive aggressive remarks about the commentariat and woo. And now you’re throwing more passive aggressive shade at my internet buddies. Mind you, in the same comment as you use an, admittedly censored, gendered slur and say some derogatory shit about the many people here with ADHD (hasn’t been called ADD for decades). I don’t hate you, but you’re getting fuckin close!

Right, first I thought they were just getting cranky, it happens. But then Axe added context. Highly aggressive concern troll ?

At any rate, @BVH : some of us don’t live in the US. Can’t exactly call the FBI from our part of the world. Second, don’t you think that’s been done numerous times already anyway ? There’s a reason the words “rape culture” exist. Hint : it’s the same reason why Forney still runs free.

Not a troll, just a person with a hair trigger. And this is coming from me! Takes one to know one. The difference is, I apologize and move on. Sometimes, the jerk is just a jerk. No troll necessary


Fair enough. I might’ve read too much into the body shaming part that you mentioned, apparently without reading the rest of your sentence well enough.

Pol should’ve been an indication though – I’m really starting to see trolls everywhere. Stay away from bridges !

Apologies to BVH for implying that.

there’s been some theorizing that its a knotted head scarf rather than a knotted hairstyle, and some people theorizing that figurine might be Sif, if it is hair, since she was literally known for having gold hair (Loki having cut off her original hair, the jerk)

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