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Today in Breitbart Comments: The Nazis were right about everything except how to win wars

The Alt-Right: Literally Hitler, or just figuratively?
The Alt-Right: Literally Hitler, or just figuratively?

In this late-night edition of Today in Breitbart Comments, let’s plunge into an ongoing debate between different factions of Breitbart’s alt-right fanbase.

In the comments to a post titled “Milo on CNBC: A World Run by the Alt-Right Would Be So Much Fun,” we find two distinct types of alt-rightist fighting it out.

On the one side, those who agree with Mr. Yiannopoulos that the alt-right is basically a bunch of lovable scamps, free-speech enthusiasts who don’t really mean it when they say “gas the kikes race war now.”

On the other side, well, those alt-rightists who do in fact mean it when they say “gas the kikes race war now.”

You can see representatives of each of these factions offering succinct summaries of their basic position in this lovely exchange:

Ann Inquirer ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ I-RIGHT-I • an hour ago I like it, and it's not Nazi. It's just fun to have the freedom of speech and poke PCness in the eye. You want to label someone Nazi, label the KuKluxKAIR with their IslamoFauxbia Nazi. 2 • Reply•Share › Avatar CharlemagneDidNothingWrong Ann Inquirer ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ • an hour ago The "Nazis" were right about nearly everything except how to win a war.

Those in the second group tend not to be big fans of Mr. Y, who, as a gay man with a Jewish mother, does not exactly fit perfectly into the traditional Nazi demographic.

Captain John Charity Spring MA IGnatius T Foobar ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ • 2 hours ago Milo is an entryist Jew trying to co-opt a movement of loosely aligned young white men who see their demographic Armageddon approach with the Multicult. Nazis who have seen the data and results of the last 20 years of Cuckolding conservatives. The traitors like Ryan who take the liberal dildo will have to go.

CharlemagneDidNothingWrong • 2 hours ago Milo is a degenerate, and apparently a liar. The Alt Right is first and foremost about white ethnocentrism and race realism. All else stems from those necessary core beliefs.

Still, there are many points of agreement between the two factions. For example, many of those who put themselves in the “lovable scamp” camp turn out to be gigantic freaking racists too. Oh, sure, the scamp campers insist that they’re not really hateful racists. They just have a rather, let’s say, broad definition of what isn’t hateful racism.

White Male I-RIGHT-I • 2 hours ago The GOP cucks are just leftists from the past. They embrace the same things as democrats from 20 years earlier, sometimes less. The alt-right/white nationalism is the only meaningful right-wing movement. Colorblind conservatism won't conserve anything because race is the bedrock foundation of culture and society. Most of us aren't nazis, by the way. You can want the white race to live without wanting jews to die. Most of the nazi stuff is intentionally ironic. The purpose of the trolling is to normalize seeing offensive material and shift the Overton window rightward.

White Male Greg • 2 hours ago Those of us who are a part of it can. It's just hard for establishment types to comprehend a movement that doesn't require adherence to a specific dogma. Broadly speaking, the alt-right is white identity politics. We want to save western civilization. For some that means protecting modern values from Islam. For others, it means undoing the left's post-WWII culture war victories. Our common ground is support for free speech, understanding that western civilization is white civilization, and the desire to save the white race and white countries. Most of us don't hate other races. Some of us even have nonwhite friends. We just don't want them to take over our countries and would not have kids with them.

Yeah, you don’t think people of color have contributed anything to western civilization, you want to ban them from immigrating to the United States based on the color of their skin, and you wouldn’t let your daughter marry one. How could anyone even think you have anything in common with the Nazis?

NOTE TO EXTREMELY LITERAL-MINDED READERS: That last sentence was sarcastic.

REMINDER: This is the audience that Steve Bannon, Donald Trump’s campaign CEO, cultivated for many years as the head cheese of Breitbart — and that Trump was presumably hoping to appeal to by hiring Bannon to run his campaign. These are the people that Trump is empowering and emboldening.

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This place is the best. Not only can you hone your SJW knowledge and keep abreast of the manosphere, there’s great brain bleach, folks here are super helpful, and I’ve found awesome stuff like Steven Universe and magic cake!

Because I really want to try magic cake, I had to clean out my fridge* this morning so… thanks?

*my most hated of chores, which Husbeast refuses to help with. To be fair, he has to deal with the cat box and hair balls, cause I won’t.

My Mal gif above was just about, well. lizard brains. In humans.

I also want to contest the “There’s little that’s instinctual!” statement.

Yeah, I getcha. I mean, the hypocampus is pretty much THE lizard brain, and it’s, like, 20-40% of your brain, isn’t it? It does a lot of things. I’m also pretty sure phobias are kinda leftovers from times when we had to be super cautious about things? Or…is that evopsych nonsense? Is there’s still to back that up? IDK, but I agree with that statement from the few bits and pieces of medical articles I’ve read about brain stuff.

I’m also pretty sure phobias are kinda leftovers from times when we had to be super cautious about things?

“Oh Amygdala, oh Amygdala, heheheh, have mercy on the poor bastard…”

I’m under the impression that phobias are basically the amygdalae going a bit too wild under specific stimulus. Given that the most common phobias pertain to things that are scary (SPIDERS.) mostly because they can be genuinely dangerous (SPIDERS.) and still exist/pose a risk as of today (SPIIIDERRRS.) I don’t think it’s an artefact or leftover. Probably wasn’t a need to evolve out of it in the first place. So it’s not unreasonable to think our brains might overreact to stimuli, especially since they often do that in contexts other than fear.

Now I could be wrong, I’m totally out of my field, I’m mainly throwing ideas out there to see you folks prove me wrong. Also I wanted to sneak in that reference.

I don’t know if you saw my description in the other thread, but the magic cake was mostly custard flavored without much cake flavor. It’s also not very sweet (which is fine with me, I don’t like overly sweet things).

@Sinkable John

Oh, read some of Green’s other stuff, but not that one because the local library doesn’t have it.

For people who care so much about “freeze peach”, they sure are willing to glorify one of the most ideologically oppressive regimes in history.

I learned in college that humans have only two instincts: (1) the ability to suck; and (2) the fear of falling.

Depends on what counts as instinct I suspect.

The fight-flight-freeze-fawn responses to trauma or threat are pretty well instinctive. Nobody decides to run when threatened, they just act and can be amazed at how far away they are by the time conscious thought kicks in. Others are disgusted with themselves that they’ve “allowed” themselves to cringe and appease a threatening person despite the fact that they did that without any thought or decision at all.

@ mildlymagnificent

The fight-flight-freeze-fawn responses to trauma or threat

You’ve got me thinking now. I can understand the evolutionary advantages of the first three, but I’m wondering how ‘fawn’ originated.

I’m pondering that it may date back to our ape origins. Some throwback to submissive behaviour. Like how you’re supposed to not look gorillas in the eye.

Mind you, even wolves do that throat bearing thing so maybe it’s even older.

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