Friday Afternoon Beach Party Super Relax Hour

I love the sound of the ocean. Also looking at the ocean. Probably some of you do as well. So put this on, ignore the big watermark, and just relax the hell out.

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Also, I’ve notice no one abuses quite like blood relatives.

Ain’t that the truth. Super glad you’re out of there, Chiomera.

@kupo – God, doctors can be the -worst-. Real glad you found one competent to do their job, and can finally get appropriate treatment!

As for me… doing okay in most practical ways; even the possibility of a promotion at work. Feeling pretty bummed today, though, ’cause the racism kerfuffle in my favourite fandom (thanks wwth for digging up some racism bingo cards for me in the other thread!) turned ugly. Suddenly a lot of talk about whites being the real victims of racism, the Holocaust being an anti-white crime, Europe being for white people, universities conspiring to turn the younger generations against whites, and so on. Pretty depressing in a place that’s been a haven for so many years.


Oof! Tough break. No advice, just hugs

He also dislikes the idea of the minimum wage raising above where it is now


*googles exchange rates*
Wait, that’s all!? Was expecting, like, a zillion dollars. The northern, collectivist paradise once again proves illusory 🙁

And grats on the book! *thumbs enthusiastically up*

Congratulations, Paradoxy! :-)))))
And to Scildfreja re the publication! But re the friends … (>.<) … I have a couple of siblings who have gradually drifted that way over the years. Depresses the hell out of me sometimes. I just don't discuss things with them any more, which is also sad. :-\

An old friend has gone full Berner, subtype poor loser. He was moderately bearable when he was boosting his hero, but now he’s just slathering FB with every anti-Clinton brainfart that he can find.

Earlier today, he posted a couple of tweets about the DNC email leak – by Matt Forney. He refused to disavow when I challenged him; apparently he believes HRC is more toxic than Forney.

It’s sad to see.

:C Sorry to hear that, Robert. My experience with Bernie supporters has been largely positively – they’re voting Hillary, even though some grumble; their energy is mostly moving towards grassroots organization of progressive movements. Which I wholly endorse. I hope your friend can be urged in that direction, but, well. Forney. There’s little as poisonous. You’ve got my sympathy.

@PI: congratulations.

Re family/friends going conservative: my wife’s family supports Trump. My mothers family is concerned that Trump isn’t a ‘real’ conservative. The only people I’m related to that I can talk politics and religion with are my father and my little sister, and I’ve noticed both of them sliding more centrist since they moved back to Montana (that is, where my mothers sisters and mother live).

I’m just glad I live in a different time zone from them. I love them dearly, but it’s tough to have real conversations with some of these people. Especially as they’re my people.

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