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Just some MGTOWS dreaming of the apocalypse – and how it’ll make ladies less stuck-up

Man going his post-apocalyptic way
Man going his post-apocalyptic way

It’s no big secret that many doomsday preppers yearn for the apocalypse — if for no other reason than the opportunities it will provide them to say “I told you so” to all those who doubted their paranoid fantasies. And to possibly shoot some of these unprepared scoffers when they come begging for food.

Nowhere is this more obvious than amongst those apocalypse-fantasizers who’ve convinced themselves that it will be feminism, rather than volcanic eruptions or nuclear war or Donald Trump, that will bring about the end of the world.

On the Men Going Their Own way subreddit, the regulars are talking apocalypse, as modern misogynists are wont to do. And it is as revealing as these exercises always are.

A fellow called BagOfBrokenBits dreams of a not-very-distant future in which uppity ladies “will do whatever they are told.”

The future as I see it, is that as society collapses around us (5-15 years?) most women outside of a tightly controlled patriarchal group simply will not survive, because nobody will put up with their sh*t long enough to feed them. When resources are scarce they will not be able to defend what they have and most lack the health, strength and abilities to obtain or build what they need. There will be no feminism, there will be patriarchy. Men will work together as they always have, in challenging and horrific conditions. Women will do whatever they are told because conditions will be too harsh to tolerate dissent.

And Mr. Bag will be one of those doing the telling, because of all the toiletries he is hoarding:

I am a Prepper. I currently have stores of food, toiletries etc for five years with tools, seeds etc to extend that.

He’s apparently filling his doomsday bunker with as many canned goods as he can get his hands on:

It has been noted that in past shortages due to wars an afternoon with a woman can be had for a tin of … anything really.

You know what I mean, you know what I mean? Nudge nudge say no more!

The pros and cons of the apocalypse:


  • Death of most of the human race
  • Contamination of water sources with dead bodies
  • No medical care beyond basic first aid
  • Return to stone age civilization


  • Women will have sex with you for a can of beans

AOF_Semiramis suggests moving to New Zealand. And he has some interesting thoughts about Pokemon GO.

Go complete ghost in New Zealand or the likes.Heck even in the US with private as fuck properties.Grow your own food,have stable ways to get water and raise animals a la farm.Fish too if your near a lake.Assuming your far away enough,lake is isolated enough,your too far from idiot humans and any large concentration of them,then nukes won’t land on your spot too since it would be a waste of resources.(Its why the CIA funded Pokemon GO. So the brainless droves would fill the map for them.Obviusly there are still holes.)

Surviving the apocalypse is so easy that even a kid could do it!

Also..a 15 year old discovered an ancient city due to studying the stars in Central America.So you can bet that there are other places in the world where you can live safely.

Make sure to pack popcorn, for all the gloating you’ll be doing.

I know its f*cked up,but nothing you can do to stop it. You can only save yourself at most.So just chill,get some popcorn,and just accept the f*cking up.

timoppenheimer, meanwhile, doesn’t seem to be doing any prepping beyond living as selfishly as he can:

WWIII is coming, and I am horrified too, OP.

My plan is to enjoy my life. They already took my foreskin; fuck society, I’m living my life for me.

Talkytalktalk is evidently a fan of Alex Jones:

This is the great culling of the human population. The eugenics population reduction freaks are going to kill billions and out the rest under the yoke of totalitarianism. It takes a woman to pick the runts and dispose of them.

But which woman? WHICH WOMAN!?

I need to know now so I can mangina my way into her good graces before the culling.

464 replies on “Just some MGTOWS dreaming of the apocalypse – and how it’ll make ladies less stuck-up”

That’s not how alpha-beta works; in plenty of species, the hierarchy is subject to change at times, especially if a beta defeats an alpha in a fight.

Unless you think trollevopsych is a legitimate scientific field, it’s pretty obvious that I was being jokey.

No one is with you.

I know I’ve posted too much GoT stuff tonight, but what the hey? One more!

Well, that was fun. Haven’t had a good visitor in awhile! It’s a shame that it devolved back into cranky-pants grumplestiltskins trying to spin garbage into gold. Thank you, Sedentary Reactionary, and do think about what I had suggested about your opinions. You’ll be much happier once you discover why you believe what you believe.

Mark, you keep on bein’ you, ya big lug!

You wanna know what’s fucking weird? Your degenerate sexual attraction to a fucking cartoon character.

Didn’t you mention earlier that you once got into an online fight because you refused to stop sharing your sex fantasies about fictional women? Is it only degenerate if it’s a cartoon character? What if it’s a realistic cartoon character, like Prince Valiant? I’m asking for a friend.

You’re lucky we don’t live in a monarchy, heads would be rolling due to your impudence.

Yes, I’m aware that in your ideal society I would be enslaved or dead. It’s not great to bring that up if you’re trying to sell me on the idea.

This is like the one time I got in a real-world argument with Trump supporters. “Once Trump gets into power, you’ll be sorry!” “I know, that’s why I’m not voting for him.” “I mean you won’t be sorry! You’ll be happy! You’ll be winning so hard!” I swear this was an actual conversation.

This is what happens when you give people freedom. They waste it getting drunk, masturbating to cartoons, and yelling at people online. Decadence and nothing but decadence. Is this what you want?

I don’t like the yelling.


I mostly just do what I’m told anyway these days because I’m really not sure what I need to be doing anyway.

Who told you to come onto a feminist website and talk trash about women?

Where are the effin’ trolls of yore?

The almost certainly mythical creatures who could argue nonstop all week and entertain us at the same time?!

Katie, send them to us!

Create Serious Computer Issues for the rest.

@ Marky Mark: I’m not sure what country you hail from, but I’m going to assume it’s the USA. Please let me know if I’m wrong. If so, your reply to me is a bewildering mess of faulty logic and downright factual error.

A simple Google search brings up this article, which tells me that the US senate voted in June 2016 to extend the draft to women from 2018. The same article tells me that the US Supreme Court blocked adding women to the draft in 1981, ruling “they should not face the same requirements as men because they did not participate on the front lines of combat”. The main dissenters against the bill were all men. A military analyst quoted as saying the change is “inevitable” and “It just seems that now that you have women allowed to serve in any position in the military, there is no logical basis to say women should not be drafted” is a woman.

You say that change within the military is due to “the ERA” rather than feminist action. This ignores the historical fact that the ERA was written by feminists. It took 50 years of sustained feminist agitation to have the amendment passed in 1972.

Googling “the draft vietnam images” shows me anti-draft protests included a number of women. Not to mention that a woman was among those who challenged the constitutionality of the USA’s draft, during freaking WWI.

If you’re NOT from the USA, the issue is even simpler – it’s not likely you live in a country which has conscription for men only while allowing full military service (including combat positions) to women. That’s because there are very few such countries. Most places either don’t have conscription: have conscription for men and women equally: or have conscription for men and not women, but exclude women from full military service. This handy website will show you.

Seriously, I spent longer writing this post than I did finding the information to write it. If your arguments can be shown to rely on factual inaccuracies with four Google searches, they are bad arguments.

Katie: Two trolls?!

What is it we did — or didn’t do?

I promise to redouble my feministing — just bring us the trolls of yesteryear.


If you were less boring, perhaps the trolls would stay longer and put more effort into it.

I love candy corn. Especially the orange part.

Does…does the orange part taste different from anythign else? I thought the entire thing was just disgusting, like, I can’t even describe it. It’s like fondant. Harder, crumblier fondant.

Fuck circus peanuts though.

We agree on something, at least. Gross fucking circus peanuts.

Speaking of candies people think are gross, does anyone here like Botan Rice Candy? I feel like I’m the only one. They’re one of my favorite candies.

Is there anything more creepy and pathetic than an authoritarian desperate for a Big Dog to grovel to?

I have never heard of Botan Rice Candy, but you have my interest. I generally like rice-based-almost-anything.

They’re, like, citrusy flavored candies that come with a sticker in every box. They’re wrapped in plastic and then have a rice paper wrapped around the main candy, and they’re soft and chewy. Botan is a brand that imports to America but there’s other brands of it. You usually find them in the Asian part or Asian food aisle near the Japanese stuff.

Well ain’t that a bit rude. In a sense Kat is being the bigger person here seeing that she decided not to respond to you since page 5.

As for me I gave you links to governments and other official resources that run concurrent to your claims. I don’t really know what else you want me to do, Schildfreja has logical arguments and human cognitive systems down to an art, and everyone else seems to be having fun at your expense, brought up their own counterclaims with sources, examined your thoughts, posted alot of gifs/Captions and gave you plenty of olive branches. What you want Kat to write a musical number about historical romantics or something?

I need to stop sleeping when trolls show up. Woke up to 100+ emals and surprise Timmarence


how do you feel about pre-French Revolution fancy court dresses?

Not really a dress guy. Or generally a fashion guy. Tho, a quick image search shows some adorable summer dresses. I could maybe pull those off at more formal functions where my t shirt and jeans might be seen as insufficiently proper. But no corsets! Anyone who tries to stick me in one of those is fixina be murdered in their sleep


Didn’t you mention earlier that you once got into an online fight because you refused to stop sharing your sex fantasies about fictional women?

Nice catch

Nickleback is fine and Bizkit is great. Yes, I’m a 14 year old boy masquerading as a (legal) adult, what’s your point? 😛

Re: sexy cartoons
dayum, Dayum, DAYUM!!!


> Kupo

Sedentary Reactionary reminds me of another troll, but I’m trying to remember which.

I do not remember the pseudo too, but indeed, it was a troll who had written a list (about ten ? Not sure) authors who he said he had read, trying to spread his knowledge like some try to spread the end of the jam pot on a too large slice of bread. The major part of the authors were “fall and decandency and crumble and deliquenscenceand so on… of the some civilizations” (often western ones), others were economists, and Hoppe was cited.

Have a nice day.


If you were less boring, perhaps the trolls would stay longer and put more effort into it.

From the guy who complained about what he perceived as ad hominem attacks (which weren’t, because as stated earlier, he has no idea what that means).


Yeah, two trolls at once, but they’re not the entertaining variety 😐
I do think that calling you “boring” is his masterpiece though – you need a jackhammer to get through all that irony.

By the way, @trolls

Not being boring is what you need to do, to be tolerated slightly longer and so that we just may adress your bullshit. We have literally zero interest in entertaining you. This site is dedicated to making fun of people like you. Guess why you even made it through moderation ? Think about that.

Just remember, Mammotheers, they laughed at Daffy Duck.

Then he was forced to recant.

Or something like that. Short-term planner that I am, I may have gotten some of the details wrong.

PS: Even though I’m a girly-girl short-term planner, I did want to get my comment at least partly right. So I looked up Daffy’s older brother, Galileo, on Wikipedia. This is too funny:

Galileo . . . died on 8 January 1642, aged 77. The Grand Duke of Tuscany, Ferdinando II, wished to bury him in the main body of the Basilica of Santa Croce. . . .

These plans were dropped, however, after Pope Urban VIII . . . protested, because Galileo had been condemned by the Catholic Church for “vehement suspicion of heresy”. He was instead buried in a small room next to the novices’ chapel. . . . He was reburied in the main body of the basilica in 1737; . . . during this move, three fingers and a tooth were removed from his remains. One of these fingers, the middle finger from Galileo’s right hand, is currently on exhibition at the Museo Galileo in Florence, Italy. [Emphasis decidedly Kat’s.]

@ Marchioness Axe (Danger):

Don’t worry, I’ll be wearing enough corset for the both of us. Seeing as I wear them 5-6 days a week for at least a couple of hours per day and all, I figure I can manage. 😛


I was never much good at anything and was always messing things up when I was young. I mostly just do what I’m told anyway these days because I’m really not sure what I need to be doing anyway.

You know what I call that? Inadequate education.

Not just school learning, but family, hobby, club, sport, music, drama activity. Everyone, young, old, infant and ancient, should have opportunities to try out things that may or may not turn out to be long term interests or hobbies or income opportunities – but especially the young. Why? Mainly because of the 10000 hours “rule” that people who excel at anything – music, maths, gymnastics, carpentry, archery, running, singing, languages, writing, building model trains/planes, tennis, swimming – anything, are usually found to have put in at least 10000 hours practising the relevant skills, acquiring the needed knowledge. Young people are in a better position to find those hours and thereby develop a career or lifelong interest before they take on adult responsibilities.

What that means for me – as a parent, grandparent and educator – is that children and teens should be exposed to, and given a chance to try out, anything and everything their family, school, neighbourhood, region has to offer. Even if they find they have no particular interest or drive towards a career as a paramedic or accountant or plumber or sport/circus/stage performer, they should have some interests, however passionate or lukewarm, in drama or the innards of computers-antique clocks-motorbikes or politics or choral music or cake decorating or a team sport.

It could be accidentally discovering a talent – as we did by taking a friend’s child to a shooting club as an evening activity (another friend was an Olympic shooter) and she scored better than all but a couple of the long-term members of the club. Neither she nor her parents had ever had any interest in target shooting. Or it can be the everyday routine of ensuring that children learn to swim for safety/social reasons – along with preschool gymnastics or primary school choirs or other ordinary activities that some children will find they have a talent or a real interest in.

You’ve already expressed a vague but largely unstructured/uninformed interest in political systems/history. Putting in a mere 10 or 15 casual hours of reading some general history – European to start with? – or watching some documentaries might enhance (or end) that interest. Start here and then try refining the search to renaissance or Russia or whatever takes your fancy.


Don’t worry, I’ll be wearing enough corset for the both of us

Sweet! Now to check out some 19th century stuff. More my speed, as it turns out. Who knew!? 😀

I just keep imagining one of the MGTOWs in a post-apocalyptic community run by one of the hippie-libertarian patriarchs of my local SCA.

“Son,” says the patriarch, sipping his scavenged wine, and gnawing on a wild turkey leg, “son, you’re gonna have to apologize real nicely to Concubine #14, or I’m gonna have to cut your head off with a broadsword. I don’t know why you think you can talk like that to #14, but you can’t. For one thing, she can deliver a baby goat, or whatever they’re called, and you can’t, and also, she’s a woman, and we have sex. Even if I were into men, son, you are not the most preposessing specimen out there. So you’re gonna apologize–nicely–and we’ll hear no more about it.

“While we’re on the subject, I’ve been meaning to say, you just need to have a better attitude toward women in general. You’re not a bad-looking guy, I guess. You could find someone here, but you need to show some respect, and also you need to wipe your ass correctly, son. That is very important. Women like a man who wipes his ass. It shows respect. Take a bath. We have a creek for a reason. I bathe three times a week, when it’s warm enough.

“And stop tryin’ to tell me what a real post-apocalyptic patriarchy is supposed to be like. I have been running this one for eight years, and everyone eats, not so many of us get killed, and I get laid a lot. As far as I’m concerned, this is what winning looks like.

“Stop cryin’ son. Everyone’s been through a lot. It’s too bad the end of the world didn’t work out more like you wanted. Have some turkey before you go and find Karen…excuse me, Concubine #14…and say sorry.”


Oh, golly gee-whiz. You’re right. Silly me.

Maybe SR might acquire an interest in finding out what led up to the ideas (I know, I know, but I don’t have a better word) that he seems to have latched onto. I’m thinking that our friend here stuck to the notion that having an open mind is the same as not being informed or educated. We all need to beware of Chesterton’s quote …
“Merely having an open mind is nothing. The object of opening the mind, as of opening the mouth, is to shut it again on something solid.”

Even when you have taken on ideas you think are “solid” or valuable, it’s important to read and think more to find out the context, history, details that will round out a more complete understanding of that idea, where it came from and where it leads to.

@Sediment reaction

Does it bother to know that ”degenerates” like us will never be executed or punished in any meaningful way for our ”deviant” lifestyles? Does the fact that by the end of your life society will not have come any closer to your vision and has, in fact, moved even farther away from it, bother you? People like you will always exist, but will never achieve any meaningful societal change. You’re nothing but minuscule blips on history’s radar.

Here’s some Jessica Rabbit, just for you:

Yeah. I’m boring. I know.

Speaking of candies people think are gross, does anyone here like Botan Rice Candy? I feel like I’m the only one. They’re one of my favorite candies.

No, you’re not alone. I love those things. When I was a kid I used to collect the stickers. I loved stickers so much I had a hard time actually using them, and these were extra special to me so I didn’t even pretend I was going to use them.

Wow. I leave the thread for a mere 20-ish hours to go to a concert, catch a night’s sleep and go to work, and it explodes.

Dear Sedentary Reactionary, I’ve been thinking about what you said. You say you want someone to tell you what to do, and that you’ve only got a few friends, none of whom really feel the same way as you do. You say that you don’t know the solution but you feel certain that there has to be one, because the way things are going right now feels unsustainable, and plain wrong. You also seem to feel more comfortable talking about vague generalities rather than specific data points, and more comfortable with fiction than reality.

I’ve felt this way before too, and there’s a word for it: miserable. Paradoxically, at the time I didn’t even feel that unhappy, because I was blocking out every emotion except a vague sense of restless irritability and a rising panic when I concentrated on it. I was feeling trapped in my own life. This led, in turn, to being unpleasant to other people, and also to displacement activities which I didn’t enjoy but which meant that I didn’t have to confront my own thoughts.

This is not only unhealthy to the individual, but is also bad for the people around them. Some of what you’ve said in this thread is deeply offensive, both to me personally and to others; and it sounds like this isn’t the only place you’ve done it. You may say that you don’t care about the offense, but I think you do; after all, if you genuinely didn’t care then you’d be typing this into Notepad on your computer, rather than just posting it online for others to see.

Everything you’ve said about your posting habits sounds familiar to me. I’m not a psychologist and I couldn’t diagnose you even if I was, but as a fellow human being I think I recognise some of that pain. I would suggest that you seek counselling, as people have said, as that really helped me.

I also have a suggestion.

You strike me as something of an autodidact, one who self-educates via reading rather than through conventional academia. This can mean that you have gaps in your reading, but in most cases when autodidacts find a topic they like, they really like it and can become authorities on the matter.

I’m going to suggest that you read up on existentialism. Start with Man’s Search for Meaning by Frankl and Steppenwolf by Hesse. After those, Camus might be a good step. Some of what you’ve said today could have come straight out of the first sections of Steppenwolf or out of some of Camus’s books. I’d recommend not tackling Sartre or De Beauvoir until you’ve gone through the others, but if you like it then by all means, go ahead.

This may be the wrong way forward. It may not. But please know that while your politics are absurd, you yourself are not. You are a priceless human being and even if you do not care about yourself or the people you’ve hurt and insulted, I do.

The original point of the blog post reminds me of when I was a teenager and would get in a fight with my mother. There were times I hoped to die in a car accident or get hit by a car so that she would be sorry!!!1!!1″ It was obviously a bit of immature fantasy fulfillment that I grew out of. But how sad is it that there are people taking time out of their day to scream out on the internet that they hope that the world will be destroyed so they can say I told you so?

In relation to SR: well, first off, I’m unimpressed by how he says society should go. The ideas (such as they are) were not elaborated well and unsupported, so there’s that. I don’t understand the point of wanting to share the “sacred” (whatever that is). Why isn’t it enough to share it with those who, yannow, share it? Why do we all have to be implicated? Go to church, pray to a tree, do whatever – the rest of us will go about our lives.

I have to admit, I never understood this tendency to condemn people who enjoyed activities that I didn’t. The world is a big place, there’s room for lots of different kinds of activities, interests and ways of being. My family (parents, aunts, uncles cousins) and I don’t even share some activities in common, and yet we still can meet on holidays and communicate (pro-tip: avoid political discussions).

A look at history shows that societies are not monolithic, authoritarian ruler or not. Other commenters have already discussed monarchs, but I would also like to point out that Western civilization is replete with rulers who bankrupted the nation for wars – so much for long-term thinking!

My not-so-original thought: when human beings are involved, the world is a messy place. It’s also frustrating, interesting, fascinating, annoying, ugly, beautiful and worth every minute.


Interesting choices. Back when I was a young depressive, still trying to understand how to fit in the world, I was helped by Steppenwolf and L’Étranger. But I think it could easily go the other way, particularly Steppenwolf‘s treatment of suicide.

I’ve just been reviewing the previous comments on this thread, and I can honestly say with little fear of contradiction that Sedentary Reactionary is a jerk.

Trigger warning: mention of suicidal ideation.

Weirdly, I hated existentialism as a young depressive. It took me ages to understand it because I kept looking for shortcuts, and because it was so utterly alien to what I had been raised to believe. It wasn’t until ages later that I actually had the patience to come back and read what the books really said.

That said, I found that Steppenwolf’s attitude to suicide was incredibly liberating, and paradoxically made me feel like doing it. It was the first time that I had come across a discussion of suicidal ideation that wasn’t either mocking or condemning the sufferers. Merely being told that I was normal and okay and there were other people like me, was a huge step forward.

@Penny Psmith:
Awww, thank you. I hope it helps too.

Libertarian power fantasies are catnip to mediocre white men who can’t function in an increasingly merit-based democracy. Buttercup Q. Skullpants

Somewhat tangential to your main point, but we do not live in an “increasingly merit-based democracy”. The extensive data-collection and analysis in Thomas Piketty’s Capital in the Twenty-First Century shows that inherited wealth is becoming increasingly important (at least in the rich countries, where data is adequate to show this, but probably worldwide), and in the absence of deliberate political action, this trend is likely to continue – basically because the return on capital is likely to exceed the growth rate of the economy as a whole, and large fortunes generate a higher return on capital than small ones. Even setting that aside, “earned” incomes near the top of the scale (CEOs and other top managers) are set on a mutual back-scratching principle rather than merit – most of all in the USA.

I’m not a fool. – MarkyMark


I’m not an idiot. – MarkyMark

Hmm, I somehow don’t think MarkyMark has even convinced himself!

Frankly, I’ve always liked our current Queen Elizabeth II. She’s an embodiment of quiet determination and thoughtfulness. (Of course, I don’t follow the royals all that much, so perhaps she’s a terrible monster? It’s not a bubble I’d like to burst, but I could easily be wrong.)

Didn’t you know???? She’s the head of the international drugs trade, and a transdimensional alien lizard! I have the first of these on the authority of Lyndon Larouche, and the second on that of David Icke, so they must be true!!!!!

This is why I’m equivocal at best on feeding trolls. You feed ’em, they shit all over the place, and then the shit attracts other vermin.

The monarchies of the Arabian peninsula brought us westerners mathematics and astronomy and carried the legacy of the Ionians. – Schildfreja

[history pedant]
Not the Arabian peninsula. From very soon after the original wave of Arab/Islamic conquest, that was a cultural, political and economic backwater, as it remained until the discovery of oil. The Arab and Islamic monarchies that carried the legacy of the Ionians – and transmitted it, along with their own discoveries, and others from China and India, to western Europe – were based in Iraq, Egypt, and Spain.
[/history pedant]

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