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Just some MGTOWS dreaming of the apocalypse – and how it’ll make ladies less stuck-up

Man going his post-apocalyptic way
Man going his post-apocalyptic way

It’s no big secret that many doomsday preppers yearn for the apocalypse — if for no other reason than the opportunities it will provide them to say “I told you so” to all those who doubted their paranoid fantasies. And to possibly shoot some of these unprepared scoffers when they come begging for food.

Nowhere is this more obvious than amongst those apocalypse-fantasizers who’ve convinced themselves that it will be feminism, rather than volcanic eruptions or nuclear war or Donald Trump, that will bring about the end of the world.

On the Men Going Their Own way subreddit, the regulars are talking apocalypse, as modern misogynists are wont to do. And it is as revealing as these exercises always are.

A fellow called BagOfBrokenBits dreams of a not-very-distant future in which uppity ladies “will do whatever they are told.”

The future as I see it, is that as society collapses around us (5-15 years?) most women outside of a tightly controlled patriarchal group simply will not survive, because nobody will put up with their sh*t long enough to feed them. When resources are scarce they will not be able to defend what they have and most lack the health, strength and abilities to obtain or build what they need. There will be no feminism, there will be patriarchy. Men will work together as they always have, in challenging and horrific conditions. Women will do whatever they are told because conditions will be too harsh to tolerate dissent.

And Mr. Bag will be one of those doing the telling, because of all the toiletries he is hoarding:

I am a Prepper. I currently have stores of food, toiletries etc for five years with tools, seeds etc to extend that.

He’s apparently filling his doomsday bunker with as many canned goods as he can get his hands on:

It has been noted that in past shortages due to wars an afternoon with a woman can be had for a tin of … anything really.

You know what I mean, you know what I mean? Nudge nudge say no more!

The pros and cons of the apocalypse:


  • Death of most of the human race
  • Contamination of water sources with dead bodies
  • No medical care beyond basic first aid
  • Return to stone age civilization


  • Women will have sex with you for a can of beans

AOF_Semiramis suggests moving to New Zealand. And he has some interesting thoughts about Pokemon GO.

Go complete ghost in New Zealand or the likes.Heck even in the US with private as fuck properties.Grow your own food,have stable ways to get water and raise animals a la farm.Fish too if your near a lake.Assuming your far away enough,lake is isolated enough,your too far from idiot humans and any large concentration of them,then nukes won’t land on your spot too since it would be a waste of resources.(Its why the CIA funded Pokemon GO. So the brainless droves would fill the map for them.Obviusly there are still holes.)

Surviving the apocalypse is so easy that even a kid could do it!

Also..a 15 year old discovered an ancient city due to studying the stars in Central America.So you can bet that there are other places in the world where you can live safely.

Make sure to pack popcorn, for all the gloating you’ll be doing.

I know its f*cked up,but nothing you can do to stop it. You can only save yourself at most.So just chill,get some popcorn,and just accept the f*cking up.

timoppenheimer, meanwhile, doesn’t seem to be doing any prepping beyond living as selfishly as he can:

WWIII is coming, and I am horrified too, OP.

My plan is to enjoy my life. They already took my foreskin; fuck society, I’m living my life for me.

Talkytalktalk is evidently a fan of Alex Jones:

This is the great culling of the human population. The eugenics population reduction freaks are going to kill billions and out the rest under the yoke of totalitarianism. It takes a woman to pick the runts and dispose of them.

But which woman? WHICH WOMAN!?

I need to know now so I can mangina my way into her good graces before the culling.

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Regarding the apocalypse, I’m currently teaching myself to make soap. – snork maiden

But since the post-apocalypse world is going to be dominated by MGTOWs, PUAs, etc., there will surely be very limited demand for soap!

Women are the worst at thinking only in the short term

You’re right, we are terrible at short term thinking. I’m trying to become more impulsive and selfish, like you dudes who yearn for the apocalypse because the suffering of billions will enhance your personal boners and status. But it really doesn’t feel natural. I keep coming back to how harmful “every man for himself” is to humanity’s long term prospects. Any tips on how I can make my thought processes more blinkered?

How many of you have honestly even read Hans-Hermann Hoppe’s oeuvres?

Why would we waste time reading the “oeuvres” of some fourth-rate fringe racist who’s barely known outside the confines of the Mises Institute? There’s a good reason he’s obscure. Hoppe literally wants to carve up the world into private gated communities for wealthy whites only and expel hippies, minorities, gay people, Democrats, dissenters, etc. into outer darkness where they’ll be homeless and starve to death. He’s an embarrassment and a stain on humanity.

Libertarian power fantasies are catnip to mediocre white men who can’t function in an increasingly merit-based democracy. They get to make up the rules of their imaginary post-apocalypse society, so of course they’ll prevail. It’s a fantasy Calvinball league for people who suck at regular sports and don’t want to put in the effort to get better, but still think they deserve the World Champion trophy.

(I’m also amused that someone named “Sedentary Reactionary” is lobbying so hard for the end of civilization. Yeah, couch philosophers should do well in a society where survival relies on heavy pre-industrial manual labor.)

I’m going to start collecting “they laughed at Galileo” retorts. I am seeing them more and more often, usually from flat-earthers, climate change denialists, anti-vaxxers, and now migtoes (if that’s what the sedentary guy was).

Indeed, we have our very own Galileo Movement here, as other mammotheers from Oz will testify. Bet you can’t guess which of the above categories they fall into 😛

(I’m pretty sure no-one laughed at Galileo as such. ‘Twas a bit more unpleasant than that).

I always joke that i’m aquiring skills for the coming apocalypse, though i like neither zombies or post apocalyptic stories.

Currently, i can sew, quilt, knit, occasionally crochet, preserve food in both a boiling water canner and a pressure canner, and make beer. I can also cook and bake, and we have a lovely garden.

I’m aware that some of this knowledge depends on our current level of convenience for irrigation and power, but i’m pretty sure that knowing SOMETHING about how to produce food and suppliesis better than just consuming them.

I can also tell an amusing story and work well with others.

All of this doesn’t really matter because i, and chances are all of these MGTOWs, live in an urban centre. If there was a bomb dropped on Canada, it would hit me. If there was an outbreak of something that could ruin the world, i can’t see people in these huge megacities surviving.

So prep all you want! Maybe you’ll be near enough to your house and able to get back to your base of operations to take advantage of it. Sure do hope you don’t commute to work, you will be shit out of luck then!

(I’m seriously thinking of dedicating some space in the garden next year to barley, so i can say that i grew and malted the grain, as well as growing the hops. And i want to find out about this ‘yeast ranching’ thing!)

Re : “oeuvres”

Forgot to add that if you’re gonna pull that word like that to try and sound fancier, I should tell you that I am not impressed. Keep this up and I may have to write you a full retort, in french, and then you’ll have to go ask someone actually knowledgeable to explain to you what it means because no Google translation will help.

Also it’s œuvre.



I looked up that Galileo Movement… wait what. They’re not climate change deniers, but apologists ? WAT.

Having a support network is also going to be critical to survival. I wonder about these angry loners extolling the virtues of riding out the apocalypse by themselves on Fuck Off Acres (or with a community of like-minded hostile, suspicious, selfish loners, which is bound to end well). Most of them don’t seem to have very close relationships with parents, family, significant others, neighbors, friends. They view other men as competition. They bounce from job to job (under a cloud of “false accusations” – it’s always the HR feminazis’ fault). Their sex life consists of plates, bar pickups, porn, masturbation, and one-night stands. They pursue solitary hobbies. They may think they can make it on their own, because essentially they’re on their own now – but what they don’t realize is the extent to which modern Western society, with all of its conveniences and entertainment, enables lonerdom.

In the aftermath of apocalypse, I just don’t see them being accepted for long by any group. They have nothing positive to contribute. Even if they were the most skilled outdoorsman in the world, before long the group would get fed up with their incessant whining and their outrageous demands for the best cuts of meat, the nicest house, the most nubile virgins. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

I am inspired by all the people in this thread who have practical post-apocalyptic skills. I can, um, do maths? Write SQL? Calculate orbits? I’m trying to think of a post-apocalyptic scenario in which my skill base is useful, and I’m coming up blank.

I’d better do my best to avert the downfall of civilisation. That was my plan anyway, but it’s nice when these things coincide.

Your garden sounds really fun. Growing barley sounds like a big undertaking, but I can only imagine how satisfying it must be to make not only your own beer, but all its ingredients too.


the most nubile virgins

Eww. I hate that word. ‘Hey, we all know what your proclivities are, fella. Don’t worry, she’s 216 months exactly’. Ewww…

I’m reminded of the scene in Daredevil season 2, where the pawn shop guy tries to push some less than legal nubility on Frank. He didn’t take kindly 😠

We’ll need you to be harbinger of the harvest time by careful study of the constellations’ procession. If all of society crumbles, i doubt there’ll be a lot of 2025+ calendars lyin around…

@EJ (The Other One)

Well I’m with you in the “useless after the Apocalypse” camp. I can’t imagine that there will be a lot of use for translators after the fall of civilization. Well, at least once all the remaining books have been copied and translated and all that fun stuff. Although then again my penmanship will take my usefulness down quite a bit…

Ah well, I guess I’ll just try and be one of the people who die during the apocalypse itself. 😀 That or I’ll just hope that Great Cthulhu rises from watery R’lyeh before then.


My only practical survival skill is… yeah, I don’t have one.

But I’m a decent bartender, writer, and story-teller. That’s useful in communities, I think.

Plus I have lots of words. I have the best words.

Monzach – I’m with you, but not only am I a translator, I’m one of the ones that are mostly useless as interpreters, as I do best with written material and a lot of time to fuss about with dictionaries and phrasing. Still, don’t underestimate language-learning.

I like that idea. I can be the official Predictor of the Seasons. (Just so y’all know, this will absolutely require an advanced infrared telescope. And beer. Lots of beer.) Otherwise, I’ll have to rely on my jar-opening and getting-things-off-top-shelves skills.

I think Buttercup Q. Skullpants is right, though: the ability to take orders and to work harmoniously as part of a group is probably the most important skill anyone can have when things go badly. These are also useful skills when things don’t go badly.

Translators would be absolutely vital, at least here in Europe. If our group of survivors is forced to flee across national borders or encounters a group who have, then we would need to be able to communicate with them. Warning people about danger and cooperating on larger projects would be vital.

@Penny Psmith

Yeah, I’m not very good at interpreting either. I’ve done a couple of sessions of interpreting and it’s such exhausting work. I’d really do almost anything else language related before interpreting. 🙁 I really enjoy checking word definitions in dictionaries, though, so it makes translating pretty much my dream job.

Also, I’m guessing that you are a fan of P. G. Wodehouse? If not, I have to applaud the coincidence of your username containing the name of one of my favorite literary characters, namely (Rupert) Psmith. 🙂


@EJ (The Other One)

That’s actually good thinking. I’m pretty good with English and German, which are the two largest languages in Europe, as well as Swedish and Finnish which are of slightly less usefulness. 😛

How long is that stash of canned goods going to feed the dude in his way? And does he know how to grow a garden?

If the apocalypse hits, all the rich countries are screwed. We’re so interdependent and densely populated, almost nobody is getting out alive: most of us can’t feed a family on our own, and the few that can will get robbed so they can’t either.

Subsistence farmers the world over will have a rough time, but that’s normal — and their descendants will inherit a lot of space.

Monzach – Yeah, that is definitely a Wodehouse reference, although oddly enough I haven’t read much of the Psmith stories. Do like the faux-alliteration though.

By the way, since so much media tends to depict translation and interpretation as being the same thing (“I have studied these ancient scrolls for years, of course I have no problem fluently speaking to the magic people who appeared here in their own language!”) it was quite thrilling to find a little part in Terry Pratchett’s Jingo that showed the difference quite well: a young officer is taken to the negotiations with foreign empire Klatch because they thought he knew Klatchian, but when there, he explains he can only read it. There’s a wonderful bit where one of the Klatchians says to his friend, of the Ank-Mopork commander, something like “This idiot is in charge of an army?” and the poor translator is left mumbling something like “Errr, there was something about to lead, or command…”
I really felt for him.

Sinkable John:

Forgot to add that if you’re gonna pull that word like that to try and sound fancier, I should tell you that I am not impressed. Keep this up and I may have to write you a full retort, in french, and then you’ll have to go ask someone actually knowledgeable to explain to you what it means because no Google translation will help.

@Sedentary Reactionary

Yes, yes, I’m sure those awful democracies with social safety nets that allow women to vote are going to be the end of us all. *smiles and pats SR on the head* I’d refute your claims, but I find MRAs, MGTOW and PUAs really aren’t interested in real world facts, so why waste my time? It’s much more amusing to just mock your ridiculous views.


If the apocalypse hits, all the rich countries are screwed. We’re so interdependent and densely populated, almost nobody is getting out alive: most of us can’t feed a family on our own, and the few that can will get robbed so they can’t either.

I used to read the ramblings of bitcoin enthusiasts (a rich mine of comedy gold, libertarian variety). Some of them are convinced that a big stash of bitcoin will be useful to have after the collapse of society, when government-issued currency becomes worthless. And yet… this is a crypto-currency which relies on electricity and the Internet. It made me realise that, for some people, plausibility doesn’t play a large role in their end-of-the-world fantasies.

I mean… I can sort of get that. I sometimes daydream about becoming very rich with little effort. The mechanism involved in my sudden wealth doesn’t stand up to examination, but that’s ok, because it’s just a comforting daydream, to be indulged for a few minutes when I’m in the mood. But I would never share the details and expect people not to shoot them down.

Monzach and Penny Psmith, maybe I could join your team? I can only offer a pretty common combination (Fr Sp It Port & Cat -> Eng) but I’d be glad to help out around the place if I can 🙂
I’m a written-only, too – always lots of checking and tweaking to do, and loads of things to catch on that crucial second draft. I’ve done a few small interpreting gigs and whew is that exhausting! It feels like it’s a whole other kind of brain you need, maybe.

You know. I wonder if these kinds of fantasies are a response to too many women telling them “not even if you were the last man on earth.”

They really wanna test that.

Also, how sad is it that they think their only chance to get laid is the death of billions of people? If that’s the only prospect you feel you have dude, maybe you should really reevaluate your life choces.

Team translators!
I have Hebrew-English down quite well, know Arabic but mostly written, only little of any spoken dialects (and will probably need a dictionary), and very very basic knowledge of Italian, French, and Brasilian Portuguese. I think I’m more or less okay at picking up languages but it takes time and patience, which are not abundant in survival situations.

Have to admit that one of the reasons I really hate thinking of apocalypses is a very selfish one: I’m in a (very) long-distance serious relationship, so losing modern infrastructure will also mean losing contact with the man I love. 🙁

@ sedentary reactionary

You do realise that monarchies often end up with a woman in charge? In fact, I think that might have even happened here.

*checks postage stamp*


If we’re going to talk post-apocalyptic survival skills, here are mine:

Knowledge of culinary, medicinal, and traditional magical uses of herbs. I can identify a number of useful plants growing wild in my area, and some of the most dangerous ones as well. I have a basic starting knowledge of how to get use out of plants that aren’t helpful from the get-go, like knowing that you need to leech the tannic acid off of acorns by soaking them in running water for a couple of weeks before trying to make food out of them, and if the apocalypse doesn’t take away my access to books, I have more in-depth guides, and if you think “traditional magical uses” won’t be a tradeable skill in the apocalypse, there are some things about humanity you are failing to understand.

(Just the other day, I was in a class where the [male] teacher decried our modern lack of connection to the land, and asked, since nobody in class was a hunter, how any of us would survive if society collapsed tomorrow. I couldn’t help but point out that I can forage. People can figure out how to hunt a deer a lot easier than they can safely guess which common plant is hemlock and which one is healthy and nutritious wild carrot.)

Observed and practical experience in canning, preparing stores of wood for winter burning, gardening (including some pretty simple methods of growing potatoes), sewing, and similar skills: I may not do these things routinely, but I have engaged in all of them and have a better working knowledge than many people around me.

Abstract knowledge of trivia that can translate into essential knowledge: for example, birds can be trapped by coating branches with quick-lime. I don’t know how to do this, but can figure it out through trial and error, giving me an advantage over people who didn’t know you could do it at all.

@ moggie

Your daydreaming reminded me of this;

Father Ted: God Almighty, that’s going to cost a fortune to fix. Where are we going to get the money? Think, Dougal, how can we raise some money?

Father Dougal: Hmmm….

Ted: Yes, I know. Aha! (give knowing glance)

Dougal: Aha!

Ted: Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

Dougal: I think so, Ted. But now wait, I’m not sure….

Ted: What?

Dougal: I mean, it is a big step, and err, where are we going to get the guns?

(Ted goes on to explain that he was thinking more along the lines of a raffle)

I think in the Mammotheers Post-Apocalyptic Commune, I would do best as a floater. I don’t have many developed skills, but I have a very basic idea of a lot of different ones, and a good brain for building on that foundation. Basically, point me at whatever task needs hands the most and I will damn well learn. In the meantime, I can sew, make candles (scented and fucking optional), and mind children.

I can’t mind children because I always assume people know the risks and benefits of whatever they’re doing, so I’m just like “OK, five-year-old, you can climb that big, dangerous tree, if you’re SURE you’ve got it covered”.

When the Apocalypse Comes is just When the Revolution Comes for those too lazy/entitled to even dream of having to work for their fantasy reckoning.

Yay, mammotheer translation team 🙂
So many of us are writing here in their own second or third (or +th) language, too (to which I doff all my virtual hats in awe).

Yeah, it’s funny how these guys love fantasising about a situation involving the deaths of billions, the misery and suffering of the remaining millions and the completely unrealistic power to indulge every whim for … approximately one person.

When I daydream about a transformed world, I a) know I’m daydreaming and b) find myself working out elaborate scenarios to ensure that nobody dies. Not even the shitlords. (their pride might take a bit of a knock, but that’s about it. The only thing I want to take away from anybody is their power to actively and deliberately inflict harm on the vulnerable).

It’s always Mad Max for them, with themselves cast as the villain; they never even realise that they would be beyond lucky to get the lowliest of henchman gigs.


I will try to keep this brief, but I make absolutely no promises.

I didn’t proof-read my statements, so it probably took about 10 – 15 minutes to write. A few times I changed some things to more accurately reflect my opinions on the matter, but not very much.

I have two friends and sometimes I show them the things I write so that they can have a laugh at it. They think I’m out-of-it (your site’s regulations won’t let me use the words I’m looking for), but it’s fine. These really are the opinions that I hold, and the fact that people are going to laugh and jeer at them isn’t going to change that; the whole of humanity can think of me as a joke, and that will do nothing to alter the correctness of my assertions.

I believe that our society (I live in the US, don’t know where you’re from) has become increasingly atomized as a result of liberal-democratic forms of governance. Our societies have lost any semblance of a common purpose, and find themselves increasingly dominated by runaway technological and economic factors which wrest power away from the hands of local communities and place it into the hands a faceless, global community. Almost none of the things that we purchase or produce have any heart or soul in them, as they were purchased not from a local individual with whom we might have some kind of relationship, but from global companies who hire workers that we’ll never meet or know anything about (and the people who shall produce these objects know nothing about the people for whom they produce these objects). I believe it is the right of any and all societies to resist the pressures of globalization and the invisible hand of the market which has made puppets of them, in effort to preserve some semblance of uniqueness, tradition, community, and self-determination.

I believe that tradition is under attack; hardly does it seem to be the case that one can practice tradition in this day and age and some bureaucrat doesn’t try to sanitize it for being “offensive” or some swine hasn’t gotten it into his mind to capitalize on it, run disgusting adds and turn it into something you can buy at a discount from yet another big retailer that has crushed the local Mom & Pop’s.

Tradition and the sacred are also under attack from the liberal-democratic regimes of the day, who have decided to divorce all elements of the sacred from politics. With their emphasis on the individual, they contribute to the breakdown of the community, and leave us all feeling alienated and purposeless. They might say something to the effect of “well, you can have ideas of the sacred, you just can’t make others live under them,” but what’s the point of holding something sacred if you can’t share it with the rest of society and recognize its importance?

That was longer than I expected and I don’t know where to go from here.

@Sinkable John

I can read French very well, it’s just the writing aspect that’s got me (that, I only read literary French, not the kind of degenerate slang that regicidal beasts-of-burden like yourself spew forth).

Can someone make Regicidal Beasts of Burden into a metal band?
(Degenerate Slang could be their first album.)

Oooh, a Dark Enlightenment’er, right here in our very own mammoth-camp! Gosh, I don’t recall the last we’ve seen one of those around.

– oop, he’s gone now. I was going to engage him on his points, too! Dang. Maybe I can call him back, though! I know some jerk calls. Someone set out some snare traps and bait them with pages of Nietzsche!

“Democracy is inefficient and panders to the lowest common denominator!”

“Women are evolved to operate primarily in Type-two decision making systems!”

“Economic systems provide the best possible outcomes for any given problem!”

“Injustice is required for greatness to emerge!”

Okay, now we wait to see if he comes over again, Dork Enlightenment guys are socially herding creatures and feel more comfortable when there are others of their kind around, to reinforce their views. We probably just spooked him. If he doesn’t come back right away, we’ll try scattering some unwashed laundry around, they like the musk.

EDIT: eeeeeeee it worked it worked it worked


Do you know what the problem with leftists and the environment is? They don’t see nature as something worth protecting and keeping clean for its own sake. They hold roughly the same view that people on the right hold of it, that nature is a thing that we can strangle for our own benefit, only the left has more “THINK OF THE CHILDREN AND NONWHITES IN THIRD WORLD COUNTRIES” going on with it. Leftists hate nature and see nothing divine in it, because it isn’t sufficiently egalitarian for their liking. This is yet another one of the ways in which liberal-democratic thinking has ruined us, people have come to expect so much fairness in modern times that they can no longer look upon the majesty of our most powerful monarch, Queen Nature, with respect any longer. The hubristic apes of the left would dethrone her if they could, because she is not too kind to them and their utopian fantasies. They think their judgment to be above that of hers, and can’t stand that humans have certain constraints set upon them by Her Majesty. Man is confused enough as it is with the amount of freedom he already has, and yet they want more!

It’s entirely true that the jeering of humanity will do nothing to alter the correctness (or otherwise) of your assertions. It’s that way with all things that are either right or wrong: human opinions do not sway them, yours and mine included.

Let’s make some introductions. I’m EJ, a South African in his early 30s who lives in the UK, and who does maths about stars. My politics are very different from yours, but as I said before, I have absolutely no interest in discussing politics with you. This might be because I find your politics laughable, but also because I doubt we’re going to be able to reach common ground. Scildfreja is doubtless going to rip you apart limb from rhetorical limb because she is to reasoning what Beethoven was to music, but that’s not something I find entertaining.

I’m much more interested in hearing about you as a person. I’ve not had the chance of encountering a Dark Enlightenment manifesto-poster in the wild before, and I’m curious. For this reason I’m a little let down by the way you neglected my questions and went into a tangential politics rant.

I’ll try again, with only two questions, in case I overwhelmed you last time. Hopefully you’re able to answer them.

– How often do you post manifestos on sites which you suspect may not find them welcome?

– What is your current posts-to-converts ratio?

@Sedentary Reactionary

If tradition and the sacred even attempt to impose dominion of the rest of society then fuck both of them. Doomsayers like you have existed throughout history whenever the status quo was in flux. The world did not end on any of those innumerable occasions and it will not end now or anytime soon. You can’t turn back time. Get over it.

Oh cool, new troll. And he came back, so we can watch Schildfreja, WWTH, and all the other smart people here engage with him.

I’ve got one question re the post-apocalyptic fantasies: The whole argument depends on the fallacy that women are not able to care for themselves. If this is true, then won’t women die faster in a post-apocalyptic world, and thus wouldn’t there be fewer women then men?

Therefore, wouldn’t the ‘market value’ (not sure what that term actually means in this context, but the manosphere seems to like it) of the surviving women actually increase dramatically? Thus making it even tougher for you sad lonely guys to get laid?

Also, I strongly suspect that all those ‘fat’ women the manosphere likes to complain about will survive better than the anorexic ones they like to fantasize about, so not only will there be fewer women, but they’ll be women they don’t find attractive at all.

Just sayin.

Also, I’m in the camp of those with few survival skills. I can make a campfire and fish, but that’s about it. Although, I do know first aid, and so long as the pharmacies remain stocked, I can help you control your blood pressure and diabetes 😉 Oh, and I know how to isolate salicin (similar to aspirin) from willow bark, so that’s got to count for something.


Nietzsche is disgusting. He holds the individual too highly in esteem, and I hold him to be one of the worst elements to have come from western society. I find his proto-existentialist beliefs to be inconsistent with traditional values. You will not have any luck quoting him, try Joseph de Maistre.

‘Queen Nature’? Where did you come up with that? I’ve always seen it as ‘Mother Nature’, or ‘Gaia’, or various other pre-Christian (or non-Western) goddesses, but I’m not familiar with any tradition that regards Nature as a queen.

I do find it ironic when people post screeds about the benefits of ‘natural living’ on the internet, though. I do not think that word means what you think it means.

@Sedentary Reactionary, I will be brief as well! I apologize for my teasing. It’s just that, teasing. I don’t agree with your opinions, but I’ll treat them honestly and directly! I will quote the parts I disagree with and make short replies.

Women have an innate desire to bond with strong men in order to provide for their families, but in modern democratic societies they can use their votes to take money from those that are well-off in order to provide for themselves and their multiple offspring from multiple men

To the first part, both women and men bond for the same reason; affection and attention. These emotions evolved to fulfill the needs you describe. Humans do not calculate to get best-outcomes when emotions are deeply involved. Rational systems are not so deeply embedded in our decision making processes. Women being able to vote has no impact on their emotional decisions.

(ref: Self-Regulation theory)

Women only think in the short term, rarely do they ever think ahead and this is evidenced by the fact that they sleep with men who abandon them and their children all the time, and then use the state alpha male apparatus to swipe up taxes to feed themselves and their deprived children

Incorrect. Both men and women use both type-1 and type-2 decision making systems, and there is no indication of a preference for one or the other in actual research. Your use of a weasel-word “all the time” is indicative of cultural bias, and your statement on women “swiping up taxes” is equally leading. You would do well to examine the actual trends in this area instead of relying on your instinct.

Women have a desire to breed with men who show traits of classical masculinity, and will thus breed with societies which give birth to more primitive men

Incorrect. Both men and women have a slight bias in being attracted towards people of the similar skin tone and facial structure. This is connected to the underlying neurological mechanisms of racism. Both men and women may find dating/having sex with foreigners as being exciting and exotic, but this holds true for both men and women equally.

hardly does it seem to be the case that one can practice tradition in this day and age and some bureaucrat doesn’t try to sanitize it for being “offensive” or some swine hasn’t gotten it into his mind to capitalize on it

The term “practice tradition” is vague. I practice traditional things and don’t get any trouble for it; people I know approve, generally.

Do you mean “tradition” as in “traditionally, we lynch people like you ’round here.”? Or maybe “Round these parts we don’t have any gays.”? Because that’s an entirely different conversation, the short form of which is – all traditions change over time; some traditions deserve to end.

As for squeezing tradition for money through crass commercialism? I agree 100%. That’s disgusting.

I believe that our society (I live in the US, don’t know where you’re from) has become increasingly atomized as a result of liberal-democratic forms of governance.

This here really is the core of the issue, I believe. Because you’re right – society has ‘atomized’ somewhat. But you have absolutely zero evidence that it’s due to democracy or liberalism. I would put it on commercialism and a slavish devotion to the economy well overtop of democratic rule. Can you provide some evidence that democracy or ‘liberalism’ (whatever that is) is at fault for these things?


they never even realise that they would be beyond lucky to get the lowliest of henchman gigs

They wanna be Zedd, but they’re actually Bulk and Skull

@Sedimentary Rock
‘Tradition is good, ewe guise! I mean, most of the people on the blog I’m trolling would be either partially or entirely without rights in a framework traditional to broader Western culture, but it’d work out for meee! Besides, I honestly think it, so it must be correct!’
Next time, try to put something resembling an actual point in your screed. Just a suggestion…

Re: survival
In a post apocalyptic, mammoth commune, my biggest contributions would be my youthful hyperactivity, quick thinking, and arbitrarily aimed determination. I’m also terrible with people, a massive procrastinator, and a food sink (tho incredibly picky). So pros and cons :/

Feel free to sacrifice me in times of trouble. Won’t like it, but I’ll understand…

@ Sedentary Reactionary

You are quite right that other people’s laughter at your opinions has no effect on whether those opinions are true or false. If, though, laughter is a common response, you may want to reassess the facts you’ve based those opinions on. It may turn out that, in wandering away from the rest of the pack, you haven’t stumbled onto the Promised Land but instead are just hopelessly lost.

Just a thought, if you wish to ponder it.

(Ninja’d by EJ – so much for original thought 🙂 )

Ordinarily, Congress and the president make such a decision. In your scenario, a committee formed of women will make the call. Maybe you should learn more about how democracy works here in the USA before you decide you want a king, Mister Long-Term Thinker.

Don’t quote me, but IIRC, in many Native American communities, at least on the east coast, the women’s council were in charge of approving adoptions into the tribe, and deciding whether to kill or bring in prisoners, so a committee formed of women deciding how to handle a refugee situation would be quite traditional here in North America. Women also made the decisions about going to war for many groups, or at least rubber-stamped them.

Also, I’m given to understand that in Japan, it’s considered usual for the wife of a family to take care of financial planning and investments, since it’s assumed women are better at seeing the long-term picture. And Japanese culture is not exactly what you would call a bastion of female supremacy.

In terms of survival skills, well, hell, I can take care of kids, make a fire, cook over fire, garden, I’m not a great shot, but can get better with some practice, and I know some things about drying and preserving food. I make decent pickles. I know a little about midwifery–I’d rather not be the only source of information, God knows, but I could help out. I have some basic first aid skills. I’m getting to early middle age, but I still can walk long distances, carry a lot of weight, deal with a fair amount of pain, and then bitch quietly about how my ankles hurt. I’m a teacher by profession, and I can do that anywhere you need people to learn reading, writing, some basic arithmetic and history. If we get a Jewish community going, I can at least read Biblical Hebrew, and teach it, and I have enough general knowledge to be useful.

I’m not the person you would absolutely want to have around when society crumbles, but I’m ready to become a contributing older lady.

I worry mostly about my eyesight–if I can’t preserve my glasses or get replacements, my usefulness will be severely impaired–and about getting my IUD out safely–if we have another few years before the Big Collapse, my fertility will wrap itself up, but I will need to get this doodad out at some point. Note to self: if it looks like the apocalypse is at hand, have IUD removed. I’m on medication for depression, but honestly, I do much better in terms of mental health in crisis situations, so I should be GREAT once everything falls apart.

My survival skills: I can cook, I’m learning how to garden a bit, and I can do finger knitting! No needles required! And, if nothing else, I have been told I have a good eye for interior design, so we can at least make do with what we’ve got. I mean, I have spent hours arranging furniture in Fallout 4.

I’ve also got quite a stockpile of books and I am good with kids in short periods of time. I could be the post-apocalypse pre-school teacher (or maybe just the assistant if we have an actual teacher).

My books are more for adults though.

P.S. To my fellow Pokemon Go player: Join Team Valor. We’ll light a fire in your heart!

I believe that tradition is under attack

Which tradition, specifically? What traditional thing do you wish to do that you are not allowed to do?

You keep speaking of monarchy and tradition being good things, but as you may or may not be aware, the past is not monolithic. There were many different types of monarchs. There have been many different cultures with all sorts of different traditions. Which time and place do you feel we should emulate?

If democracy ends and a strongman takes over and forms a monarchy, what do you imagine your role will be in this new society? Do you think you’ll be the king? Or do you plan on becoming one of the king’s knights? Maybe a minor lord? More likely, you will be a peasant. What do you imagine the life of common men under monarchies was like?

@Sedentary Reactionary,

I agree! Nietzsche is utterly blinkered. I’m not really interested in playing philosophical ping-pong, though. Thank you for illuminating who you do agree with though. Helpful.

Now, to this point:

Do you know what the problem with leftists and the environment is? They don’t see nature as something worth protecting and keeping clean for its own sake. They hold roughly the same view that people on the right hold of it, that nature is a thing that we can strangle for our own benefit, only the left has more “THINK OF THE CHILDREN AND NONWHITES IN THIRD WORLD COUNTRIES” going on with it.

Speaking as an environmentalist and a “leftist” (whatever that means)… you are entirely, completely wrong. I do see Nature as something worth protecting on its own.

I have spent weeks alone in the grand northern Cathedral of Trees, walking in the silent snow. I’ve shared dinners with brown bears and shared the trails with bison and elk. I’ve drank from unpolluted glacial springs, and walked the ice road of frozen rivers flanked by frozen waterfalls.

The thought of squeezing the wilds for capital gain makes my blood boil, The thought of someone owning the frost-limned and silent circle of spruce is abhorrent to me. The only reason I’m not extending that anger to you right now is because you make the accusation blindly.

You paint the people you disagree with in the colour that best suits your fancy, so as to better make complaint. You want to seem virtuous, so you paint your opposition evil. You want to seen noble, so you paint your opposition petty. You want to seem wise, so you paint your opposition foolish.

Stop colouring your world in the way that suits your emotions. Wash it clean, and let its subtle and varied hues shine on their own.


I am not part of the Dark Enlightenment. I am mostly fond of Jews, I just don’t care for their politics. I also don’t think there’s anything inherently or essentially inferior about nonwhite races, I just don’t think races should live together because they’re always trying to compete with one another. Many nonwhite races, however, come from demonstrably inferior places from the west, but that’s not entirely a racial thing.

It has been quite a while since I posted anything on a hostile site, months even, I’d say. I used to do it all the time. I don’t know how what the maximum amount of hours a week I’ve gone up to is, but one time I must have exceeded 30 hours.

I never reread my work, because I’m not really happy with the way I word it. I have very bad ADD, and I have to pound it out fast or I’ll get bored, zone out, and forget what I was doing, so I don’t always get to word it the way I’d like.

I strongly suspect that I’ve at least gotten some people to consider my points, but not the people that I debate with. I write for onlookers, they are my principle audience. I doubt that I’ve ever fully converted anyone, but I’m not looking to convert, I’m looking to let it off my chest. There is no prize in this life or the next for converting to my way of thinking, and I’d really prefer if you didn’t because all though too many viewpoints can be alienating and confusing, too few of them can be boring and stifling. Also, I might be wrong about some things now and again and I’ll never know if people just repeat what I say.

I’ve never had a proud moment in all of this, I do it almost compulsively at times. One time, I defended the honor of a fictional woman for several months in an online argument. I defend fictional women as being better lovers than real women. I don’t know if that’s my proudest or most pathetic moment.

I don’t produce hard copies of my manifestos, because it’s wasteful and decadent, printer ink is expensive, and my printer keeps eating the paper.

Well, I don’t have much in the way of survival skills, but as I think I posted last time we had this discussion, I own a variety of bladed weapons including a large kukri sword which I am getting pretty good at manipulating. As long as I keep it sharp (it comes with two “baby” knives to sharpen it with) it’ll never run out of ammo as it were. So I guess I could join the survival commune in a defence role.

(Of course fictional women are more virtuous than real women in the eyes of (many) men. Fictional women are fictional. If they are written to be virtuous than they will be virtuous, in the same way that fictional heroes are capable of greater heroism – because the story makes them that way.

It’s easy to have a perfectly virtuous fictional woman. All that accomplishes is the reinforcement of stereotype on real women, who – surprise surprise! – can never live up to those ideals, since they don’t have an omnipotent author writing the stories of their lives.

Society has been holding up fictional women as impossible ideals for real women since the Homeric sagas emerged. It’s a perfectly traditional thing for you to do.)

I’m also always curious what apocalypse dreamers think will happen during the actual apocalypse? We hear a lot about how they’ll survive after the fact, but how will the apocalypse happen?

Is it going to be supernatural? Zombies or a rapture? Will it be water shortages? Nuclear war? A plague? People have always had a sense that the world is going to shit and there’s about to be an apocalypse. Why is today different and how precisely will these end times occur?

the kind of degenerate slang that regicidal beasts-of-burden like yourself spew forth

I just shed another single manly tear of laughter. Does that make them non-manly now given it’s the second time ?

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