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After Hillary puts them in the spotlight, Nazis Nazi-splain the alt-right on Twitter

The alt-right offers a powerful rebuttal of Hillary's speech
The alt-right offers a powerful rebuttal of Hillary’s speech

The alt-right celebrated Hillary Clinton’s speech yesterday on the alt-right by posting a host of memes on Twitter purporting to explain what #AltRightMeans.

So for today’s episode of Memeday, let’s look at this unique self-portrait of and by some of the worst people on planet earth.

According to them, alt-right means:

Pepe with a gun:

Multiple Pepes with multiple guns:

Blatant anti-Semitism:

Blatant anti-Semitism:that is also … anti-Christianism?

Appropriating Don Draper for your crappy racist memes:

I can only assume Fionn here never actually watched Mad Men, because Don Draper would have reacted to all this Nazi gibberish with, well, you know:


Or possibly this:

He can't even
He can’t even

Proudly boasting of your complete lack of shame:

Making very clear that yes, you are the baddies:

Islamophobic fearmongering:

Nazis complaining about the word “Nazi” being oppressive to Nazis:

Nazi-splaining “white genocide.”

Attacking Michelle Obama for … eating?

Celebrating diversity, white supremacist-style:

Posting pictures of cats?

Posting pics of cats, and also some white ladies:

Posting more white ladies:

Weird mystical Fascist crap, plus castles:

Whatever is going on in this picture. Which actually looks sort of delicious.

BRB, joining the alt-right.

More on Hillary’s speech and the alt-right tomorrow, probably.

NOTE: In case it wasn’t obvious, that last tweet from Wolf (@boissongazeuse) with the dawgie in it is a joke; the guy who posted it is not actually a Nazi.

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Hamish Imlach
Hamish Imlach
5 years ago

Ironically, these so-called “white nationalists” are probably the biggest perpetrators of anti-white racism out there. To gloss over the fascinating diaspora of European languages, food, culture and art w/ the cheap catch-all label of “white”? What could be more offensive?

I’m like 110% positive that none of these useless shits actually does anything to preserve and promote European culture or even white American culture. Do they travel around documenting white American folk culture before it disappears like Alan Lomax? No. Do they donate to or participate in any concert orchestras that study and play works by famous European composers? No. Ffs even something simple like holding a cooking class on European cuisine would be taking some sort of action towards preserving “white cultural identity”.

But alas, their only real conception of “whiteness” is something that stands in opposition the Other. It has nothing to do w/ an actual love of human culture and everything to do w/ massaging their hate-boners.

5 years ago

The ONLY way populations lose genetic material is by dying without passing on genes to offspring.

This is true, but it’s not necessarily caused only by war or premature death. Since parents only pass on half of their genetic material to their offspring, there’s 50% of their genes that do not get passed on if they only have one child. ~25% if they have only two, ~12.5% if they have three, etc. (It’s a bit of a crapshoot what half of the genes get passed on, as far as I know, but I think the distribution would statistically pan out to about half of whatever genes not passed on with every kid.).

E.g. Someone with brown eyes and a recessive blue eyed gene would have a 50% chance to pass on the brown eyed gene to each child they have. It would be a 75% chance that at least one of the two children they have would have a brown-eyed gene. So there’s a 25% chance that that the brown-eyed gene would not be passed on and would be “lost”, even though the person had offspring.

Of course, this effect is in play regardless of whoever partner the parent has. The chances of “losing” genetic material are exactly the same whether it’s a mixed or homogenous couple. So the racists still don’t have a leg to stand on.

occasional reader
occasional reader
5 years ago


Strange, i was thinking that white women were all look like old pizzas, as presented before, and it was better to get submissives wifes from other places.


Stage 1 Mass Immigration
Moving Millions of non-Whites into majority White countries […] a part of genocide.

Do you mean bringing, by full loaded stinky ships, POC as slaves in a country which was not yours – and pretty not white – when you invaded it ? You mean slavers are “white genociders” because they should have only use white slaves ?

It is also strange how the alt-right, who was so snarky about the “Old Europe” some years ago, now calls it back for the “white stuff”.
Weathercock, weathercock, tell me where i should bend…

Meanwhile, in Hungary, Orban had decorated (sorry, there might be a more official term for that, but i do not know it) a racist journalist. Not so suprising for a politician leader which is a Trump supporter.

Have a nice day.

Mike Hisandry
Mike Hisandry
5 years ago

How does one fanboy both the KGB and Nazis? It’s like loving the Red Sox and the Yankees.

Oh, wait, he just likes jackboots. Fair enough.

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