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MGTOW Memeday: Crushed by the wheels of Ladies’ Night

The meme-maker forgot to include "Graphic Designer: No one will hire him"
The meme-maker forgot to include “Graphic Designer: $0 yr. No one will hire him”

Say what you will about the meme-makers at the Going GHOST – MGTOW Facebook page, but you have to give them credit for one thing: their laser-like focus on the issues that truly matter to men.

And I don’t mean silly frivolous fluff like prison rape or workplace safety or prostate cancer. No, I mean the issues that REALLY matter. Like ladies night. And hot chicks playing video games in their underwear.

Let’s take a look at these and other totally important issues they raise.

1) Females today being a bunch of ugly lesbians

Do not dispute this highly scientific chart
Do not dispute this highly scientific chart

2) The aforementioned Ladies Night

Time to be flaky with da boys!
Time to be flaky with da boys!

3) Hot babes playing video games in their underwear

Well, the dudes are free to play video games in their underwear as well
How exactly DO you get attention while playing video games by yourself in your underwear? (Asking for a friend.)

4) Hot babes getting more “likes” on Facebook for their cosplay pics than I got for my totally awesome Batman costume, no, I’m not bitter

Also, she's oppressing men with her butt
Also, she’s oppressing men with her butt

5) Women dressing up as sexy Darth Vader even though they probably don’t even know who he is, probably!

Also, this costume is totally inauthentic as the real Darth Vader did not have a boob window
The real Darth Vader did not have a boob window

6) Females doing Yoga wrong, and also having jobs and voting

Also, women doing downward dog are oppressing men with their butts

Clearly the only way to deal with a society this corrupt is to Go Your Own Way and live a life of quiet dignity like Henry David Thoreau devote all your free time to yelling about how women suck on the internet.

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Now I’m imagining a MGTOW mating call. Here’s what I imagine it is: a high-pitched, screechy kind of call that brings to mind fingernails on a chalkboard. The kind of call that makes your eardrums want to crawl out of your ears and run as far away from that sound as possible. Unfortunately for the MGTOW (but not for a healthy society based on mutual respect, equality and tolerance) the call repels women rather than attracts them.

Thus Spake ZaraWeatherwax:

I’m a little confused about what use a Brexit bumper sticker is in Spokane, and after 23rd June 2016 to boot. Perhaps I should put a “Clinton Kaine” poster up in my window (in Britain) after November, in the same spirit.

It’s the reactionary version of crank magnetism. Liberals are feminists and liberals were against Britain leaving the EU, therefore the Brexit is a mighty blow against the feminist liberal globalist cultural Marxist agenda!!!!1111

Or something.

I believe the call of the wild MGTOW sounds something like:


So many comments! This is what I get for paddling through the lakes for three days. That and a good sunburn.

@Alan, early on:

In England separate prices for nightclub entrance is unlawful discrimination.

There are ways round it though, like offering discounted entry to anyone wearing a short skirt and wonderbra.

The climbing wall in Pittsburgh had a ladies night once a week; wear a sports bra, get 50% off. More women than men wore sports bras those evenings, but only barely.


1. I assume graphic #1 was done by American MGTOWs because of the mention of Vietnam. If that’s the case then the first graph makes no sense at all because we weren’t in WW2 in 1940, just saying.

To give them some benefit of the doubt they could be Australian rather than American in which case the dates would be valid (Aus declared war on Germany 3rd Sep 1939 and was involved in Vietnam war in at least some capacity between 1962 and 1972) but more likely they just screwed it up…

Another puzzling thing about those graphs is the bars don’t go all the way to 100%. So, let’s see… in 1910-1940, 1% of males were gay, 10% were unattractive, another 15% were attractive, and the other 74% were… what, exactly? Just kind of okay-looking?

The last graph suggests that post-2000, under 5% of men are not gay and not notably attractive or unattractive. Is the eradication of average-looking het, bi, and ace dudes the work of the ffeeemale ffeminist femspiracy? Does male disposability make asexual men allosexual, and cause bi men to not like boobs any more? Is hypergamy somehow making men ugly and handsome at the same time? So many questions!

@ numberbois

Is there any real distinction between a sports bra and an ill fitting vest?

After a quick check and a little math, it appears that the combination of the two bars on the graph roughly corresponds to millions of adults below retirement age averaged over each period. Assuming that it’s not a complete asspull which coincidentally sort of lines up. How they came up with the rest of it I have no idea.

Whoever made anti-girl geek memes is dumb, Geek spaces have as I’ve lived them been places for male & female nerds. There have always been female nerds and in most geek & gaming circles I’ve been in I’ve been welcomed with open arms. In my High school me and female friends were the weeaboos, the table top gamers & LARPERs, the boys were playing magic and that’s it. I don’t get were the HATE comes from.

The Friend Zone will be a multi-story building. So there will be a quiet floor, and a boardgame floor, and a very well insulated loud dance floor for people into that, and so on.

ETA: Is it just me, or is PocketNerd some magician who’s found a way to always have the last word? Their posts seem to permanently move to the last spot in the thread.

@rabbid rabbit: Phryne suggested in the ‘fight for western civilization’ thread that the posts may be out of order because people are replying from their email notifications. Makes as much sense to me as anything else.

Man, now that this commemorative nickname thing is taking off, I kinda want one, but I haven’t had any especially interesting personal interactions with recent trolls. I’d probably have to go all the way back to MRAL, and I don’t know how many regulars actually remember him. How does orion – facial alpha sound?

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