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Heartiste: The Orlando massacre may be the first step in a “needed cleansing”

Is Heartiste channelling Charles Manson in his response to the Orlando shootings?
Is Heartiste channeling Charles Manson in his response to the Orlando shootings?

You probably haven’t been wondering what profound conclusions the racist pickup artist who calls himself Heartiste has drawn from the horrific tragedy in Orlando. But I’m going to tell you anyway.

The first? That Omar Mateen was a pretty cool dude.

Don’t get me wrong. Heartiste is a Trump-worshipping bigot who wants not only the “jihadis” but their families “targeted for kebab removal,” as he’s charmingly put it.

But he also thinks that Mateen is ALPHA AF. As he wrote in a post today:

Chicks dig jerks, especially cute chicks in the prime of their fertility who could have non-jerks if they desired them.

And Mateen scored at least two such “‘chicks.”

The allure of the alpha male — note I did not say admirable man — over women is unmissable. … History is replete with female accomplices of alpha male killers whose charms could not be resisted.

Well, not quite as replete as all that. A look through Wikipedia’s vast list of the world’s serial killers suggests that it is far more common for male murderers to have male accomplices.

Lest it go under-reported, Omar’s first wife is a true hottie, and he has kids from multiple women.

Lest Heartiste forget it, Omar Mateen’s first wife reportedly fled from him only a few months into their brief marriage, apparently in such a hurry that she left virtually all of her belongings behind. She settled secretly in a city 1500 miles away from her husband so he wouldn’t be able to find her.

ALPHA. And if you don’t like it, don’t blame the messenger. Blame the massengil.

Even by the standards of bad puns, that last bit makes no sense whatsoever; it’s only funny if you think that all references to vaginas and their supposed perpetual stinkiness are inherently hilarious, because girls are icky amirite fellas high five! For a guy who professes to be some kind of smooth Lothario, Heartiste seems to get squicked out by vaginas awfully easily. (Also, it’s spelled MassengiLL. You’d think someone who is himself a massive douchebag would know that.)

Heartiste’s swooning over Mateen’s alleged alphatude is more than a little creepy. But not as creepy as the conclusion he drew in another post he put up today — that the Orlando massacre might be the first step in a “needed cleansing” of our decadent culture. 

Men from aggressive, foreign tribes, full of passion and conviction, have begun targeting the culture and lifestyle centers of their post-tribal enemy … They have identified the softest underbelly and are eviscerating it with a vengeance. This means liberals — r-selected rabbits — will bear the brunt of violent Diversity. We are careening into the rabbit holocaust, when everything liberals believe and hold dear will be under mortal threat, and they will die or scatter to the protection of their warrens.

This may be a needed cleansing.

Yep, he really did write that.

After all, it’s rabbit ideology that got us to where we are: besieged by malcontents and barbarians, and making high-minded rationalizations for welcoming ever more of them to lay waste to the rabbit-optimized Elysium fields of grass that is always fresh and green.

This “cleansing,” in Heartiste’s view, could be brutal indeed.

Millions more Americans … could die at the hands of Diversity and the Effete Elite would not surrender their open borders globalist race-mongrelizing agenda.

But there’s a happy ending, of sorts, to Heartiste’s fractured fairy tale — one in which the cavalry, in the form of  right-wing authoritarians, rides to the rescue of the remaining Americans.

The solution will be, as always, a forceful taking of power by the K-selected wolves, to save the rabbits from themselves.

And of course Heartiste sees himself as one of the wolves.

I can’t help but notice that Heartiste’s apocalyptic fantasies are strikingly reminiscent of the similarly apocalyptic, similarly delusional fantasies of a fellow by the name of Charles Manson.

I don’t make this comparison lightly. But consider this:

Manson orchestrated the grotesquely brutal  Tate/LaBianca murders in hopes of triggering a race war — which Manson and his gang would ride out in a secret hideout in the desert. This was all part of what he famously called “Helter Skelter,” after the Beatles song.

Manson assumed that blacks would win this race war, but would be unable to run what remained of the country. Manson and his pals would then step up and take control themselves — thus transforming Charles Manson, the head of a rag-tag group of hippies who fed themselves out of garbage dumpsters, into the supreme ruler he’d always wanted to be.

Replace Manson’s references to “piggies” with Heartiste’s references to “rabbits” and “wolves,” and the fantasies follow a similarly addled logic. In Manson’s fever dream, the blacks — whom he hated — would carry out the “needed cleansing” of a decadent white civilization; in Heartiste’s fantasies. the hated Muslims will play a similar role.

Like Heartiste, many of those screaming the loudest about the allegedly evil Muslims hiding in our midst don’t really want the carnage to stop. In the short run, it means more converts to their hateful ideologies; in the long run, they dream of their own versions of Helter Skelter. That’s one of the reasons why this election is such a critical one — why Trump and Trumpism need to be soundly defeated.

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You’re right in that it probably won’t change the minds of hardcore Islamophobes. The hope is likely more to help immunize the minds of the waffling middle against that sort of rhetoric.

My guess is that Nazis decided to get in the PUA subculture at some point to recruit people. Since the end of World War II they’ve been targeting various socially deviant white male subcultures for recruitment. Recently they’ve been targeting sites like 4chan and Reddit and looking for people who seem upset or socially outcast.

The main issue is that people probably won’t become full-fledged Nazis but they will be influenced by the fascist and right wing authoritarian ideology (maybe without even knowing it). So that’s partly why it’s so important for sites to have good moderation and to ban hate speech and harassing behaviors. Tolerating any type of harassment or hate speech creates a recruiting environment for fascists.


I will forever be your #1 fangirl here on WHTM, You’ve turned me into one of those bobbing-head dogs found in the backs of cars, with my constant nodding in agreement to most things you say.

I am honored to have you as my #1 fangirl! Thanks!

I think if an apocalypse happened, mr Heartiste would probably just become a small time raider for a short while and then end up a sad squelchy meat sack in super mutant camp. With 5 bottlecaps and a typewriter as loot.
We all know the true winner in postapocalyptica will be a polyamorous Bob the Builder with an army of robot gardeners and more guns than a medium sized country.

(This opinion may be heavily influenced by having played a lot of fallout lately though)

I think it’s kinda weird that such a supposedly masculine and hard-core dude has a name that a) is a pun on the French word for “artist”, and b) that pun suggests he has a heart. I’d expect that more to be the pen-name of an online romance fanfic writer, and not an MRA.

I studied French in school and I’ve always viewed the name as kind of feminine sounding, which makes it kind of odd in my own mind that an MRA would use it rather than something more masculine sounding.

“Artiste” in French is used as both a masculine and feminine noun, but usually a word ending in an “e” like that is feminine.

Trigger warning for assholery of biblical proportions

Further to our discussion about radicalisation and inspiration to murder; here’s what some Californian pastor has to say about Orlando. To me, the most disingenuous part is the “I’m not saying we should” when he clearly means the opposite.

What if you asked me, “Hey, are you sad that 50 pedophiles were killed today?” Um, no, I think that’s great,’ he told his followers, some of whom laughed. ‘I think that helps society. I think Orlando, Florida, is a little safer tonight. The tragedy is that more of them didn’t die. I’m kind of upset that he didn’t finish the job.’

Later in the sermon, Jimenez quoted scripture and said gays should be executed by a ‘righteous’ government.

‘I wish the government would round them all up, put them up against the firing wall, put a firing squad in front of them and blow their brains out,’ he said. ‘I’m not saying we should do it. I’m not saying we should go, you know, blow up Planned Parenthood. All I’m saying is this, if God had his way, that’s what he would do.’

All I’m saying is this, if God had his way, that’s what he would do.’

But doesn’t he believe his god is omnipotent? Given that there aren’t avenging angels meting out his god’s wrath, perhaps, just perhaps, he’s mistaken about his god’s views.

People choose (often subconsciously) theur faith to bolster their existing bigotries. What you get out of a religuon ia pretty much what you put in just with the doubt removed.

I hope that those ads help, but I don’t know how much Islamophobes actually care where Muslims were born. All of the right-wingers using the Orlando attacks to call for harsher policies on Muslim immigration are letting the knowledge that Omar Mateen was born in New York go right in one ear and out the other. And the ones who chose to acknowledge it go on to insist that the real problem was that his parents were admitted into the U.S.

Well, the sentient cheeto running for president straight up said that Muslims don’t assimilate even after 3 generations, so we can never trust them.

I don’t remember Jesus saying anything specifically about gay people, but I’m pretty sure he did say to love one another. I don’t understand how you can call yourself a Christian while advocating for firing squads against people.

Am I the only one who can’t look at pictures of Charles Manson? His eyes freak me the fuck out. Same with Rasputin. I’ve never understood how people were drawn to them because one look at their eyes makes me run screaming the other way.

I hope that those ads help, but I don’t know how much Islamophobes actually care where Muslims were born.

(I’ma ramble a bit here, please tell me where I am wrong!)

Echoing chesselwitt: it’s pretty likely that they don’t actually care about the race of the Muslim, it’s very much an “All Muslims Out” sentiment that I keep hearing. Telling them that Indonesia is the most populous Muslim country, for example, doesn’t change a thing about what they say, they really don’t seem to care. Which is super scary. Tribalism for the 21st century, in which boundaries are drawn by ideas and not borders.

I think it’s still racism, though. Not against a particular race – Muslims come in every flavour of humans – but instead a very blatant white supremacy sort of a thing. The edges are blurry, as black, latino and asians can be islamophobic, but there seems to be a solid core of white supremacy at the heart of it.

Frankly, I don’t even think it’s the specifics of Islam, or Arabic culture, or anything of the sort that gets them so passionately angry. Nor is it outrage about the terrorism. Islamophobia is something they’re allowed to express. This is why (in my opinion) there’s such a weird blur of racism, religious bigotry and unwillingness to actually solve the problem.

These are people who were raised to feel hate towards other groups – bigots who hate blacks for the social justice movement, bigots who hate anyone outside of their religion, bigots who hate women and gays for their progressive gains. Islamophobia has become on some level socially acceptable, and they’ve latched onto it as an outlet for their hate. So they exaggerate the current state of affairs and then blame it on all of their hates, and they call for curtailing all of the gains of the past decades – not because they actually hate Islam, but because it’s the convenient outlet.

They’re just dressing up their familiar old hates in an Imam’s robes so as to provide an excuse.

@ chesselwitt

I don’t understand how you can call yourself a Christian while advocating for firing squads against people.

At least twice I’ve had people tell me that turning the other cheek was a gesture meant to shame someone, not an advocation of pacifism or non resistance even though it isn’t a stand alone passage but part of a long discourse on just those things. Anything can be rationalized by someone who is determined to protect their own beliefs. People who hold the Bible as inerrant almost always seem to grant this status to the KJV despite this creating a vast gulf of time during which there were apparently no true Christians. Some go so far as to say that no one can understand anything in the Bible unless the Holy Spirit is guiding them, meaning that they don’t even have to TRY and defend their beliefs.

Manson was not a hippie, he is a chameleon who can mould himself to whoever his chosen audience is. The people who followed him were lost and on the fringes of the hippie movement. He fed drugs and convinced that he believed that Helter Skelter stuff. He was bitter about not achieving fame more than anything. Manson rarely partook of drugs and I think he knew exactly what he was doing.
I think a lot of todays hate-mongers might be quite similar, they want their readers to get riled up and enjoy the power, the feeling of being a leader, of being listened to and of controlling others. They may or may not hold the beliefs they spout but it seems to me they love the fallout and attention they get more than anything.

“Heartiste” sounds far too much like the performer Le Petomane, whose name roughly translates to “The Fartiste”.

@ Scildfreja: I think you may be right that Islamophobia is getting more and more widespread because it is seen as an “allowed” form of hate.

I have been thinking the same thing for a while, since I live in Germany and with our history the mere concept of people having “races” is not really acceptable in discourse apart from the real extreme fringes and most people I think are afraid to openly associate with those. Instead they phrase their hate differently and use terms like “culture” and “religion”, for example saying that the “foreigners” have a “culture” that is too different from “German Culture” or that we are a “Christian” country (and religion plays a way smaller role here than in the US being brought up only in these contexts). When they phrase it this way, not only do they not suffer the same amount of negative reaction, they are also suddenly taken seriously by mainstream media and politicians. While in truth what they express is still fear of everything that’s seen as different and anger at their own circumstances projected onto an “other” as a convenient scapegoat. It seems it’s always so much easier to get angry and hate someone or something, than to… I don’t know, work on solving your own problems. I honestly think that the amount to which the sometimes blind anger and hatred of the “concerned citizens” is becoming accepted here is scary. I don’t really think we’re any “better off” or “safer” than the British people in this respect.

Ps: I’ve been lurking for a while now, but I’m still not sure if I phrased everything correctly and without being in any way offensive. I also hope I made at least a bit of sense with the above, as I’m not a native speaker.

I think some people use religion to support their preexisting bigotries and other people are scared or brainwashed into it. Some people have a strong fear of going to Hell and will change their own attitudes to convince themselves that they’re “saved.”

Many mainstream evangelicals are not buying the anti-gay stuff. Most people don’t think the Bible must be followed on every moral issue anyway, so accepting homosexuality isn’t that big of a deal. Believing that the Bible is without error in the way that’s often defined usually involves being completely intellectually dishonest. Those people tend to be extreme relativists when it comes down to it.

Most fundamentalists are simply repeating what they’ve been taught. But the more intellectual ones are nostalgic for authoritarian and aristocratic societies and have a deep distrust of democracy. So for them it’s more the proto-fascist politics and less the doctrines.

I’ve visited Heartise on & off for a few years. Just to see what red pilling was all about, etc…He has increasingly began moving away from the PUA/red pilling and moving toward being an openly racist hate site. Know how this conversation will break down on the site & comments…the liberal media will paint Mateen as a repressed homosexual but of course he really an Alpha top notch high ranking male the media wants to suppress. This will be their new goto conspiracy about Mateen. The battle cry of the dying middle class open racist.

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