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POLL: “It only gets worse,” and other totally inspiring MGTOW slogans

MGTOWs only wish they were this cool
MGTOWs only wish they were this cool

So over in the Men Going Their Own Way subreddit, some of the regulars are trying to come up with pithy, clever new slogans that will help them to “help our brothers wake up” to the reality of how women are a bunch of icky shrews.

Now you can help the MGTOWs by voting for your favorite slogan below. As you take this poll, please try to remember that these are ACTUAL SUGGESTIONS FROM ACTUAL MGTOWS who think they could be a great way to recruit new members.

If you happen to come up with a better suggestion, you can vote for it instead; if there are enough good ones, I can set up a sort of runoff election including them.

MGTOWs: As terrible at slogans as they are at everything else!

104 replies on “POLL: “It only gets worse,” and other totally inspiring MGTOW slogans”

I have a slogan for them. MGTOW: go your own way and eschew women by constantly yelling about them online and making up theories about the “cock carosel” and alpha-beta-theta-zeta males

Oh! Um… I have a gmail account? seppuku kitty, minus the spaces. (Trying not to be too obvious…)

Last one is nicely Freudian. I can’t not read it without thinking they are describing themselves.

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