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It Came From the Comments I Don’t Let Through: Lesbian-Powered Butt-Worshipper Edition


It’s time for another episode of It Came From the Comments I Don’t Let Through, in which I post notable comments by drive-by commenters that I think regular readers here will find, er, instructive.

Today, a heaping pile of homophobia from a fellow identifying himself as Reg Handford. Are you sitting comfortably? Good, then let’s begin.

I know what you want.

We’re off to a bad start here, because pretty much everyone who’s ever said this to me has not known what I want at all.

A society run by feminists and powered by lesbians, where the feminists have the gays under their thumb so that they say exactly the right words and visions on the media they control.

Here’s what a lesbian-powered society might look like, with the lesbians represented for no good reason by totally adorable dogs.

giphy (15)


Mr. Handford continues:

Control is placed on judges and educators and professors who know they must obey your ideological dictates or suffer savaging in the media.

The people you attack are meek limp men, ‘guilty’ whites, and christians confused about their religion, praying for forgiveness, lol.

Well, actually, the people I write about tend to be raging bigots; that’s kind of the point of the blog. Most of them aren’t actually what you’d call “meek,” unless, say, calling women the c-word online is a form of meekness I just haven’t heard about.

Indeed, Mr. Handford’s comment was a response to my recent post about The Daily Stormer celebrating the Orlando massacre for supposedly “secur[ing] the election for Trump.” “And the best part?” the Daily Stormer’s Andrew Anglin added. “Nothing of value was lost. Fifty dead homos.”

Again, I’m having a little trouble seeing how this counts as “meekness.”

Gays have already hijacked the rainbow; the populace is so stupid that they think gays own the rainbow. Really!!! That stupid!!!

Technically, the rainbow is co-owned by the gays and Skittles.

The mistake you are making is that you are attacking males, whites and christians so intensely that they have no more cheeks to turn; they have no choice but to fight back.

Yeah, the guys I write about aren’t exactly turning the other cheek. Nor are they all guys. Or white, or Christian.

Personally I will fight you to the end of life, to hell and back, in words, pictures and vitriol, until I am able to see your ideology discarded in the toxic wastebin of history. defines “vitriol” as “language so mean-spirited and bitter that it could eat through metal.” Clearly the language of a great and noble human rights movement!

Let me help you understand gaiety. Lets get down and dirty on that.. Gaiety advocates the

Ok, Reg, let me cut you off right there. What follows is a puerile description of sexual acts that are often performed by gay men, straight women, and straight men. The word “weenies” is used.

That’s All It Is. Nothing more. Just the Pride of unsanitary acts. That is who you are worshipping. Too stupid to know what an anus is for.

Says someone who seems to use his own anus as a storage place for his head.

The next bit is a little unexpected.

As for Trump, his books emphasize safety, and economic changes to improve living standards. Solid ideas. He passes no comment on butt-worshippers. But he has no plans how we can crush gay propaganda. And that is the issue of the era. So he is a wimp.

Donald Trump: Tool of the Butt-Worshipping, Lesbian-Powered Elite.

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Haha. I own precicesly one fourth of the ace flag, two fourths of the lesbian flag, and one fourth of the bi flag. Math.


logic just went and cried…

The colour museum! Where? Since you’re across an ocean from me, I’ll assume not here.
*starts saving money for trip*
*abandons zebras to their own flatulence*

Project Mitosis, whatever that is

That’s how we make friends, or buds as we like to call them.


I have a matter’s degree in divinity and have read through the Bible cover-to-cover multiple times. Moses is the greatest leader of the Old Testament and Jesus is the greatest leader of the New Testament. Both are described by the Bible as “meek.” Enough said.

Ah, but the fine folks at Conservapedia are already busy rewriting retranslating the Bible so that “meek” becomes “God-fearing”.

(Also, apparently it’s not the rich who won’t enter the kingdom of heaven, but the unproductive. Who knew!)

@ Bbz

The colour museum! Where?

It’s in Bradford, Yorkshire.

It started life as a museum about dyeing and weaving; as textiles used to be a big industry in that part of the world. Then it expanded into a museum about colour generally. How we use colour, how we perceive colour, how colours affect us etc. It’s really quite fascinating.

A museum of colour. That is amazing.
*puts another twenty in the trip piggybank*
Bradford, Yorkshire, here I come…once I have the funds.

I’m really interested in that “lesbian-powered” part. As it so happens, power bills are getting really harsh, and most of my friends are lesbian or bisexual women. Would the kind mr Handford please explain more on that ? Does it, like, work like a generator ? If so, since I don’t think they’d like gas, is booze an acceptable substitute ? I noticed they tend to burst with energy when given booze, like many other non-lesbian human beings, so a way to convert that energy into electricity sounds really useful. How many lesbians do I need and how much booze do they need to drink to generate enough electricity for an average household for, say, a month ? What kind of maintenance is required ? Etc.

Please respond with more details.

@Jenora Feuer

Well, that sort of commentary is pretty normal for Frum these days; as I said, he’s been actively painting himself as the ‘last sane conservative’ for a while now.

Well he can fuck all the way off with that. Seriously, what is it with people (especially people who aren’t conservatives) who keep looking for the “‘reasonable’/ ‘smart’ conservative”. Frum badmouths the Teabaggers? Oh, he must be a ‘reasonable’ conservative. What a load of horseshit. There’s not a single iota of meaningful difference between his positions and theirs, he just knows bigger words to describe them with.

And as much of the Republican party has been charging off a cliff, his more thoughtful style has left him without many allies in the party. He’s not a big fan of the Tea Party or Moral Majority types.

More thoughtful than what? A bigger vocabulary doesn’t imply deeper thought, nor yet expertise. What is is about Frum and his ilk that has people keep saying this? (Serious question; I have no clue.)

@virginmary: could not agree more.

@Alan Robertshaw: That actually does sound fascinating. Is it’s title just ‘the color museum’?

Since this is basically an open thread at this point…
I have a pit bull. She doesn’t bite. She doesn’t even bark. We’ve trained her to do neither. It wasn’t difficult. She’s stubborn and friendly and nice. My friend is not a “danger to the public”. I’m in Old Dixie, so this won’t affect us. Still tho. Ontario can fuck off. Quebec can fuck off. Getting on my fuckin last right now. *Seethe*

Oh, and Dove’s comment is sliding down. Did we ever figure out why that happens?

Oh, I’m definitely not saying Frum is anything good; just that he’s more thoughtful than most in the Republican party, which is a pretty low bar these days.

This is a guy who worked for the American Enterprise Institute, one of the bigger right-wing think tanks. He’s also someone who left (or was pushed, nobody’s talking) the AEI after publicly commenting that the Republican party’s opposition to the Affordable Care Act was counter-productive.

Honestly, I suspect he’s sort of like Stephen Harper was here, in that he really wants the right-wing to be in charge, but is at least smart enough to realize that you have to put on a good public face and compromise on occasion to actually get into power before implementing the plan.

Whether or not he will ever admit that his helping to mobilize the more militant factions as one of George W. Bush’s scriptwriters has helped lead to the current mess… well, we may never know. He made his bed, and doesn’t seem to be finding it very comfortable.

@ axecalibur

I understand your annoyance. We had a similar ban here after a couple of incidents (that were down to rubbish humans rather than the dogs themselves of course). It was a classic example of “hard cases make bad laws”)

Now “Dangerous Dogs Act” is a synonym for ill thought out knee jerk legislation.

Rubbish humans are drawn to pit bulls (and in fact created the breed) among other breeds.


Ugh! The US went through that junk primarily in the 80-90’s. Back then you heard all sorts of stories about how how ‘bullys’ were the psychotic* dog breed, nice one second bloodthirsty child killers the next. Unlike other dogs, they couldn’t feel pain, their jaw strength was far greater than a tiger’s, they could hold their prey with their front teeth and detach their jaws back where it connects to the skull and grind the prey with their back teeth…the stories were unbelievable at times.

But nobody wanted to hear the folks trying to talk nice about those dogs, or point out that the ‘crazy’ dogs were likely either badly trained or abused to make them vicious (the more vicious the dog, the bigger the owner’s dick was, yes?).

Though looking back now, I have to wonder how much of that hysteria – and the successful banning of those breeds – was due to unconcious racism. Part of the reason (I think) the pit breeds became popular at that time was the ghetto association they gained (via the infamous Sports Illustrated article that depicted the fighting dog subculture that existed in certain ghettos in the 80’s). Everyone wanted that ‘ghetto taste’ in a furry package, and maybe that association with the ghetto drove those bans.

I have no proof of that, btw, but given that other ‘vicious’ breeds (German Shepards, Dobermans, Cocker Spaniels, ect.) from decades before that were never successfully banned (that I know of, anyway) like pit bulls were, it makes me wonder.

*ETA: that was the language used at the time to describe those dogs. Apologies for that.


I remember seeing a post on a forum I will not mention where some idiot was arguing that the rainbow used by the LGBTQI+ community was “satanic” becuse the colours are the same as the seven chakra colours reversed. It was useless trying to argue with him that the correct order, with red at the top is the same as a rainbow in the sky. He refused to accept that. Wasn’t he ever told the colour order in school, Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain? I ended up telling him that God created the rainbow after the flood in Genesis, but this just made his head explode.

All this “sane conservative” talk reminds me of a thread I saw from the witchcraft community on tumblr, where a guy who’s calling himself an elder is going off about how “real” witches don’t do this and “real” witches read his books because he’s a best-selling author, so he writes to appeal to a wide group of people and tries to paint witchcraft as “wholesome, natural, good vibes” etc.

It’s pretty gross that he thinks he can police other people’s Craft like that.


Cocker Spaniels?! Really?!!
They would be the very last on my devil dog list, right after Bichon Frise and Shi Tzu.
Spaniels are about as vicious as pink blancmange.

@ Virgin Mary

that the correct order, with red at the top is the same as a rainbow in the sky.

When you get a double rainbow the colours in the secondary rainbow are reversed.

Not the Colour Museum this time; actually figured that out myself 🙂

Now “Dangerous Dogs Act” is a synonym for ill thought out knee jerk legislation

I’m pretty sure our version of that is Prohibition (‘it’s like Prohibition all over again!’). Tho I’d nominate the Embargo Act (then we won’t export anything, so there), the Tariff of Abominations (you weren’t supposed to actually vote for it), or the Kansas-Nebraska Act (what could possibly go wrong?) as much worse examples. Never underestimate the American capacity for blind, impulsive spite


Part of the reason (I think) the pit breeds became popular at that time was the ghetto association they gained

^All kinds of this. DMX terrified white people, probably cos little Tanner had “Rough Ryders” on a loop. ‘That hippity hop is ni-, I mean, er, the Devil’s music.’
Fuck that guy, BTW. Terrible person to humans and dogs

When pitties aren’t treated like crap, they are super sweet. I’ve known more than a few of them, and because their humans weren’t walking trash fires, they were friendly and just wanted to be loved. They can be pretty excitable, though, so training is important so they don’t jump on people in an effort to show how happy they are that they’re meeting new people/getting attention.

But he has no plans how we can crush gay propaganda. And that is the issue of the era. So he is a wimp.

Vladimir Putin, is that you?

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