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Daily Stormer: “Men Who Support Women’s Suffrage are De Facto Supporters of Gang-Rape”

Dammmmmn Adolf, back at it again with the antifeminism
Dammmmmn Adolf, back at it again with the antifeminism

So Andrew Anglin, the lovable hateful scamp behind the Anime Nazi internet tabloid The Daily Stormer, seems to be going all Men’s Rights Activist on us. In a post last week, Anglin offered his own take on a rather old argument, declaring that women need to have the vote taken away from them — for their own good.

As Anglin sees it, “allowing women to vote is the behavior of a woman-hater,” because women — like the overgrown children they are — can be easily duped into voting against their own interests. By which Anglin means voting differently than he would.

In the Austrian election last month, Anglin reports with disgust, women were less likely than men to vote for far-right presidential candidate Norbert Hofer. “If women were not allowed to vote, Hofer would have won by a landslide,” Anglin sniffs.

As he sees it, Austrian women have “overwhelmingly voted for the invasion” of their once-proud white nation by not-so-white immigrants and refugees, who have repaid this bit of kindness from Austria’s women by turning around and raping them.

“It is women who are perhaps suffering most from this invasion,” Anglin declares.

They are the ones getting raped the most (little boys are also victimized regularly). They are being murdered more than men. They are much more likely to get robbed on the street. …

[I]f you support women’s suffrage, you also support the mass rape of our women by Moslems.

But it’s men, not women, who are ultimately responsible for this mess, Anglin suggests, because women don’t really know any better. And how could you expect them to? They’re just women.

If someone gives children explosives, knowing they will blow themselves up, because of some weird and nonsensical moral system, who is responsible for the deaths of the children?

The children? Or the adults who gave them the explosives?

Just so, if someone gives women the right to vote, knowing based on easily available statistics that those women will vote to get gang-raped by Moslems, who is responsible for these gang-rapes?

And who then is the hater of women: the one who enables the gang-rapes by allowing women to vote for gang-rapes or the one who prevents the gang-rapes by disallowing women to vote for gang-rapes?

Ultimately, Anglin suggests, the blame for women suffrage should be laid at the feet of … wait for it … THE JEWS. Feminism, Anglin declares, is a central “part of the Jewish agenda.”

Later in the post, Anglin elaborates further on what he calls “the diabolical Jew-feminist agenda,” warning his readers that

the Jew concept of feminism has been at the core of the destruction of our society, both by empowering emotional women to dictate social norms according to female morality and by disempowering men, forcing them to adopt female values and become impotent and weak.

Anglin even manages to work in a mini-rant on the alleged inability of feminist men to score with the hot babes. Like a lot of alt-righters, he seems to have trouble distinguishing real life from cuckold porn.

I have never met a male feminist who was successful with women. In fact, the opposite is true: beta white knight cucks who shill for feminists tend to be completely incapable of getting laid. If they ever do get a woman, she is simply leeching them for resources while having sex with other men.

Naturally, Anglin turns to tired evo-psych fairy tales about our caveman ancestors in an attempt to back up his Cuck Theory of male feminism.

Just as men are attracted to tight butts and big breasts, women are attracted to power and an ability to dominate. This is because that is what protects them and their children.

All human behavior is based on evolutionary biology.

Naturally Anglin can’t help but throw in a weird but standard evo-psych apologia for rape.

A sensitive guy has a value of absolute zero in the natural world. If ever a sensitive man existed in the natural world, and somehow managed to land a hot babe, he would be immediately attacked and killed and his woman would be taken by a powerful man. And the woman would be happier for it, because she would be better protected by the man who stole her, and given stronger children by him.

Yeah, women just love it when men murder their partners, then kidnap and rape them.

Somewhat ironic, isn’t it, to see this argument coming from a guy who thinks we should deny women the vote — in order, supposedly, to protect them from rape.

But Anglin remains sufficiently in touch with reality to know that women’s suffrage isn’t going away any time soon. “We are not actually going to ban women from voting,” he writes.

In order to do that, we would have to have control of society, at which point we will just abolish the concept of democracy in its entirety.

Spoken like the true Trump fan he is.

125 replies on “Daily Stormer: “Men Who Support Women’s Suffrage are De Facto Supporters of Gang-Rape””

@ weirwoodtreehugger

I’m also not sure why Tim is mad over abortion and child support simultaneously.

Because they allow women to actually Go Their Own Way?

@Catalpa – Yep. It’s property theft. It’s the (white) man’s consent that matters, not the woman’s.

I am very happy to be a WGTOW
I need a Yorkshire terrier now to make my life complete.
I don’t hate men, I just don’t want one.

Weird, I just checked my official Men I Seek list, and white supremacists don’t appear anywhere on there. Must be some sort of mistake, I guess, since Tim is pretty confident that I want to produce and care for his white babies/living proof of his manly white virility.

I noticed that Tim assumed his entire reading audience of women were white women, for stupid white supremacist reasons. (I don’t mean to imply that I myself am a woman of colour, since I’m not.)

Maybe I’m a bit slow on the uptake, but is this correct, if a woman gets raped by a coloured man it’s her fault, for voting for lenient immigration policies, but if she gets raped by a white man she should be flattered?!! Is this really what they believe?!!

@Mary, that is absolutely his argument. Or what he’s trying to pass as an argument, anyway. But hey, quick FYI: “coloured” is a term that’s loaded with a really racist past, and my understanding is most people really don’t like it when we use it. People of Colour is a good umbrella term to use instead. 🙂

Women are idiots.

…says the master projectionist.

The legislation set off a global escape by men from marriage.

WHICH legislation? I expect chapter and verse, plus documentation from a peer-reviewed source to prove this idiotic contention.

The mass foreign immigration you see today is the result of feminist policies and laws – the outsourcing of birth.

Once more, with feeling: CITATION NEEDED. Birth isn’t being “outsourced”, unless maybe you’re talking gay couples using surrogates in India, or something similarly exceptional. Shockingly, I see plenty of feminists — even white ones! — still giving birth to their own children.

You’re only hurting yourselves. The men you seek want nothing to do with you.

I don’t seek men who want nothing to do with me. This isn’t middle school, fuckass.

We’re happy knowing you’ll die with deep regrets over the destruction of your own nationality and abortions. We understand your motivations and support those motivations. Nothing is more fulfilling than giving another full extension of rope with which to hang themselves.

Ha, ha, that’s precious. You don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about, but you think you’ve triumphed over us…by doing nothing? Please, troll harder. So I can maybe laugh myself to death.

Congratulations. You lost.

Stop talking to yourself, Timmy. It’s pathetic.

If by “You lost” Timmy means “all you feminists have lost access to men like me,” that’s a loss I’m happy to live with.

Is there an antonym for ‘Pyrrhic Victory’; i.e. A ‘loss’ that actually leaves you much better off?

I wonder what the “false rape brigade” think about the White Nationalists that assert all immigrants are rapist time bombs.

Not military terms but ‘blessing in disguise’ and ‘silver lining’ come to mind.

@ Vicky P, hambeast & viscaria

He, I had to look up laevinus; I am learning some interesting new things today though.

And then I remembered the Father Ted episode where Ireland deliberately loses Eurovision so they don’t have to host it again; so now I’ve got the “My Lovely Horse” song stuck in my head.

ETA: @ pitshade – of course!

I wonder what the “false rape brigade” think about the White Nationalists that assert all immigrants are rapist time bombs.

That it’s still fake, but only when white guys do it. When it’s any other color, it’s because of course they would, they’re slobbering heathens!

I don’t understand the ‘false rape brigade’, when they are actively promoting rape as a positive thing. Is it only rape if the aggressor is a ‘person of colour’? Are we really supposed to be grateful if we get raped and get pregnant because the rapist, or PUA or whatever he wants to call himself is ‘alpha’, white and a great honor to be raped by and propagate his Divine Seed?!!

I don’t understand the ‘false rape brigade’, when they are actively promoting rape as a positive thing

That’s the thing, it’s such a wonderful experience that they obviously want, so it’s ridiculous that they go to the authorities to report it! That’s reserved for when those other people do it!

(Ok, I’m making myself sick with this satire so I’ll stop.)

I love that Tim came into a thread full of people talking about their long term relationships with their male feminist partners to drop the astonishing truth bomb that everyone here will die alone because the men we REALLY want (ie him) don’t want us. Mate, you tried. You did. Not hard or well but you tried, it’s not your fault there is absolutely no evidence to support your assertions and all of your theories have been repeatedly debunked. I mean, it is your fault a bit. Now I’m gonna go back to hanging out with the people I DO want, who I’m lucky enough to be wanted by. Nobody wants your bitter misogynist dick, bro.

@Viscaria – Timotheic defeat = brilliant. I love it so very much.

@kupo – is your kitteh ok? I’ve only caught up on some Mammoth lately so please forgive me asking so late, but I’m sure that you noted on a recent-ish thread that one of them had serious health/medical probs?

Thanks for asking. Mr. Bigglesworth passed away last week. Pepper also had some health concerns but turns out it was food allergies and she’s doing better than ever.

I’m so sorry about Mr. Bigglesworth. It’s sad to lose an animal.

I’m glad to hear that Pepper is better.

@kupo, I am so sorry to hear about Mr Bigglesworth; my heart goes out to you. I hope I didn’t hurt you by asking you about it.
Wonderful that the gorgeous Pepper is thriving 🙂

Yeah he wants to rape women…while saying its bad…wow he is confused. He wants civility yet he is a savage. Nazis are hypocrites.

All human behavior is based on evolutionary biology.


yeah, I’m sitting on a bed made of coiled springs leaning against a wall of painted wood, reading alphabetic languages represented by electronically controlled areas of light and dark, and laughing at the intellectual incompetence of MRAs …
…because, as a human, I evolved to sit on coiled-spring beds, I evolved to lean against painted wood, and I evolved to laugh at the intellectual incompetence of MRAs.

…Well, okay, the last one might have some truth to it.

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