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MRA huckster Paul Elam is asking for donations so he can charge dudes money to talk to him

Please donate generously to keep this poor fellow in the business of ripping you off
Please donate generously to keep this poor fellow in the business of ripping you off

More signs of desperation over at A Voice for Men, the Men’s Rights/Lady Disparagement site that has apparently ceased to be the cash cow for its founder, the unlovely and untalented Paul Elam, that it once was:

1) Turgid articles on … Ethanol, and “Future trends in eyewear technology”

Get prepared to have your world shattered, people! Now, in addition to the traditional lady-hating posts, AVFM is now opening its pages to articles on “men’s interests” as well!

So far, this has consisted of a handful of posts on a seemingly random assortment of topics ranging from Ethanol to fishing mishaps, all of them badly written and all of them reprinted from, a site where pretty much anyone can post pretty much anything they want. (The post on “eyewear technology” smells an awful lot like a press release for “Eyeglass World, a leading retailer of affordable prescription eyewear.”)

While this might look on the surface like an effort on Elam’s part to pump up traffic to his site without doing any actual work, he’s selling it, hard, as a proof of a GIANT VICTORY FOR MEN’S RIGHTS. Then again Elam could probably convince his supremely gullible followers that a fart at a dinner party was a trumpet blast announcing the imminent fall of feminism.

AVFM is changing. Allow me to explain.

While we are still light years from some needed social changes and actual, measurable improvements to men’s rights are still lacking, we have accomplished one thing. Namely our job.

AVFM’s core mission has been to change the public narrative about sexual politics; to force a critique of feminism into the cultural consciousness and to chip away at the empathy gap when it comes to the sexes. We are starting to see that happen …

The growth of our message throughout the mainstream is now unstoppable because of you. …

The worm is turning. That opens a door for us and insists on ushering us through it.

That’s right: a worm is opening the door for them, like some kind of freaking worm butler. Which raises the question: How many worm butlers will there be? (One at first, but he’ll train others.)

This is the future for how AVFM pushes the counter-theory. It is fitting with what we have been saying for years. We ARE the media. We have proven it. The day when we can say we ARE the mainstream may or may not come, at least in my life.

But you can bet your ass I will keep swinging to the last breath.

Swing away Paul. Paul, swing away!

2) Elam is now soliciting donations so that he can charge people to talk to him

Last month, you may recall, Elam announced the launch of an exciting new venture: A Near for Men.

Sorry, I meant “An Ear for Men,” a “service” whereby Mr. Elam, a board-uncertified mental health unprofessional, hopes to charge dudes $90 an hour to talk about their problems with him on Skype.

I say “hopes to” because he’s having a bit of trouble getting dudes to agree to this particular proposition. Indeed, if you look at the appointments page on his site, you will see a vast sea of open slots. It’s not clear if he’s gotten even a single person to sign up, as what looks like a possible weekly appointment at 1:30 every Tuesday could just be Elam deciding to take a break from his gruelling schedule of doing absolutely nothing for men other than himself.

So Elam has added a “donation” page to his site (archived here) so dudes who can’t afford an appointment with AVFM’s chief snake-oil salesman can help support his failing business of charging other dudes $90 an hour to talk to him about how much they hate their exes.

I guess I’ll give him points for sheer chutzpah.

H/T — to the anonymous internetter who pointed out Elam’s donations page to me. Also, I stole the “A Near for Men” joke from someone, but I can’t remember whom.

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Pandapool -- The Species that Endangers YOU (aka Banana Jackie Cake, for those who still want to call me "Banana", "Jackie" or whatever)
Pandapool -- The Species that Endangers YOU (aka Banana Jackie Cake, for those who still want to call me "Banana", "Jackie" or whatever)
6 years ago


Sorry to tell you this, Alan, but the Declaration was written first and the FREEDOM it radiated was SO INTENSE that it went back in time and changed the past as we know it.

Consequently, this is why our timeline is so unstable and will collapse upon itself in the next few decades.


See you in non-existence!

Alan Robertshaw
6 years ago

“What do we want?”

“Time travel!”

“When do we want it?”

“That’s irrelevant!”

Here’s our copy of the Declaration (suitably mutilated with a library stamp and some stickers):

House Mouse Queen
6 years ago

Hahahahaha! Elam is surely groveling now. He’s trying to get back in the with the MGTOW’s he’s pissed off. I’ve seen his Ear for Men videos on his new Youtube channel. He’s trying hard to sound professional by swallowing a dictionary but the images he uses gives it all away.

He uses the ‘evil mother’ image an awful lot and of course the ‘evil girlfriend’ where shes screaming at a dude who looks clueless.

6 years ago

Last time I bothered reading Judgypants she was bragging about writing for The Examiner. So is that not even a proper magazine?

Not even. Around here, it is (or, well, was; it’s been a while since I checked) a tabloid that they handed out for free at Metro stops. I used to hold my nose and read it because it was more complete than the Express (which was mostly rip-n-read AP wire stories), but then their politics showed up [1] and I nope’d right out of there. Turns out they have connections to the Anschutz family, who are probably as well known for being hard-core, Koch-level conservatives as they are for owning Coors.

[1] They once ran an op-ed calling for the complete defunding of Metrorail. Yeah, you tell me how those 730,000 riders a day are going to get to work and school now, smart guys. And don’t you dare say “bustitution”, because that doesn’t work unless you want to build busways for them to run on.

6 years ago

Fail to see how this is different from the Feminist frequency kickstarter, or the patreon that is now part of it. It’s basically someone asking for a lot of money in order to disseminate an opinion.

And you’re mocking him just like people mock her.

Honestly, you guys are just another side of the same coin at this point.

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