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Internet jerks pledge to be extra jerky during #TheTriggering

Captain Picard, shortly after hearing about #TheTriggering
Captain Picard, shortly after hearing about #TheTriggering

The terrible people who devote much of their lives to being jerks to other people on Twitter and elsewhere online have come up with a brilliant plan to defeat the “Social Justice Warriors” they so despise:

They’re going to be jerks to people on Twitter and elsewhere online, possibly even more than they already are, over the course of the next couple of days (March 9th and 10th). They’re calling it #TheTriggering, because, of course they are.

As someone calling himself TheFoolAndTheWorld explains on the anti-SJW site Age of Shitlords,

Our freedom of speech is under attack from cultural Marxists who seek to subvert us. Well, as The Addams Family said…”we gladly feast on the flesh of those who seek to subdue us” 🙂 That is why on March 9th and 10th, to fight political correctness, and to celebrate the return of Lauren Southern’s profile, we shitlords around the world will conduct the annual event known as #TheTriggering on all forms of social media.

#TheTriggering is the brainchild of  Lauren Southern, an antifeminist activist/”journalist” whose activism seems to mostly consist of being a jerk to feminists. She first became something of an icon in the internet’s jerk community last year after she showed up at a slutwalk in Vancouver proudly holding a sign reading “There is no rape culture in the West.”

Since then she’s enhanced her jerkface cred by posting the sort of obnoxious stuff that can get you suspended from Twitter and Facebook, and she’s managed to get at least one temporary suspension from Facebook, and perhaps one or more from Twitter. (You can look it up, I guess, I didn’t bother.)

Southern popped into the news again a few days ago after someone who’s not a fan of her poured a bottle of something — Southern says it was piss — on her head. (Which is, I should note, a pretty crappy thing to do, despite Southern’s confirmed jerkiness.)

She first proposed the idea of The Triggering in a Tweet last September:


She later settled on March 9th as the date for the, er, event, as it’s “the day after international Women’s day and the day before Osama Bin Laden’s Birthday.”

Her fans, at least, are psyched.

So human rights. Such ethics.

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I only looked at the hashtag for #TheTriggering — they might be doing worse stuff on other hashtags.

Hmm, yes, posting dank memes on Twitter Dot Com is truly the most freedom fighter free speech advocate thing anyone can do.

Perhaps these true great heroes should take some of their own advice and go do something about countries where poets are getting lashes ( and journalists are going to prison instead of tantruming on the internet because a feminist said something that hurt their feelings. Sorry, reactionaries, people disapproving of your behaviour isn’t an attack on your rights, little babies.

@ Buttercup Q Skullpants


“Ma’s out, Pa’s out, let’s talk rude. Pee, po, belly, bum, drawers.”

It is extremely tempting to create a burner account just to tweet things like,

“Anita Sarkeesian is a pretty levelheaded and reasonable person. #thetriggering”

“Catcalling is harassment, and should stop. #thetriggering”

“The wage gap is real. #thetriggering”

I imagine the ensuing meltdown in the replies could be pretty impressive. Because without fail, it is the people who scoff the hardest at trigger warnings who proceed to blow their tops at the first hint of an ideology they don’t like.

I won’t actually have the time to do this but is it possible to create a twitter bot that would post the trailer for “Ghostbusters” to the triggering hash tag over and over?

So, trolls did pop up following that call.
Some people actually saw that idea and followed through with it.
Some people, some human beings with a working brain and years of experience of the world, saw this and thought it was clever.
How inane, boring and unimaginative must a person be to think this is clever???

I like that idea. It would be antisocial to do it but it’s fun to contemplate. Some other ones:

“Furiosa is the best action hero ever written. #thetriggering”

“Twitter is going to get better now that Sarkeesian is among the people helping to police it. #thetriggering”

“Casual video games sell far more than hardcore ones – they’re obviously the future #thetriggering”

“Nobody in real-world journalism even knows who Milo Yiannopoulos is #thetriggering”

“Remember Hatred? Neither does anyone else #thetriggering”

ETA: “After Ghostbusters, which other classic movies should we remake with an all-female cast? #thetriggering”

“Freedom of speech applies to liberals too. #TheTriggering”

“The First Amendment does not guarantee freedom from being banned from Twitter. #TheTriggering”

“The First Amendment does not guarantee freedom from losing your blue checkmark. #TheTriggering”

“Mad Max: Fury Road won six Oscars. #TheTriggering”

“MRAs and PUAs are the same thing. #TheTriggering”

“Hitler lost WWII. #TheTriggering”

… Y’know what, those idiots might be onto something. This is fun.

Normally I’d consider it rude to invade a tag just to insult people I don’t agree with, but since we’re talking about people who have no such compunctions… Then I remember this would be too much work just to annoy some idiots.

If somebody does make a burner/bot account, name it Social Justice Ghostbuster.

I did see something on Tumblr about people counterprotesting and using the hashtag to post positive messages. I don’t know how much of that is going on though.

I’ve just quickly scanned a few posts in Twitter. I found this:

Ummmm…you tried to trigger people by creating a trigger warning so they can avoid you. How is this a success?

Also, notice that the tweet he is responding too says nothing about being offended or triggered. Nope, Clementine Ford blocked the hashtag to avoid the boredom.

There are also people complaining that Twitter is suppressing the hashtag because it doesn’t autocomplete in the search box. Oh no! You have to type 13 whole letters!

WTF is wrong with these people? Don’t they have jobs? Oh, no, I forgot, of course not. At least, not serious jobs, where you have to actually work hard all day, like building and maintaining cities, roads, etc. They whine about men working so hard in dangerous jobs but the whiners never actually do that themselves.

@Angelica Perduta

Well I’m not convinced that they are wrong and that you re right.

Well, that’s it folks. One driveby commenter, whose website shows that they’re definitely Not Our Shield, says they’re not convinced. We might as well pack up and go home.

Whynot engage them in an objective discussion

What’s the use? They’re not even pretending to have an objective discussion. Tweeting with the specific aim of offending or triggering adds as much to a “debate” as running up to someone, waving a fist, and shouting “fuck you” in their face.


You want to get that crumb out from under your “.” key.

I’ll be honest, I expect much more vileness than I’ve seen in the few accounts I’ve scanned. Maybe I’ve just seen the wrong ones, but it’s all just been a mixture of “this common feminist position is wrong” or “this straw feminist position is wrong” or “bad, mildly offensive joke” or “we’re being censored because people can block us and twitter hasn’t picked up on a half-day-old hashtag for its auto-complete.” Also “hey guys aren’t we awesome for using the word ‘trigger’ a lot?”

You can see the self-justification working away at full speed as well. Nobody responds? They must be too triggered. Someone responds and shows emotion? Ha ha, triggering success! Someone responds and doesn’t show emotion? So triggered.

I can see now why people would block the hashtag out of boredom.

“Honestly, a month from now we’ll look back and cringe at how we ever thought this would be a good idea.” #TheTriggering

I missed some stuff, looks like! Oh my. Hello, @poglodyte, clenched tentacle salute, etc! Please help yourself to the scented candles and other assorted misandry.

And congratulations to Lilly! Regardless of whether she was pushed into going public by a yellow rag or not, it does take courage to do what she did. Good for her!

I’m fighting off the kneejerk reaction to respond to the trolls that have crawled into the back-thread. I think i’ll give it another look through before committing.

Happy triggerday, everyone, I guess?

I am coming up with nothing when I think how is freedom of speech being infringed upon by someone being blocked on Twitter from ONE other person!

I once had all my comments removed from a libertarians youtube video that was pro porn. My position was anti, my posts entirely cogent and swear free. I considered him to be a piss poor libertarian, but I didn’t set up anything to point it out to the world – I didn’t even bother to repost on the video to point it out to the so called libertarian.

Sometimes it just isn’t important!

The wonderful thing about tiggers!
Is tiggers are wonderful things!

I’d rather deal with a tigger than a redpiller any day of the week, despite how exhausting tiggers can be.

It’s a bit of a cliche to suggest kids books are covert drug tomes but I have a copy of “What does Tigger like?” in which it transpires Tigger likes “Roo’s special medicine” because it “makes him so bouncy”.



Holy shit, that entire site is 24 karat gold. Love it.

Ahmigah, #TheTiggering would be so, so much better than this stupid hashtag that actually exists on the twitters.

Someone here said it best, in an earlier thread. These twitter clowns; It’s not about offending anyone, or actually believing what they’re saying. It’s about giggling at their own jokes.

It’s sort of funny, really. They mock “libs” for talking about progressive things as virtue signalling instead of actually caring about the things; meanwhile all they’re doing is … malus signalling? That works I guess. They’re just blathering on with their insults to declare which side of the fence they’re on. “I don’t care about things, other people need to take care of their own problems, I’m a big strong person what can take care of myself, I’m tough, you’re weak.” So boring.

@Stephanie back on page 2; I am not going to argue with all of your wall of bafflegab. I’ll just say – if you go around thinking that your average adult hasn’t heard about a first-year-philosophy-concept like Stoicism, you’re likely woefully and undeservedly sure of your own intellectual superiority.

I guarantee you, your comment (dissertation that it was) added nothing that we have not heard, provided no insights of wisdom we have not previously considered and integrated, and (as a bonus!) was poorly thought-out, badly constructed, and transparently biased.

Try again!

A first page comment from “Bob”:

I like Lauren Southern, however the Triggering is a bit stupid. If it’s done properly ie… valid points like there is no patriarchy, no rape culture in the west and only 2 genders I’m ok with that. However i can see a load of trolls using this to be deliberately offensive

“I’m totally behind this hashtag if it’s used to promote the transphobic and misogynistic ideas I personally hold. If it’s used to promote bigotry I don’t personally subscribe to, well, that’s just not on.”

And yet you pathetic trolls and crybabies are so solipsistic that you can’t see how you’re further justifying the need for this every time you open your mouths.

It sounds like this post has upset the trolls. They seem more triggered than any of us.

We snooze, you lose. Go wipe your troll tears with Donald Trump’s toupee.

I’m seriously wondering… do they think being a “shitlord” is good and “virtue” is bad? I’ve never seen a supposed belief system that has so totally given up on framing things in self-beneficial way.

Weird, point and clickbait doesn’t work for me over WiFi but does work over 4G. Good stuff, though.


Weird, point and clickbait doesn’t work for me over WiFi but does work over 4G.

I think that’s a DNS issue

I’m seriously wondering… do they think being a “shitlord” is good and “virtue” is bad? I’ve never seen a supposed belief system that has so totally given up on framing things in self-beneficial way.

“War is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength.”

*sigh* 1984 was not supposed to be a how-to manual.

Mallory Ortberg designed the most effective and elegant anti-troll protocol that I’ve ever seen, and I can’t believe it hasn’t caught on. When some blogger or other wrote thoroughly unpleasant things about her, she politely implored her fans to flood the page with quotes from PG Wodehouse. She called it “Wodehousing”

So any and all bile in the article and comments was flooded out with out-of-context, highly mannered british comedy. LIke:

“Unseen in the background, Fate was quietly slipping lead into the boxing-glove.”

It was brilliant. The trolls don’t know what to do with it. It doesn’t feed them, it doesn’t make them madder, it doesn’t contribute to the cesspool of rage. It just makes all the hatred and bile and unpleasantness look… really funny.

Anybody up for Wodehousing this hashtag?

That works but at the cost of preventing real discussion too. In the case of this hashtag there isn’t any real discussion to be crowded out, but trolling against trolling is often suboptimal.

I pledge allegiance
to the hashtag
for offending sjws,
and to the reactionary mindset
for which it stands
one hierarchy,
with liberty and justice
for us.

The hashtag doesn’t seem to be trending much. When I started typing it in, a bunch of other topics popped up first.

I’m in the camp of those who are asking “Why? Why spend your precious time like this? Why not put that into something positive?”

And on another topic, aren’t all those stories that start “I used to be a liberal/whatever… and then I changed my mind” so convincing? /sarc/

Especially when they go on to use words like SJW as well as miss the point of certain topics.

Anyway, would you really abandon a political view because for such a small thing like trigger warnings and safe spaces?

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