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Internet jerks pledge to be extra jerky during #TheTriggering

Captain Picard, shortly after hearing about #TheTriggering
Captain Picard, shortly after hearing about #TheTriggering

The terrible people who devote much of their lives to being jerks to other people on Twitter and elsewhere online have come up with a brilliant plan to defeat the “Social Justice Warriors” they so despise:

They’re going to be jerks to people on Twitter and elsewhere online, possibly even more than they already are, over the course of the next couple of days (March 9th and 10th). They’re calling it #TheTriggering, because, of course they are.

As someone calling himself TheFoolAndTheWorld explains on the anti-SJW site Age of Shitlords,

Our freedom of speech is under attack from cultural Marxists who seek to subvert us. Well, as The Addams Family said…”we gladly feast on the flesh of those who seek to subdue us” 🙂 That is why on March 9th and 10th, to fight political correctness, and to celebrate the return of Lauren Southern’s profile, we shitlords around the world will conduct the annual event known as #TheTriggering on all forms of social media.

#TheTriggering is the brainchild of  Lauren Southern, an antifeminist activist/”journalist” whose activism seems to mostly consist of being a jerk to feminists. She first became something of an icon in the internet’s jerk community last year after she showed up at a slutwalk in Vancouver proudly holding a sign reading “There is no rape culture in the West.”

Since then she’s enhanced her jerkface cred by posting the sort of obnoxious stuff that can get you suspended from Twitter and Facebook, and she’s managed to get at least one temporary suspension from Facebook, and perhaps one or more from Twitter. (You can look it up, I guess, I didn’t bother.)

Southern popped into the news again a few days ago after someone who’s not a fan of her poured a bottle of something — Southern says it was piss — on her head. (Which is, I should note, a pretty crappy thing to do, despite Southern’s confirmed jerkiness.)

She first proposed the idea of The Triggering in a Tweet last September:


She later settled on March 9th as the date for the, er, event, as it’s “the day after international Women’s day and the day before Osama Bin Laden’s Birthday.”

Her fans, at least, are psyched.

So human rights. Such ethics.

180 replies on “Internet jerks pledge to be extra jerky during #TheTriggering”

@Paradoxical: great post about the Addams Family! I also love them for all those things. The original show from the ‘60s was remarkably progressive for its time. And yeah, Gomez and Morticia are a great model of a healthy relationship.

words on a page, words on a screen……somewhere along the line humanity forgot to differentiate between what’s real and what isn’t. Too many people who need to just get over themselves, drink some cement and get some hairs on their chest ffs. When did humanity become so fucking frail?

Sorry children, the Adams Family was always a group of SJWs if there ever was one.

edit – oh shit I was ninja’d by weirwood lol

Each year, immediately after #InternationalWomensDay ends, #TheTriggering begins; 24 hours, when #SJW and #MRA groups get together in #peace.

I voted for Obama in 08 and 12 and was a die hard liberal progressive until not long ago. But the left has gone bonkers lately and I can’t support them anymore. College is for learning, not throwing temper tantrums over Halloween costumes and using bullying to shut down dialogue that hurts your feelings. #thetriggering may offend people, but this is America and free speech is legal, even offensive free speech. Grow up and get a spine if you can’t handle it. Victim culture only promotes weakness, not strength, growth & stoic bad assness. If I asked for a “safe space” when my physics or math classes got too challenging, my professors would have laughed in my face, rightly so. Capable people from underprivileged groups rise to the challenge through talent, hard work and determination, not whiny victimhood and being protected from any ideas that cause hurt feelings. Life is full of pain and frustration, train for it by challenging yourself on purpose, not protecting yourself in a safe bubble. Read about Stoicism. It’s an excellent life philosophy.

Not to mention black lives matters is a thug organization based on bogus statistics. If they cared about black lives they’d be trying to stop black people from killing each other, which is a much larger problem than police killing blacks. Sure, police screw up and bad ones should be charged, but if we give police a bad name, what good person is going to want to become one? The problem will only snowball. Also, their leaders call on their followers to beat up, kill or rape random whites and you don’t hear a peep from the media or SJWs. But when Trump doesn’t quickly enough disavow David Duke the 3rd time he is asked (note David Duke has never called for violence and tried to make KKK nonviolent), it’s all we hear about. When the left gave in on #alllivesmatter, they lost me. In fact, I’ll go so far as to say #whitelivesmatter, since white lives are a subset of all lives. OMG what a racist, you care about white people, you evil NAZI KKK WHITE SUPREMACIST! That’s pretty much how the dialogue is. And you people wonder why Trump is doing so well. Look in the mirror. Non-bigoted white people don’t want whites to be targeted randomly by BLM for violence. Or anyone for that matter.

These turdberries/ RedPillers/ MRAs/ MREs, whatever the hell they’re calling themselves today, all seem to have one thing in common: they’re a bunch of overgrown shrieking toddlers with full diapers sitting in their own shit, writing on the walls with their own shit, and having tantrums when Mommy dares to try to change their undies. Then they turn around and have more tantrums about how they’re now welty, itchy, rashy, and stink while blaming Mommy and every other female for how they got this way.

(Also, Addams Family for the win.)

“outed to their family and friends”
All my family and friends know my views. I am pretty active on facebook, and anyone who hasn’t unfollowed/unfrtiended me knows I’m not some feminist windbag like yourselves.

I’m not a RedPillers/ MRAs/ MRE, I’, left wing and don’t subscribe to any form of “men’s activism”, so you’ll have to construct a new strawman. They’re just as annoying as the feminists and regressive leftists.

“I seriously can’t think of any other group of people who are more pathetic and incompetent than they are.” Look in the mirror, you’re a first world feminist. You fail all of the time, then resort to crying misogyny, persecution, and patriarchy.

Look, this shit is just unbelievable. Did Internet literacy become a substitute for growing up? Did I miss an email here?

Idiots, learn what being a man is actually about. I’m an old fart to you, okay, no big. But I can’t count the times that I didn’t have sex. For that matter, can I count the times I did. Male-female relationships are frickin’ complicated and, guess what, that’s life! It’s the way things go. Sometimes you click, and sometimes you don’t. And often both or either of you miss signals. Sucks, but what are you gonna do?

So what’s this stuff about “The Triggering”? This is like a pseudo-political thing? For all you whining (I hesitate to use the word “dicks”, um, will “clueless horny idiots” do?), whence comes this resentment and rage? Oh, that’s right, because you losers can now post on the Internet, and get affirmation from other losers that you somehow have a RIGHT to have sex? Guess what, shithead, you DON’T. You have a right to live your life and take your joy where you can. Just the fact that you are so concentrated on sex tells me you’re too immature to live among adults. Sex is great. Connecting is much better. Having a little respect for others is required. There are going to be times where being with a woman isn’t going the way you want. You think for one fucking second that means you have a “right” to take what you want?

Hey, jagoff: Get your face off-line and off of your smart phone and try existing in the real world. Talk to people. Talk to women. Consider that maybe they would like to choose who they relate with. You know what? I’ll bet there are a lot of women you would shun because they don’t meet your qualifications. Ever think you don’t meet theirs?

This left me wondering – how strict is Twitter with misanthropic (racist,sexist,…) content? Like, on a scale from Facebook to how it actually should be (imho)? Has anybody made any experiences with reporting content and having it erased or not erased?Would there be a point in reporting the really horrible ones?

I’m calling this day #TheEatingOfThings to support my right to eat fattening things in spite of dieters trying to take that basic right from me.

What? That’s not how it works? Oh.
I’m still ordering a pizza for breakfast.

Legal abortion isn’t something that’s actually being considered in Sweden. It was just a stupid proposal from our liberal party’s youth organisation. Adult liberals are awful in and of themselves, but the youth groups tend to be even more so.

I guess that the Lords of Shit have held back long enough. They’ve been polite, circumspect, tactful. But apparently they’ve had it with SJWs seeking justice and such.

Let the poop flinging begin!

Wait–that poop looks awfully familiar. Why, they’ve been flinging poop all along! I feel so foolish. . . .


What TheHabbadasher said. Don’t believe everything you read on the internet. And when it comes to things Americans say about Sweden, believe NOTHING.

TheHabbadasher and Imaginary Petal: Especially if there’s any possibility that it comes from any redpillish/anti-immigration/anti-everything-that-is-decent source.

I’ve had someone describe Sweden to me as nightmarish hellhole where men are ground to bleeding stumps by frenzying berserkfeminazis leading castration-happy matriarchy where even tiniest suggestion of sex leads to whippings and rape accusations are rampant. (I’m not even exaggerating much here.)

Which, well, is a bit of a surprise to me, seeing how I’ve lived as Sweden’s neighbor for 40 years and whenever I’ve visited Sweden (as opposed to source for this information), a lot of guys* are very happy, open-minded and friendly and they don’t even flinch at a sight of woman approaching. If anything, a lot of those guys seem to think that not enough is made to reach full equality.

* There’s always a bunch of opposite people, of course.

so let me get this straight: they’re going to be just as dreadful as usual, but now they’re going to use a hashtag for it so that people who use Tweetdeck can easily mute them? How considerate!

Like she said, freedom of speech.
I can be a leftie if I want, and she can be a jerk about it if she wants.
Bring it on, Internet 😉

Well I’m not convinced that they are wrong and that you re right. Whynot engage them in an objective discussion.. nobody is stopping you from using THEIR hash tag, but posting your views 😉

These fuckers hate trigger warnings but most of them respect spoiler warnings. I propose we give all of these deliberately offensive ashats spoilers. Spoil them rotten.

Yeah, I’ve heard everything from “Sweden is the most feminist place on Earth and every man is in prison for false rape accusations!” to “Sweden has the most Muslim immigrants of any place on Earth and every white feeemale has been gang-raped by rampaging hordes of [Islamophobic slurs]!” (As with Skiriki, I’m not exaggerating.)

I swear the right-wingers realised they couldn’t get away with lying like this about the US or England and just pulled Sweden out of a Klan hood.

The most scary thing you’ll see here, if you’re a conservative, is an alarming number of dads with strollers. On paternal leave. That should #trigger the Twitter trolls.

They should have chosen Antarctica, all those whore lady penguins forcing the poor male penguins to go hungry and keep their egg warm…and if that’s not bad enough those lady penguins aren’t even grateful to return to a live baby penguin, though they’ll crucify any males who, through no fault of their own, don’t succeed on the egg hatching a live penguin which survives till the slut lady penguins return. 😸

For a good while I’ve stopped referring to Daily Mail as “Daily Fail” and moved on to “Daily Heil”. Seems much more accurate.

Well, they famously used to be very keen indeed on Hitler, but they’ve recently been running mocking articles about his allegedly stunted genital development and his equally alleged coprophagy fetish. So they seem to have had a falling out.

My guess is that it’s over the EU referendum. Hitler, after all, was rather keen on the whole “united states of Europe” idea.

Regardless of whether Sweden is considering it (and of course they aren’t), “legal abortion” is an idea that has been kicking around the Internet for a good while. Originally the idea was that men who didn’t want children should be able to force women to have abortions. Some still cling to this, but most have realized that this is never going to fly, so “legal abortion” is the next alternative. The folks in Sweden who made this proposal didn’t invent it themselves.

It deserves to be addressed no matter what Sweden does/does not do.

These fuckers hate trigger warnings but most of them respect spoiler warnings.

That is at least internally consistent, because they see trigger warnings/content warnings as exactly the same thing as spoilers. If a work of fiction uses something potentially triggering as the big reveal, then for people who have no concept of being triggered*, the warning has merely spoiled the “surprise”.

But like with putting spoilers in rot13/hidden colours, there could be simple technical fixes. If you aren’t triggered by anything but are really averse to spoilers, get your browser to hide paragraphs starting “TW:” (or whatever markup any particular site uses). That’s much easier than the usual suggestion of trying to write complex, language-parsing extensions to spot all kinds of triggering stuff. Also works for smartarses trying the old “I’m triggered by trigger warnings” line.

* I think this includes me. I mean, I’ve read about it, but never experienced it and hope I never will, this comment comes from a position of relative cluelessness.


Yeah, because being offensive and harass others is quite a “way of life”. And because this kind of report is probably part of a dark conspiration (sorry, pleonasm).
(Nota : sorry, the article is in french, but the report is in english. Here the link to the report)

Have a nice day.

“No, climate change is not an elaborate hoax #TheTriggering”

“Making video games where every single woman is a runway model isn’t just sexist, it’s boring #TheTriggering”

“Obsessing over guns makes you look insecure #TheTriggering”

“Reddit is for thirty-somethings still mentally trapped in high school #TheTriggering”

“Legal abortion” is a dickish name for it, but I can actually see a place for such a policy. If someone wants to voluntarily declare themselves to be a bad parent and unfit to raise a child, then it’s probably not in the child’s best interest to stay with such a parent.

That shouldn’t be used as an excuse to welch on one’s responsibilities, of course, which is the context in which MRAs seem to want it.

@ EJ

“Legal Abortion” is a confusing name for it! I was surprised that they were so pro choice. It took me a while to figure out what they meant.

Yeah, I agree. They’re trying to keep the perks of being an adult without also having to use those perks responsibly.

Their children deserve better than to have such fathers.

So I went to bed early last night, and during my time in slumberland a bunch of #triggering-ers showed up and made predictable comments here. I let some of them through just now, for the hell of it, so feel free to argue with them, or ignore them, or make fun of them.

If any of them start really misbehaving let me know and I will of course censor them like the evil SJW I am.

this is America and free speech is legal, even offensive free speech. Grow up and get a spine if you can’t handle it

Oh dear.

1 – This is not America, the Internet is not America (hi from someone from Britain)
2 – No one here has said free speech isn’t legal
3 – “Get a spine” for looking at things that you’ve purposely shown to upset people? Choose one, do you want to upset people or do you want them not to react?

What people are doing here is telling others to avoid people like you – the same use of free speech that you want to defend. And if you want to post something just to be offensive, nobody here can stop you. You’re just kind of a shitbag.

I love it when people on the internet think the internet is a physical place in the USA. :p

The Stephanie-troll defends Roosh on their blog. So predictable.

Each year, immediately after #InternationalWomensDay ends, #TheTriggering begins; 24 hours, when #SJW and #MRA groups get together in #peace.

How #interesting. Hope you have a #goodtime.

The central banking oligarchy is expanding it’s power with an eye to world government. To do this they need to destroy the current western dominance and redistribute wealth and power. Western populations will fight this engineered disorder and decay and thus they need to control the populations.

It’s the Five Jewish Bankers! And their Death Star of David!

We hunted the mammoth? No, judging by the snide, white knight feminist tone set in your article you would be killed off quite easily in the stone age

Amazing. Misunderstanding the blog title and in the same breath repeating the meme that gave rise to the blog title. :p

Imaginary Petal
Policy of Madness

I apologize to the people of Sweden. I should’ve posted fuck anyone in sweden who is a big enough asshole to support this.

America has its Gohmerts and well just pointing out Gohmert is a years worth of stupid bullshit so that should be enough of an example.

I don’t know why I replied, really – it’s not as if any of them will come back. They just wanted to say their piece and then stomp off to post about International Men’s Day or something.

“Cultural marxism” means “Jewish”, doesn’t it – or is there more to it than that?

Wow, Stephanie, you were a “die hard liberal progressive” until not long ago, and now you’ve turned 180 degrees and embrace all of the right-wing talking points? You call Black Lives Matter a “thug” organization and at the same time laud David Duke for “never [having] called for violence” and for trying to make the KKK less violent?

Somehow, I doubt your claim. But, if true: good fucking riddance.

I’m also laughing a sad laugh at your suggestion that the left has “gone completely bonkers” lately, given the state of the Republican primaries and the things that the presumptive nominee has been saying for the last eight months.

Marx as a conspiracy by bankers to redistribute capital is really, really weird. The banks have substantial control on capital; why would they want to redistribute it — that means they *lose* control!

i remember being a child in the 90s and watching public TV. They would show a little screen that would last about 10 seconds, saying something along the lines of “The following broadcast contains images that may be upsetting to more sensitive viewers. Viewer discretion is advised.” Then, (Get THIS, internet!) the TV show would just go on as planned! No crybabies would piss themselves with rage that their freedom of speech had been destroyed forever, no mass protests at the injustice of it all, no twitter edgelords to get their delicate feelings hurt. “Viewer Discretion is Advised,” and then people that didn’t want to watch that stuff just didn’t watch that stuff.

Nowadays, the lingo has changed a little bit. We say “trigger warning” instead of “Viewer Discretion is Advised,” or “Content warning,” and suddenly it is the BIGGEST DEAL. If I am not exposed to content I don’t want to see with no warning, the TERRORISTS WIN. It is their RIGHT, as angry internet teenagers with bad attitudes, to force me to read their shitty racist temper tantrums against my will, and trigger warnings infringe on their rights. Wail wail, weep weep.

Plus, you know these people aren’t campaigning for free expression whenever there’s a campaign to stop censoring women’s nipples or breastfeeding or whatever. They’re A-OK with that censorship. It’s just their “right” to be a dick to people, unsolicited, with no warning, on any platform and in any place, with no consequences, that they will fight tooth and nail to protect.

This is the most boring hashtag ever so far. Nothing different than the same crap they post every other day. There’s a white supremacist posting that they should be allowed to celebrate their heritage and culture, an anti-immigration dude saying that foreigners should be expected to follow our laws, and a GGer saying that video game devs hate SJWs because one game once made a trigger warning joke. #TheBoredening

“Cultural marxism” means “Jewish”, doesn’t it – or is there more to it than that?

It’s basically “red-baiting” i.e. insinuating that someone is a communist. It’s a dog whistle for social justice of any sort but it has strong roots in anti-semitism.

Are thet tagging this content properly, or are they also spamming other tags?

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