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Internet jerks pledge to be extra jerky during #TheTriggering

Captain Picard, shortly after hearing about #TheTriggering
Captain Picard, shortly after hearing about #TheTriggering

The terrible people who devote much of their lives to being jerks to other people on Twitter and elsewhere online have come up with a brilliant plan to defeat the “Social Justice Warriors” they so despise:

They’re going to be jerks to people on Twitter and elsewhere online, possibly even more than they already are, over the course of the next couple of days (March 9th and 10th). They’re calling it #TheTriggering, because, of course they are.

As someone calling himself TheFoolAndTheWorld explains on the anti-SJW site Age of Shitlords,

Our freedom of speech is under attack from cultural Marxists who seek to subvert us. Well, as The Addams Family said…”we gladly feast on the flesh of those who seek to subdue us” 🙂 That is why on March 9th and 10th, to fight political correctness, and to celebrate the return of Lauren Southern’s profile, we shitlords around the world will conduct the annual event known as #TheTriggering on all forms of social media.

#TheTriggering is the brainchild of  Lauren Southern, an antifeminist activist/”journalist” whose activism seems to mostly consist of being a jerk to feminists. She first became something of an icon in the internet’s jerk community last year after she showed up at a slutwalk in Vancouver proudly holding a sign reading “There is no rape culture in the West.”

Since then she’s enhanced her jerkface cred by posting the sort of obnoxious stuff that can get you suspended from Twitter and Facebook, and she’s managed to get at least one temporary suspension from Facebook, and perhaps one or more from Twitter. (You can look it up, I guess, I didn’t bother.)

Southern popped into the news again a few days ago after someone who’s not a fan of her poured a bottle of something — Southern says it was piss — on her head. (Which is, I should note, a pretty crappy thing to do, despite Southern’s confirmed jerkiness.)

She first proposed the idea of The Triggering in a Tweet last September:


She later settled on March 9th as the date for the, er, event, as it’s “the day after international Women’s day and the day before Osama Bin Laden’s Birthday.”

Her fans, at least, are psyched.

So human rights. Such ethics.

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As a bit of a Wodehousian (I have a whole shelf of my bookcase dedicated to his works) I feel the need to point out that in the original version of that particular quote, the word is “muschik” and not “peasant”. Or at least that’s the version I remember. 😀

Also, I feel that there are certain names that P. G. Wodehouse has “ruined” for me, since all his silly high society idle rich characters seem to have them. Freddie and Bertie are the worst ones, with Bingo following close behind. But at least the probability of my ever meeting someone with the actual first name Bingo is fairly remote…


So basically they’re denying what the actual creators of the game say is canon because…reasons.

Actually, that guy was apparently someone who designed the backgrounds in the game. He doesn’t appear to have had any role in writing the game or designing the character.


Noted. But shortly after making that post i replaced that quote with a different Wodehouse quote with less rape and murder… thought it might not go down well in a space like this, plus the charm of the Wodehouse technique is that the bile of the internet comments is so nasty while the Wodehouse quotes are so light and amusing.


I think that’s a DNS issue

Maybe? It redirects me to an ip address with some params in the uri, so it seems to have resolved to some address, maybe the wrong one, or maybe there’s a problem with their service. Maybe they’re getting a DNS cache poisoning attack on my cable provider. I found a workaround, so I’m not going to spend too much time thinking about it.


Lurker, lurk the archives, never comment, shut up woody?

Something I’ve been wondering about for years (as I’ve watched this “trigger warnings are BAD” (bc I SAY SO) backlash grow on the internet) – so a “TW” to prevent, say, a panic attack is bad, but “NSFW” is good and necessary and must never, ever be missed?

The commenter who brought up spoiler warnings made me think of it, but it’s been, like I said, on my mind for years, and I think it’s because I find it odd that in years and years I’ve never seen it discussed in this way and I wonder have I just missed it? Is there something else I’m missing, where the parallels aren’t quite so “obvious” in other people’s heads as in mine? Was it timing, and there was some period it was discussed so much people got sick of it (like, oh, sure, but that thought is so tumblr 2007 or feminism 101?)? Is it just that simple that it doesn’t merit much discussion? (I don’t think it’s a grand or revolutionary idea or something, I’m just stuck on this, got some executive dysfunction issues (so, stuck stuck, for those who understand) and I find the commenters here really insightful, so hoping somebody could help me out.)

I guess I picture your average really privileged cis white guy standing in the hall outside his IT job cube arrogantly smugging at some poor woman coworker that *he* doesn’t even need trigger warnings, *he* (idk, i’m lazy, insert something those trolls who showed up in the night were saying, I guess the message I’ve had thrown in my face is the person not “needing” trigger warnings is superior and stronger than me), and then turning around, hopping on reddit in his cube and throwing a tantrum that somebody forgot a NSFW tag and *he could have been fired* (I mean he wasn’t, but he *could* have been).

aka (to try to parse the thought process, not my belief): trigger warnings are stupid and unnecessary because they don’t affect ME, but NSFW warnings are very important because they might affect ME!

So just selfishness and a complete lack of self awareness, right? (I mean, I think everything has various facets and is more complicated than black and white and binary thinking but as you can maybe tell, it causes me some communication issues, so I’m trying to both simplify my thoughts and not oversimplify.)

I guess I don’t think that part seems complicated, (and I know/am so worried that this is not interesting AT ALL outside of my head) BUT BUT BUT – how is it possible to not broaden the scale of your perspective and see “oh, gee, here are some letters as part of an intro describing something I may or may not want to click thru to as it may or may not have detrimental effects on my life” – oh, this sentence is a broad description of “tw” OR “nsfw”???? It must take a lot of effort and mental energy to pretend to not “get” that? No offense meant to my fellow mentally ill people (I have experienced my brain unable to function in a way that I previously thought was a “choice”), I am not doubting that people exist who literally cannot “get” this, but I would doubt this explanation (‘I am mentally ill and my brain has a problem with this type of thing’) from the dudes who forever claim to be uber-rational intellectual thinkers (who we should trust as authority figures because of this!). (Also, it’s often the same dudes mocking mentally ill people online.) (Also, it’s never “Oh sorry I am mentally ill…”, I’ve only ever seen “BUT YOU DON’T KNOW I MIGHT BE AUTISTARGGGLBLARRLRLG”.) And, you know, I’ve noticed this pattern where this same group often does this sort of “ignore all context and reality to reduce things to their simplest dictionary definitions so we can conflate them” thing (um, don’t have the necessary vocab for this thought, suddenly can think of no examples). But then here, they suddenly can’t. I don’t buy it.

So maybe this wasn’t a question, but a rant. And I’ve been having communication issues, so I hope I don’t sound like a troll, but, well, I can’t tell. (And (arrggh (at the inside of my head today, not you guys or the comment policy)), not calling your trolls mentally ill or conflating mental illness traits with hateful bigotry (or I hope not). But while, for example, I don’t think my perseveration or non-pithy writing style make me a bad person, I do sometimes go read old trolls for motivation to make sure I’m doing what I can to keep those things from manifesting as self-pitying spirals or raging, hateful rants against others.)

(Or am I just stuck on “NSFW” itself?? Is it that nobody really cares that much about that and I just got this idea from working in a tech company cubicle and being exposed to r*ddit? Does anybody care? Did anybody ever care? Or is it that people DO care (i.e. they’d care a lot if they were at work and clicked a link that turned out to be nsfw and it wasn’t) and it’s just so ingrained in our culture that “well, duh, of course you’d never jeopardize something *important*, like the job of one of the most important members of our society! Or is this just in my head? I guess I’m just curious, I know it’s not really important and nobody here owes me anything.)

I always find it tricky to appeal to the creators of a video game, because big games are done by big teams. There’s no guarantee that there’s consensus support for what actually ships, let alone commentary offered privately in other venues. Plus, other games will be added to the series by other teams with or without the original team’s approval.

To the extent that one could treat anyone as a game’s “author,” I imagine it would be the writer or director. Sakamoto directed Metroid, then wrote and directed Super Metroid, and has pretty explicitly rejected Matsuoka’s claim that Samus is trans. If I believed that post-facto commentary from a project team set canon, I would have to conclude that Samus is canonically cis.

As it happens, I don’t accept either Matsuoka or Sakamoto’s opinion as canon. They both worked on the game, but they’re saying things they didn’t actually put in the game and that other people who worked on it might or might not endorse.

I think the fairest reading is that Samus is neither canonically cis nor canonically trans. like most fictional adult women whose reproductive abilities, genitals, childhood, or medical concerns are not mentioned, she could be either. She’s whatever the player want to imagine she is.

“This character can’t possibly be gay/bi/trans/etc, the game didn’t state it outright, which means they’re definitely straight/cis!”

“Why was this character outright stated as being gay/bi/trans/etc?! If those [slurs] want equality, they need to shut up and stop shoving their [slur-ness] in my face!”

Repeated over and over again for every video game character ever written.

ktoryx & the other EJ:

What if we changed it to Pratchetting?


I swear the right-wingers realised they couldn’t get away with lying like this about the US or England and just pulled Sweden out of a Klan hood.

The US right wing has been lying about Sweden for decades, usually in response to the left saying ‘Hey, they’ve got a robust social safety net, good wages, etc. How come we can’t have that?” When I first became aware of it, the lies were about how the Swedish governement was going to go bankrupt from the welfare state, any day now.


“Cultural marxism” means “Jewish”, doesn’t it

Basically, yeah.


It’s basically “red-baiting” i.e. insinuating that someone is a communist. It’s a dog whistle for social justice of any sort but it has strong roots in anti-semitism.

As evidenced by the jackass earlier connecting it to a plot by big bankers, I think the red-baiting aspect is pretty much completely gone by now. Currently it just means “SJWs, who, as everyone knows, are controlled by THE JOOOOOOOOOOZ!!!!!!!!!!!!” (That said, a whole lot of red-baiting has always boiled down to THE JOOOOOZ!!!!)

Oh I love The Addams Family. I know every piece of dialogue in the first movie. That’s totally not sad.
That’s blerd!

@Ikeke, this one’s for you 🙂

Richard Ayoade:

@sabretruthtiger: Please provide your proof, source, or whatthebleepever to back up the following points of yours:
> That the tone of Futrelle’s article means that he would die in the stone age.
> That the central banking oligarchy is dominated by “cultural Marxism”.
> That said cultural Marxism Oscurati conspiracy exists in the first place.
> That racial segregations would help against the cultural etc. etc.
> That feminism’s goal is to “masculinize women and feminize men”.
> That “confunding gender roles” would lead to less marriages.
> That feminism is against free speech. (Keep in mind: harassment is not covered by free speech.)

@frankleemadir: Why are you so frail, you have to whine here on WHTM?

@Stephanie: see the above and stop whining. Also, bleep you for disrespecting PTSD survivors and people with actual issues like being discriminated. Also also: “challenging yourself ON PURPOSE”. Willingly decide to read something that’s triggering to you? That’s “challenging yourself on purpose”. Having triggering shit thrown at you? Actively harmful.
ALSO also also: citation needed on the entire Black Lives Matter issue. Also ALSO also ALSO: TIL trying to fix the massive mess that is police brutality means that you want no police at all.

@ Chive Phillips: First prove that all these problems that are addressed by “1st world feminism” aren’t an issue. Then we’ll talk.

(Gregory, Jesus-wannabe, Nope: you didn’t made the cut for being made fun off. F to all of you. Bob, you can just bob off.)

My favorite thing about the Cultural Marxism post is how the Cultural Marxists are supposedly rich people who want to keep social stratification. In other words, literally the opposites of Marxists.

@DodoHunter Nazis aren’t known for the precision of their slurs, and that’s where the whole “cultural marxism” zeitgeist has bubbled up from.


Another thing I’ve yet to see these whiners complain about?
MPAA ratings which warn parents and guardians of the content of movies so they can make the decision whether or not to allow their children to view a film (and if they choose to let their kids watch the film, they know what to look out for, and won’t be surprised).
Kinda like trigger warnings and content notes.

So Many Trolls.

Trying to work my way through the comments, and I’m only on page two, but so many trolls.

It’s almost like the trolls making fun of triggers are a little triggered?

Sorry, that was unfair of me.


No mate – you’ve got it wrong. We (in fact this whole site) is not focussed on ourselves, we are pointing and laughing at you. It’s what the site is for.

I love how the reaction of the commenters has been largely either boredom or mockery and a troll had to come in here with

The whole comment section is triggered, lol

Straightwhitemale either completely lacks reading comprehension or he’s just dropping that line into comment sections without actually reading the comments.

That or he thinks that “triggering” is something you can cause just by saying it’s so, like a playground game of germs.

“You’re all triggered!”

“Nuh uh!”

“Uh huh!”

Presumably the next step is us running to the teacher, tears in our eyes, to tell them how straightwhitemale gave us germstriggered us when it’s not fair, he always gives us germstriggers us, he’s a big meanie.

I just wanted to echo what others are saying about The Addams Family. I’m more familiar with the 1960s version. The love of Morticia and Gomez was downright inspiring.

On a more realistic note, there was a family who lived up the street from me who seemed quite happy, a mother, father, and three children. I didn’t give it much conscious thought at the time. But years later, I find that they still inspire me. The wife was lovely. The husband seemed consistently to be in a good mood. They were always away for Halloween, but they left candy in a plastic pumpkin for us. We could take two Hershey’s bars each. Yay!

ETA: It occurs to me that those of us who are talking about Gomez and Morticia and their blissful love are doing #TheTriggering thing All Wrong. Couldn’t be wronger!

@Policy Madness

We technically do have “legal abortion” it’s called ADOPTION. If you can find someone willing to take on your parental responsibilities and adopt your child, you can be legally freed from your parental responsibilities, but you can’t just get rid of your parental responsibilities whenever you want because the child has certain rights.

I feel very strongly that people arguing for “male abortion” need to realize that once the baby is born, you have to think about what’s best for the baby too

sparkalipoo | March 14, 2016 at 3:29 pm
@Policy Madness

We technically do have “legal abortion” it’s called ADOPTION. If you can find someone willing to take on your parental responsibilities and adopt your child, you can be legally freed from your parental responsibilities, but you can’t just get rid of your parental responsibilities whenever you want because the child has certain rights.

As one of my favorite blogs likes to say: “Adoption is an alternative to parenthood, not pregnancy.”

Scented Fucking Hard Chairs | March 9, 2016 at 1:56 pm
“This character can’t possibly be gay/bi/trans/etc, the game didn’t state it outright, which means they’re definitely straight/cis!”

“Why was this character outright stated as being gay/bi/trans/etc?! If those [slurs] want equality, they need to shut up and stop shoving their [slur-ness] in my face!”

Repeated over and over again for every video game character ever written.

I actually just had this conversation with a friend of mine who’s planning out an animated show he eventually wants to create with a small handful of LGBT+/MOGAI characters.

I had to just tell him to outright state that his characters are LGBT+/MOGAI or else people are going to just ignore them and think they’re straight and explain this to him.

Is there a term for this? There should be a term for it. Maybe “Schrödinger’s Cishet”?


Separately, they’re heteronormativity and cisnormativity, but I dunno if there’s one that covers both at once.

Edit: … You probably knew that and were being rhetorical. Yeah, I’ve been awake for far too long, sorry. =P

@Parodixical Intention

I didn’t mean “legal abortion” to mean safe and legal medical abortions, I meant it to mean what manospherians mean when they say “if women can have medical abortions, why can’t men have legal abortions and be able to sign away their legal responsibilities to the child”, so they want to opt out of parenthood not pregnancy (because as cis men they can’t get pregnant) and I was saying that there’s already an option to opt out of parenthood once a child is born, sorry if that wasn’t clear

Scented Fucking Hard Chairs | March 14, 2016 at 4:11 pm

Separately, they’re heteronormativity and cisnormativity, but I dunno if there’s one that covers both at once.

… You probably knew that and were being rhetorical. Yeah, I’ve been awake for far too long, sorry. =P

Nah, I actually was just having a brainfart there.

Though, I still like the term “Schrödinger’s Cishet”, especially when I see blatant, open non-Cishet stuff and still see cishet people pretend it’s all just “friendship! :)”

Like I saw an article from a newspaper about a woman giving her GIRLFRIEND (the paper referred to them as girlfriends) a kidney, with a picture of them KISSING, and this woman commented “What a wonderful friendship these two have! :D” And I’m just like:

@sparkalipoo: Oh, thanks for clarifying! I was confused. :D

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