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The Top Ten Things I Learned from the Twitter Tantrum that is #TheTriggering (So Far)

Well, at least they're TRYING
Well, at least they’re trying

Today is the day of the Twitter tantrum known as #TheTriggering, a contrived hashtag in which the Internet’s biggest jerks have decided to post crap that is slightly more jerky than the crap they usually post.

I’ve been poking around in the hashtag for a couple of hours and I have to say it’s pretty underwhelming. There’s a great deal of highly predictable racism, transphobia, and misogyny. There are anime-avatarred fat shamersAnita Sarkeesian haters pitching fits, Trump fans joking about the Holocaust, and even a few Men’s Rights activists. The hashtag reeks of undeserved self-satisfaction.

The only genuinely funny or original Tweets in the hashtag come from the feminists and other so-called Social Justice Warriors who’ve crashed the party with Tweets intended to trigger the triggerers.

And yet I have somehow managed to find a few lessons in all of this. And so, without further ado, here are The Top Ten Things I’ve Learned from the Twitter Tantrum that is #TheTriggering (So Far).

1) Fat haters don’t proofread their tweets very carefully:

2) And neither do racists:

3) Blah blah blah blah blah blah vaginas

4) Blah blah blah blah blah blah cucks

5) There’s a weird overlap between #TheTriggering participants and dudes who almost certainly did very poorly on the analogies questions on the SAT

6) There’s also a weird overlap between Trump supporters, castration advocates, revenge porn lovers, and haters of Marilyn Monroe. That overlap calls himself “Riv.”

7) Words can’t hurt you …

8) Except when they can

9) Bernie Sanders may be a slackjawed grocery-store farter

10) It’s somehow unfair for the media to point out offensive tweets in a hashtag devoted to posting offensive tweets

I imagine I will learn more lessons from #TheTriggering before the day is done.


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6 years ago

This wasn’t part of #TheTriggering (cause I don’t have time for this shit), but the funniest thing I’ve read recently was someone who commented on Facebook, “You just spewed a load of vagina juice.” I had to laugh out loud, because it’s so STUPID and doesn’t even make sense as a misogynistic insult.

6 years ago

“idk if anyone noticed (or cares), but the girl in @FuckTwatter001’s profile pic is Mariya Babko, aka Masha, a famous child porn actress. similarly @TheConfused007 has pedobear in his avatar… wonder if this is just a coincidence, or is Trump popular with cp fans?”

I’ve heard of her – not her name, but in a article that talked about a man producing child porn in hotel rooms at Disney World. FuckTwatter001 is one sick fuck. Their Twitter account looks to be gone, which is good.

6 years ago


I read this interview with this Robin DiAngelo and she made the point that “white people confuse safety with comfort” and I feel like when MRAs and the people who complain about “sjws” complain about safe spaces and trigger warnings they don’t get that there is a difference between encountering an opinion that makes them uncomfortable and encountering something that is trigger or makes them feel unsafe because they’re confusing safety with comfort

The Furious Mouse
6 years ago

The fuck does this have to do with #GamerGate?

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