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Women “have nothing to lose if all white men die,” Red Pill racist laments

Women committing white genocide
Women committing white genocide

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Another weird scene inside the poop mine. By which I mean the Red Pill subreddit:

MakeEmSayAyy 3 points 2 days ago The fucked up part is that it's women who vote for policies and immigration to let savages come in and destroy the country, the same women who get to become warbrides and survive happily. So they give the country away and someone else suffers for their stupidity. It's fucked. permalinkembedsaveparentreportgive gold [–]Lucifer_The_Unclean 0 points 2 days ago Yeah, they literally have nothing to lose if all white men die. We'll just be replaced by colored men.

I can only assume that both of these lovely people are Trump supporters.

H/T — r/BestOfOutrageCulture

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Alan Robertshaw
Alan Robertshaw
6 years ago

@ opposable thumbs

She is; I simply adore her. Luckily my SO is equally obsessive about her fur kids so she understands that, if we were all ever to be in an accident, the order of phone calls would be vet then ambulance.

Belgian Shepherds require a lot of intellectual stimulation, and ever since she was a pup I’ve always talked to her and pointed things out so it’s perhaps understandable why she has such a large vocabulary.

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