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An Icelandic woman has come forward to accuse Roosh V of rape, blogger reports

Roosh Valizadeh: Accused

Things may be about to get very messy for pickup artist and most-hated-man-in-the-world candidate Roosh Valizadeh.

S. Jane Gari, the author of Losing the Dollhouse, a memoir dealing with emotional abuse, writes in a recent blog post that an Icelandic woman has come to her to tell her story of being raped by Roosh.

Up until this point, as Gari notes, Roosh has responded to accusations that he is a rapist — a conclusion many have come to by simply reading his own deeply creepy and unsettling accounts of his past sexual exploits — by proudly declaring that not a single woman has come forward to accuse him of rape.

“You would think that one girl would have come forward by now and say, ‘Roosh did it. He raped me,'” Gari reports Roosh as saying during his bizarre recent press coference. “Not one has come forward. Not one.’”

“Now she has,” Gari declares.

One of Roosh’s victims read my blog back in November and reached out to me, asking for my help in exposing him. She finally agreed to be interviewed after seeing how he continues to spout his poisonous, misogynist rhetoric with sickening bravado. I hope her courage will inspire other possible Roosh victims to come forward as well.

Here’s the story of the woman Gari calls “Susan” to protect her anonymity. (You can find more details on her blog.)

When Susan left a nightclub with her friends, Roosh, approached her on the street and insisted on walking her home. She asked him to leave her alone. Later, when she became separated from her friends, she noticed he was following her.

“You have a beautiful but sad walk. I know a great place to have a drink. You can join me. It will be fun,” he said.

Susan, Gari writes, told him several more times she didn’t want his supposed help, but he continued following her anyway.

When they reached Susan’s house, Gari continues, Roosh

asked politely if he could just use the toilet. Sleepy and still drunk from her night out, she acquiesced and let him in to use the bathroom.

Up until this point, Susan’s story matches one of the stories in Roosh’s book Bang Iceland almost exactly. The disappearance of Susan’s friends, which Roosh saw as an incredible bit of luck for him; Roosh following her home despite her clear and repeated protests; his insistence on coming in to use the bathroom — all of this is in Roosh’s own account.

It’s at this point that Roosh’s and Susan’s stories diverge wildly.

In Roosh’s version of events, she thanks him for walking him home, and after heating up some soup on the stove, joins Roosh on the couch

putting her legs over mine. Her wet feet were tiny and I compared them to my hands, which were a few inches larger. I went into horny creep mode and started rubbing her legs while talking.

Yes, even in Roosh’s own account, he comes across as a creepy predator.

After a brief conversation, they start kissing; she gets up, pours herself a bowl of soup, then heads into her bedroom.

“I followed her,” Roosh writes.

It went so fast in her bedroom that even I felt weird. Clothes ripped off. “Do you have a condom?” Jam the dick inside. Barely any kissing. I was too drunk to feel anything and she was too drunk to produce much in the way of lubrication, so after five minutes we stopped having sex, if that’s what you want to call it, and lay on our backs. She fell asleep and started snoring.

The next morning, Roosh says, he got up and left while she lay there sleeping.

As Roosh tells the story, in other words, he had brief, bad sex with a woman who was so not into it she was bone dry, and so drunk she passed out shortly after he gave up. It’s not clear even from his own account whether she was lucid enough to give meaningful consent. (This, by the way, is NOT the Icelandic woman Roosh has said he had sex with even though “in America” she would have been considered too drunk to give consent; that story comes later in Roosh’s book.)

Susan’s account of what happened after Roosh emerged from her bathroom is even more troubling. As Gari tells the story, Roosh asked her if she was home alone. When she said yes,

he asked her to touch his penis. When she refused, Roosh grabbed her.

Susan started crying and said, “Why are you doing this? You’re crazy.”

He laughed and overpowered her with force, saying, “All girls like this. It’s every woman’s fantasy. You don’t even know what you’re saying. You’re drunk, but I like drunk girls.” And then, according to Susan, he raped her.

So which account is more plausible — Roosh’s story of drunken but consensual sex or Susan’s story of forcible rape? If the latter, is Roosh’s version of events a lie, or is it his attempt to convince not only his readers but himself that what happened was just bad sex, not rape?

It’s worth noting, as I did in a previous post, that Roosh has admitted elsewhere to using force to get his way during sex. In Bang Ukraine, for example, Roosh describes using “muscle” to hold a woman down after she told him she wanted to change positions when the two were having sex. “I refused and we argued,” he wrote.

She tried to squirm away while I was laying down my strokes so I had to use some muscle to prevent her from escaping. I was able to finish, but my orgasm was weak.

Afterwards I told her she was selfish and that she couldn’t call an audible so late in the game.

This, too, Roosh presents as perfectly consensual sex.

Even if Susan’s account of Roosh raping her is 100% true, it’s unlikely Roosh will ever be prosecuted for this alleged crime. “He’s an American and she lives in Iceland.,” Gari notes. “She feels she has no recourse.”

Gari ends her post by urging any woman who may have been victimized by Roosh to step forward as Susan has done.

As Gari is careful to point out, Susan’s allegations against Roosh “have not been brought formally, nor has he been found guilty of a crime in court.” And I should note as well that I have not spoken to Susan myself; I am simply relaying what Gari has written. You can draw your own conclusions from the story she tells. I know I have.

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There are a few more examples of people writing / confessing and trying to pass it off as someone else writing it, of course.

I recall reading about a fellow in Australia who got arrested over that. He’d written a murder mystery involving people being killed and their bodies disposed of untraceably in the outback, and sure enough some people were disappearing, and in one case remains turned up that looked like someone had messed up the disposal. Turned out that he’d been discussing the idea with a friend, looking for holes in it, and another fellow overheard them, and went robbing and killing.

Openly disobeying the comments policy is trolling.

I don’t think, that this site is intended as your personal little echo chamber, you know, give the guy who runs the show here a lil credit.

On a feminist blog, or even anywhere where rape is discussed, being more angry at a woman pepper spraying a harasser who is potentially a rapist than you are at you know, rape? Pretty damn provocative.

Also, not seeing the Orwellian here.

Harraser? Potential rapist? Daaaaaaaamn, that’s a way to be panicked up and trigger happy, I thought we were talking about a mere trash-talker.
Awright, back to topic: If that accusation is legit, than it’s a pity, that Valizadeh won’t go to the slammer for that. And pity he didn’t try to enter Australia, Valizadeh in handcuffs on a plane back would be fun to watch as was the video of him getting a drink in the face, pure schadenfreude.

Context, dude. Context.

If we were talking about a ‘mere trash-talker’ we probably wouldn’t have brought up pepper spray. Have you ever had someone significantly larger than you follow you around, or loom over you, and then say disturbing things? I’m not talking about the super obnoxious type of disturbing things.

I’m talking the “I’m not sure I trust this person not to hurt me” type things.

Also, just because your nym is the trolliest troll of the one episode wonders, doesn’t mean you have to channel to trolliest troll of the one episode wonders at all times. Even if he was a delightful troll. You aren’t half as delightful, at the moment.

Please be considerate: we don’t use slurs against folks mental health here.

You can call someone ridiculous, or say their argument is invalid due to the windmill in your beard, but no calling people deranged, lunatics, insane and suchlike.

The yellow bar underneath the comments window has a link to the comments policy. I’m sure we’ve directed you there before, but please do take it seriously.

Re his comment that it was every womans fantasy – don’t know if you saw this previous post of his (you may well have) it is me that is new here. His favourite rape scenes from films. Seems to believe from these – fantasy scenarios – that women have rape fantasies (if the do – that’s just it – they are fantasies – ie not to be translated into reality) that they like it REALLY, it is just a matter of perseverance and you will then win them over. He was not so keen on one that had violence in it – with the marvellous quote “I do not get aroused during that scene like I NORMALLY do watching rape”. Seems he spends some time watching this stuff and clearly believes that it is only real rape if there is violence. Otherwise it is not rape. Where was it he said – How many no’s does it take to enter a vagina? One issue seems to be consent. Consenting to sex with a strange guy is one thing. If he had said he was collecting trophies for his books entitled Bang……. he might get a somewhat different response. In the UK recently there has been a case where some women had relationships with some guys, even having children, only to find out that they were actually undercover police living a totally fake life. These women did not consent to that and similarly to the back story that Roosh V was concealing.

Valizadeh’s books are really a case of Poe’s Law, if Susan’s story checks out (his books, judging by the excerpts posted here, read like some wank material for the manosphere ilk, not anything grounded in reality, but that may not be quite so). As of now, we only have a blog post, I hope, that it won’t stay just a blog post.

@katz March 7, 2016 at 3:26 pm
You mean me? You even know, what spam is? Trolling is the deliberate attempt to provoke people, where did I do that. I just voiced an dissenting view, nothing more, nothing less.

Not everything is about you, sweetheart.

@Petal & Katz
If it were Jenny/Zer I think it would be at least 2000 words longer. In this case it’s on topic. I think newcomers to the blog might not realize that necroing an old thread is frowned upon, so I’m assuming that’s what happened here.

Y’know, I get that we’re the RoboCop to the manosphere’s dystopian cyberpunk Detroit, but Kfreed/Jenny/Zer/Kevin is taking the former half of that title way too far.

@kupo March 7, 2016 at 3:37 pm
If that’s not about me, then sorry for the misunderstanding and I got called a troll for mere dissent.

Not sure why there are some trolls here who simply bully my comment – I just brought awareness and some proofs about the serial rapist sleazebag douche v

Do you know, I completely missed the day in English class when we read George Orwell’s classic short story condemning the totalitarian practice of having comment policies.

No, you got called a troll for your behavior. If you’re honestly not trying to troll, then maybe you should reflect on what you’ve said and how it comes across to others. It wasn’t merely stating an opinion. Content and context both matter.

Not a great way to convince anyone you’re on our side. For your edification, if you’re not already aware, there have been a few new posters coming into any thread that mentions Roosh, spamming long walls of text to tell everyone about everything Roosh has ever said, and then start to get nasty and attack the regulars when we ask what the heck that was all about. If you’re not one of those people (honestly it’s probably one person on multiple accounts), please understand that the frustration is not aimed at you specifically, and try and engage in the conversation rather than driving by only posting stuff about Roosh, and getting snippy.

If you are Jenny/Zer, please respond to the inquiry about what your actual goal is here and why you feel entitled to use this platform rather than creating your own.

We’ve had many, many posts on here about Roosh. We’re aware. The spam doesn’t add anything to the discussion. Since multiple people have expressed their dislike of the spam, the polite thing to do would be to cease posting it and instead actually contribute to the discussion rather than whining about we’re bullies for not wanting to look at disruptive spam.

I actually think the spammer/s might be gotcha trolls trying to get us to endorse either doxxing or violence. I might sound paranoid here, but look at how transparently Roosh and his fans were hoping their meet ups would incite violence from feminists. Roosh is basically a professional troll and his fan boys are pathetically dedicated to defending him. I’m going to be dubious if anything feels a bit off.

I’m about 100% certain this is the same person again. Exact same vocabulary as the others. Exact same form of spam, and putting a link to the spam in their screen name just like the others. Getting immediately snippy just like the others. Yeah, same spambot.

Yeah, I got the same vibe, especially after that post from Zer celebrating that Anonymous allegedly hacked Roosh.

There was another one and few days ago talking about him like he was a threat to world peace. Sure, he and his followers are a threat to individual women unfortunate enough to cross paths with them. But on a world domination path, no. Only a Roosh fan could think he’s that important.

Of course they’re all the same person. There aren’t like four different people who all woke up the same morning and decided to flood the same blog with Roosh screen grabs. And frankly to me it’s no different than if they were posting Cialis ads.

The definition of “rape” given by this de jure State of Nature reflects its pre-JudeoChristian northern European treatment: Death to the any man a woman accused of rape if she had not given her prior formal deliberated consent and the “act of procreation” had actually occurred.

Men like Daryush Valizadeh would have had a very short lifespan in pre-JudeoChristian northern Europe. However, they would never have made it even to the Ukraine as they would have encountered, as they travelled from the Mideast into foreign lands, any number of men who would have challenged them to natural duel, long before reaching northern Europe.

This, by the way, is why MGTOW dreams of the apocalypse are mistaken, for those of northern European heritage. In a genuine state of nature eusocial organization, in which one sex allies against the other, are exceedingly rare — being limited to insects and the naked mole rat. Northern Europeans, in particular prior to JudeoChristianity, emphasized the natural right of any man to “go to the island” with another man they challenged — with one, at most, returning alive. This was outlawed in Iceland at the same time that the Althing adopted JudeoChristianity theocracy.

In _that_ “state of nature” men of such an individualistic culture will defect from each other and fight over women just as they do in other sexual species.

On the other hand, a woman who has given her prior deliberated consent to a man must also give formal deliberated withdrawal of that consent before she can, again, accuse him of “rape”.

Honoring deliberation is honoring the full, adult moral agency of humans. Reducing such vital decisions as those regarding giving birth _and_ dealing death to any but individual deliberation is to give over life, itself, to group entities and regress to a pre-sexual existence.

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