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Nazi-lite pickup artist so thrilled by Trump’s use of cat synonym he spews gibberish

Presumably Trump supports THIS pussy
Presumably Trump supports THIS pussy

These are exciting times for the portion of the American electorate that supports Donald Trump as the next-best-thing to an actual reincarnated Hitler.

Indeed, the pickup artist and white supremacist who calls himself Heartiste is so thrilled by Trump’s recent use of the word “pussy” to describe Ted Cruz that he celebrated with a blog post so filled with his own peculiar jargon that it appears almost as though it’s been beamed to earth from a Nazi-occupied planet mars.

As Heartiste sees it, the “hermetically sealed, culturally isolated, demographically gated bubble boys of the beltways” just can’t grasp the hunk of raw Aryan manhood that is the Trump.

These effete fags who don’t even lift clutch their pearls when Trump channels the spirit of his blood and soil White Warriors and speaks in the MASCULINE language of the Tribe Realtalk.

Yes, that is a sentence that was written by an actual human being.

Anything remotely masculine frightens shitlibs, you see, because masculinity, unlike femininity, is more closely associated with truth-telling. And masculine men remind your typical shitlib of his years spent in middle school with his underwear waistband hiked up to his nipples.

Heartiste is so excited to see Trump, his orange-colored great white hope, insult his opponents like an overgrown schoolyard bully that he is forced to make up new words to express his powerful emotions.

I love it. Trump is smart, charismatic, and in touch with the vast army of non-insider Whites who are FED UP with anti-White virtue signaling and the gayfagfruitcup feminization of White leftoids who, for now, control the media vertical and horizontal.

The more pussy bombs the Don drops, the higher his polls go, and the squeakier Kevin Williamson’s cucksnark gets.

Ah, I was wondering when Heartiste would pull out his favorite c-word, cuck.

Presumably the Kevin Williamson Heartiste is referring to is the so-called “cuckservative” writer at the National Review, and not the guy who created Dawson’s Creek. But who knows? Maybe Heartiste is still mad that Joey ended up with Pacey instead of Dawson, played by blonde-haired, blue-eyed dreamboat James Van Der Beek?

Only Heartiste knows for sure.

He ends his post with this question:

Would you rather have a vulgar President or a mincing, prissy, passive-aggressive, White-hating, mulatto fuccboi president? Rhetorical.

I’m going to go with door number two.

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Didn’t Heartiste use to make some semblance of sense? I mean, he was wrong about everything, but I thought he used real words and stuff.

Trump channels the spirit of his blood and soil White Warriors and speaks in the MASCULINE language of the Tribe Realtalk.

Well, someone has a man-size crush on the larger-than-life man’s man Mr. Trump!

Heartiste is going to be devastated if he ever finds out that the other object of his affections, blut und boden (blood and soil) philospher Adolf Hitler, lost World War II.

@ Kat

Adolf Hitler, lost World War II.

Hey, how about a spoiler warning!

Some of them might not have finished their history book yet. 😉

@ kat

I’ve now got this bizarre urge to go onto some right wing book seller’s website and add the review:

“Mein Kampff was amazing. In the end it turns out Hitler was a ghost!”

Never mind the vulgarity. What really worries me about Trump, even more than the racism and misogyny, is that I can see him starting WW III in a fit of pique.

About to be impeached? Start WW III
Putin made a joke about the hair? Start WW III
Mexico won’t pay for the wall? Start WW III

It’s a damn good thing he’s unlikely to get his hands on the trigger.

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