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Troll Petition Demands that Emma Watson Spend a Week in a Refugee Camp Without Bodyguards

Emma Watson speaks at a HeForShe event
Emma Watson speaks at a HeForShe event

If you’re a woman who engages publicly in that whole feminism thing, it’s almost inevitable that you will find yourself followed around the internet by a small squadron of the Internet Lady Hate Army, baiting you with disingenuous questions and bad-faith “challenges” and general abuse. If you’re a famous woman, well, that just makes it worse.

Consider the case of Emma Watson, the Harry Potter actress turned UN Women Goodwill Ambassador, who’s been a favorite target for this seething mob ever since she publicly embraced the F-word in a nervous speech before the UN in September 2014.

Only a week ago she faced a torrent of Twitter abuse for the terrible crime of reminding the world of the pro-feminist sentiments of fellow Harry Potter veteran Alan Rickman shortly after she learned of his death.

Now the troll army is targeting her again, this time with a petition demanding that the actress “[s]pend one week in a Calais migrant camp for feminism (without bodyguards).” The petition-writer, a Melbourne man by the name of Oscar Izard, declares that

In order to show how safe current migration is to Europe, particularly regarding the cause of feminism (I reject wholeheartedly the notion that North African and Middle Eastern migrants are unsafe, and rapists), Emma Watson should spend a week’s holiday in a Calais migrant camp, without guards of course, to show how safe, and how pro feminism these migrants are.

So far the petition has garnered more than 10,000 digital signatures. It’s unclear how many of them are from the likes of “Mike Hunt” and “Amanda Huginkiss.”

Even if you set aside all the ludicrous straw manning going on in the petition — who exactly is arguing that the refugees are feminists? — the petition is pure trollery, aimed at a woman who isn’t even particularly associated with the refugee issue. (Indeed, in reporting on this story, the Independent had to go back to September of last year to find a Tweet from Watson supportive of refugees.)

Watson’s big issues are education for girls and the HeForShe campaign she promoted in her UN speech. The only reason Emma Watson is the target of this petition is that, well, she’s Emma Watson.

Naturally, the increasingly trollish Breitbart has injected itself into the middle of all this, offering a rather strained justification for the petition’s weird focus on Watson.

Ever since she was invited to give a widely praised speech at the UN on the topic, she has become a poster girl of modern feminism. Her simultaneous embrace of female equality, mass migration and the misogynistic non-western cultures brought with it, is widely seen as typical of left wing activists today.

In this context, the petition can be interpreted as an expression of frustration with the contradictions of modern liberal feminism, rather than merely a personal attack on Ms. Watson.

Truly an argument that only a Breitbart reader could love.

The underlying assumption of this supremely bad-faith petition drive is to suggest that if Watson personally doesn’t rush off to embed herself in a refugee camp, this somehow proves that feminist women, and women in general, are terrified of refugees and think they’re all a bunch of dirty rapists.

But the fact is that many women are active in helping refugees already, some of them former refugees themselves, others the Western women who are the real target of the petition; we just don’t hear much about them because they are less famous than Watson.

Had petition-maker Oscar Izard spent any time in the refugee camps himself, he surely would have noticed this.


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The UNHCR is probably the most reliable source for data. They publish regular updates. See here for example:

There is a good reason why the figures show slightly more men; a few reasons actually.

People traffickers exploit the situation by charging extortionate prices; basically a family’s life savings. The journey is arduous and hazardous to the point of lethality. (As if things weren’t bad enough, the traffickers charge extra for life jackets that are actually fake!!)

In those circumstances it’s understandable that men make the journey alone. That’s not abandoning their families; it’s taking care of them. Once the man arrives in Europe and successfully claims refugee status, his family is then entitled to join him. With the right paperwork they no longer have to rely on traffickers. They can make the journey in relative safety and without being ripped off by criminals.

“There but for the grace of god go I” shouldn’t have to be the argument. We should take care of desperate people because it’s the right thing to do; but don’t forget, within living memory millions of Europeans were ‘displaced persons’. There may well be people on this site who have family members who went through that.

Now if you’ll forgive me, I don’t want to tug on your heart strings, but if people are able to assist then my friend is still after donations:


No need to worry, it’ll be no more painful than the usual day in the bon-bon mines. Praise Katie, etc.

They want it both ways–with refugees, we are supposed to withhold our support from the whole population because we know some of them (statistically speaking, if nothing else) are dangerous, and we can’t spot these individuals or weed them out. But with MRAs, who are mostly men–meaning they are de facto members of an even larger group that also has members who are dangerous, unspottable and unweedable–we don’t do enough to support them in their issues.

Gee, I wonder what the difference is between the two groups. I just can’t imagine it…

Also, if these guys truly believe an unguarded woman in a refugee camp would be in danger, insisting she should go there is smug and petty and vile. You basically are pushing for a woman to go into a situation where you are SURE she’ll get raped–which fits perfectly, I think, into the concept of “depraved indifference.” Also general scumbaggery.

Brit Mammotheers, lend me your ears.

And by ‘ears’ I mean ‘gas bottles’; and by ‘lend’ I mean ‘you won’t be seeing that again’.

The following items are desperately needed at the refugee camp in Calais.

Large (over 7kg) gas bottles
Heavy duty catering tables
Arctic standard sleeping bags

Money is also always welcome

If you can help with any of that, drop us a message at the following link

I can collect anything from anybody between Cornwall and Dover. We can also collect between London and Dover. And I’m sure we can arrange something for people further afield.

You all know what the weather’s been like, so imagine what it’s like in the camp. All help very gratefully received. Ta.

Woman doesn’t personally work with refugees. Told to go to unguarded refugee camp. Woman personally works with refugees. Told she’s a disgrace to white people. Pick one, douches.

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