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“Bitter Spinsters Will Be The Death Of The West,” Unmarried Middle-aged Man Proclaims

Ugly post-wall woman faces her fate
Ugly post-wall woman faces her fate

Woman-hating skirt-chasers love to imagine the women who won’t sleep with them — and any other woman who offends their delicate male sensibilities — growing old alone and unloved, except by their small armies of cats.

In a recent post rehashing — and expanding on — this perennial misogynist fantasy, pickup artist and self-proclaimed lady expert Heartiste explains that “unmarried, unloved, childless, aging, bitter White spinsters” have only themselves to blame for their lonely later years, having pissed away “their prime fertility years riding the cock carousel (or riding its close cousin, the social media attention whore carousel).”

This argument, if it can be called that, may sound awfully familiar to long-time readers of this blog.

But Heartiste isn’t done yet. Instead of merely ruining their own lives, he warns, these sluts-turned-spinsters may well end up destroying Western civilization itself — or at least the white parts of it — by welcoming non-white “rapefugees” and other immigrants into their country.

Why are these white spinsters allegedly so bent on what the alt right laughably calls “white genocide?” Heartiste, himself an unmarried middle-aged man, explains that some of these sad and bitter spinsters will inevitably

react to their dispossession and displacement from the sexual market – and the maternal market – by exacting revenge on their outer world (homogeneous White Europe) with a summoning of succubi from their inner world. These … loveless rejects [are] throwing open their butthurt hearts to trashcanistan migrants, expressing through their imbecilic kumbaya chanting a dual longing for sexual and maternal satisfaction.

Did I mention that Heartiste is a white supremacist as well as a self-proclaimed connoisseur of the vagina?

Let’s continue:

[German Chancellor Angela ] Merkel falls into this category, but unfortunately her psychological spinster distress could mean the destruction of Germany. 

Merkel is what one might call a rather atypical spinster, as she is in fact married. (“Spinster,” in case anyone has forgotten, means an “an unmarried woman who is past the usual age for marrying and is considered unlikely to marry.”)

But as Heartiste sees it, even though singleton status is a rather crucial component of the dictionary definition of “spinster,” women don’t literally have to be unmarried to be psychological spinsters. Marrying a

[w]eak, enfeebled, sycophantic beta male husbands can trigger this crisis of femininity just as assuredly as unmarried solitude, for the resentful wife of a pathetic beta feels as isolated as the single woman with her cats.

But presumably these spinsters still need to be old, right? I mean, that’s also pretty central to modern usage of the word?

Apparently not to Heartiste.

In a followup post later the same day, Heartiste quotes from an evo psych paper that directly contradicts his “Spinsterism Leads to the Death of the West” thesis. The paper, by the infamous eve-psycher Satoshi Kanazawa, reports that young women, not old spinsters, are the most welcoming to foreigners, turning xenophobic only in their 40s.

Instead of tossing out his old thesis, Heartiste simply uses Kanazawa’s paper as an excuse to bash younger women for their “ignorant xenophilia,” telling us that

I have heard far more support for rapefugees, and more generally for open borders, from young White women than I have from any other group of people.

Heartiste apparently forgot about this when writing his spinster post only a few hours earlier.

I hope that I’m getting a skewed impression of women’s true feelings regarding border control and White demographic displacement, because if I’m not then the fate of our White nations is sealed, barring repeal of the 19th Amendment.

So there you have it: Old, unmarried women will be the death of the West —  if by “old” you mean “young” and by “unmarried” you mean “well, possibly married too.”

Heartiste has all his bases covered.



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Alan Robertshaw
6 years ago

@ bluecat

spring planting on the allotment

So you admit it, there is a feminist plot? 😉

6 years ago

“maternal market”


Concerned White Man
Concerned White Man
5 years ago

Heartiste’s passionate thoughts might be a bit disorganized, but he is right. So many white women suffer from xenophillia. Producing non-white children instead of passing down their rare, pale, blonde, redhead, light eyed, pointy nosed genes seem to make them feel morally superior and noble. Those European ones who are too old for children might very well see the migrants as orphans, needing mothering. Modern PC society has given them an easy to use tool to silence their critics: just yell “racist”, “nazi” or “supremacist”.

So many of those who comment here are indoctrinated to hate their own white tribe. It is crushing. Emasculated and indoctrinated white people can’t seem to understand that white men have an instinctive desire to keep their white women to themselves and to preserve the physical qualities of their race for the future. All the racism and xenophobia in Europe is intended to prevent the dark races from stealing away white women. This is entirely natural behaviour. If white women could only understand this and be more discriminating in who they date and marry, reject dark men and stick to the light men of their own tribe, racism and xenophobia will disappear. Instead many white women do the opposite. They keep forming alliances with black men, produce black aberration children as a form of protest against their fathers and their institutional racism, thereby only making the situation worse. If they could only exercise discipline and not date outside their race, black and brown people would be accepted in white European society without any hostility. White women, instead of being mad at your own men and taunting them with stuff like “if you fear sexual competition from black men you are a beta” and “white women don’t belong to white men anymore; a black man has an equal chance with me”, rather reassure them that they can expect your loyalty and that every white man can expect to reproduce with a white wife, and watch them lose interest in keeping down the dark races. Threatening your men that you don’t belong to them and that you WILL produce black children with black men if you so please and then expecting white men not to become more and more bigoted and hostile towards dark foreigners is absurd. Men are programmed to keep their women from mating with men of other tribes. It IS THE ALPHA MALE THING TO DO, to keep the other tribe away from your women by any means possible. You don’t let them close when your women can’t seem to control their desires or have no scruples with miscegenation. This is the correct behaviour of alpha males. It is Beta males who open the gates and hope that their ladies will still choose them. Beta males hope that the dark men will respect them and not fool around with the white girls. Alpha males don’t even give the competition a chance.

The desire to preserve the culture and racial integrity of historically white nations does not equate to white supremacy. Desiring for whites not to go extinct does not qualify one as a white supremacist. In fact, encouraging the extinction of whites on their own ancestral home continent, Europe, through mass immigration is pure anti-white racism. The white group is the only race that faces the prospect of extinction in its home territory, due to the recessive nature of white features. This is unfair. Africa, the Middle East, India and Asia will remain in-tact.

In summary, white men are xenophobic and racist because white women don’t care or don’t have the discipline to stay sexually loyal to them in mixed race societies. If your women can’t control themselves, then the alpha males are forced to keep the men of the dark tribes away from them anyway they can – by opposing immigration and making sure the dark immigrants already in Europe remain unappealing as potential mates. White women, it is up to you to stop racism, and the way to do it is not to sleep with black men in droves, that will only throw gasoline on the fire. You fight racism by not dating outside your race. Decline the advances of the foreign, dark men who moved to Europe, many are there solely because they desire you. Western society has been so successful because a single man has only ever been allowed to have one wife. Everyone could get a partner this way. Now, when European women have so many more men to choose from due to male dominated immigration, white men will be left without partners and that will cause immense trouble and instability in the future.

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