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Will Star Wars: The Force Awakens Destroy the White Race With Its Mighty Cuck Staff?

White supremacists have cuck on the brain
White supremacists have cuck on the brain

Is Star Wars: The Force Awakens a fun space opera that’s made a crapload of money and revitalized a beloved franchise after three cringeworthy prequels?

Or is it insidious propaganda for racially mixed sexy times that may ultimately wipe out millions of hypothetical future white babies and, oh yeah, perhaps the entire white race?

Yep, even after the utter failure of their (admittedly half-assed) “boycott” of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the cuck-obsessed white supremacists are still at it, trying to convince the world that the film is all about cuckolding the once-proud white man.

And, naturally, they’re making their case, such as it is, by passing around massively confusing and often barely readable “infographics.”

Take, for example, the one below, which may well be the greatest (by which I mean the terriblist) racist infographic I’ve seen all year. Consider it an early Christmas present from me to you, if you’re into that sort of thing. (Don’t worry if you can’t read it; we’ll get into the specific, er, arguments in a second.)

The SFW version
The SFW version

If you’re wondering about the white blocks, well, I censored several porn images from the original graphic, all involving white women and, well, a certain portion of the anatomy of their black male costars.

You’re welcome!

There’s a lot to take in here, from the censored porn to the kids’ toys to the Bella and the Bulldogs reference in the portion of the “infographic” I put at the start of this post. (If you don’t already know about the Bella and the Bulldogs nonsense, click here because it is amaze (cuck) balls.)

So let’s break down the basic, er, argument here.

The Cuck Ball: Because the leading man in the film is, gasp, black, the only character that white dudes can identify with in the film is the ball-shaped robot BB-8 — because he’s painted white!

Oh, and because the white heroine, Rey, seems to like Finn, the (shudder) black stormtrooper with the heart of gold, the two are basically cuckolding all the white men of this world — not to mention all those living a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.

Note: I fiddled with the contrast to make this more readable.

Never mind that the film is full of other white characters, and that moviegoers are more than capable of identifying with characters who don’t share their skin color, or their gender, or even their species. Hell, the infographic maker admits they can identify with robots.

Not only that, but moviegoers who aren’t straight cis white men do this all the time when they watch films where the main characters (and often most of the rest of the cast) are straight cis white men. But when one film in a movie franchise that’s featured white dudes as the main characters in THE PREVIOUS SIX FILMS puts a black man in one of the leading roles, evidently it’s the end of the world or at least the white race.

And even the barest hint that this black character might at some point in the future lay a completely consensual kiss on the white female lead has the white supremacists shouting “cuck” from the rooftops. In this film, the “romance” (if it can even be called that) that the poor little cuck ball is forced to witness is entirely hypothetical; it never goes beyond flirting and a bit of handholding. (Who knew robots were so damn jealous?)

Don’t tell these guys about Netflix’s Jessica Jones and her sexy times with Luke Cage; their heads would explode.

And then there’s …

Rey’s mighty Cuck Staff. As the infographic-maker sees it, the phallic staff is basically a huge black dildo, which Disney has put into the film in order to program white girls to, well, want to have sex and babies with black men.(Why would Disney want to do this? I’m guessing these guys think it all has something to do with the Jews.)

Anyway, it’s all very … subliminal.


Woah. I mean, it’s not like any of the white men in the Star Wars franchise ever carried around any large phallic objects of their own that have been made into toys that have been played with by probably half the people on planet earth.

Oh wait.

But apparently Rey’s Cuck Staff is more powerful than any mere light saber, and will insidiously work its way into the minds of impressionable girls the world around.


Naturally, all this staff-grasping can only result in one thing:

THE TOTAL ANNIHILATION OF THE WHITE RACE! Literally MILLIONS of (hypothetical) WHITE BABIES WILL BE DESTROYED (by not existing in the first place)!


So, yeah, here we have white supremacists essentially arguing that their mythical all-powerful, civilization-building, world-dominating, Donald-Trump-loving white race is secretly so fragile it can be brought down by some white chick holding a stick in a movie.

Enjoy the rest of your night-before-Christmas (or, depending on your time zone, Christmas yourself), if you’re into that sort of thing.

H/T — @videodante, who pointed me to the, er, “infographic” on Reddit; it seems to have originated on 4chan shortly after the film’s premiere.

EDIT: A few minor fiddles with wording.

EDIT 2: Somehow one of the screenshots I meant to put in didn’t get put in (I blame my interns, who are also my cats). I put it in. It’s the last one, about the babies.

89 replies on “Will Star Wars: The Force Awakens Destroy the White Race With Its Mighty Cuck Staff?”

EJ (The Other One):
His name is Liam Oliver Gicalman. He’s still an undergrad, but I’m sure he’ll become a driving force in the field of Evo-Psych.

He assures me it’s based on pure science and reason. I have no choice but to agree. As other Evo Psych guys have pointed out, to not believe in their Evolutionary-Psychological theories means I think evolution is false and am a creationist. I’m not a creationist… so Evo-Psych must be right.

But remember: us feminists (and allies) are the ‘easily offended’ and ‘overly sensitive’ ones!

Not only that, but moviegoers who aren’t straight cis white men do this all the time when they watch films where the main characters (and often most of the rest of the cast) are straight cis white men.

Not only do we do this all the time, we’re expected to do this. White guys are allowed to whine about how they don’t want to “man up and read chick lit,” but women and POC who want stories about characters like them get lectured about how stories “shouldn’t be political” and other platitudes that boil down to “life’s not fair, so deal with it.”

I have to second the comment that the graphic is even more bizarre uncensored. If your sensibilities and current browsing situation allow I would recommend a look.

So if women’s sexuality can be altered by the weapon female major characters hold, what happens if they’re wielding an invisible sword?

This is a very important question for my mom’s sake.

Maybe they just really want the BB-8 x Rey ship to be canon.

They’re pissed off at having to settle for fanfiction and rule 34.

If neither exist then hit refresh, in the time it takes teh googlez to reload it will be there.

I wonder why there are so few movies where the white supremacist fascist hordes are the good guys. It’s a puzzler.

Grand Wizards, Great Dragons, Cyclopses, Staves of Cucking….I might be disgusted with them on every level but I kind of want to play a d&d campaign with them.

I swear: I’ve been seeing “cuck” and variations thereof all over the place for weeks. I had no idea what it meant until reading this column.

So, thanks Mr. Futrelle & Friends… uh, I think.


For those who want to see the images uncensored without sullying oneself with actually going to those dopey Omega-dude websites, download TinEye. It’s a thing that can seek out all versions of a pic on the web….
….Glad I could help.

I right-clicked on the dumb graphic the “Cuckoo for cuckery” Ku Klux Kooks konjured-up and saw the uncensored version and JoeB is right….The juxtaposition of Star Wars awesomeness with porny pics strewn within is WEIRD!

SPOILERS: They’re all close-ups of big black man-sticks getting pleasured by a cute white lady….and one shows three black-willies on one white lady (I dunno…’bukakke’, maybe?).

That new little droid is adorkable! Looks like a volleyball-bot. So cute! It’s giving the beloved R2D2 a run for his money in the “Cute Robot” department.

Of course, R2 is irreplaceable.

@Alpine, RN

I love the Emo Kylo Ren exchanges with Hux and the exquisite irony of Hux trying to tune him in to an even darker dark side, but he keeps going back to his obsession with Vader.

Also, force-crushing his retainer – nearly wet myself!

… giving the beloved R2D2 a run for his money in the “Cute Robot” department.

I’ve always thought that Huey, Dewey and Louie from Silent Running would take the prize in any cute robot competition. Dear little Louie, all alone in the universe, left to take care of earth’s last trees is the tearjerker of all tearjerkers.

Now. I’ve found out how they produced the robot effects, and it’s another kind of tearjerker-but-with-a-smile.

You don’t need tineye, just google image this image and it will show “similar images.”

Anyway the hilarious thinks about the porn is that they sorta tried to match the dicks up with the star wars shots, but then failed or got bored or something. Like they drew an arrow from the vertical staff to a vertical dick, and a sideways staff to a sideways dick. Fair enough, I guess. But some of the dicks aren’t connected to any of the staff images, and sometimes the arrows point to a dick which looks nothing at all like the staff in that shot and is pointing in a different erection direction.

it baffles me that these guys can’t BEGIN to fathom white women (or women of any other race for that matter) wanting to be with a cutie like John Boyega unless we’ve been conditioned by black dildo sticks

or, you know, he could be handsome and funny

Wait, so do the far right get they’re basically ripping off critical theory and Freudian analysis? Is there ever a cultural phenomenon that they rail against while NOT simultaneously doing a piss poor impression of? Like,

Gotta say, I went into the movie expecting to come away thinking, “well, it’s better than one to three, at least,” but it was actually pretty good. I mean, uneven and not that well written (which you could say about the originals, too), but the protags were likeable, the action pulled you in, and it really captured a lot of what made the original trilogy compelling.

So I guess these dudes are unaware of how nuts some teen girls are going over kylo ten. I mean I’m an Oscar Isaac girl myself these days but My inner 15 year old is all about that dude.

This is both absolutely hilarious and awesomely pathetic, especially in the uncensored infographic. It’s got all the self-pity and projected self-loathing of an MRA screed, but with big heaping dump of racism on top.


“Why would Disney want to do this? I’m guessing these guys think it all has something to do with the Jews.”

You know better than that. The #whitegenocide crowd, believes that miscegenation is part of an evil Jewish plot to rule the world. How miscegenation furthers the goal of world domination isn’t clear, but hey, it doesn’t have to make sense.


It’s interesting that the rage against the film presumes that people will be affected by it whilst the GamerGaters I’ve spoken to reckon it’s harmless for women to be objectified in games because “everyone knows they’re fantasy and it doesn’t affect their thinking.”

Instead, Rey and Finn are fantastic role models. Yes, their casting will make a difference to the lives of young women and black men.

The implied counter idea, that all heroes in all films should be white and male, is ludicrous and itself a fantasy.

There is enough going on in film for any kind of person to be a hero. Inclusivity and diversity are better for the film (and game) industry, surely?

It’s fun to watch racist shits go through such covoluted mental gymnastics to convince themselves it’s about more than being racist shits. I mean, they can’t possibly think they’re convincing anyone else.


I wouldn’t confuse mainstream gamer-gaters with the lunatics behind #boycottstarwarsVII who are basically neo-nazis.


I wouldn’t confuse mainstream gamer-gaters with the lunatics behind #boycottstarwarsVII who are basically neo-nazis.


Also: y’know that comments policy that’s in your face whenever you comment? Yeah.


I really enjoyed reading your comment — especially your statement about how the gorgeous Lupita is disguised as a short, hundreds of years old, wizened yellowish creature. Did not like that at all. Would have loved her to play a part where she could show her face.

Having said that, you seem to have a lovely multicultural, multiracial family, which would sadden the MRAs who are featured on this website. LOL. Good for you!

@Bluecat There was a WoC! One of the X-Wing pilots was Jess Pava, played by Jessica Henwick who is British/Singaporean. I know it seems like such a small thing, but when the original trilogy was filmed the actually had female x-wing pilots who were cut, so having a female x-wing pilot in this was kind of a big deal.

Ben Cohen | December 27, 2015 at 3:33 pm

I wouldn’t confuse mainstream gamer-gaters with the lunatics behind #boycottstarwarsVII who are basically neo-nazis.


And there aren’t neo-nazis in GamerGate? Or white nationalists? Oh, wait, I forgot #NotAllGamerGaters. Because when one of GamerGate’s people does something bad, they’re “not a real GamerGater”, but when one of those “SJWs” they ramble on about does something, it’s #YesAllSJWs.

Though, I hate to break it to you (not really), GamerGate was doomed to bigotry from the start considering it was founded on misogyny.

There’s most assuredly a conversation we could have about games journalism and the ethics thereof, or even the ethics of the gaming as a whole, but GamerGate is not having that conversation. They’re too busy shitting on indie developers and harassing anyone who dares speak out against them, especially if they’re a minority, to actually sit down and have a conversation about how things actually are and what we can do to change the shitty things about it.

For instance, companies putting restrictive contracts on Let’s Players to strong-arm them into giving them only good publicity in exchange for them getting an early review copy, which they need to keep their channels afloat. (Shadow of Mordor incident)

Or how the military complex in the United States is trying to use game culture to recruit by advertising on places like XBox Live and the Playstation Network, and how they pander to the aggressive dudebros who play Call of Duty and think that it’s just like real life.

Or Pay-for-Review game sites.

Or exploitative practices with the workforce in the gaming industry like: releasing “excess talent” after a game ships, extensive, harsh work weeks and deadlines, etc.

Or how GameStop, a company that sells games, is also the owner of one of the United States’ most long-running and successful in-print gaming publications, and many people aren’t aware of that, because GameStop is under no legal obligation to disclose that. Which begs the question: What kind of relationship do these two groups have if one is owned by the other?

Or how GameStop is making deals with games publishers to chop up their games into exclusive DLC that you can only get by pre-ordering games through GameStop and nowhere else.

Or harassment of women in gaming spaces, not only on the side of the player, but on the developer/publisher/creator’s end as well, and questioning it, especially if you’re a woman yourself can and usually will lead to more harassment and threats.

GamerGate gives no shits about any of this. The only thing they’re concerned with is keeping the status quo of “games are for cishet, straight, white dudes who like tits and killing things” as is. “Ethics” is just a cover.

So yeah, rant aside, GamerGate is full of bigots. Bigots who don’t give two flying fucks about ethics. So please take your #NotAllGators out back. We don’t play that game here. As far as I am concerned, if anyone is still supporting GamerGate, they’re still supporting bigotry and harassment, because that’s all GG does is harass people and uphold the status quo of the gaming industry.

Now, if they actually sat down and did some activism and talked about actual ethical concerns (and not about how wrong Anita is about Hitman or who Zoe Quinn supposedly slept with based off of a scripted post her jilted ex-boyfriend wrote), then maybe, maybe, I could see a reason for the group to exist, and I could write off those bigots as a fringe, and not the “mainstream”.

But, seeing as that’s not the case, GamerGate is poisoned beyond saving. If you want to actually support ethics in gaming, here’s my advice: Jump ship. Find a new hashtag. Go have some conversations that actually pertain to ethics in gaming that don’t involve “Hey, let’s doxx someone because they disagreed with us!”

Unless you actually think that that’s totally okay. In which case, fuck right off.

And seconding PoM. Read the comments policy. We don’t call bigots ableist names, because we don’t want to throw mentally ill or neurodivergent people under the bus and ignore the real problem of bigotry.

I’ve said it before: any gamergater who actually cares about ethics in journalism and isn’t a misogynist or bigot ought to be pissed as hell at finding out that GG is just using them for cover.

Of course, I first said that, like, a year ago, when the #burgerandfries IRC channel and Twitter sockpuppetry hadn’t yet reached media coverage saturation, and it was easier to believe that there were well-meaning people who called themselves GGers and honestly had not yet heard. That’s no longer a plausible story. The only way a person could remain ignorant of it at this point is through willful ignorance.

My favorite thing about these guys is that they’re constantly worrying about interracial sex- like, much, much more than anyone else, to the point of fetishism

Oh my. I can only imagine how the people that made all of these gifs that you’ve assembled into an article here must’ve laughed there asses off when they saw this.

You’re blaming the whole white race, primarily white dudes, for these few jackoffs? I haven’t even seen the film, I’m white, and I’m not a white supremacist (yet very proud to be white), and I’m sure I’m enjoy the film as I love Star Wars. Whether I do or don’t like it, I won’t dislike it for that reason. But I am allowed to dislike it due to the male lead, and parts I’ve seen make me feel that I won’t like it, but the rest might make-up for it. I can’t know until I see it. But aside from all that, again, you use terms like “white dudes” referring to all white men internationally. This is highly immature, as you’re talking about a small minority of people online (no specific race that you’re able to even identify/verify – because these people are online) and for some reason attributing what they’re saying to being the voice of the entire white race. That’s pretty lame.

So do you all think I’m ready for a Mighty Cuck Staff yet or do I need a bit more practice?

I try to see where these white supremacists are male supremacists are coming from.
Roll your eyes, go ahead.
But I do it to better understand my own privilege as a white female.
And I don’t mean it in the way they do when they say “female privilege.” It’s not the privilege they have. Lucky bastards.
It’s kind of a runoff. It’s kind of like whatever was left in the doggy bag that they didn’t think was important, but whatever.
Race is in that doggy bag. I figure that is because race is a modern invention. Used to make white people rich and build a country at the cheap expense of another’s humanity, mainly.

But I can’t for the life of me understand any of their positions.
The thing I struggle with the most though is the white race shit.

What’s so goddamn great about the white race? Is it even a race? White people come from north of the equator, it’s not like white people were even from a single continent.

But even if we were a race, even if you ignore all the horrible shit white people have done, it doesn’t make sense to preserve us with the climate changing (thanks to white people.)

These people are so in denial about everything. I wonder if there is any way to reason with them.
If one tries, one gets gas-lighted. One has tried many times.

And by one I mean myself. But I’m sure that I am not alone.

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