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Red Piller: Anders Breivik’s “methods were atrocious but his message is redpill relevant”

Anders Breivik in court
Anders Breivik in court

And we return once again to the Red Pill subreddit, where the locals are finding intellectual inspiration in the manifesto of one slightly problematic Norwegian, er, thinker — Anders Breivik, a far-right, antifeminist ideologue who decided to promote this manifesto by murdering 77 people with guns and a bomb.

M4rkyboy 1 point 17 hours ago  As much as it pains me to have to cite such a person i feel i have to point out that Anders Breivik covered this in his 2083 manifesto. The collapse of economic marxism and its replacement cultural marxism, it's ties to the feminist movement, it's methods and it's goals. Economic marxism relied on a united proletariat, cultural marxism sought to recruit other victim groups to push its agenda-gays, muslims, women and others.  permalinkembedsaveparentreportgive gold [–]TRP VanguardJP_Whoregan[S] 7 points 17 hours ago  This is ultimately why granting female suffrage has been such a disaster. Men earn their vote by entering the military draft (we agree to go die if the gov't deems it necessary); women are gifted their vote by turning 18. Men routinely vote for freedom and less government intervention in our lives, women routinely vote for more welfare and higher government intervention in our lives. And if women can convince even a small percentage of men to go along with them, a free society is ultimately doomed to eventual dictatorship.  permalinkembedsaveparentreportgive gold [–]M4rkyboy 3 points 16 hours ago  Paul Joseph Watson talks about the barbarian at the gates in a recent video and how the gate has to be held open for the city to fall. The women are those holding the gate to western civilisation open.  Again, i hate to recommend it but the very start of Breiviks manifesto covers this succinctly and intelligently in far greater detail than i could give justice to in a Reddit comment. His methods were atrocious but his message is redpill relevant.

Dudes, when you find yourself saying “Lisa Simpson needs to be punched in the face, but this neo-Nazi mass murderer makes some good points” it might be time for you to sit down and clear your head and rethink your entire fucking life.

H/T — r/TheBluePill, for the second time today.


88 replies on “Red Piller: Anders Breivik’s “methods were atrocious but his message is redpill relevant””

How comes you always have to perform some very definitive and realy atrocity to prevent some nebulous future atrocity? And why is this “future atrocity” often such things as “dem wimminz will vote!!!!!!”

Hey, David, I’ve just heard that Reddit, 4Chan and 8Chan are flooding Tumblr’s #feminism, #BlackLivesMatter and cartoon fandom tags with gore, porn and gore porn to celebrate 4Chan’s birthday (???). I don’t have a Tumblr myself, but everyone I’ve asked has confirmed it.

If they need there to be a specific reason why people are allowed to
vote, other than being an adult person with regular human rights, why
do they jump to “the draft” of all things? Wouldn’t paying taxes seem
more reasonable? Men and women who earn money are required by law to
pay taxes, i.e. they have an obligation to the state, and in return
they have a right to participate in the democratic process (at least
in theory).

Oh, MRAs complain that taxes are unjust, too, because of the wage gap.
It’s simultaneously

1) non-existent/a feminist lie, because anecdata beat statistics

2) the natural way of things, because manly men do all the (real) work

3) misandry, because men earning more means men paying more tax

I am shocked, SHOCKED I tell you, that the violently misogynist Nazis of the Red Pill would enthusiastically support another violently misogynist Nazi.

“As much as it pains me…”

No it doesn’t. It really doesn’t. That one is up there with “I’m not a racist, but…” as an introduction to a racist statement.

@Wetherby I somehow found the denial response from some of the Independent readers even more depressing.

Just so I’m clear, “cultural marxism” means “thinking women, Muslims, homosexuals, etc are generally okay”, is that right?


“Cultural Marxism” means “I am a right-wing asshole, but I learned me a fancyword once”

Umm there is nothing wrong with supporting our troops or police. Most of them are good people and deserve our support.

Breivik is some sort of non-nazi right-winger who condemned the holocaust and supports the state of israel, some neo-nazis admires him but more of them sees him as being a zionist agent.

Aye, why rethink your life when you can blame women for it sucking?

“Men earn their vote by entering the military draft”

I’m probably missing something, but where does this dude live if this is the case? Starship Troopers? Or is this yet another of their delusions.

“Women are those holding the gate to Western Civilization open”.

You guys want your mail order brides so why shouldn’t we have our “exotic cock” as so eloquently put by the “andro-christosphere” (yes that is what some red pillers are calling themselves).

OK so “cultural marxism” isn’t actually a thing? I know Marxism is a thing. Why do they tag “cultural” onto it?

“Yes, as things are currently, men must register for the draft”

In which countries?

And, they could always just not register (and presumably not vote). After all, according to them, all politicians are puppets of the shape-shifting, NWO (have you noticed NWO is NOW backwards? Satanic!) illuminati lizard Joooooos.

Virtually Out of Touch: “Cultural Marxism” is a claim that feminism and other social justice movements are actually just a pretext by a Secret Marxist Cabal. The goal of the Cabal is not equality, but ‘weakening the institutions of Western, Capitalist Society’, so as to make it easier to then establish a Marxist government. So we are supposedly seeking to undermine traditional marriage, lassez faire business deregulation, white supremacy and so forth, so that it will be easier for us to use aborted fetal tissue in a Satanic sacrifice to call up Zombie Lenin, Stalin’s Ghost and Hopping Vampire Mao to rule over the One World Government.

The want a “small government”, yet they think the government should make decisions about other people’s sex lives, what they do with their bodies, keep certain groups from working, voting, or having any benefits at all for being a US citizen. Yeah. That sounds like small government.

These guys are nothing but a bunch of illogical sock-puppets for rich, white, republican men, and too stupid to realize that they are not them.

deniseeliza | September 30, 2015 at 8:23 pm
Sometimes I feel like if there actually was a draft, maybe there wouldn’t be so much American appetite for responding to every problem with military action. It’s easy to rattle your sabers when you know that it won’t be your loved ones having to back those words up with their lives.

There was an effort by a few folks in Congress to re-institute the Draft prior to the invasion of Iraq, with just this sort of thinking. Especially if you eliminate the various privilege-based deferments that the Draft currently allows. Knowing that their children and grandchildren could be forced to serve might make the idea of signing off on anything but a truly necessary military action completely unpalatable to Congresscritters.

“It’s the Daily Mail. If you posted Nazi rhetoric and didn’t change anything, it’d get upvoted.”

Here are some doozies;

“Ah, yes. So these English people, they were very expert in making propaganda. They killed Hitler by propaganda. I don’t think Hitler was so bad man.”

“No, no. Hitler knew it [the atom bomb]. . . . No, no. He knew it, everything, but he did not like to do it. He said. He said. He was gentleman. But these people are not gentlemen. He knew it perfectly well. He said that “I can smash the whole world, but I do not use that weapon.” The Germans already discovered. But out of humanity they did not use it. And all the, your American, other countries, they have stolen from German ideas.”

“Therefore Hitler killed these Jews. They were financing against Germany. Otherwise he had no enmity with the Jews. . . . And they were supplying. They want interest money — “Never mind against our country.” Therefore Hitler decided, “Kill all the Jews.”

Cultural Marxism, as far as I can tell, means “sometimes beings that are not cis het white able-bodied neurotypical dudes get treated like actual people! The horror!”

The above quotes by the way are from the leader of one of America’s last standing and much beloved peace and love spiritual hippie organizations.

“Oh, and if these people start bringing up The Frankfurt School, well, it’s not because they’re interested in discussing the theories of actual cultural Marxists like Theodor Adorno or Herbert Marcuse.”

OK so did Adorno and Marcuse or anyone on staff at The Frankfurt chool actually refer to themselves as “cultural marxists”?

Didn’t the Frankfurt School become the New School for Social Research and later just The New School? Does anyone there call themselves a “cultural marxist”?

Is “Cultural Marxist Theory” a course anywhere? Who coined this term?

It isn’t a course anywhere. It’s a Gingrich-style neologism used to denounce anything and everything they don’t like, from marriage equality to Common Core, because apparently shouting “COMMIES! COMMIES! COMMIES!” doesn’t work anymore.

It just means “Not a neo-Nazi” with a subtext of “TEH JOOOZ.” Which isn’t an exaggeration, since it’s only used by people who are neo-Nazis.

Many MRAs, red pillers, gamergaters, etc think feminists, gay rights activists and other “SJWs” are being manipulated by this evil Jewish cabal. Because we can’t think for ourselves and I suppose anyone who isn’t a cishet white man wouldn’t really want rights and to be regarded as human beings if we weren’t having our strings pulled. Because reasons.

The first time I heard the term “Cultural Marxism” was in the context of a completely ridiculous conspiracy theory about how Theodor Adorno wrote all the Beatles’ lyrics in order to facilitate the downfall of traditional American values and morals via the British invasion, or something (and also Paul is dead). So seeing people start talking about it as some kind of legitimate political theory – not to mention commiting mass murder in its name – still feels really, really weird.

So to avoid the disgusting thrust of the comments in the OP apparently my brain has decided to focus in on just one detail to be confused about… are they saying that barbarians were so, um, civilized (!?) that they only invaded cities when the gate was open? Did they sometimes get through the defenders just to come to a closed gate and say “well shucks guys, better pack it in and go home, the gate’s shut!” (and now I’m imagining a conversation about whether anyone had tried the door to see if it were locked… but I’m not funny enough to write it out, so imagine at will!)

I thought the whole “barbarians at the gate” thing was meant to indicate that the army defending the city had fallen and the barbarians had made it to the gates of the city, so now was the time for civilians to flee in the opposite direction if at all possible…?

“Didn’t the Frankfurt School become the New School for Social Research and later just The New School?”

They’re using “school” to mean “body of literature / set of theories” in the same way that the Chicago School is a macroeconomic theory and not a school in Chicago. Many of the writers who created the Frankfurt School came to the US and continued writing there. Nobody call themselves a “cultural Marxist,” but there’s a kernel of truth to the idea: it’s basically a conspiracy theorist/russophobe/anti-semite’s misunderstanding of solidarity and intersection.

If you think of “patriarchy” as not only “the domination of women by men,” but “a society structured by hierarchy and chains of domination, in which are subject to men but most men are in turn subject to the whims of a small class of wealthy and privileged old men.” (Obviously, plenty of left-radicals were and are sexist) Plus, Marx himself was not feminist icon, but he did understand that real economic liberation would radically alter the way people married and formed families. Feminism, Anti-Racism, and LGBT Liberation are also anti-patriarchy movements. Some extremely unsophisicated patriarchs can’t be bothered to distinguish between people who are against them and other people who are against them and think of all social justice movements as an undifferentiated blob. You know, “SJWs.”

Slightly more sophisticated ones noticed that although these are different movements, there was a lot of overlap. Sure, feminism has race problems and the gay movement has gender problems and black churches has lgbt problems and so on, but on the whole, people who favor justice tend to favor justice, and in the same way that bigotry movements cross-pollinate, so do justice movements.

Conspiracy theorists see that overlap and assume that someone has to be “behind it”, orchestrating the whole thing, so they blame the people they always blame: Jews, Communists, and Jewish Communists. So “Cultural Marxism” is the idea that because some feminists are Jewish and some are Communists, Feminism must be controlled be and created by The Jews.

Also, “Marxist-Feminism” is a real thing, so that adds to the confusion. Basically Marxist-Feminists run with the idea that “history is a history of class struggle,” but go on to say that we should pay attention to the conflict between “men” and “women” as well as the conflict between “labor” and “capital”

OMG, what a bunch of idiots full of sound and fury signifying nothing. Even in Germany, where all able-bodied males between 18 and 21 are required to do military service (or civilian service if they conscientiously object), conscription is NOT a precondition for the vote. Everyone is able to vote at 18, even if found unfit for military service…or female, in which case military service is optional.

And really: if Anders Breivik is “relevant” to your interests, you’re not the pro-freedom party, fellas. You’re the fucking fascists.

“The first time I heard the term “Cultural Marxism” was in the context of a completely ridiculous conspiracy theory about how Theodor Adorno wrote all the Beatles’ lyrics in order to facilitate the downfall of traditional American values and morals via the British invasion, or something (and also Paul is dead). So seeing people start talking about it as some kind of legitimate political theory – not to mention commiting mass murder in its name – still feels really, really weird.”

The Oregon shooting? I wonder if he was an MRA or Manospherian?
They think an incel did it;

And isn’t there also some theory that the Beatles lyrics were Vatican propaganda? LOL.

Thanks Orion for the explanation. I do recall reading though that the Frankfurt School of thought had some connection with the New School for Social Research in Manhattan.

Falconer, what do they have against Common Core?

Ahhh yes, here it is!

Thomas Hobbes
“Zounds! Roosk is an irrelevance and ROK writers are all heretics who must needs bow down and pray worshipfuly to our almighty Lord. Why is he hiding the truth about the John Lennon assassination? The powers that be silenced him because the Beatles were about to reunite to record a Gregorian chant album. Ye my comrades, though art wise to abandon and condemn the neomasculinity apocrypha; rather be ye authentic prayer warriors to God, the sun, and the Holy Paraclete; also is it not suspicious that Beethoven became deaf just as he was building new horizons in music; is that not what Rosh should be writing about? Please consider.”

“Paul McCartney predicted the new beautiful direction of Russian orthodoxy in Back in the USSR; Vladimir Putin secretly visited England as a teenager and helped write the song and others for The Beatles. Shakespeare also made a secret visit to Russia in the year 1600 where he met with a good sage who inspired him to write plays against feminism; however, the Royal Secret Police endeavored most voraciously to stop him. Christopher Marlowe was involved in this but he was assassinated before he could reveal it.”

Charles Manson was originally a spy for the Vatican but then turned on them. Thomas Aquinas wrote coded language in the Summa Theologicum which predicteth and established with forebearance and much patience that there would be a great idolator against the Church.”

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