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Men’s Rights jackass Paul Elam: Cosby’s accusers “just a bunch of drug whoring [oh it gets worse]”

Two of Bill Cosby's accusers, with attorney Gloria Allred
Two of Bill Cosby’s accusers, with attorney Gloria Allred

Apparently looking to score clicks from controversy, Men’s Rights douchebag-in-chief Paul Elam has resorted to an old tactic of his: acting like the world’s biggest asshole. This time he’s attempting to gin up traffic on the backs of Bill Cosby’s 40-plus accusers.

In a post on A Voice for Men yesterday that is repugnant even by his standards, Elam asks if the women who say Cosby drugged and raped them are really victims, or “just a bunch of drug whoring star fuckers?” 

Though the post insinuates more than it accuses, it’s pretty clear what Elam’s answer to that particular question is, and at the end he simply declares that, until Cosby is found guilty in a court of law,

all I see in this is a bunch of greedy women who commoditized their bodies like groupies who managed to get backstage at a rock concert.

Even Cosby’s admission, in a court deposition recently made public, that he’d used Qualudes to score “sex” from women doesn’t suggest to Elam that perhaps the stories of Cosby drugging and raping women might actually be true.

“Big fucking whoop,” Elam writes.

Women have been trading gash for stash for as long as I can remember, and they still are.

Saying that Bill Cosby gave women ludes to loosen them up for sex is about as worthy of pointing out as the likelihood is that those women loosened Cosby’s grip on his drugs by sticking their tits in his face.

Indeed, Elam comes close to suggesting that the real victims in this alleged “gash for stash” trade are the poor men forced to pay for the drugs that the women get for “free.”

[T]here is a healthy percentage of women who  are just fine with the idea that dick comes with drugs. …

Think and say what you want about Bill Cosby, the quintessence of drug culture sexual hookups is product for poontang.

What about these particular women? Elam cranks his douche-o-meter up to 11, and writes

My guess is that the only thing happening here is that the lowbrow party girls that glommed onto Bill Cosby and spread like warm peanut butter are just coming back for more.

Did Bill Cosby use his fame, fortune and pharmaceuticals to grease the wheels of his sex life? Probably yes, I think. That is the kind of grease that a lot of women yearn to bathe in.

He then attacks Cosby’s accusers — or at least the overwhelming majority of them — for being … old.

[A]ll but one or two of the long list of alleged victims are now so far past their sexual shelf-life that they could not trade sex for a ten dollar bag of Mexican schweg.

Double dipping the Cosby Cash may well be all some of them have.

There really aren’t enough “fuck yous” in the world for me to respond to that properly.

Elam is clearly desperate to hold onto what remains of his relevance as the Men’s Rights movement’s brief moment of, er, glory in the media fades. Facing endless and often justifiable criticism from MGTOWs and Red Pillers and #GamerGaters alike, Elam hasn’t been able to convince many outside of his little cult that he’s the Men’s Rights statesman he seems to think he is.

In recent months, he’s been trying to recast himself as a Warren-Farrellesque “life coach” for troubled men, but the last time I looked at the appointments calendar on his An Ear for Men site, it wasn’t clear if even a single man had availed himself of Elam’s pricey “services.” (I haven’t been able to reach the site today.)

So Elam is returning to the blatantly misogynistic rhetorical poop-flinging that got him attention in the first place. Sadly, it seems to be the only thing he’s actually any good at.

To paraphrase Elam himself, double dipping in hate may well be all he has.

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6 years ago

berdache from a previous life | July 16, 2015 at 2:12 pm

“What are the odds that Paul Elam simply doesn’t know (or refuses to believe) how date rape drugs like Quaaludes and Rohypnol work?”

Sadly, I think it’s much more likely he knows exactly how they work and his defense of Cosby is actually a type of self defense.

These days, I’m calling this the Hastert Rule:

“If a person repeatedly downplays a particularly horrendous type of behavior, there is almost always a reason. If not them personally, then someone in their inner circle is almost assuredly guilty of something similar, and they don’t wish to accept the notion that they or their associates are horrible people.”

Named, of course, for former Speaker of the House Danny Hastert, who was ultimately ousted, in part, because of his long-term soft-pedaling and whitewashing a culture of sexual abuse of House interns by Representatives (specifically, Republicans, though I have no doubt some Democrats took advantage of their positions in this fashion as well). Hastert, of course, was recently revealed to have had some sort of inappropriate relationship with a student back when he was a high school wrestling coach, to the point where he was willing to pay millions in hush money.

If Elam has never committed rape, I’d be willing to bet some of his close acquaintances have.

John Pavlich (@johnpavlich)


I like your Rule. Unfortunately, it’s also very possible there is no personal or associated connection to these types of things and Elam is just really that awful.

6 years ago

John: I accede to the possibility across many cases, but reject the probability in any given case. That is, if called upon to wager whether the Hastert Rule applies in the case of any individual rape-apologist, I feel that if I consistently bet that it does, I will come out far ahead in the long run, even if I lose some bets. (This hypothetical assumes, of course, that the truth is actually determinable; sadly, in the real world, this is rare.)

John Pavlich (@johnpavlich)

The Hastert Rule seems increasingly fitting here, since Elam and his cohorts are completely void of irony or self awareness.

6 years ago

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