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MGTOWs are planning to take over Puerto Rico and start their own lady-hating country there. No, really.

Starting your own country on an island? Simpsons did it. (But with girls.)

Over on A Voice for Men, a Man Going His Own Way named Frank Worley has unveiled a most immodest proposal: turning Puerto Rico, or at least a giant chunk of it, into a MGTOW nation. Yes, he’s serious. Also, an idiot.

As Worley sees it,

Women have used democracy to pressure our gutless politicians into surrendering our constitution, personal liberty and any semblance of due process. … Nothing male is sacred or protected. 

Instead of trying to organize politically to fight the evil dispossession of men — who control only 80% of congressional seats in the United States — Worley wants to rip it up and start again. 

The entrenched forces of Marxist Feminism and the cowardly politicians who cater to them, have taken all that is worthwhile from these once great and free nations.  So what is left for those of us who seek only to be treated as equals under the law?  …

The only immediate and complete solution to this problem is to concentrate our forces to create a majority in a single location so that WE become the state.   

The “it” that will be ripped up? Puerto Rico, or at least its eastern third. Worley hopes to turn at least this portion of Puerto Rico into some sort of alimony-free libertarian island paradise for the MGTOWs of the world. Well, the MGTOWs of America. They have to have American citizenship for Worley’s, er, ingenious plan to work.

One of my early proposals was the establishment of a micro-independent state on the eastern third of Puerto Rico.  The idea was to ask people who supported independence to move to one of several municipalities … and then vote for Mayors and council members who supported our program and then call a referendum.  If the petition for independence was denied by Congress then simply declare independence recognizing what that might imply.

Never mind that most of the supporters of Puerto Rican independence today are lefty types who aren’t likely to be big fans of either the MGTOW or the “libertarian paradise” aspects of Worley’s proposal. All he needs is to get a few American MGTOWs to move to the eastern third of Puerto Rico. Like, say 25,000 of them.

To accomplish this micro independence I would need upwards of 25 thousand MGTOW’s to relocated to the specific areas and register to vote.  … Any American citizen can move to Puerto Rico and vote and run for office and vote for independence.

Then, hey presto, a MGTOW nation in which “we write and enforce the laws without having to cow tow to the feminists.”

I’m sure the current residents of Puerto Rico will be thrilled to have tens of thousands of lady-hating white dudes show up overnight in an attempt to take over the government and declare themselves a MGTOW nation.

Also, the word is “kowtow.” “Cow towing” looks like this:

How to Cow Tow
How to Cow Tow

Worley, evidently taking inspiration from Starship Troopers, also declares that in this new nation, SERVICE GUARANTEES CITIZENSHIP.

The definition of being equal under the law in this proposal is service.  Military or civilian part time service is required for all citizens and immigrants both to deny entry to those who would seek only benefits of the new country and also to eliminate all other constantly changing definitions of who is a ‘protected class.’  Complete your service and you are equal under the law; fail to complete and you are not.

Yes, I’m sure libertarians will flock to a country where they will be forced into government service if they want full citizenship.

Oh, and did I mention that Worley, by his own admission, doesn’t even speak Spanish very well?

On A Voice for Men, Worley’s proposal met with, well, let’s charitably call it a mixed reaction. While many were sympathetic, they weren’t exactly sure this was a very practical plan. Dean Esmay even felt the need to stick up a little note at the start of the post declaring that “AVfM neither endorses nor rejects this proposal.” 

Hey, I can’t blame them. Given that AVFM is the most “activist” of all Men’s Rights organizations, and it just cancelled its much ballyhooed conference this year because organizing is just too darn hard, it is a little difficult to imagine MRAs or MGTOWs becoming organized enough to plan a picnic in the park much less take over a third of Puerto Rico, a US territory with 3.5 million inhabitants, a great number of whom live on the island’s eastern third.

And that’s not even taking into account the sabotage a would-be MGTOW nation would face from evil feminists.

Chris  Shrek6 • 2 days ago They wouldn't have to send in troops, once word got out about a large community of men without women in it, the feminists would flood in to take over majority voting power. How could you stop them, unless you were able to buy up all the land in question and put up 'no women allowed signs. 3  • Reply•Share ›  Avatar decemberx  Chris • 8 hours ago − Avatar Frank Worley  Chris • 2 days ago I suspect the feminists won't move in great numbers until we are getting close to the goal. At which time it would be too late. Essentially, they are going to start with what they always start with, ridicule.

Wow. The imaginary planet on which these guys live is a lot more entertaining than the planet Earth I live on.

I can’t help but think of the episode of The Simpsons in which Bart and his friends are stranded on a desert island, and Bart spells out his absurd vision of the paradise their island can become if they all work together:

Bart Simpson: And every night the monkey butlers will regale us with jungle stories.

Nelson: How many monkey butlers will there be?

Bart Simpson: One at first, but he’ll train others.

Good luck, fellas! Send a monkey butler over to let us know how this turns out.

EDIT: Also, if Puerto Rico doesn’t work out for you, why not try one of these lovely islands?

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In preparation for a road trip, I recently loaded FFX/X2 to my PS Vita. I then promptly spent 3 hours trying to eke out a victory in that first blitzball game. Hopefully my daughter has better luck when I pass it off to her.

Nice! Yeah that first blitzball game is insanely hard. And if you don’t have the Jecht shot then good fucking luck!

Hope your daughter enjoys it. FFX has such an incredible story. In fact, I wish there were more video games out there which tried as hard to make a good love story.

I finally managed a win. After a Jecht shot early in the 2nd, I though I was golden. Just sit back and keep the ball. Then someone get hard tackled and my goalie is apparently chasing butterflies. Tied. OT. A seriously lucky venom shot finally sealed the deal.

Do I want to save? You’re damn right I do.

Moocow, I hope she does like it. She’s been playing FFXIV on the PS4 and having fun. She’ll have plenty of time to play at least. We’re headed up to GenCon for her birthday and it’s a 30 hr round trip.

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. I hit the wrong button and now the elves are going to walk off with six months’ worth of cut gems and trinkets and I can’t take it back or load a saved game.


I’m completely rebuilding my entire fortress right down by the caverns so the magma is closer.

Pandapool -- The Species that Endangers YOU (aka Banana Jackie Cake, for those who still want to call me "Banana", "Jackie" or whatever)says:


Oh, my god. That sucks so hard. 🙁

*snicker* Schadenfreude.

Okay, no, really, I’m pitying–I mean, I am very sorry and empathize with you completely because I’ve done that with some stone chairs and cheese before. There’s nothing worse then doing something so goddamn ARRRGH!



You’d think “offer to caravan” would include something to show it was as tribute. I pressed O to offer when I should have pressed T to trade.

I spent the rest of my rough gems on barrels full of fruits, but I wanted the black bear in the cage.

Falconer | June 16, 2015 at 8:10 am
*blinks* My god, some of my Magic cards are twenty years old. I’ve got them in a binder … somewhere. It must be ten years since I’ve played any.

I’m in the same boat with Pokemon. XD

And I haven’t played Magic in years either. Not since my brother and I were closer and lived under the same roof. I only really played with him, but I enjoyed it.

EJ (The Other One) | June 16, 2015 at 8:35 am
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Or how awesome


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It’s not as bad as it sounds. The girls usually do one of these long trips each summer and a lot of family lives in/around Indy. It also happens to coincide with my normal off-work schedule, so we’ll have a full 3 weeks to mess around if we want to.

I might have considered flying, but we’re picking up friends at the halfway point. Plus, I spent an unholy amount of money on concert tickets for the older one, so I’ll suffer the drive to save a little.


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That’s more like it. Behold the crafstdwarfship of our fortress, and tremble, O pig iron bars!

Well at least they had the decency to say Mgtow’s and not just “MGTOW is planning”

So it’s just a bunch of radical MRA’s who want to start their own country. Fine. I might move there just to see for myself. Plus I’ve had my fair share of over privileged western women.

I’d rather be in a place where I can do what I want without some bitch telling me I’m being useless to society all because I didn’t marry a girl and pay her to sit on her ass. If I can’t have a middle ground of a shared work in all aspects (As in 50 financial work and 50 homecare work) I’d rather just be in a society built for me than one built to ruin me by radical internet jocks who get to go to the most influential seminars and shit and demand the acknowledgement of white supremacist male societies.

Anita claims to be inspired by Bell Hooks. Yet she goes against much of what Bell Hooks speaks against. As far as I’m concerned, people of the Feminist caliber of Anita, regardless of “messages” are the hitlers of the Feminist movement today.

Give em their country. And keep em there. You don’t have to go there, so it doesn’t kill you other than being so self righteous that you feel the need to be allowed everywhere. I suppose you’re supposed to be allowed to go into a strangers house and not wind up with a 9mm in your skull.

Keep em there, and you stay here. That’s your only rightful choice.

What is it about MRAs necroing threads in order to post manifestos with all the pomposity of Luther nailing his theses to a church door? If you’re going to accuse Sarkeesian of being like Hitler, at least have the basic internet etiquette to do it in a current thread.

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