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Red Pill dudes agree: Volunteering can totally be alpha, just as long as you don’t help poor people. Or kittens.

Hold frame and do not give in to this kitten's devious "I want food" shit test.
Kitten shit-testing a human. Hold frame and do not give in! 

So one public-spirited gentleman who calls himself retturd has a question for the alpha dudes of the Ask The Red Pill subreddit: Is volunteering seen as blue pill? Retturd assures the assembled color-of-pill experts that “I love volunteering and helping people in general.” He just worries that being so helpful might be seen as terribly beta.

The regulars assure him that volunteering is perfectly fine for alphas. As long as they’re careful about just who they are helping. Helping old dudes and learning from their old-school alpha ways? Perfect. Helping poor people? Not so much:

abdada 11 points 6 hours ago  All men should have a cause that they actively do but don't talk about.  I volunteer at an old folk's home 2-3 weeks every year. It isn't charity; I learn freely from hanging out with old dudes.  But having a cause that is your own isn't beta. Helping others can be construed as white knighting, so you have to define what your limits in charity are.  I won't help poor people most of the time because I don't see many of them changing. I define my limits on my charity because it is my time and it is my money (sometimes) I am investing in others, not just throwing around freely.

Also, helping kittens is right out, unless you’re Elon Musk. Or at the very least a sharp-dressed swole dude.

ghrelly 2 points 4 hours ago  No single action is either blue pill or red pill.  Red pill is all about people's perception of you.  If Elon Musk started volunteering at an animal shelter with kittens, people would not think any less of him cause his SMV is so high that they perceive his action in a positive light.  On the other hand, if you have a mediocre job, not social, dressed shittly, didn't work out, and volunteer to raise kittens, people will probably see you as a beta.



176 replies on “Red Pill dudes agree: Volunteering can totally be alpha, just as long as you don’t help poor people. Or kittens.”

Red pill is all about people’s perceptions of you

Really? Because I thought it was all about your own perception of reality being “true” and seeing things how they “really are”. But no, it’s all about ensuring everyone perceives you as an alpha and lying about yourself to achieve that.

When I listen to this song, Ima think of these pathetic dudes and laugh. They’re so desperate for approval.

Gah, that begging kitten gif is so cute, I can hardly contain myself…squeeee!

Alright, now that I have that off my chest: so let me get this straight. Alpha-maling is all about not caring what others think, except that it is about caring what other people think, and red pill is all about self-improvement but really it’s about others’ perceptions of you? I’m so confused…my lady brain is about to asplode. Or is it that my B.S. meter is maxed out…?

Pandapool -- The Species that Endangers YOU (aka Banana Jackie Cake, for those who still want to call me "Banana", "Jackie" or whatever)says:

@A.A. Wils

Tell a computer everything you say and it’ll explode.

Sadly, or maybe happily (?) the “crazy ex” meme has enough social traction that it’s used by lots of men who are not generally monstrous. Yes, it’s essentially never an unbiased judgment on the real story, but I wouldn’t assume that it’s cover for abuse. My personal assumption when a man mentions a “crazy ex” is more like “we were personally incompatible in ways that aren’t really anyone’s, but I’m going to rewrite history in absence to valorize my own part.”

I though Alpha or Beta was was you WERE. Something intrinsic in your character.
Or is it based on making people THINK you’re Alpha?
I can’t imagine any action LESS Alpha Male type than debating the rubric of if you’re manly enough to help at an animal shelter or not.

@theboost, I actually thought these dudebros were there acknowledging they are inherently betas who “need” to learn how to be alphas to get ladeez.

David, hope all’s well.

Yep, that Matt Walsh guy is lost. He has just enough vocabulary to make someone think he knows what he’s talking about but not enough brains to actually say anything that makes sense.

Even by their own definition, if you care about being an alpha, you’re not one.

The simple articulation of feelings is not a panacea for anyone. For task and performance oriented men it is a sometimes useful effort which has been inflated in importance past the point of any sensibility. Add to that the fact that larger mental health community has consciously divorced itself from any concern about how men are affected by things like divorce, parental alienation, abusive partners, false accusations and the like.

Shorter: Men are victims of toxic masculinity and misandry! Solution: More toxic masculinity! And misandry from MEN!

79% of all suicides are men. Yet all this has been rewritten with misandric ink. It has been revised by scholars who tell us men are bad, by psychologists whose main field of work seems to be recommending divorce, complete with male scapegoat, as a cure all for women for whatever petty dissatisfactions they feel about their mates. And it has been inculcated into the consciousness of our family law system, driving men to despair and despondency on levels never before seen in history.


Also, as has often enough been pointed out elsewhere on this site, 3/4 of all suicide attempts that “succeed” are male, because men tend to use more violent and destructive methods (likely as a result of not being conditioned to preserve their good looks at all costs, as women are). But for every male to succeed at suicide, there are numerous women who try and fail. Maybe because they use a less lethal method to preserve the appearance of their corpses; maybe because they wish to avoid any further pain; or maybe, just maybe, as a last-ditch cry for help (which I’m sure Paulie would interpret as just more damselling, drama-queening, and attention-seeking on the part of those attention-whorey feeeeeeemales.)

But in any case, female despondency is real, and huge, and probably outpaces that of males by a wide margin. More women are hospitalized for severe mental illness than men. Does THAT rate a mention here by His Nibs? Nope. Instead, it’s all kvetching about how experts are advising women to divorce. As if women didn’t come to the conclusion on their own, and on the basis that their husband was a gaslighting, abusive, neglectful jackass.

We need Dads to teach their sons, not “how to treat a woman,” but how to hold their own with them. We don’t need to teach them to “take care of their woman,” but to only accept one who demonstrates the character and integrity to be trusted, from the start.

Oh, big of you to put the onus on women, Paulie. Like we haven’t had it on us since fucking FOREVER. When are you going to emphasize a need for greater character and integrity in your own gender, BTW? Or is that only important in feeeeeemales?

And we need to teach them how rare that is in modern life. More than anything else, we need to teach them how to let women go, and watch them as they grow up to make sure they can do it. And we need Dads to role model that, in their own families with their own wives. In other words, we need to do a lot of things that we are not doing.

Excuse me, Paulie, didn’t you say something earlier about how much men suffer when women are “counselled” to divorce them? Just what the flying fuckity-fuck is this, anyway?

And if we’re to go by Paulie’s “modelling”, the ideal man is a misogynistic, drunken, drug-abusing, deadbeat who sponges off his girlfriend so he can sit on his ass blogging crap all day, and accuses his ex-wife of infidelity when one of his army buddies RAPED her. Wow. Quite the model of manhood, that!

I haven’t seen anyone else mention this, probably because I’m so oooold.

All this checking with your unseen friends on the internet about whether you do or don’t meet their unmeetable standards rings lots of bells. It’s far, far, too much like mum-granny-auntie peering through lace curtains and wailing at offending child/ teenager in the back ground who’s apparently wearing, doing, thinking about doing, something unsuitable…
What will the neighbours say!!

As for Paulie’s approach to “counselling”, “consulting” on “practical” ways to help men. He should perhaps have a look to see if he or any of his potential “clients” could do like the Australians do and set up a Men’s Shed as a source of male friendship and support.

Of course, this probably goes too far into that forbidden activism sphere. But even if he doesn’t want to do it, there’s no good reason why others shouldn’t do such useful things.

Spot on. Women are also conditioned not to leave a mess for other’s to clean up.They are less likely to have hand guns laying around the place too. Macho bullshit kills.


Speaking of AVfM and suicide, have you seen this video? A contributor to AVfM calls in to Sam Seder’s show and wants to discuss how feminists apparently lie about women trying to kill themselves.

So the next time I’m volunteering at an animal shelter and some random dude starts spewing MRA bullshit at me, I can tell him off for being a bad redpiller because a “true alpha” wouldn’t “lower his SMV” by ingesting adorable, precious kitten cooties?

…yeah, can’t see how these dudes actively avoiding contact with kittens can possibly be a bad thing. The kittens deserve better, anyway.

And this is why I like cats better than many people. I’d happily spend my life cleaning litterboxes if it meant never having to meet or even hear of misogynistic douchebags again.

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