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Red Pill dudes agree: Volunteering can totally be alpha, just as long as you don’t help poor people. Or kittens.

Hold frame and do not give in to this kitten's devious "I want food" shit test.
Kitten shit-testing a human. Hold frame and do not give in! 

So one public-spirited gentleman who calls himself retturd has a question for the alpha dudes of the Ask The Red Pill subreddit: Is volunteering seen as blue pill? Retturd assures the assembled color-of-pill experts that “I love volunteering and helping people in general.” He just worries that being so helpful might be seen as terribly beta.

The regulars assure him that volunteering is perfectly fine for alphas. As long as they’re careful about just who they are helping. Helping old dudes and learning from their old-school alpha ways? Perfect. Helping poor people? Not so much:

abdada 11 points 6 hours ago  All men should have a cause that they actively do but don't talk about.  I volunteer at an old folk's home 2-3 weeks every year. It isn't charity; I learn freely from hanging out with old dudes.  But having a cause that is your own isn't beta. Helping others can be construed as white knighting, so you have to define what your limits in charity are.  I won't help poor people most of the time because I don't see many of them changing. I define my limits on my charity because it is my time and it is my money (sometimes) I am investing in others, not just throwing around freely.

Also, helping kittens is right out, unless you’re Elon Musk. Or at the very least a sharp-dressed swole dude.

ghrelly 2 points 4 hours ago  No single action is either blue pill or red pill.  Red pill is all about people's perception of you.  If Elon Musk started volunteering at an animal shelter with kittens, people would not think any less of him cause his SMV is so high that they perceive his action in a positive light.  On the other hand, if you have a mediocre job, not social, dressed shittly, didn't work out, and volunteer to raise kittens, people will probably see you as a beta.



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7 years ago

And this is why I like cats better than many people. I’d happily spend my life cleaning litterboxes if it meant never having to meet or even hear of misogynistic douchebags again.

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