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MGTOWs are planning to take over Puerto Rico and start their own lady-hating country there. No, really.

Starting your own country on an island? Simpsons did it. (But with girls.)

Over on A Voice for Men, a Man Going His Own Way named Frank Worley has unveiled a most immodest proposal: turning Puerto Rico, or at least a giant chunk of it, into a MGTOW nation. Yes, he’s serious. Also, an idiot.

As Worley sees it,

Women have used democracy to pressure our gutless politicians into surrendering our constitution, personal liberty and any semblance of due process. … Nothing male is sacred or protected. 

Instead of trying to organize politically to fight the evil dispossession of men — who control only 80% of congressional seats in the United States — Worley wants to rip it up and start again. 

The entrenched forces of Marxist Feminism and the cowardly politicians who cater to them, have taken all that is worthwhile from these once great and free nations.  So what is left for those of us who seek only to be treated as equals under the law?  …

The only immediate and complete solution to this problem is to concentrate our forces to create a majority in a single location so that WE become the state.   

The “it” that will be ripped up? Puerto Rico, or at least its eastern third. Worley hopes to turn at least this portion of Puerto Rico into some sort of alimony-free libertarian island paradise for the MGTOWs of the world. Well, the MGTOWs of America. They have to have American citizenship for Worley’s, er, ingenious plan to work.

One of my early proposals was the establishment of a micro-independent state on the eastern third of Puerto Rico.  The idea was to ask people who supported independence to move to one of several municipalities … and then vote for Mayors and council members who supported our program and then call a referendum.  If the petition for independence was denied by Congress then simply declare independence recognizing what that might imply.

Never mind that most of the supporters of Puerto Rican independence today are lefty types who aren’t likely to be big fans of either the MGTOW or the “libertarian paradise” aspects of Worley’s proposal. All he needs is to get a few American MGTOWs to move to the eastern third of Puerto Rico. Like, say 25,000 of them.

To accomplish this micro independence I would need upwards of 25 thousand MGTOW’s to relocated to the specific areas and register to vote.  … Any American citizen can move to Puerto Rico and vote and run for office and vote for independence.

Then, hey presto, a MGTOW nation in which “we write and enforce the laws without having to cow tow to the feminists.”

I’m sure the current residents of Puerto Rico will be thrilled to have tens of thousands of lady-hating white dudes show up overnight in an attempt to take over the government and declare themselves a MGTOW nation.

Also, the word is “kowtow.” “Cow towing” looks like this:

How to Cow Tow
How to Cow Tow

Worley, evidently taking inspiration from Starship Troopers, also declares that in this new nation, SERVICE GUARANTEES CITIZENSHIP.

The definition of being equal under the law in this proposal is service.  Military or civilian part time service is required for all citizens and immigrants both to deny entry to those who would seek only benefits of the new country and also to eliminate all other constantly changing definitions of who is a ‘protected class.’  Complete your service and you are equal under the law; fail to complete and you are not.

Yes, I’m sure libertarians will flock to a country where they will be forced into government service if they want full citizenship.

Oh, and did I mention that Worley, by his own admission, doesn’t even speak Spanish very well?

On A Voice for Men, Worley’s proposal met with, well, let’s charitably call it a mixed reaction. While many were sympathetic, they weren’t exactly sure this was a very practical plan. Dean Esmay even felt the need to stick up a little note at the start of the post declaring that “AVfM neither endorses nor rejects this proposal.” 

Hey, I can’t blame them. Given that AVFM is the most “activist” of all Men’s Rights organizations, and it just cancelled its much ballyhooed conference this year because organizing is just too darn hard, it is a little difficult to imagine MRAs or MGTOWs becoming organized enough to plan a picnic in the park much less take over a third of Puerto Rico, a US territory with 3.5 million inhabitants, a great number of whom live on the island’s eastern third.

And that’s not even taking into account the sabotage a would-be MGTOW nation would face from evil feminists.

Chris  Shrek6 • 2 days ago They wouldn't have to send in troops, once word got out about a large community of men without women in it, the feminists would flood in to take over majority voting power. How could you stop them, unless you were able to buy up all the land in question and put up 'no women allowed signs. 3  • Reply•Share ›  Avatar decemberx  Chris • 8 hours ago − Avatar Frank Worley  Chris • 2 days ago I suspect the feminists won't move in great numbers until we are getting close to the goal. At which time it would be too late. Essentially, they are going to start with what they always start with, ridicule.

Wow. The imaginary planet on which these guys live is a lot more entertaining than the planet Earth I live on.

I can’t help but think of the episode of The Simpsons in which Bart and his friends are stranded on a desert island, and Bart spells out his absurd vision of the paradise their island can become if they all work together:

Bart Simpson: And every night the monkey butlers will regale us with jungle stories.

Nelson: How many monkey butlers will there be?

Bart Simpson: One at first, but he’ll train others.

Good luck, fellas! Send a monkey butler over to let us know how this turns out.

EDIT: Also, if Puerto Rico doesn’t work out for you, why not try one of these lovely islands?

317 replies on “MGTOWs are planning to take over Puerto Rico and start their own lady-hating country there. No, really.”

BritterSweet — I was just going to point out the hypocrisy but you beat me to it! I guess I shouldn’t really be surprized, considering these are the same dude who complain about women not fighting in wars and then not allowing women to fight in wars so they can complain more

Service is mandatory? But I thought manosphere guys hated the draft.

The draft is only bad because all US wars were fought at the behest of women, obviously. A draft in an MGTOW society is good because they must protect MGTOWland against those hoards of invading feminists.

Hi. Just de-lurking to mention that I spotted a bloke on Tinder* who clarified that he is not interested in “cigarette smokers” and “SJWs” (I can’t remember the exact turn of phrase, but the end of his blurb did contain that initialism).

That means that an MRA/PUA/just not MGTOW male is broadcasting his MRA/PUA/just not MGTOWness to the Tinderverse using a term only understood by MRA/PUA/and MGTOW people and those who study/interact with them. Clear as mud to most other folks, I’d imagine!

*In Melbourne, Australia, for reference.

Remember the Free State Project in New Hampshire? How’d that work out? And they speak English in New Hampshire. I’m guessing the number of these MGTOW boobs shrinks to zero when you ask them to tick the “Spanish” box. Sure, many Borinqueños speak English too, but not when these jackasses try to talk to them.

The worst thing about this plan is that the government is going to have to spend money to rescue them after the locals push them out to sea on rafts.

Hmmm. I can think of examples where a group of… excentric thinkers moved into an exclusive society that gives promises of utopia and demands of servitude. They didn’t have happy endings. And I don’t mean just like “Don’t make this a children’s cartoon plot” not-happy-endings, I mean “This seems like a decent horror plot” endings.

Oh and in my country service is mandatory for men and this is the major talking point of local MRAs, because it must somehow be freeloading wimmins fault. Those same uppity ladies stepped on some big toes in army boots when they finally managed to fight their way into the army, only about 2 decades ago.


He didn’t bother to spellcheck. Men only use proper spelling and punctuation to pick up women; since he’s talking to other men there’s no need.

Also: what is it about American right-wingers fantasising about forming new communities away from the hated Marxists of mainstream society? Libertarians do it, Marxists do it, gun-nuts do it, and now MRAs do it. Is this something inherent to American society?

I’ll bet they also chose Puerto Rico because they think that the women in less wealthy countries are more easily preyed upon and submissive. And are “exotic.” Barf.

So…. if they did succeed and create this man paradise and actually manage their brilliant service means citizenship, and….i’m not going to get into it, it’s clear above what the agenda is for them, their Machiavellian masterpiece. How would they handle this men only state in terms of wives or girlfriends (it’s hard to believe, but some of these guys have some kind of current relationships with women, another subject for another time). Are these women just part of the household furniture and just stay indoors (for their own safety of course, and the sanity of all the poor men who finally got some peace in a woman free environment) alternatively, is it more like a visitation schedule in case a man wants to penetrate an actual woman like in prison?

It would be a lot more difficult to monitor, imagine the logistics. Is this a situation where one would need the equivalent of a hall pass if you want to take her to a movie, or one of those swinging plastic necklaces with a badge a woman can wear to the beach so she isn’t impounded before you can finish with her, or a little glow in the dark bracelet so she doesn’t get towed (fees only to be used for the good of the man state, such as counseling dealing with Feminist related PTSD) if you leave her unattended on the curb while you go into the drug store for triple thick condoms (because women are teeming with germs)?

Side note, wicked cool idea, the glow in the dark, in case she gets uppity and changes her mind (as the bitches do every 5 minutes), escaping women are sneaky and will most likely try to bolt at night when told it’s time to clean up after the men’s daily feasting and perform the ritual of the sacred laundry that’s been piling up for the past three years…ungrateful wretches get to come to the man only beach, get reamed with REAL man sausage to validate their existences and are even bought popcorn at the movies (as long as they are quiet)…and this is how they respond, typical. Or…are all the men who aren’t gay just going to start buggering each other? Problem solved, until it’s time to make more MGTOW….oh CRAP. Will this be like a Game of Thrones situation, how do they handle female babies let alone pregnant women…are there any White Walkers in Puerto Rico?

P.S. That bit about The Simpsons and the monkey butlers did me in, I shot a mouth full of iced tea onto my keyboard and the cat purring peacefully on my foot (which is propped up on an ottoman) bolted. I wanted to say, that this brought to mind the inspiration for the above hastily thrown together sarcasm (which could go on forever, I could write scenarios for days). In my mind’s eye, I am picturing the black and white video of an important looking yet pensive scientist adorned in a white lab coat deciphering a message written in a new language that is very obvious, backwards and basic but claims to be revolutionary (I digress with more sarcasm, beg pardon). Hunched forward, perspiring and with furrowed brow he labors over a cluttered desk until he bolts upright, his concentration instantly transformed to concern. He swings his attention to a clean cut soldier in a smart uniform and, his voice steady and clear but somehow bewildered, declares “Puerto Rico needs women!”

Women have used democracy to pressure our gutless politicians into surrendering our constitution, personal liberty and any semblance of due process. … Nothing male is sacred or protected.

They’re always so vague about what these supposed deprivations of liberty are, whenever they’re squinting into the horizon and muttering about lighting out for the Territory. What are these “male” things that require special exemptions and protections under the law? And really, all semblance of due process is gone from the land, because there’s a tiny possibility that they might have to pay child support someday, on the remote off-chance that someone sleeps with them, a child results from the union, and then the relationship is dissolved?

They live in one of the freest goddamn societies in earth – in history – and they’re whining that because it doesn’t cater enough to their preferences, it’s an intolerable jackbooted dictatorship.

@EJ – Partly, the separatist fantasy has its roots in the Borderland Scots-Irish who came over to America in large numbers in the 18th century. Prior to that, they’d lived for a thousand years under two brutal governments that brought them nothing but misery, double-taxing and abusing them. Over time, they learned to mistrust government and turn to their own clans and families for protection. The “Don’t Tread On Me” motto originated with them, wormed its way deep into the American psyche, and has since been co-opted by the Tea Party, backwoods militia groups, and other belligerent dissidents. (Note: “Don’t Tread On Me” is usually code for “I want to stomp on you”, which is why in their minds it’s perfectly reasonable for them to take over a sovereign state, advocate taking away rights from women and minorities, etc.)

At one time they might have had legitimate grievances, but as time goes by, more and more they come across as a bunch of angry, entitled whiners. They’re anti-democracy, anti-immigration, anti-pretty much everything America is supposed to stand for, and it enrages me to no end that they think they’re the “real” Americans. A lot of us would be thrilled if they all deported themselves to some uninhabited island somewhere.

Why wouldn’t they choose an uninhabited island instead of proposing to annex Puerto Rico

Presumably because Puerto Rico already has running water and toilets.

They’re anti-democracy, anti-immigration, anti-pretty much everything America is supposed to stand for

I do wonder what they do whenever someone waves a model of the Statue of Liberty under their noses, complete with a legible version of the poem and the broken chains.

These guys. They’re certain that feminists hate men. Particularly them. So 25,000 of them are going to fuck off somewhere else. And 25,000+ feminists are going to trip over themselves to go live among people they hate apparently out of spite. And this is horrible. Whereas 25,000 MRAssholes turning up to take over the eastern third of Puerto Rico with no regard for any of the people already living there is A-OK.


yes I heard about that guy:

‘“Let me tell you about my trouble with girls … three things happen when they are in the lab … You fall in love with them, they fall in love with you and when you criticise them, they cry.”

To me that sounds like the plot of ‘Carry On Sciencing’

The paradox is that the “Don’t Tread On Me” types have had a stranglehold on political discourse, media, the Supreme Court, and the Electoral College for decades, yet they persist in thinking of themselves as downtrodden, marginalized victims. They’ve pushed the Overton window off a cliff, and it’s still not far enough for these bozos.

They’re too enamored of their own underdog rebel narrative to notice how much more their voices and opinions seem to matter in society, compared with others; or to consider that maybe they aren’t the hero, they’re the bullies. Maintaining that fiction must cause so much cognitive dissonance, which is extra hard work for people who have limited logic skills.

Regarding the OP, you know there’s always that bunch of libertarians trying to establish a small republic in Europe call Liberland. The only trouble is, to apply to be a citizen you must:

‘Have respect for other people and respect the opinions of others, regardless of their race, ethnicity, orientation, or religion

Have respect for private ownership which is untouchable

Do not have communist, nazi or other extremist past

Were not punished for past criminal offences’

I think that’ll rule out 97% of MGTOW.

Also, do they seriously think that 25,000 feminists can just do something as a coordinated as upping sticks and moving to Puerto Rico? Have they seen feminists try to organise before? A dozen feminists can’t get together to order a pizza without devolving into libfem vs radfem, sex-negative vs sex-positive, transphobic vs trans-inclusive, intersectional vs white-cishet-only, traditional-culture vs western-culture, fifth-columnist vs anticapitalist and gender-abolitionist vs gender-essentialist arguments. And that’s before someone utters the word “childfree” and the world catches fire.

It is an utter miracle that we manage to get our shoes tied in the morning, let alone win the culture war. (And yet we do.) Getting 25,000 of us to move to somewhere away from our families, jobs and support networks… No. Can’t see it happening.

Thank you David for this, reminding me of the the asinine nature of MGTOW-ers. I’m embarking on a complex separation from my wife and children (it’s been rocky/difficult for sometime) and yesterday evening I was being advised by someone to “Go My Own Way” and it felt very uncomfortable to me. You’ve reminded me yet again to be mindful and supportive and not become like the things you write about. Thank you again David, your a star.


sorry to hear what you and your family are going through. You’re right to steer clear of the manosphere, they only serve to make people feel worse.

They’ll never even attempt to do something like this because they enjoy whining about aaaaaaall those awful women they “have to” put up with in their daily lives far too much. and they know it.

For a much more interesting micronation than whatever MGTOW could fantasize about, look up “Kugelmugel” ( – a “republic” with eight meters diameter which looks like this:
Wikipedia says that in 2008 there were 611 people all over the world who claimed to be citizens of Republic Kugelmugel, so… success? xD

@snorkmaiden. Thank you for what you said. Yeh! There is something distasteful about the manosphere. David’s writings and the commenters help me to make better choices and be mindful of situations.

Hugs and best wishes, and I hope it works out okay in the end.

They seem to think real life politics is the same as the internet, and that thread rushing a country is a workable, and legitimate political tactic.

Please, please let this happen. It could be like Jurassic World but instead, entitled MRA World. We could build rides and enclosures to watch (and laugh) at them in their own habitat.

“The Paul Elam bird can be seen on the left. Noticeable for his random shouts of I hate women”

They could be the relics of misogyny from a world that did not want them. Nature finds a way!

I think I got a little carried away here, but it was fun.

@ej(the other one).Thanks, I do too, I am saddened that it’s ending, I’m being accountable and offering no blame and accept my own faults in what cause this. I’ve started putting in place a support network for the children and have reached out to the in-laws on their behalf. I dunno, this manosphere, MGTOW & MRA malarkey seem to be so at odds with the reality of what happens that it makes me wonder if they really have a grasp on it. I met one recently from the Justice for men and boys and FFS I just had to walk away shaking my head in disagreement.

Reblogged this on Conservative News and Views on Puerto Rico and commented:
This is a very negative article about my proposal for a small independent country in Puerto Rico. I’m glad it was written since it has the effect of letting more people know about the idea. It is tough criticism, but in no way is the proposal ‘misogynistic.’ This is the begining of the ridicule I had predicted we would face. The good news is that the word is spreading.

@autosoma – I’m sorry you’re all going through such a hard time. Be sure to take good care of yourself, I know that the stress must be killer right now.

Sending hugs, virtual kittens, and good thoughts your way (and your family’s way, too).


Flying Mouse – “other men” aren’t the only ones who’ve built our infrastructure, you know. A surprising number of highway systems innovations were designed by women engineers. Must be all that lateral systems thinking women tend to excel at.

Good points! I should have made it more clear that I knew women have long worked in civil engineering and urban planning. I got too wrapped up in making fun of the MRAdjacent – like the lovely prospective invaders settlers in the OP – who would probably give themselves wrist injuries in the attempt to handwave those women away. They can’t claim kinship with the creators and bask in reflected glory if they admit that some feeeemales had a hand in building the conveniences of modern life. And we all know how invested they are in taking credit for stuff other people have done.

@flying mouse. Thank you, it is hard and pretty terrifying too. I’m being super mindful of stress and the shitstirms it creates. I made a bad situation worse, I’m now being accountable and I hope every member of my family heals in good time. When I found David’s blog I guess I may have been heading the MRA way, reading about their horrible world makes me realise how to do things for the better and be more accountable.

@autosoma, seconding all the hugs and support. I’m glad you’re not letting it poison your life or turn you cynical. Your kids are very lucky that you’re doing what’s best for them and making sure they’ll be OK. In the long run, hopefully, everyone will come through feeling strong and secure, and equipped to move on.

As for the OP, are MGTOWs all so rootless that they can just up and move en masse to Puerto Rico at the drop of a hat? I mean, when Bush Jr. won a second term, I contemplated moving to Canada, but only for about ten minutes. My friends and family are all here, the local job network I’ve spent 15 years building up would be hard to recreate somewhere else, my doctors and dentist and hairdresser all know me, I like the climate and the recreation and the pace of life here…. Not that I wouldn’t move if a job or romantic opportunity presented itself, but peevishness due to Things Not Going My Way isn’t enough of a reason.

But apparently it is, for all 25,000 MGTOW. And feminists are the ones with the hivemind?


see this is the thing that most irks me about the manosphere, they fail the very people they claim to represent by offering nothing but scapegoats and encouraging people to feel bitter, not to mention trying to scam money out of them.

Men going through divorce and the family court system do need support networks, of course they do, but they need proper, non-partisan ones that offer sensible advice and access to services. Some of the advice I’ve seen on red pill blogs is horrifying.

@Buttercup Q. Skullpants,

I suspect many MGTOW really are that rootless. Who would subscribe to such an ideology if they had anything worth having?

Not that I’ve anything against someone who chooses not to get involved with mainstream society, I live pretty much on the fringes myself, but I do it without obsessing or hating on people who choose differently.

@autosoma – I hear you on having a close call with MRA ideologies. You are definitely not alone. I’m pretty sure that if today’s internet had been around when I was in my late teens/early twenties, I would have been a FeMRA. I have to bow out of a lot of the JB threads, or the ones where women justify misogyny with their personal religious beliefs. I see them spout a lot of the bullshit that I used to say, and watching them glory in the awfulness makes me almost physically ill.

More hugs going your way. Take them or leave them or save them for later as you wish.

OMG, this would be the most pathetic “rebellion” in the history of histories.

The bright spot would be allowing it to be crushed exclusively by female soldiers. That would be sofa king awesome.

The bright spot would be allowing it to be crushed exclusively by female soldiers. That would be sofa king awesome.

I doubt it’d need any external threat to fall apart, they’d manage that all on their own.

There’s a novel in this. A cross between Confederacy of Dunces, Lord of the Flies and Kickassia.

A MGTOW microstate is formed, then after the initial jubilation wears off they discover that they have no economy and no way of forming an economy. It then declines into squalor, drug abuse and violence before suddenly collapsing in civil war and boatloads of people fleeing to Miami.

We could see if Paul Elam would publish it. If not, I’m sure Theodore Beale would.


I doubt it’d need any external threat to fall apart, they’d manage that all on their own.

You’re right. It would. In reality it would be a total anti-climax … like watching an orgasm in reverse.

@flying mouse
Thanks all again… Nonpartisan I do like that, it’s exactly what’s needed. Also, the people here and the like-minded others elsewhere have shown me how to find the right help by focusing on the support needed for my children (and for my wife by extension). Thank you all

I just keep laughing at “once word got out about a large community of men without women in it, the feminists would flood in!”

How. Fucking. Delusional. Can. You. Be.

They do realize that women live in Puerto Rico right? Likely a few live in the same part of the Island that they want to have a hostile takeover of.

Not that this will ever happen. It has the same sort of “prove you will actually do it” and uninformed research as the folks who claimed they wanted to move to Canada to get away from the “socialism” of the US affordable care act.


Why just Puerto Rico out of all places?

I would suggest somewhere in the Amazon, for the irony factor : A land for men who don’t need women, set up in a place named after a society of women who didn’t need men.

That’ll show those Feminazis!!!

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