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Vox Day: Military history proves that those who “tolerate effeminacy” will lose to those who murder gays


Vox Day, the not-quite-Nazi fantasy author and generally repellant human being, is evidently upset that some people would like trans folks to be allowed to serve openly in the military. In a blog post today (archived here), Vox (Theodore Beale) cites recent gains by ISIS as proof that armies that “tolerate effeminacy” will inevitably lose to, well, armies run by people who hate gay and trans people enough to murder them.

No, really. Here’s his argument, in all of its horrendous, er, glory:

Military history clearly demonstrates that the side that executes homosexuals, whether throwing them off buildings or having their fellow soldiers beat them to death, reliably defeats the side that allows its soldiers to dress up and pretend they are women.

Yes, wealth and technology are on the side of the crossdressing military. But attrition, geography, and history are on the side that does not tolerate effeminacy.

Naturally, Beale’s commenters step up to offer their own equally terrible opinions on the matter.

According to Musashi #0350,

This national validation of all things homo is an affront to God and we will witness the resulting consequences. This is arrogance, pride, and most of all, rebellion. So now we pollute the military and somehow expect there will be no negative outcome.

We will lose our next war, and rightly so.

Alexander adds

Let’s see how long discipline lasts when mentally ill individuals have the power of the state behind them to remove their commanders from their positions, on the basis that said commanders don’t tolerate the private prancing about in heels and stockings.

Or conversely, when the officers insist upon it.

ajw308 is afraid the armed forces could be overwhelmed by the “sexually confused.”

I fear the day is coming where the US gov’t will pay for the mutilatiotional surgery that the sexually confused think will make them happy and the US military is flooded with transgenders seeking pretend surgical reassignment

Cail Corishev, meanwhile, indulges in this rather old-fashioned fantasy:

Just imagine if we (meaning the US govt. military) came up against a Christian army — not just a heathen army that God might use to chastise us, but a Christian army that could ask for His favor directly.

Theodore Beale and his fans: in essence, a Christian version of ISIS.

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