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“Philosophy of Rape” site argues that “whores and feminazis need to be put in their place through rape,” offers tips to aspiring rapists



Last year, I wrote about a repellant little “community” on Reddit: the PhilosophyofRape subreddit, devoted to promoting what it called the corrective rape of “filthy, unmitigated, sluts … [t]hat badly need to be punished. Badly.”

Reddit being what it is, the subreddit remains up to this day. And now the folks behind it have taken their repugnant “philosophy” to the web. Earlier this week, one of the subreddit’s numerous moderators, a veritable cauldron of bigotries who calls himself European88, announced the grand opening of a new Philosophy of Rape website. He urged his fellow “philosophers” to “[s]ubscribe and submit your rape tips … !” 

Like the subreddit before it, the site declares war on “harpies,” “hussies,” “[d]ecrepid filth, dressed like hookers and reaking like vodka” and “Belligerent. Entitled. Selfie taking, Tindr-whoring, Teenage-walking-herpes-sores.”

The “philosophers” also take aim at “vain, vile, venemous, femenist, filth,” particularly

[t]he kind who get conferences to talk about mens suicide rates shut down. The type of hussies who have lobbied effectively to remove due process from proceedings against men on college campuses.

In  a post titled “Why is Rape Necessary,” the site sets forth its case for “correction.” (I’ve bolded the worst bits.)

1) Rape did serve important, healthy, and natural biological purposes historically in limiting the extent to which female bad behavior can go.

2. Women in many ways are like children, and most can not self-regulate very well, so in the absence of something like parents or a natural limiting force like rape, they just run amok and destroy their selves and everything they touch.

3. Because rape is so completely arm-barred back by the state, and feminism has grown to be this infestation that caused even the social consequences for female behavior to dissappear, we find ourselves in a precarious situation. Unbridled female sluttishness, entitlement, narcissism, vileness and destruction gone viral.

4. Such women need to be Corrected. Humbled. Brought back down to a healthy place and realistic mindset. For their own good as well as that of those around them. That particular corrective action is quite clear, the one that used to naturally limit the behavior: rape.

5. We are here to provide encouragement and advice how to do that and do it safely. Regression analysis to find out which variables make it less likely to get into legal trouble. Very few women report the rapes, what can you do to make it even less likely? Example: remind the victim that “no one will believe them”. When they orgasm (which is actually very common during rape, Google it) speak up and let them know that you are aware of it and that it will come out during trial if they reported it.

Yes, that’s right. After complaining that the feminist “infestation” has enabled “unbridled” female awfulness by drastically reducing the “natural limiting force [of] rape,” the rape “philosophers” acknowledge that most men who rape women face zero consequences for their action. Indeed, in another post, one “philosopher” declares that

We want to teach men that although it may be easier than ever for an innocent man to be convicted of rape when a consensual partner has buyers remorse, it’s also easier than ever for a guilty man to get away Scott free – so long as it’s done the way we advocate: actual rape-rape, as in dark-alley, ski mask, stranger rape.

Emphasis mine. Some of the rape “tips” offered on the site are wholly unoriginal:

Tell the harlot that you come from a rich family and that she will never successfully convict you of raping her in court.  Tell her that, if she tries to sue you, you will counter-sue for a huge amount of money that will bankrupt her.

Pretty sure that one’s been used before.

Tell the harlot that, if she tells the police about the rape, you will kill her entire family.  If she has children, tell her that you will rape her children before killing them.

That one too.

Other tips are little more than sadistic fantasies:

Put sugar into the harlot’s vagina to give her a yeast infection.  This will be a mark of shame on her that she will be unable to forget, and she will have to relive the rape every time she seeks treatment for it. …

After raping the harlot, steal her clothes and write “WHORE” on her chest with a red marker.  She will be forced to walk around naked with “WHORE” written on her chest, and it will be extremely humiliating for her.

Whether these rape “philosophers” are actually living out their repellant philosophy, I couldn’t tell you. They insist that they’re quite sincere.

Indeed, in a posting on slutHATE, one rape “philosopher” assured skeptics that

The Philosophy of Rape is as serious as a heart attack. We are a movement of angry, fed-up men – much like you – who have decided to take matters into our own hands. The simple fact of the matter is, simply sitting around and complaining about sluts on the Internet isn’t going to change anything. We need real-world action to correct the slut problem. That’s why The Philosophy of Rape was created. Sluts need real-world punishment, and we want to train an army of holy warriors to dish out that punishment. Your chances of getting caught are already slim, and we will teach you how to make 100% sure that you don’t get caught. 

In another comment, he reported that while

I can’t openly admit to how many harlots I’ve corrected, but let’s just say that I do indeed practice what I preach.

He offered this lovely bit of advice to anyone thinking of following in his (alleged) footsteps:

It definitely helps if you build up to the act. Keep edging closer and closer to rape until you’re finally ready to do the deed. For example, send a harlot an anonymous message telling her you’re gonna rape her, then write “HARLOT” on her car, then finally rape her when the moment is right. Build up your courage by first committing smaller acts.

He urged others to take up his peculiar fight for, er, justice:

We are going to build an army of holy warriors to correct harlots and feminazi whores around the world. All it takes is a few Elliot Rodger types to get the ball rolling. What do you have to lose? Enlist in our rape army today, and we will teach you how to correct a new harlot a week and get away with it.

Apparently unafraid of legal consequences, the person posting all this gave what he said was his real name, claiming to be “Brother” Dean Saxton, a campus “activist” of sorts who several years ago caused a stir after holding a one-man protest at the University of Arizona, holding a sign reading “You Deserve Rape.”

In another thread, “Brother Dean” explained why he felt this slogan was so effective in angering feminists: .

NOTHING pisses off feminazis more than reminding them that they are filthy harlots who desperately need to be – and, deep down, WANT TO BE – raped.

He went on to explain why the kind of rape he advocates is the most public-spirited of all the different varieties of rape:

N*ggers rape because they are feral animals who cannot control their primitive biological urges. We rape because we are holy warriors on a mission to correct harlots and purge society of unmitigated female entitlement. The Philosophy of Rape is, ultimately, about fixing society. The only way to correct harlots and feminazis is by raping them.

If “Brother Dean” is European88, he’s kept himself busy since his college protest as a moderator of 157 of Reddit’s most loathsome subreddits, including /r/CoonTown, /r/WhiteRights,  /r/nazi, /r/GasTheKikes, /r/Chimpout, /r/StormfrontForums and the lovely /r/N*ggerSafari.

Some of the slutHATE regulars dismissed “Brother Dean” as “disinfo” and “just another frustrated virgin in his basement spreading shit.” frenchy91, for his part, noted that

while i really don’t give a shit who you could rape as long as it’s not my girlfriend, nor familly member, i think you op should get raped by a group of n*ggers, just to know how it feels, then you could objectively speak about who diserve it or not. for now, you just sound like a desperate mysogincel

This is apparently what passes for a “moderate” position on slutHATE. Others there found Brother Dean’s message inspirational. A commenter calling himself mvp wrote that

i definitely support this movement

its time to fight back

“Fuck it,” wrote another. “I’ll rape a bitch for you.”

It would be easy enough to dismiss all of this as nothing more than the ridiculous fantasies of “frustrated virgin[s]” or the work of trolls. I really hope that’s all it is.

But we should remember that slutHATE is essentially a reincarnation of PUAhate, an online forum that was frequented by a young man named, yes, Elliot Rodger, who posted similarly hateful and similarly implausible-sounding comments there before setting out one evening a little over a year ago, intending to “slaughter every single spoiled, stuck-up, blonde slut” in a popular sorority house at the University of California, Santa Barbara.

H/T — MoonMetropolis


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7 years ago

I think mocking misogyny (and along with it different types of bigotries) is maybe one of the best, most effective things we can do.

I think most decent people vastly under-appreciate the impact of just saying something when you see someone being mistreated. As you said, people like FE_Power understand it just fine which is why they expend so much effort trying to get people to stop it. That’s where the term “white knight” comes from too; you’re casting compassion and empathy as bad things because you want to isolate the person being targeted.

7 years ago

It’s the casual racism, misogyny, homophobia etc. that we see and hear all the time that allows for the more extreme examples of bigotry to thrive. Any time we can publicly on the internet or privately in our personal lives shoot down hate and show that it’s something to be mocked and scoffed at, the status quo that upholds these systems of oppression takes a tiny hit. As individuals doing that doesn’t amount to much, but if enough of us do it, it slowly changes the culture.

Even just five-ten years ago, Jeremy Renner and Chris Evans wouldn’t have gotten a huge backlash for calling Black Widow a slut. Affirmative consent wasn’t a widely know term and now it’s starting to be taught in sex ed curricula. Legislators are now considering stricter laws against online harassment. These changes are mostly happening not because of a well organized group of people doing activism, but because women are refusing to shut up about misogyny and a lot of the conversation happens on line.

When people dismiss a story that’s gone viral as impotent online outrage and clickbait; I just roll my eyes and figure they’re upset that can’t be bigoted asshats in peace anymore.

7 years ago

FE_Power: Again, what exactly is your goal here? How are you “winning at the Internet” doing what you’re doing here?

And everything sevenofmine and weirwoodtreehugger said. The problem isn’t just this website. This website is a symptom of a larger societal problem called rape culture. Mocking and analyzing it gives us the words to articulate why these things are wrong IRL. Talking among like-minded people lets us know we are not alone. This is how long-term societal change starts.

7 years ago

Gotta love the asshats who believe that they are ‘enlightened’ by their circle jerk that is 4chan. Sorry dude, you are not, in fact, the supreme rulers of the internet. Nobody takes you guys as seriously as you take yourselves.


I’ve been thoroughly enjoying Kill la Kill. It’s like those shitty animes that pretend to have story just to give excuses for their (female, naturally) characters to fight almost naked, except that it’s actually good because the characters actually develop and react appropriately. Heck, the main character even has an entire episode devoted to her getting over the embarrassment of being naked every time she fights.


7 years ago

If FE wants Japanese images; I’ve got a good one. It’s not anime though.comment image

Pandapool -- The Species that Endangers YOU (aka Banana Jackie Cake, for those who still want to call me "Banana", "Jackie" or whatever)
Pandapool -- The Species that Endangers YOU (aka Banana Jackie Cake, for those who still want to call me "Banana", "Jackie" or whatever)
7 years ago


It’s still an excuse to dress school-age girls in skimpy clothing, even if they have “proper reactions” to it. The people behind the show still control the costume, the camera angles, everything, and it’s still fan service.

I like Space Dandy, though. It’s one of the newer animes I like, even though it’s also very fanservicey.

I really wish I could get my hands on non-fanservicey anime that isn’t Attack on Titan. I miss it.

I also should get the other books from Nana. I love Nana.

7 years ago


As individuals doing that doesn’t amount to much, but if enough of us do it, it slowly changes the culture.

I used to have a little saying pinned to my office cubicle to keep away the down in the mouth feeling that comes with being a union rep who just never seems to be getting anywhere.

If enough people beat their heads against a brick wall, it will fall down.

Progress is still progress, even if it seems tiny or slow at the time. When you look back 5 or ten months or years, even five or ten decades, it looks really obvious.

7 years ago


Well yeah I’m not saying it’s not a fanservice show; I’m saying it’s not a shitty fanservice show like so many of them are (Ikkitousen is the worst offender that comes to mind). Had the guys in Kill la Kill also been given the same level of skimpy outfits instead of powerarmor mechs, I would be making an argument for the show being gender neutral in it’s sexual objectification.

The schoolgirl aged issue is more of a Japanese culture thing though since the age of consent is lower than in other countries.

Space Dandy seems pretty cool, I’ll have to check it out. And yeah, Nana is awesome! Too bad there are so few like it.

7 years ago

How can this be legal?

EJ (The Other One)
EJ (The Other One)
7 years ago

The schoolgirl aged issue is more of a Japanese culture thing though since the age of consent is lower than in other countries.

That’s a popular misconception.

Japan’s age of consent is set on a prefecture level, but there is a federal law which specifies the minimum that the prefectures may set that age of consent. That federal minimum age of consent is fourteen. However, most prefectures have an age of consent higher than that, often higher than one would find in the west. For example in Nara the age of consent is 21.

I suspect that the popular misconception comes from lazy googling: people look at the federal age of consent and assume that it’s the one which applies.

EJ (The Other One)
EJ (The Other One)
7 years ago

*Federal age of consent is thirteen, sorry. I’ve typed it out in words because it makes me sick to consider it.

7 years ago


Yo, dude, since you’re familiar with 4Chan lingo, you should know all about the sentiment “pics or it never happened”, yes?

That said, assuming that you did single-handedly shut down the site somehow, well, hey. Good for you. Here, have a cookie. Is that what you wanted from us? For someone who keeps trumpeting about how we shouldn’t be talking on the internet but engaging in ACTUAL ACTIVISM ™, you seem to be doing an awful lot of talking on the internet. Go run along and do more good deeds, hon.

happy cat
happy cat
7 years ago

It looks like their site on wordpress has been suppressed.

Good news! 🙂

happy cat
happy cat
7 years ago

the reddit page has been banned, too! 🙂

7 years ago

So what are the chances that European88/MoonMetropolis also trolled up this thread?

7 years ago

Let’s all agree on this: Misoginists AND Feminazis need to stop. No extreme feminism, no extreme misogyny. Let’s just keep our opinions to ourselves and stop talking nonsense. We should all be equal. None of that racism or sexism stuff.

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