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MRAsterpiece Theater presents the most decadent review of Mad Max: Fury Road since the fall of Rome

Good news everyone! No, I mean actual good news: The MRAsterpiece Theater duo have started making videos! Here’s Professor Skull’s darkly enlightened review of Mad Max: Fury Road.

It kind of kills me that on a technical level this video looks and sounds more professional than anything the real-life Sarkeesian Effect duo of Davis Aurini and Jordan Owen have managed to produce thus far.

But there are two glaring omissions from this little masterpiece: No skull, and no pizza box in the background. This is a very serious breach of ethics, I think.


49 replies on “MRAsterpiece Theater presents the most decadent review of Mad Max: Fury Road since the fall of Rome”

“Road Warrior? More like … Social Justice Warrior!”

That was quite good, puppet-Aurini. I’ll give you that.

I like how Prof. Skull still gave it 3 stars at the end.

There’s an IMDB thread asking for alternate titles for Mad Max: Fury Road and I decided to provide a little variety to all the misogynist submissions with this:

Mad Man-Babies: Tantrum Road

Anyway, Mad Max: Fury Road was really fun and I recommend it just because it’s such a ridiculous, awesome, intense good time.

@Hoosier X

The best I’ve seen so far was “Sad Sax: Impotent Fury Road.”

A bit more good news on the MM:FR front: the movie has blown right past the $40 mil Dave was predicting yesterday, and is now up to $109 mil. It is a bona fide hit, and there will be sequels. Hollywood will demand it.

“I thought we’d get a movie about one hard-boiled man fighting the bad guys. We’ve all been waiting for a movie like that.” Hahahaha. Indeed.

Also, isn’t there a picture of a skull on his lapel pin? I’m not sure. It’s a little small to see and he’s not at the right angle most of the time.


A bit more good news on the MM:FR front: the movie has blown right past the $40 mil Dave was predicting yesterday, and is now up to $109 mil. It is a bona fide hit, and there will be sequels. Hollywood will demand it.

Actually Box Office Mojo is estimating $44 mil domestic and $109 mil worldwide. That’s not great, but far from terrible and I think good word of mouth will give the film legs . I’m guessing it will end up making 400-500 mil worldwide, which is definitely good enough for a sequel. That’s on par with Tron Legacy, Pacific Rim and better then the last Terminator, all of which spawned sequels. Plus, a lot of adult action fans are going nuts over this and it’s arguably the best reviewed action film of all time, so I’m assuming it’s going to sell a lot of Blurays, which is hard to do these days.

I’m going to see it tonight, but I’ve heard that with some editing it could have easily gotten a PG13 rating, so it’s admirable that Warner Bros let George Miller make the movie he wanted even though the R rating loses them money. The only R rated franchises I can think of are The Matrix, 300 and The Hangover films, and all three are Warner Bros. productions. Hell, Warner Bros. are the only studio ballsy enough to make a big budgeted R rated super hero movie with the Watchmen.

I just can’t unsee this puppet as a penis. I suppose it was intentional.

Yes, yes it was. Especially with the turtle neck


Apparently. It’s even got the mr enquiring about whether we should go and see it.

I think we will. (But first we’ll see Woman in Gold. We figure that a Mad Max film will have a much longer run at our local theatre than a film about a painting, even if it does have Helen Mirren.)


Here, have some brain bleach.


My cat typed that out so I’d thought I’d share.


I’m going to see Mad Max tonight, so I can’t speak from first hand knowledge, but it’s gotten rave reviews the likes I’ve never seen an action movie or blockbuster movie get, outside of LOTR trilogy. It’s Metascore on Metacritic is 89, which is higher than Birdman (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)’s 88.

Oh, shit, I linked my favorites instead of the actual video. ><

For posterity, this is the video I was trying to post:

@LBT, it’s good. The action sequences are awesomesauce, not overloaded with CGI, so if the mister likes his films old-school then it’s a must. Plus battle cars. Plus Furiosa, a social justice road warrior who is all the awesome.

George Miller shoots his action sequences as staged practical stunts with almost no CGI, which is awesome if you’re an action fan but it also means he’s could have gotten someone killed if a stunt went arwy. I’ve read no one was seriously injured during the filming which is impressive.

@LBT: Also, there are a bunch of old-lady snipers/bikers who kick ass at the end of the movie. And the movie is quite obviously anti-patriarchy and pro-feminism (among other things), to the degree that some describe it as “an ultra-violent Handmaid’s Tale”. And there is a car with a guy on the front who plays a guitar that shoots fire. Basically, it is a real good time for everyone.

Is MRAsterpiece Theater a parody of MRAs, or are they just that un-self aware? I mean, the “black people didn’t complain about being enslaved” has got to be a joke.
Please tell me it was a joke.

And there is a car with a guy on the front who plays a guitar that shoots fire.

Ah yes, that would be the Doof Wagon, a name which couldn’t be more descriptively awesome.

@Jackie thanks for the bleach.
@LBT That would be a Danny Tre…no

Just say the movie and it was a lot of fun. They definitely did more showing the story rather than telling.

My best friend saw this movie lately, and liked it a lot. (Sorry, Alot, you’re gonna have to sit this one out.)

Anyhow, he also sent me this, which approves of all the feminism from a pagan standpoint, and totally explains why the MRAsshats are soiling themselves. Matriarchy rebuilding civilization after the Great Collapse? HERESY! Er, that is to say, MISAAAAANDRY!!!

Ugh. Just SAW the movie.

@quiet wolf The puppet is a parody of a real person, Davis Aurini. I just made myself sad remembering that Davis is a real person who talks about being a white nationalist “on paper”. This is one of the guys the MRAs and GGera are holding up to tell their point of view on video game criticism.

Do.they think once they limp over the finish line that Anita will melt away from public life as if she were the Wicked Witch of the West? Is that why they are so scared of criticism of video games?

After the explicit anti-fundamentalist satire of ‘Happy Feet’, did anybody really think George Miller was going to keep his women in the kitchen, cinematically speaking?

I was initially ambivalent about going to see this, but anything that pisses off the MRAs can’t be all bad. (See also: Michele Bachmann and ‘The Lion King’.)

My uncle had a bit part in the second ‘Mad Max’ too.

I don’t think a PG-13 rating would have done the film justice. R rating gives Miller scope to really show the audience how brutal the Mad Max world is. I guess Warner Bros thought the same AND suspected that if they tried to put such an age restriction on the film the fan base would have reacted badly. If you’re trying to make an uber rough tough action flick for the love of God don’t Disney-fy it.

So glad to see you’ve been keeping the Deadpool content high while I’m on vacation, Jackie. xD

An R rating is absolutely appropriate for the genre. It’s just amazing that they made an entire movie without anyone going, “Hey, it’s R rated! Let’s show some boobies!”

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