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Sarkeesian Effect “ethics” expert encourages his readers to make money helping students cheat

You may remember Aaron Clarey — also known as “Captain Capitalism” — as one of the random manospherians interviewed for the cinematic abomination known as The Sarkeesian Effect. I don’t quite remember if he made it into the final cut of the official, er, “film.” He definitely did appear in Davis Aurini’s bootleg version, pontificating about the alleged lack…

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5 low/no-budget YouTube videos that look better than Aurini’s Not The Sarkeesian Effect

Watching the abomination that is Davis Aurini’s version of The Sarkeesian Effect “Immersed in Subversion,” I kept reminding myself that this was a “film” that cost tens of thousands of dollars to make. Virtually none of this money, obviously, found its way onto the screen.

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Davis Aurini’s Totally Not The Sarkeesian Effect: Worse than a dead squirrel in your wall

To loosely paraphrase the opening line of Eric Segal’s 1970 bestseller Love Story: What can you say about a film that smells like a squirrel died in your walls about a week ago?


Davis Aurini’s not-version of Not The Sarkeesian Effect is out!

Woah! I wasn’t expecting this, but here it is. I have not yet watched it. But I imagine I will have some further thoughts when I do, because, holy crap, it’s Davis Aurini’s version of the Sarkeesian Effect! Sorry, I mean, his version of a, no, wait, it’s not a version of anything, it’s his…

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“Sarkeesian Effect” auteur Jordan Owen hopes to con gullible internetters out of $60k to make his next film

In what is fantastic news for all fans of cinematic ineptitude, Jordan Owen — the hirsuite, well-scrubbed film auteur partially responsible for this year’s smash hit documentary The Sarkeesian Effect — has announced that he is planning a second film, and by the way he would like people to give him $60,000 for it.

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Eraserhead, Clerks, Slacker and 5 Other Classic Films that Cost Less Than The Sarkeesian Effect

The Sarkeesian Effect has received its first positive review on IMDb! In a review so gushing it sounds almost as if it had been written by Jordan Owen himself, reviewer  kiddo1-1 from the Czech Republic, writes that

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Friday Video Fun Times Half-Hour: Watch this re-enactment of The Sarkeesian Effect

A week or so ago, YouTuber Kevin Logan, known for some pretty hilarious takedowns of some of the manosphere’s, er, leading lights, put up the first installment of what was intended to be a 2 1/2 hour long “review” of Jordan Owen’s The Sarkeesian Effect that consisted basically of him making snotty remarks as he…

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The Reviews are in! The Sarkeesian Effect is a hit with one incomprehensibly pedantic critic!

The reviews are in! Well, at least one review is in. In a 5000 word review essay that is perhaps too charitably described as “rambling,” military obsessed blogger Freiherr Karza von Karnstein explains why he loves The Sarkeesian Effect so much. While his, er, argument is too convoluted for me to summarize in a brief blog post, I…

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Friday Afternoon Video: “What it’s like watching The Sarkeesian Effect”

Ran across this on YouTube, from someone called ScAgCoWbOy. I know nothing about them, but this video pretty much nails the experience of sitting through all 2 1/2 hours of The Sarkeesian Effect — probably the longest 2 1/2 hours you’ll ever endure. The sleepy dog, needless to say, is not in the original. By the…

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17 completely wrong things about filmmaking I learned from The Sarkeesian Effect, the worst documentary ever made

“They’re called tropes in games or something like that?” — Brad Wardell, Game developer and Anita Sarkeesian expert The Sarkeesian Effect, which premiered as a $3.99 “on demand” video on Vimeo yesterday, and which I forced myself to watch all two and a half hours of, is not so much a “documentary” as an object…

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