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The top 10 shocking “truths” about feminism I’ve learned from #HowToSpotAFeminist

That is a lot of tweeting.
That is a lot of tweeting.

So have you been following this whole  thing on the Tweeter? The hashtag was started a couple of days ago by some right-wing radio dudes as an excuse to say mean things about feminism. By yesterday it had turned into a monster, with some feminists jumping in to try to combat the forces of darkness; as I write this at 7:28 AM Wednesday it’s still going strong.

Happily, the hashtag is proving to be very educational. So I would like to share with you The top 10 shocking “truths” about feminism I’ve learned from #HowToSpotAFeminist. You may want to take notes, as some of them are truly shocking indeed.

1) Feminists are fat and ugly with stinky, hairy armpits and no one likes them

Oh, wait, I think that last one is a ringer.

2) Feminists have smelly vaginas that may contain sand, cobwebs

3) These ugly, fat, hairy, feminists with stinky armpits and cobweb-filled vaginas sometimes resort to ad hominem instead of serious man logic

4) Feminists are Jews, or they’re controlled by Jews, or, I dunno, something to do with Jews


5) Feminists don’t know what “real feminism” is, and need to have some doofus on the internet who refers to women as “cumsluts” explain it to them

6) Feminists think they are equal to men, even though they sometimes need to have things repaired

7) Feminists for some weird reason think that rape is bad even though they’re so ugly no one would even want to rape them

8) Feminists aren’t real women, possibly because they don’t like Hitler enough

9) They have kept alive by men for all of human life and still are with male taxes.In 40years of feminism only assault men

10) Whatever the hell is going on here

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7 years ago

So what if we are ugly, smelly and fat? Who cares, does that mean that we are nobody, less than human because we are unattractive and that we don’t matter? Same garbage different day anti feminists proving that their nothing but misognist, rape-advocating, stupid, hypocritical, creepy, obsessive vagina smelling, terriorists just like always.

I’m sorry hugs if you want them.

6 years ago

Ah yes, feminists are ugly, ugly, ugly….. I’ve heard it all before. I guess wanting women to be treated better and not like sex objects is a crime against humanity.

6 years ago

I have no idea where the ‘feminists smell bad’ argument came from, but alright

Virgin Mary
Virgin Mary
6 years ago

Neck beards who live on chips and pot noodles and sit in their mums basement drinking beer and smoking weed wrapped in their Star Wars sleeping bag in their pants jacking off to porn all day smell bad, what about shaming them?

5 years ago

Hmmm…let’s see:
-I’m not fat
-I’m even less ugly
-I’m not smelly, considering that I am wearing clinical strength deodorant
-I can lift over 40 pounds
-I do have Jewish in me (one of my great-grandmothers was a German Jew)
-My body hair is barely peach fuzz
-I don’t presently know how to but I could learn to fix a computer or a flat tire
-I have long, straightish, red (copper in shade) hair…hardly Jewish style
They probably would mistake me for a non-feminist, till I start talking…oh, and bonus points, my voice is fairly low-pitched for a woman.

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